Are Trossard and Saka Arsenal’s best attacking partnership?

On Saturday, Arsenal faced Burnley in an exciting Premier League match at Emirates Stadium. The Gunners continued their dominance from where they left in the 2-0 win over Sevilla when they broke the deadlock in the 46th minute through Leandro Trossard, who was assisted by Bukayo Saka. As a result, Arsenal led 1-0 going into the break.

In the second half, in the 54th minute, Brownhill equalized for Burnley. It only took Arsenal four minutes to reclaim the lead, with William Saliba scoring off a Leandro Trossard corner in the 57th minute. Following Saliba’s goal, the Gunners continued to threaten and eventually grabbed a third goal in the 74th minute, with Zinchenko scoring with a beautiful goal, hitting the ball while in the air past a crowded penalty box.

There’s much to be learned from that game. One of the lessons is that Trossard proved why he should be starting every week, as he delivers and dazzles.

Trossard has been an excellent squad option for Arteta.
He plays him as a winger – he performs.
He plays him as a midfielder – he impresses.

He is productive; he scores or assists in the majority of the games he has started for Arsenal.

He is one of Arsenal’s most underappreciated players, and he, like Jesus, is an “ideal partner” for Saka. He brings out the best in our starboy.

I’m sure many Arsenal fans were impressed by the Trossard-Bukayo Saka combination’s continued success. It was the highlight of the Champions League win over Sevilla as well. Looking at various social media platforms, Arsenal fans have praised the two as the club’s most dependable and constantly ruthless attacking duo at the moment, who should be starting frequently to assist the Gunners in scoring more goals. In fact, Bukayo Saka has assisted all seven Leandro Trossard goals since joining Arsenal from Brighton.

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  1. As I said yesterday before the match, Tossard is our best number 9 clinical finisher, and should be ahead of Nketiah and Jesus regardless of their fitness. Tossard despite being our most clinical finisher also brings out the best in Saka and Martinelli due to his link up play. I hope Arteta keeps Tossard as our starting number 9 striker when both Jesus and Nketiah are both fit again. I would sell Nketiah and use Jesus as a back up and sub to cover any of the front 3 positions instead of using Tossard as the back up.

  2. I liked Trossard’s accuracy, but I still think he’s too weak to play with his back to goal against top team’s CBs. I’d prefer him in the left-sided AM position

    Arteta had finally tried some lobs from various situations yesterday after relying on short passes in our previous games and the long balls had finally paid off

    If we didn’t gamble like that yesterday, I doubt we could score through Trossard and Saka

    1. Gai, I agree Arteta studies opposition strength and weakness well he is an intelligent coach. Like I have always posted you need to be dynamic as a gaffer to do well in Epl. A very witty coach shouldn’t lose to the same team twice. I am happy Arsenal now have different options to score goals.

  3. It’ll work in some games but it will limp out in others. The two can be relatively easily snuffed out with tight marking. Neither of these two is a Messi or even a Mbape. It’s up to the manager to have a flexible game plan.

    1. I agree Joe.Our front three must interchange more to upset the opposition game plan of doubling up on Martinelli and Saka.Trossard is very adept at finding space in the 18 yard box and he is a natural finisher.He is adept in a fluid front three but is not, and never has been, an attacking midfielder.

  4. Not take anything away from Trossard’s or anyone else’s performance, but it was a home game against Burnley.

    Once we get more consistentsy, and against better opposition, then we can judge.

  5. Trossard is not a C.F. As we can see he seems to perform better than Eddie in that position. That tells you how far much better we can get with a quality natural C.F.

  6. He’s proving to be Mr Reliable for Arsenal. He’s an 18 yard box kind of player though who thrives on chaos in the penalty area (somewhat similar to Aguero in style). He might not be a good fit for No 9 against teams that play a high line though or against physical defenders. Looking forward to seeing him start more often.

  7. Isn’t it the REAL truth that Trossard is a gifted and unusual player, in that he canplay equally well in several forward positions , in the same way as Jesus does too!
    I am convinced by his quality at our top level, ALMOST every time I see him play.

    To be convinced about top level in EVERY game they play however, I would ONLY mention Rice and Saliba AND NOT A SINGLE ONE OF OUR OTHER PLAYERS.

    We are fortunate to have Trossard and IMO he is above Nketiah in the pecking order, as is JESUS TOO, mainly because Eddie is only a goal poacher, useful though that is and clinical in the box, but has no other SPECIAL abilities, as do both Jesus and TROSSARD!

  8. The boys are slowly recovering from pre-season brutal training. Just look at Trossard and Zinchenko. They both have shed a lot of weight, looks very quick and very able. I’m expecting once the rest of the players are back from injuries, we gonna play much better, much faster and be more clinical.

    1. A LOT of weight!?? How much would you say they havelost?

      Id say two ounces each at most, as neither had any weight needing losing and nowhere to lose it from.

      BOTH need putting on muscle in fact, which means MORE weight , not less!

  9. Trossard should be jesus backup until we get a top striker to rotate with jesus. Just like jesus he makes our attack more fluid.

    1. Exactly. It should be Jesus and Trossard in the pecking order of rotation. I am not saying Nketiah is bad but Trossard and Jesus are levels above him.

  10. Trossard is really getting better and better every passing game. He brings out the best in Saka and is a real asset to arsenal. Their partnership is great and long may it continue.

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