Is Tottenham showing Arsenal the way by including fans on their board?

Tottenham and Arsenal were involved in the suspended European Super League.

Following a backlash from their respective fans, they both withdrew from the agreement, but Spurs seem to be leading the way in making things right with their supporters.

Arsenal has apologised and Josh Kroenke even held a forum with some of their fans to inform them that they will not sell the club, but they would invest in the team when the time arises.

One of the issues fans have with their club’s owners in the Premier League is that they are not being listened to.

Spurs have become more proactive than Arsenal after agreeing to add a supporter to their non-executive board, according to the Daily Mail.

The Lilywhites say they are forming a club advisory panel, composed of elected representatives from the different fan groups, with the chair of the panel appointed yearly as a full Non-Executive of Tottenham’s board.

This is a positive step and something Arsenal should unashamedly copy at the moment.

Stan Kroenke has been running the club with little regard for its fans and now has the chance to change things by adding a supporters’ voice to the leadership of the club.

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  1. “non executive..”does it mean that the person in question will not be present at all the board meetings??

  2. They wont have any say in the club at all. If kronk did the same for us, he probably would ignore them completely.

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