Is tougher Premier League bad news for Arsenal?

In the build up to Arsenal´s second league game of the season this weekend, and with last weekend´s defeat to West Ham surely in his mind, Arsene Wenger has suggested that the fight for the Premier League trophy is likely to be even harder than usual, prompting the question whether this would help of hinder Arsenal´s chances.

In a way this question is like when some Arsenal fans complain about the way the Premier League fixtures fall and others point out that every team has to play every other one home and away at some point. But I still think that the fixture list can help some teams, although it is purely a matter of luck.

Wenger´s point, as reported by, is that the increasing strength in depth of all the clubs, not just our main rivals, makes every game a tougher and potentially closer contest.

The Frenchman said, “It will certainly be a tighter and tougher league because the quality of teams in the lower half of the table has improved.

“I believe in every game… what gives you a good indication is if you look at the bench of the team you play against, and when you look at the teams in the second part of the table and you look at their benches, it indicates that you will have tough games.

“I never had many easy matches in my life but it is always getting more difficult, that’s true.”

When you look at where the Gunners have been strong in the last few years, it has mainly been in rolling over the so-called lesser teams. That was certainly case two seasons ago when we were top of the league for longer than any other team but injuries and some terrible results in the big away games killed our title hopes.

So you could say that Arsenal are more at risk from this all round improvement that Wenger spoke of. But then again, we have also improved our tactics and performances in the big games and if we are going to find it harder against the lower placed clubs, how much harder will our rivals find it?

What do you think Gooners, is there any advantage or disadvantage for Arsenal as the Premier League in general gets stronger?

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  1. For me, our season starts on sunday. Get all three points and forget about the westham loss, and the confidence will comeback once again. Peace!

    1. True…. and I don’t think Wenger will ever listen to us, I hope he at least listens to himself and win the PL for us this season, I will be least worried how he does, just give us the PL crown. COYG!!!

      1. Wenger is already giving excuses for his potential failure I still cant believe that he thinks this team is good enough to compete for the title.

        1. The team is good enough – he isnt. Premier league is way too physical for his ideal style of play. Send him home to france or spain and get klopp – his storming football is perfect for sanchez, walcott and the ox

    2. Nonsense!……….pls wake me up when the window’s closed, signings made and better articles are posted!….

    3. If you think CP are just gonna roll over and let us have the 3 pts,then you are as deluded as Wenger himself. They have a much stronger bench than ours and a manager who instills confidence in his players. I won’t be surprised if we lose that one.

    1. haha,too bad results can only be achieved on the pitch and not on social media.We couldn’t beat a dismal WHU at home but everyone thinks we are going to beat palace and Livpool, oh dear

  2. We are fast approaching a time when big money will influence the game less and raw talent will be the name of the game. This will help the Premier League t become a true competitive sport again and, whilst I probably won`t be around to witness it, those who are, are in for a treat.

  3. Most of us wanted a better start to this season……We cant live in the past forever, We cant dwell on Westham result but we should learn from the result and move on…Best Palace and Liverpool and let our season starts….

    Avoid complacency and let the players concentrate through out games… Fight for each other and play like a team.

    I’ll have faith in Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Ox and Welbeck in our front line until I see new signing (that is if we gonna sign another striker). Crying over new signings wont change anything so lets support the players we have Now and see what happens in the transfer window…..COYGGGGGGGGGG!

    1. Having faith in mediocre players won’t do anything either …. Best to leave religion in the churches football too important for that ( too loosely borrow from bill shankley)

  4. AW knows what is at stake, and he also needs to know teams have strengthened in the signing of BETTER players than what they have. Does he have the will to win? How? Times have changed, sometimes success is ‘bought’. Let him let go of his ego or the board that believes in every decision he makes add another David Dein of some sort to help spend the money if available. Everyone sees the need for Giroud’s challenger to say the least. Players hv been forcefully signed or pursuaded from Arsenal but Arsenal can’t do the same. Where do other teams get the quality signings from??? I bet Wenger’s ego can’t let him sign Messi on a free transfer. Last he should learn not to babysit his players especially when things aren’t right! Plus there’s no sin in ramsey sitting on the bench!

  5. Yes, let’s look at the bench shall we.

    Has ours improved bar cech? Maybe a little lighter but hasn’t really improved for a team that finished 12 points behind the champions.

    So greater investment and ambition everywhere accept at AFC. All to familiar ground hog season.

    We need to win tomorrow. No more excuses!

  6. It’s astounding that second game of season is actually looking so massive … A loss will confirm we are not title chasers …. And it will send the idiot sauvage scrambling around hoping to bring in some needed quality which he should have been doing back in June … A victory and it will be back to business as usual …. Either way it’s already shaping up to be a 4th place season … What is for sure is that the gulf between arsenal and the top teams in Europe is huge — watched 20 mins of bayern yday and the effort passion and skill level is so far beyond us it’s actually quite shocking … The comparison between an aging robben and the whippet in his prime tells you just how mediocre the latter is but the single biggest difference is with the manager

  7. “It is not easy, it is not supermarket stuff where you go in and say, ‘I would like this, please can you give it to me.’ The availability is not easy”.

    Said The Specialist In Something.

  8. It’s one thing to go into the market with ur wallet at home.

    It’s one thing to go into the market and expect to buy everything cheap.

    It’s one thing to go into the market to windowshop.

    It’s one thing to go into the market with the intention to buy and sell.

    It’s one thing to go into the market and SPEND!

    What’s wenger in the market for exactly?

    1. For top quality as he’s said numerous times!! Geeeez!!
      I’d much prefer he takes his time and secures someone in the Ozil/Sanchez/Cech bracket.. I highly doubt the Benzema rumours would’ve stuck around this long without any credence.
      We had more problems than attack against West Ham. Bouncing back this weekend’s top priority. I’d rather we strengthened with World-class than added just add a few extra numbers.

      1. If Wenger can secure Benzema our attack is the best in the league.. No question. With Cazorla and Ozil behind it

  9. Would be disappointed if N’jie turns out to be our attacking signing he’s so wasteful in front of goal & his first touch is worse just can’t understand why we would go for him Sending Akpom on loan to buy N’jie what is wenger thinking + afobe should have still been an arsenal player

    hope this just a rumors

  10. We sold Benik Afobe and we’re trying to sign clinton nije no bid has been made would rather prefer draxler + negredo than another so called special talent

  11. It just beats my imagination how on one hand Wenger admits that the EPL is becoming tougher bcos the middle table teams have increased their quality and on another hand Wenger is still very reluctant to go out and spend the now available funds to acquire the necessary quality that will enable us maintain the edge we have over the average teams. Its quite obvious that Wenger’s mindset is whats keeping us from attaining the level of greatness we have potential to. For us to move to the next level greatness Wenger has to move on and that’s the truth!

  12. Wenger will always be archaic. already admitting failure beforehand… Great Coaches don’t care about bottom table teams. They speak only on Top 4…. ask Mouth-inho

  13. Its a disadvantage clearly;
    1.the smaller teams are who we usually get sure points from.
    2.We lost our first game to a smaller team
    3. Chelsea, man u, man city and Liverpool won there games.
    4. We have a brilliant starting side but our bench isnt fantastic, only diffence has a little quality.
    5. Our manager doesn’t use the bench until the game is out of our hands.

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