Is this WINNER the most important Arsenal summer signing?

Even though the Arsenal fans have been asking for Arsene Wenger to spend more money on signing big name players in every transfer window for years, the Frenchman has often spoken about the balance of a team and a squad of players. To be fair to him the Gunners have often proved us wrong and him right, for a time at least.

It has never been enough for Arsenal to win the Premier League title, though, because the team’s performances have never been consistent enough. We have had strong starts, strong finishes and strong middle parts to seasons but the general consensus is that the attitude or the winning mentality has been lacking and we go through a period where the players fold under pressure.

That is why I think that maybe the most important signing of the summer for Arsenal has been our former number one Jens Lehmann, who as well as bringing great experience to the coaching role has a drive and determination to win that is just what the squad needs.

As reported by The Mirror, the German who refused to celebrate after his late penalty save saw Arsenal reach the Champions League final because just getting there was not enough, has already been questioning the current players about why the form that saw us beat Chelsea to win the FA cup was not on show at the crucial stage of the league campaign.

Lehmann will not let anyone hide or get away with anything less than full focus and effort, so could that help Arsenal to finally put a complete season together and lift the EPL trophy next May?



  1. Midkemma says:

    I was filled with joy when I read Mad Jens was coming back, he is a legend.
    I remember when we 1st signed him and I learning about him, reading how he has a temper and not shy at letting his team mates know… I wondered what thug we got XD

    I loved watching Mad Jens in goal for us, he was a winner through and through and I got emotional when he returned for a while as a GK, this is what I want as an Arsenal supporter.

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall as Alexis and Jens meet up, I can not imagine Jens being soft and kind to Alexis outburts…

    1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

      Think your being somewhat optimistic of Jens input

      It’s still wengers show to run many have said he doesn’t allow the players to be shouted at grilled etc

      I wish Jens was allowed cos he’s nuts an would defo not allow any bollox

      1. Midkemma says:

        I think it will take a few years for Wenger to pacify Jens, Bold had more bite when he 1st became assistant manager but over time became placid, the 1st 6 months though… Jens has a strong personality from what we can read so why not be optimistic?

  2. henry says:

    Lehmann is just assistant.Wenger is still the boss, so nothing changes there. Wenger has to buy the right players to strengthen the team. I like Lehmann and he is welcome but he is not our most important signing this season.

  3. LL_cool_gunner says:

    At the end of the day, he won’t enter the first of play, what we should do is get a player that has that same mentality, we need Fighters in our team, I hope kolasnic doesn’t go soft after meeting his new team mates..

    1. LL_cool_gunner says:

      *he won’t enter the feild of play*

  4. neil says:

    He will affect and have an effect on the players.. about time we had some character in the changing room and lets see which of the players react well and we see that on the pitch !

  5. COYG_CA says:

    Like many of us predicted – CRICKETS in the transfer room at Arsenal!! Absolutely ZERO change from the few years gone by! These guys at Arsenal say the SAME THINGS every year, and the same fans get all worked up, saying, “this is finally the year we change!”. Total BS!!! There is so much on the table now concerning ins, outs, contract extensions, etc., what a huge pile to deal with while preparing for the new season! Wenger and Co. have NOT CHANGED, WILL NOT CHANGE, and here we are . . . 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 . . . . on and on! Same BS!!

    “We are going to bring-in several players”; “We have a huge war chest of cash to splash”; “we will show ambition to challenge for the title” . . . . broken record my friends, broken record . . . . Even if we do get another player or two, what has already transpired at Arsenal IS a carbon-copy of years gone by.

    1. Bigperf says:

      So basically whatever they do isn’t gonna be enough? Daft people everywhere ??

  6. Break-on-through says:

    Lets hope he can get through to Ozil most of all. Both are German so maybe Jens can put a rocket under him. I hope Jens will be on the side line and allowed to give out some killer looks, that say, wait til I get you into that dressing room, you’re dead meat!. I don’t think Arsene would allow him do a C. Ronaldo.

    1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

      If ozil added just another 20 percent to his game. We would have a huge player on our hands

      We needed the ozil who cut down fa cup final
      Not the ozil who jogged back an left hazard to score a wonder goal against us at Stamford Bridge

  7. waal2waal says:

    Of Leheman, Bob, the admin said “Lehmann, who as well as bringing great experience to the coaching role has a drive and determination to win that is just what the squad needs.” to which i respond R.Pires is a regularly training amongst the first team players – so effectively that value of a [*winners mentality] was already here provided by the invincible robert pires’ presence. Although the value of Lehman should serve as encouragement to martinez and also the young gunners.

    But i’m more concerned by the the end comment “Lehmann will not let anyone hide or get away with anything less than full focus and effort”, which implies a level of slackness is allowed to take place at arsenal training or something else of relevance that negative occurring on arsene wengers watch…interesting…

    So Lehman, it appears, was drafted in to report any hint of slacking off from the 2017 campaign, to monitor players attitudes and keep the players on their toes by reporting incidents of slacking.

  8. Viera Lyn says:

    Are you really naive enough to believe that Wenger would bring anyone into this current locker room that is going to be given a strong voice…have you not been watching, listening or reading about our club for years…Lehman is a blind Wenger follower, which is the only reason he was even considered…just for a second think of all the strong personalities that have played for this club that have never been seriously considered even though they have expressed legitimate interest in participating in the coaching process…even worse, think of all the former greats who aren’t even allowed on the same pitch as Wenger because they have offered their advice and/or criticism to the infallible one…I dare you to find a manager that has distanced himself from his former players as much as this man…it’s the very reason why only one player I can think of has ever returned to play for Wenger and that was Flamini, which was hilarious considering we were desperately looking for a top quality defensive midfielder but Wenger could somehow find no one better than Flamini in the whole wide world…let’s face it this club was simply trying to appease it’s disgruntled fans by declaring that Wenger would no longer be given Ca rte Blanche when it came to the backroom staff so they probably asked him to give them a list of those who he would allow in the locker room…on that list he wrote Lehman, Pires and Bergkamp, likely because the first two are the only former players who haven’t publicly questioned his horrible decision-making and the last one because he won’t get in an airplane

  9. Jack reacher says:

    Blah blah blah Lehman can’t play and if he could it wouldn’t matter, we need big signing simple as that with or without Sanchez, lastest is bale be great one get. Buy can’t see it we need a super lift in da club . Lacasette will do well we create a lot and he seems no how finish which we badly need da new left back great signing watch da power he has very good player watch em a lot last season it’s like this we need one more we need big name I think hamsek would good bit old thou for da cash he cost, I think landing of west ham mite be good reminds me continho but go sell Sanchez and get griezmann and let him and lacasette blow league up friends forever.

    1. Bigperf says:

      Do you people smoke weed before commenting or you just not all there? Why bother mentioning griezman? The only player that’d have been good enough from West ham was payert

  10. Henry says:

    I think Lehman coming back will have a moral boost for the players.. buy let’s be honest Wenger rules the roost.. when match dyas turn up he will just sit next to Wenger on the bench with his legs crossed mayb with a clipboard or a notepad and do sod all..

    I’m more concerned that we should be addressing our soft midfield that’s lacks bite and defensive mentality.. and a 1st 11 CB ready to play..

    I do worry if Wenger sticks with Ramsey and xhaka we will be fighting for top 4.. and getting No where near the title.. but who is there to take their place? Coquelin elneny cazorla Wilshire NONE of these 4 apart from mayb cazorla are good enough to take us to next level.. i hope I’m not the only one who sees this

    I’m a worried man


    1. Ranjan Das says:

      You are right and that is exactly the reason I think we are going for Lemar. Either him or someone else will come – we look light in the midfield given the number of injuries we have every season
      Assuming Lemar doesn’t come – Rambo, Xhaka, Coq, Ox and Elneny look to be the players – Santi will take time to come back. Not too much quality there. We need a world class player there but who is in the market?

    2. David Rusa says:

      Isn’t the Ramsey-Xhaka the one which shut out Ngolo Kante in our FA final against Chelsea? Is it not the same pairing that made us win 9 of our last ten games last season? The same guys enabled us to beat Man U and the likes of Stoke and Everton in EPL as well as beating Man City in FA semi finals. Why then should any one doubt that they can do the job? Let’s remember that it was Xhaka’s first season in EPL. There are very few players who click in their first season in EPL. Paradoxically many of those who click in their first season go on to become flops. Examples of Jose Antonio Reyes at Arsenal, Anthony Martial at Man U and Andrey Arshavin at Arsenal do come to mind. There are of course the top quality players who hit it off right away and continue to shine like Alexis Sanchez and Thomas Rosicky . Neither Patrick Vieira nor Thierry Henry was anything to write home about at the beginning of their Arsenal careers. Remember Giroud’s many misses per game?

  11. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We won’t get van dijk or any CB because Wenger has said he wants Eleny to be CB. Wenger said he liked Niles at CB too

    Eleny must have really impressed Wenger at CB in our last two friendlies

    1. steph says:

      After all he scored and hit the post right? Funny Arsenal.

      If I was a Chelsea fan or say the manager, would I worry about Arsenal with the current squad? I think i would spend more time worrying about City and United and even the CHICKENS more than i would Arsenal.

      Boy That’s how prepared we are for the season.

    2. Raj says:

      I don’t understand why wenger does this, play people in unfamiliar positions. I hope we don’t see elneny as our cb for Leicester and Liverpool match

      1. Abel says:

        Most of you criticised Wenger for playing Monreal in CB during last year’s preseason. The result was a more defensively sound Left back and a capable CB which Monreal became. Monreal eventually had to play in CB in certain matches and did well including the FA cup final against Chelsea!
        It’s called planning for the rainy day.
        Jose Mourinho used to train his first team to play 10 against 11 players at inter and at Madrid cos he needed them prepared for games in which he’d have a player red carded. Consequently, his teams played very well with a man down most of the time.

    3. ZA_Gunner says:

      Playing players out of position. The reason why he’s playing him at CB is because it didn’t work out in midfield and he will never admit buying him was a mistake. Throwing him there in CB is really wishing for the best.

      1. summerbreez says:

        It could well be an education curve ….reading the game from a defender prospective >>>Mr wenger used ramsy on everywhere in the midfield so to have more understanding of the midfield …..I think it is of a necessity could a defender be sent off with a red card??much easier for elneny to move back from midfield

    4. Bigperf says:

      Bs he never said he liked them as cb, he just said I want to see how they go at cb. Can guarantee you they won’t be cb come beginning of the season

  12. ruelando says:

    i would love him to slap Ozil and Ramsey when they are being crappy

  13. Raj says:

    How can signing a new coach will make us winners. I remember when Steve bould was appointed as assistant manager, there was a talk that our defence will improve. But that has not happened yet. Coaches don’t play, they are just to guide players. At the end of the day it’s the players on the pitch and their character what matters. Since we lost viera we have not seen anyone like him.
    Having Usain Bolt as coach won’t make anyone run at sub 10 times.

  14. Bekele says:

    The same old arsene… nothing change

  15. Amiyo John says:

    Arsen Wenger Must increase his money for Thomas Lemenar if he wants to take the trophy this season and also add the playmaker to his club.

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