Is time running out on Arsenal to remain a ‘PL giant’?

Arsenal have been amongst the heavyweights in the Premier League division for some time, but are they losing a grip on that title?

The Gunners haven’t won the Premier League title since the famous ‘Invincibles’ season of 2003-04, and excuses have been made financially since building the Emirates Stadium.

Shortly after the stadium started being built, we endured a number of transfer windows where we sold our best players, and we were told that once the Emirates was fully paid for, we would be in a position to contend with the big spenders in Europe. That simply hasn’t happened however.

We’ve come to a point now where even our best players are being urged to quit the club because we aren’t ‘ambitious’ enough.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been urged by a Gabon FA member to find a new club, further adding doubt as to whether we will be able to turn down offers for him this summer.

‘I don’t want to say that Arsenal aren’t ambitious, but Arsenal don’t have ambitions as high as some other clubs as far as Europe is concerned,’ Jean-Pierre Mounguengui stated.

‘So if Pierre could secure a contract with a more ambitious club, he’d definitely find his place there.

‘On an individual level, we all consider him to be among the best players in the world, but the advice I give to him is to continue to work and to attract the attention of the biggest clubs and the most ambitious clubs.’

There is no doubt that Aubameyang is amongst the best players in the world, and his goal record this term in such a struggling team can only have highlighted that, and it shouldn’t be acceptable that a player of his stature hasn’t even played Champions League football since joining our club, nor is it acceptable that Arsenal have not been good enough to qualify.

Our famous football club used to be admired from across the globe, so much so that Lionel Messi was starstruck at the fact that the famous Thierry Henry had arrived to team up with Barcelona back in 2007, a player who had done very little before coming to Arsenal and becoming a world-renowned name.

Alexis Sanchez was the last big name to force his way out of the club, having revealed that he would not be signing a new contract, but is there still time to persuade Aubameyang to stay? Could the club persuade PEA to stay this summer simply by backing the manager in the transfer market?


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  1. I’m waiting for the article to appear with the headline:
    Patrick AKA GoonerP, transferred to Man U. 👏👏👏

  2. PL-giant? Give us a definition! And how do you spell it? Does it spell Tottenham? Oh, come on, boyo. You’re ridiculous. By the way, talk of giants and kings, etc is baby talk. You’re a JJR Tolkien kid. Gowe up!

  3. Historically we are a big club looking back, but we are no longer a big club. We currently have the worst Arsenal squad in over 35 years, and it could look a lot worse next season.

    It’s strange, because I miss football, but I don’t really miss Arsenal. They treat us (the fans) terribly, and I’ve felt numb towards the club for years. They’ve done a fantastic job at alienating the fanbase.

  4. We were a big club that’s for sure but it’s been a while since we showed that we could really compete. New money and more ambition from new owners in the PL has diminished our status.

    In terms of being a big club historically, we are huge and our fan base is massive both in the UK and worldwide Unfortunately, Kroenke and his billions didn’t translate into him being a big spender or an owner who has a grasp of fandom in Britain. He doesn’t have Arsenal’s best interests at heart. He sees as as something he can turn a profit on
    I had high hopes that this billionaire and his sports franchises might bring success on the pitch. You have no idea as a lifelong Gooner how disappointed and let down I feel about his true intentions
    We are a club where top 6 is a trophy these days

  5. LOTS OF NONSENSE SPOKEN IN THE POSTS ABOVE MINE. OF COURSE WE ARE A HUGE CLUB. Worldwide suppport is the main factor in what makes ANY club big and we have countless millions, including mucht of Nigeria, thankfully, and fans in all countries. Those who argue differently and say we WERE a big club but not now, are idiots frankly and not worth taking seriously. We need a proper owner and that is the main problem. It could well happen about two years from now because of the silver lining of Kroenkes huge financial losses, as much of his wealth is tied up in sports franchises , most of which are in a country being financially and spititually ruined by an imbecile, which could well work to our advantage down the track a year or two. You heard it here first and so don’t listen to dull witted Jeremiahs who are writing us off as a big club. We are in fact huge,not merely big!

    1. Agree with your succinct assessment. It’s just that the current team sucks and the current ownership does not have any real ambition. Ultimately the Wenger mantra that finishing 4th is like winning a trophy that has to go too. It’s true that being in the ECL has tremendous financial incentives, but if you set the bar at finishing 4th, it’s likely the goal will not be achieved every time, especially now.

  6. Jon,
    I’m a bit miffed that you think my post was nonsense. Miffed is what I am.

    I think it is hard to call us a big club at the moment because we have really not been competing in the manner of Chelsea, Man City, Man U & more recently, Liverpool. ManU have dipped in performance recently but have won the PL several times since our last win.

    By your argument, are you saying that Aston Villa & Notts Forest are still big clubs based on past success?

    I am prepared to accept that my wording was ever so slightly ill thought out in terms of how big is big, but I meant big to mean being at the top table regularly. We clearly haven’t and the world wide base of support may be huge but that is in numbers not in terms of recent success.

    Without a European trophy since 1994 and failure to advance beyond entering the Europa League for a couple of seasons has diminished our standing. Our last two FA Cup victories were against Hull and Aston Villa.

    I will always think that Arsenal are a big or huge club because I support them. Their history in the 30’s and under GG and AW ensured their status in English football and in turn that created this fan base world wide. They cannot afford to carry on in this torpor for much longer otherwise the next generation of fans in Nigeria and beyond may look to other clubs in the PL

    Kroenke as you so rightly asserted hasn’t shown the desire for our great club to compete. He hasn’t cared about this; it is all about how much money he can syphon out for his other interests.

    1. Dear sweet but miffed Sue. If you care to read my post PROPERLY you will see the reason I gave for us being a huge club. Forest and Villa do not have fraction of the worldwide support we have. By all means feel miffed but it does help if you understand my post and show me that you have understood what I said. As you think big means being at the top of the table regularly , presumably there are no clubs in the Prem then, since no club has been winning it regularly? You should know by now Sue that my many posts are always well thought through and I never post the first thing that comes into my head as some do(I do NOT mean you, btw). That is why I called us huge, though not top. And take heart , because this worldwide crisis gives us the best chance we may ever get to shake off Kroenkes icy grip.
      Stay safe and we are still friends presumably!

      1. Jon
        The teams I mentioned are the teams that have been winning it with the exception of Liverpool who win the CL and have had a glorious history.
        Of course we are still friends but I wondered why Jay son below found my comments so funny. He hasn’t replied and that’s made me miffed again!

        1. If Chelsea hadn’t been more successful than us since mid 2005 I would agree with you
          Why you have found my post so particularly amusing I’d like to know the answer
          Just laughing without adding something of substance doesn’t help

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