Is this why Arsenal and Man United won’t sign Michael Olise?

Could Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard be among the reasons Michael Olise does not join Arsenal? That is the one thing Arsenal fans will ask themselves after hearing this report about Olise.

According to Football Transfers, the Crystal Palace winger wants to transfer to a club that promises him Champions League football, and not just that, he wants to join a squad that guarantees him a berth in their starting lineup.

These two issues lower Manchester United’s and Arsenal’s chances of signing the French U-21: Why so? Manchester United are unlikely to qualify for the Champions League, so they cannot fulfill Olise’s desire to feature in the Premier European competition.

Arsenal can guarantee him Champions League football, but not a berth in their starting lineup. Manager Mikel Arteta is known for sticking with his favorites. If Olise is to start at Arsenal, he is best suited to play on the right side of the attack, alongside Saka and Odegaard.

It would take a lot of convincing for Olise to believe he could come in and replace either Saka or Odegaard. It is worth noting while dropping this transfer bombshell that Football Transfers ended up suggesting Aston Villa, who are set to return to Champions League play and can effortlessly offer Olise a first-team spot, have emerged as favorites for his swoop.

Should Arsenal try to sign him anyway?

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  1. This is the major problem I’ve been crying all this while but Arsenal hierarchy maintained a loud silence on it: Arteta’s non rotational policy will destroy the club. We are not moving forward with him. Two seasons ago, Partey got injured nine games to the end of season, we barely won half of these games and consequently missed out in Champions league. Now we got Rice, the ideal thing is to rotate both as his boss, Guardiola is doing. But Arteta us not doing that. He will only look for a way to squeeze you into his first eleven. Other positions supposed to be rotated too. Let Saka rotate with Oliseh; Havertz rotate with Odegaard in the midfield and the incoming attacking midfielder rotate with Smith Rowe. If Arteta continue with Wenger’s non rotation policy, Arsenal will always struggle because there’s no way two or three key players won’t be injured along the season. We lost Saliba towards the end of last season and lost the league as a result of lack of bench which was created by Arteta’s non rotational system. Of course no good player will like to play second fiddle. Xhaka left last season despite enjoying first team under Arteta because he sensed that Rice and Havertz are coming in and that his boss doesn’t rotate.
    This is a critical problem Arsenal must solve as we continue buying low quality players even when there is money to buy quality ones.

    1. Funny you people throw tantrums over nothing. Did you just say there is no progress? dude, we are still top of EPL with 2 game to play, City cannot afford a breather because they know we are on them – we won almost all our EPL matches in 2024 with highest goals scored & lowest conceded – Klopp the legend cannot even keep up.

      On Squad rotation, we are still below City a well-oiled machine that have 17/18 top players that can rotate and still compete at a title winning pace (though they also struggled at some point with Kevin/Rodri/Halaand out) …for Arsenal this season we have averaged 12 players most of the season mainly Trossad who has pushed Martineli to the limit….Injuries to Timber, Tomiyasu, Partey, Jesus being a hindrance to rotation too.
      other players Viera, Nelson, ESR, Nkeita, Elneny, Cedric has been a disappointment – Unlike Trossad non came close to giving Arteta the headache when they got chances especially at cup games. With an extremely tight race (no room for error vs City/Pool) who can blame Arteta for keeping to a working system and adjusting positions e.g. Havert to give us a winning team in half two of the seasons.

      Arteta has another window to add/replace the average players in the squad, let us evaluate his rotation willingness once he has a full top-quality squad of 16-18 – hopefully next season.

  2. I don’t think this assessment is correct,
    I’d like to think that Arteta is sensible enough to rotate if there was someone in the squad on the same level as Odegaard and Saka, which there isn’t.

    Assuming that, Olise would be an amazing squad addition to the right hand side, except I think it’s a trap. Playing in an intense press system he’d probably do his hamstring again and be unavailable for half the season. Which defeats the purpose.

    I’d bring back Gnabry. He’s in his prime and would cost less than half of Olise’s asking price. And given the history I think he would fancy a homecoming

  3. Much will depend ,IMO , on the ACTUAL TRUTH of those apparent reports that Olise is demanding a starting berth IFhe comes to us.
    If that report is TRUE,then our club will not be remotely interested in trying to buy him. Character as exemplified by EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF OUR SQUAD is of prime importance, as MA KNOWS BETTER THAN ANYONE.
    Which he has amply proved in the past by getting those who lacked any true character in their souls GONE FROM OUR CLUB. And in not indulging Martinez’s demand to be first choice, no mattar what.
    You DO not BUILD aproper club with the excellent dressing room spirit we have had for somewhile now, by indulging “prima donnas”.

    But firstly we MUST FIND OUT IF Olise IS a prima donna OR if it is untrue.
    IF it IS untrue, I would want him in a heartbeat. But NOT otherwise!

    And our clubwill already be aware of what the actual truth is. Of that you can be sure. And they will act accordingly!

  4. I know this is a rumor but unless you are prime Messi or currently at levels of Mbappe any player aiming to jump from a midtable to a top Champion league team cannot have such an altitude.
    These clubs will always have top talents and you will have to work your socks out to grab that starting role. – let’s be realistic, who those teams guaranteeing top level Champion league football these summer – Real Madrid, City, Bayern, PSG, Barca, Arsenal, Inter, Ac Milan, Juventus, Dortmud – look at talents in those teams, there is no guaranteed number, he has to work his socks out otherwise he can stick to Crystal or Join Manchester United/Chealsea in conference league.

  5. I’d advice he joins quality a team that will guarantee him regular playing time if he should break through the competetive french national team

  6. If Oliseh does not see himself as capable of competing with Saka or anyone else in the Arsenal team, then he is not fit to play for Arsenal.
    I hate this notion of players wanting “guarantees” before they can sign. I’d rather play for a big team without “guarantees” than for a backyard team with them.

  7. I think we need to view from a player’s perspective, if he signs without guarantee to play,he’ll probably end up rusty and devalued especially if he’s competitor isn’t slowing down,
    Take Kalvin Philips as an example.
    I feel they’ve got the right to request for what seems fair to them.

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