Is THIS why Ozil wants to stay at Arsenal?

There has been a whole lot of talk in the meida about the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil recently, or to be more precise, ever since he joined the Gunners from Real Madrid at the end of last summer’s transfer window. But the media have steadily produced more about the 25-year old over the last year.

The recent Arsenal transfer rumours suggested that his time as an Arsenal player could be almost up, with some reports claiming that Arsene Wenger had lost patience with the player he paid a club record £42.5 million for and who has yet to really deliver what was expected on the Premier League stage.

Other meida rumours suggested that it was the player himself that wanted to leave as he was finding life too hard at Arsenal, yet both sides seemed to think that his destination, possibly in January, was going to be back in his homeland with the Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.

Then as The Mirror reported, Ozil rubbished the claims on social media and suggested that he was going to be a Gunner for a long time. And why not, as he has always had the full support of his manager while the German and English media, and plenty of high profile names in German football, were on his back.

And now another report in The Mirror has given another reason for the Arsenal man to be not overly keen to return to play in Germany, especially at Bayern, as he is being accused of having an affair with the girlfriend of German defender Christian Lell, whos spent years at the Munich club.

Lell’s accusations have been published by German paper Bild in what seems like just the latest in a stream of negative articles about Ozil. Would you want to go and play in Germany in those circumstances?

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  1. Arsene Wenger on Ozil : ““He had a little problem just before he went out at half-time. He had a little pain with his knee, he felt a crack.”
    So, when one of your players play poorly and seems to be carrying an injury, what do you do? Take out your best attacking player in that match (Cazorla) and play the injured player for the full 90 mins.
    Wenger logic.

    1. I have said this too many times, Wenger was a good coach, but that time has past. Who else remembers our match with MUFC when you stupidly substituted Chamberlain who was doing exceedingly well on the pitch at the time and Van Persie could not hide his dismay at such poor decision?

  2. Today’s hottest news-
    UEFA confirm plans to change seeding system in Champion’s League.(So until wins the EPL, we will not be in the 1st pot anymore. If we finish 4th, we will be in the 4th pot, finish 3rd than 3rd pot, and so on).

    Pep Guardiola wants to manage Manchester United.

    1. he likes to manage winnning teams or team that already has a strong foundation……Barca, Bayern etc……

    2. @sumo.
      We wouldn’t be bothered. Under our current management system, qualifying for the ECL alone will be just fine. Our priorities are different.

      Pep is just confused at the moment. What job will satisfy him post-Barca? Good for him though. Like Arsene, he will always be remembered as a Revolutionary manager for what and HOW he did it with Barca.

  3. Ozil………There had to be a dame involved somewhere. Men (myself included) are bloody fools and by the time they wake up they`re too old to play football. That`s life!

  4. Ozil told Wenger about the injury but wenger did not substitute him as he wanted to get a result just before half time. Ineffective Ozil played out of position with injury.
    Wenger should have immediately substituted him for OX. Not only our game would have been better but also Ozil might have avoided this long term injury.
    I am afraid to say that I lost my patience on Wenger

      1. Reading extracts from the book on Guardiola’s approach to matches and Wenger’s antics would make you weep when you realise the difference between what goes on at Arsenal and how a top manager manages. Guardiola has a super record against Maureen and you can see why given his attention to detail is phenomenal in trying to get the best out of his players match by match team by team, whereas Wenger doesn’t even seem to know that you take off your injured player not the one having a very good game and who confesses that he is ‘tempted’ to play players where they can function best before actually playing them where they are like a fish out of water.

  5. Ozil wants to join
    Accrington Stanley
    on loan in January.
    However Stanley said Ozil would only
    make the bench so have offered Ozil
    a trial for their reserves 🙂

  6. When the media is bored, what do they do? Pick on their favorite club Arsenal and stir some drama. and with the current state of our club, we don’t need it.

    it was his birthday, he got dumped, and he is injured both physically and mentally. Let Ozil be in peace, for the love of Arsenal.

  7. @sumo.
    We wouldn’t be bothered. Under our current management system, qualifying for the ECL alone will be just fine. Our priorities are different.

    Pep is just confused at the moment. What job will satisfy him post-Barca? Good for him though. Like Arsene, he will always be remembered as a Revolutionary manager for what and HOW he did it with Barca.

  8. I deduce the writer is just trying to make parallel lines meet. The question is – did ozil ever tell you he wants to leave arsenal but all of a sudden changed his mind which makes you to start this guessing work that it could because of the shit he was alledged of? He has quashed the media hope and the next is for a gooner to come up with such an article. This guy is even out injured but the media and some demented gooners wont lay of his back. Please, some lines are getting boring to read from we gooners- like when an article is about welbeck, then gooners come here to write “wenger is an old clueless fool for not buying kondogbia, manolas,vidal etc” the i used to ask is “can you tell me the relevance of this to the article” cos kondogbia is not a strike and we are discussing striker- welbeck.when the article is about the defence then the comments you read say the old useless wanker should have gone for cavani or draxler.

  9. OT:
    Anyone else watching the Indian Super League?
    I did not get the chance to catch the FC Goa’s game to see Rob Pires in action once again.
    I enjoyed the first game though.

  10. @davidnz.
    I say F*** Accrington Stanley!!
    Those idiots been always trying to steal our players for a bargain. Now they trying to bench OZ? What are they gonna do with him anyway? Win the Bundeliga?
    Well I hope they get relegated to the 2nd division.
    #MiaSanAccringtonStanley – doesn’t even make sense.

  11. Arsenal have a fool as manager…when ever Arsenal win its d player personal effort n when arsenal loose it Wenger’s bad formation or changes….All wenger lovers can go kiss d 4th place for as longe as wenger is in charge…for me n d few faithful…One day change will come to Us n we will again see d light

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    The truth is that women are better cheats than men. It is very, very hard to tell when a woman is cheating, they do it very expertly, covering their tracks very well. But men seem to be so carried away by the pleasures of the act that they forget to conceal their actions properly.

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