Is this why Ozil gave Wenger transfers ultimatum?

Has Ozil’s social media confirmed he isn’t a fan of Giroud? by AH

There is a general belief amongst Arsenal fans that whilst Arsenal players Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud are sure to be friends, they may not in fact get along on the pitch, with Ozil apparently not entirely convinced by the Frenchman’s footballing ability.

On 22nd December 2015, Ozil had just picked up his 15th assist of the Premier League season and needed just a further six assists over the second half of the season. Ozil therefore had 19 games to break the record with another six assists needed for the German. But the record seemed more than likely to be broken in his form at the time. However, unfortunately for Ozil, Olivier Giroud had other plans and the French international went on a barren scoring run in which he was dreadful in front of goal.

Ozil ended the season with 19 assists, a fantastic feat for the player but majorly disappointing considering the attacking midfielder’s performances over the first half of the season. Ozil’s recent social media activity on Instagram has caused a few questions to be raised about his relationship with Giroud on the pitch, with the German ‘liking’ a rather controversial picture about his Arsenal teammate. Although social media can sometimes cause misunderstandings and be a case for exaggeration, Ozil’s ‘like’ of such picture, which can be seen below, does suggest that perhaps he is not so keen on the Frenchman’s scoring ability.
It will once again spark debates that if Arsenal do not sign a big name striker for Ozil to feed with assists, then we could see the German international become even more frustrated, so much so that he may consider his future at the club. The German has already made it clear that he won’t discuss a new contract until after the Euros, and has made it clear that he expects some big names coming in this summer. Ozil does deserve to play with a striker that has a much greater scoring ability than Giroud, considering the amount of chances created by our playmaker, and Arsenal overall need a lot more from their man up front if they want to achieve ambitions of the title.

Arsenal have already wrapped up the signing of Granit Xhaha, although it is yet to be confirmed on, and will now hopefully turn their attention to a new striker. Both Juventus’ Alvaro Morata and Everton’s Romelu Lukaku are supposedly major targets for Arsene Wenger this summer.


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  1. Still very early days but already the trail of Arsenal getting or tracking with intent a new ST has gone cold.

    I few huff and puff here and there but mainly spearheaded by us the funs. Not liking this at all. If we learnt something from last summer is that Wenger may already be done with transfers with the purchase of one player. I definitely hope history will not repeat itself.

    – Lukaku claims he has already decided where he will play next season – Chelsea seem to be the front runners.
    – Auba – only wants R. Madrid and might stay put at his current club
    – Morata – Happy at Juve or might heard back to R. Madrid
    – Higuan – May be heading to Paris
    – Lewa – lets not even dream about him, too unrealistic
    – The Eredivisie boys – maybe, but no strong links at the moment.

    Hope you get your wish Mesut, we are praying for a good quality striker to go straight in the line up.

    OT: I think Sanchez taking up the number 7 jersey gives some comfort that he will be here next season. Glad the number 7 jersey is restored to the first 11. Now to ship out Theo and replace him with a deserving number 14.

    1. @007, We can all have a reason or two to believe we might not anyone again but I choosed to be positive, remember that summer we signed Podolski, Giroud and cazorla before the window was even opened??

      Off topic: I just watched a compilation of Xhaka its very interesting signing, there was a point when I laughed: Our very own Chamberlain was running with the ball in a hurry while playing for england, sudden the custom arrived, take the ball and leave him wondering, Guess who that custom was?? Xhaka of curse.

      1. I hope you are right on Wenger signing more players that will go straight in the starting 11 muda.

    1. Alexis found form again towards the tail end, he took over from Ozil with assisting duties while scoring too. Ozil could have looked for Alexis, this combo should pay off better than it does.

      Ozil liked that kids thoughts in jest, maybe he feels there is truth to it but maybe he blames Arsene more. We don’t know, but I do believe it was in jest.

  2. For mi, Arsenal need to sign a striker better than Giroud. Someone that does what Giroud do but is mobile, fast, can dribble and clinical too.

    Giroud should be our 2nd striker (backup). Giroud loves competition. You realise he shines whenever his position is under threat or when there’s competition. Anyone remembers Giroud-Walcott competition during the start of the season? Giroud fell short when Walcott was not playing well. Then Welbeck came back and was doing pretty ok before his injury.

    We need a striker. It’ll be good for the striker and Giroud. Like they say, competition brings the best in You.

  3. Now that it is obvious that Ozil wants a world class striker, I keep wondering what kinda striker he would love to work with.

    The ones am sure he would love are not particularly available,Higuain,Lewa,Auba, and Benz…

    Our new striker will be one or two from…Morata,Laca,Milik and Janssen..I hope Ozil likes one of them

  4. Two “big” name striker
    signings for Arsenal
    would be the Iranian
    international Reza Ghoochannejhad
    and the Dutch striker Jan VennegoorofHesselink
    Hopefully we do not sign Canthita Barndoorfromafootaway 🙂

  5. Wenger had a world class playmaker in Bergkamp, and had him regularly working with Henry and Anelka.

    Wenger has a world class playmaker in Ozil, and has him regularly working with Giroud. I just don’t get it!

    Wenger knows how deadly that combination can be, but just continues to ignore the problem. Since RVP left, he’s given us Giroud and Sanogo as the only out-and-out strikers, and Welbeck and Walcott as wide forwards, that could fill in. It’s so embarrassing, that’s what we as fans have had to put up with for four years!! Despite what some fans, and Wenger think, there’s plenty of striking talent available this summer, as there has been in previous years, so let’s sign someone quality for once!! Wenger has plenty of the fans money to work with.

    1. Who gave us Welbeck?
      Wenger didn’t want us to buy him and even said he wouldn’t be here now if Wenger had stayed at home…

      That is one player you can’t blame Wenger for, I can find the vid clip of Wenger himself saying it.

      Giroud was signed BEFORE RvP left, I’m starting to wonder if RvP seen Giroud and just lol’d on his way out to UTD. He wanted us to show ambition and we bought Giroud XD In hindsight it is funny, at the time it was painful though.

      Theo was signed before RvP left as well.

      2 players who joined Arsenal after RvP was So-no-goals and Welbroke.
      1 was a freebie and the other was bought for Wenger by the board.

      I think Wenger knows what a top forward is like, you said yourself that he has had the benefit of Anelka and TH14 ahead of Bergkamp.

      I hope this time Wenger gets a CF he truly wants and not another Welbroke.

  6. Stop this cringeworthy rubbish guys. Who is Ozil to decide who is better and who is not for Arsenal?.. Our fans are so small time, making the whole club look like a joke and small.

    We have had the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, Cesc, Rvp etc who were all above Ozil.

    Acting like Sunderland fans that have never had a big name player. Smh

    1. I second this.. well i dont agree with about özil as a player since 2 years ago 😀 haha cause i am an özil fan since 2010 and he is definitely up there with those other legends but that debate for another time ^^
      this fans should stop this selfpity, they always argue that arsenal should show the ambition of a big club and yes thats right but a lot on here themself behave selfpitying and with an inferior mentality

    2. don’t mind them bro, they behave as if Arsenal has never had world class midfielder before…Cesc of Arsenal is better and more rounded than Ozil who is just only good at giving out passes….this set of fans would have labeled ozil as the greatest arsenal player if he had managed to beat Henry assist record…. imagine Henry as a striker created this record and still got more than 30goals in that same season…. that says a lot about Henry extreme qualities..ozil have to improve in other areas of the midfield department….he looses possession of the ball easily, he can’t ancour the midfield like the way Cesc and santi does……. infact he is just one dimensional type of player…talking about the chances he created, most of it were half chances mostly given from set pieces situation…… Arsenal Fabregas was far more decisive, influential and more effective than Ozil…… am so pleased he never got close to beaten King Henry record…..Beware Ozil fanboys

  7. When welbeck came back from injury he looked good, scoring rate was good and he scored two important match winning goals. I was hopeful that he was going to become more consistent on the goalscoring front. This second long term injury is a real blow and raises the question if he is ever going to be reasonably injury free.

    Other players like akpom and sanogo do not appear to be anywhere near good enough yet, and in sanogos case probably never will.

    It is time to buy a proven striker, same as last season and it did not happen then. Lets hope it does this season.

  8. if he wana leave, allow him please….. Cesc fabregas will make Arsenal more competitive and solid in the middle…..imagine Cesc and santi dictating the play from the midfield…..I missed you Cesc

    1. i dont blame Ozil at all. while in Madrid, Ronaldo hit his highest scoring form because of Ozil. But Giroud loses too many sitters mhen. that dude should be castrated for his jaw dropping misses. how would ozil create 140plus chances and you cant even manage to convert just 20. Giroud is a useless striker….clubs like swansea, everton n westham fits him. Arsenal dont need another european striker but a south american striker like higuain, icardi,m dybala (yes instead of wasting money on morata), gabriel barbosa. and i feel jese would be a very fine signing too.

  9. He’s just not good enough and AW says he will be first choice next season? Ozill is a winner and wants class on the park. AW needs to buy 5 big players CB DM LW RW CS and few to go like chambers like Campbell and if the OX is not happy him to go to. TW needs to be told to play on the wing or sell him to a French or German team not EPL team. About time we got hard. Back room staff needed to Change it up a new number 2 ready to take over. Big changes needed because some GRT mangers coming in the one that scares me is kloop JM going to Man U and he will buy what he needs end of same a Chelsea then man city again spend. We are the 5th richest club in the world so spend some money and get class. Build a team around PC LK A S and Ozill

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