Is this Xhaka’s chance to become a regular Arsenal starter?

Xhaka justarsenalThe Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka caused plenty of cheer from the Arsenal fans when he made his move to North London from the Bundesliga. However as of yet, he’s been unable to really get into the side, with Wenger sticking to an experienced Premier League midfield.

Xhaka hasn’t come out to state his unhappiness at trading in the captaincy at Borrusia Monchengladbach for a bench role with the Gunners. In fact manager Arsene Wenger has now revealed that Xhaka is being very professional about not nailing down a starting spot and that he’s working hard to cement a place in the team.

Wenger said: “I’m very happy with Granit’s commitment. I think he’s developing well. He hasn’t maybe started enough since the start of the season but he is adapting to a different league, a different way of playing.”

“Overall I’m happy because every day he’s focused on working hard and I’m confident he’ll get his number of games.”

I don’t think Xhaka should be worrying about not being able to obtain a starting role in the team just yet. As Wenger said, the Swiss international is still adapting to a very physically demanding, fast paced Premier League and so it’s not easy for any player to make the instant transition from one club to another.

It also doesn’t work in Xhaka’s favour that the Arsenal team is packed full of quality midfielders all competing for two central midfield positions on the pitch. At the moment Wenger seems keen to stick with the Coquelin and Cazorla pairing, but with the Spaniard out injured, this may be Xhaka’s chance to get in the team.

Wenger may have made Xhaka one of the most expensive transfers of the summer, at a reported £35 million, however there’s no pressure on the midfielder to have an instant impact with the side and the fans will just be hoping to see more from the number 29 in the near future.



  1. muda says:

    And then Ramsey came to the party riding his expensive ride popularly known as FAVOURITISM

    1. Ddog says:

      Boll*cks. He’s only a favourite in the sense that wenger favours the way he plays football, and favours having a technical player, who gives what HE perceives as balance to the team. It’s not because he is his bestest pal. Favouritism! man that word annoys me. Just becuase you stuck an -ism in there doesn’t validate what your saying beyond the sort of thing you’d here from an emotionally challenged jealous sibling.

  2. Alexis the Great says:

    I don’t understans when Wenger says that Xhaka needs to get used to the League? He has played well in just about every game he has started right from his arrival, and other than getting used to a bit of discipline he is a far better player than Elneny.
    Agreed he will become better and better as he he trains with the team longer, but I think he is excellent already.
    Play Him Arsene!

  3. galen says:

    So now everyone is using Ramsey as a scape goat for every bad result we get? Really am tired of people on this forum

    Just try playing Ozil , Xhaka, Coquelin , Elneny as a LW and let’s see how good they are?

    Sometimes you don’t know how good someone is till they are gone .

    Xhaka should not just play because he is £35 million. Coquelin is way better than Hun at the moment and if people can’t see that then am sorry. If we signed Coquelin from Dortmund for £40 million, everyone would be singing his praises. But he came from the academy so people forget how good and committed he is .

    Ramsey is still the best box to box midfielder we have and he should get a run of games in his best position .

    I respect him for playing out wide for 2 seasons . He didn’t love it. But he always gave his best . Basically he put the team first .

    Against PSG he was one of our best players but everyone focused on hating him.

    1. atid says:

      At last someone who isn’t a vindictive nasty bastard.

      On this site there are so many arsenal bashers, I often wonder if they are actually supporters of the club or not.

      If it’s not wenger it’s gazidis, if it’s not giroud it’s walcott, if it’s not the ox then it’s ramsey. I just wish some of the so called supporters could actually try doing exactly that and support the club and the players. Every player has struggles at times, it’s part of being a footballer, it’s when they are in those times that they need support not to be chastised every time the team does not win. 1 defeat since the middle of March and everyone is throwing the towel in, FFS!!!!

  4. galen says:

    Ozil for all his greatness has gone missing in our 3 biggest games, Spurs , United and PSG. I don’t see any one criticising him.

    I will probably get banned from the site for criticising him . A guy was telling me that Ozil is playing badly because of Ramsey , or Giroud,????

    Come on people how many excuses would you create for a world class player?

    My article got bashed last time when I said Cazorla was our best midfielder, now I hope everyone sees that. U don’t hear people say Cazorla is poor because of Ramsey or Giroud or Coquelin etc

    Cazorla is just class, right leg, left, control , vision, positioning , I will tell my grand kids I watched Cazorla play live. That’s how good he is to me

    1. Arsenal Boy says:


      1. Break-on-through says:

        Indeed, well said Galen.

  5. Ramterta says:

    yes especially since everyone else is average.Surely for 35m he cant be worse than them.
    Same applies to lucas perez.

  6. Ramterta says:

    seriously guys the number of average players we have is simply ridiculous.
    look at squawka team table and look at our position.Tells you all we need to know

  7. Break-on-through says:

    It was good hearing Wenger say that Xhaka is not a box to box player, he’s a deep lying player. I was worried when he first said that he sees Xhaka as a box to box player.

  8. Ugabooga says:

    Junk (yes spelling correct) Mus Kos Mon
    Granit Ramsey
    Theo Ozil Iwobi
    Lamp post (yes correct again)

    Home game, they will play 1 ST, save coq for 2nd half to seal game.
    Rest sanchez, he needs it.
    Ozil was rested during int break

    1. Ugabooga says:

      Yes no coq, home game, focus on scoring, Granit and Ramsey should be intelligent enough to cover one another, if not why are they playing SOCCER (yes correct soccer)

    2. atid says:

      Yes ozil was rested, he looks so much better for it lol!

      I wouldn’t mind seeing him played out wide for a while like he does for Germany. I think him and alexis playing as inverted wingers would play right into girouds lap (I mean head) ramsey could then play through the middle or we could go with 2 box to box players and use the ox as one of them, he loves to run with the ball, that would allow coquelin or xhaka to sit deeper and protect the back 4.

      Jenkinson Mustafi koscielny Monreal
      Chamberlain. Ramsey
      Ozil. Alexis

  9. Ramterta says:

    staunch worlds with pellucid unpalated truth,which people are afraid of hearing.
    It is truth that shakes every blade of grass at the emirates.
    And to amplify on that is when we are not facing goat herders we are obsolete and lack ideas

  10. vinie2000 says:

    let’s just turn the clock back and we can all see that we are going backwards in our approach since the invincible. this formation: Lehmann – lauren – Ashely – campbell- toure – ljunberg- pires – vieira- gilberto – denis and henry ( box to box mid fielders and pace on the wings )
    Today we lack of it even though we have it on the squads . this tell us tactically we are doing it wrong. playing Alexis up front gives more movement as he can drift like Henry and ozil moves like Denis but WHY PLAYING RAMSEY ON THE WiNGS? why on earth we can not play as we used to? we become predictable side by side passes and playing to slow possession no break through. We really need to go back to basis. SIMEONE WILL BRING MORE AGGRESSIVENESS AND PACE TO THE TEAM. we never have plan B until we are behind. Anyone with ideas?

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