Is Unai Emery a better fit for Arsenal than Arteta?

Unai Emery over Mikel Arteta? by Konstantin Mitov

The search for a new manager is the elephant in the room and the favourite to land the job is Mikel Arteta. A name that hardly any Arsenal fan considered. I’ve said numerous times why I believe it’s a bad choice, but if we hire Arteta I will back him. I want this club to go back to winning ways, and it wouldn’t be Mikel’s fault if he is appointed.

The board is playing a deadly game. They made some good moves like Sven, Raul, Fahmy and Auba, but Arteta seems like shooting themselves in the foot. Other names lurk around, but it all feels like we’re putting them just so it doesn’t look like we’re appointing Arteta cause we literally cannot get anybody else.

That said, Guillem Balague reports that a certain Unai Emery is in London to discuss the potential of taking over Arsenal and before we start, ask yourselves which of the 2 managers you’d prefer to take?

I actually like Unai Emery. He won 3 Europa League titles at Sevilla and that alone makes him a good candidate as we will be playing in that tournament again. It’s a backdoor to the champions league and the transfer budget we have will hardly be enough to make a serious top 4 claim, let alone win the league.

The one negative to the spaniard is his failure to deliver in the champions league with the players he was given at PSG, but the situation there is much different. It’s all about being champions of Europe at PSG and even the likes of Ancelotti failed to do it, and I’d have him at Arsenal with open arms! Winning the champions league when you dominate the domestic league is difficult. It means drastically raising your level for one game which is not so easy to do, as our own Europa League struggles have shown.

So apart from that Emery has managerial experience and trophies behind him. He’s managed the likes of Neymar and Cavani and the feuds between them in PSG. Then we do have players like Ozil who need a kick up the backside and guys like Auba with a bad boy reputation. I would trust Unai more than Mikel Arteta to handle such characters due to his experience.

Emery’s work at Sevilla under a limited budget, will again fit in with our philosophy. He’s still only 46 so I think the young factor will also match. If he is in London and he does talk with us, I hope he prepared well and gets under the boards skin. The reason I want a big name manager is it shows ambition and gives a positive vibe to an unstable atmosphere.

The moment Arteta fails to deliver, the angry mob will be pointing a finger at the board. I hope they are not that stupid and we make the right decision.

Appointing Arteta with Emery, Enrique and Ancelotti all available is inexcusable!



  1. gotanidea says:

    Yes, appointing a manager like Emery, Enrique, Ancelotti or the other high profile manager is important to reunite the divided fans

    The new manager would need a translator and someone that knows Premier League/ Arsenal very well. Arteta could still come in as the assistant manager and be the backup plan, in case Emery fails

    Besides, Emery could bring some PSG fringe players with him, such as Draxler

    1. Big Charley says:

      gotanidea, you have always said we will not be hiring Arteta even though we almost did, so to say Emery will unite the fans is good observation. At least the fans will not be as critical of him as much as Arteta!!

      1. gotanidea says:

        Yup I don’t think Arsenal would hire an unproven coach after stranded in the 6th position

        1. Big Charley says:

          I respect your opinion mate

    2. Shekar233 says:

      BBC has reported on thier website that Emery is set to be Arsenal manager , anouncement and press conference later this week. So i guess we have a trusted source.

      @gotanidea Do you remember mate?
      This is just what i said 2 days ago.
      The board might use arteta as a decoy by leaking fake info to the media.

      While all of us are extremely mad at the idea of arteta being a manager of our club. And all of us stating facts like the guy who never managed a single football match , a guy who couldnt even get called once for spain,

      The board used it perfectly to get emery. At a stage where fans would prefer any one who managed atleast a single game in third tier of english football. Emery would be a step up i guess.

      I dont mind emery since my mind has almost accepted Arteta and moved on..
      But to be fair , even if arteta is taken out of the equation Emery would be a good candidate i guess.

      But i feel this team needs a harsh and hard character as a manager , some one like Allegri or Enrique.

      But lets see..
      What Emery can do.. Or if it is another twist in the plot with someone else as a manager.

      1. Dalinho says:

        The most important thing for a football club these days is transfers! Getting the right players is the single most important thing in football bcoz they are the ones who win matches!
        £70mil on Mustafi and Xhaka compared to £70mil on mane and salah is what widened the gap between afc n lfc then to rub it in lfc they got the Ox and now they are getting fekir and maybe even Ramsey lol
        There’s no reason why afc couldn’t of got mane, salah, firminho for 30 odd million each and we should be trying for fekir aswell but that’s another story!
        I didn’t mind arteta and now I don’t mind emary bcoz who ever we get needs to buy and sell the right players especially if we want to play 433 which seems to be the no.1 formation for top teams and I know we need a new defense but if afc don’t get a DM specialist and keep players like Xhaka, mustafi and cech as no.1 we won’t be going anywhere! It’s time for afc to spend money on the right players and get rid of the flops!
        I hope we don’t only have £50mil to spend bcoz that’s unexplainable when we are rebuilding, let’s hope emary can buy some hard working players like he had at Sevilla

        1. Enagic says:

          Man I am with you nice post you seem to understand football very well are you Brazilian?

        2. Enagic says:

          The main problem was a conman in charge was was available if my memory serves me for around 18mln but he decided to keep Walcott even give him an ambard and keep telling us he has improved a lot as a player the decisions Arsenal took realized the man was loosing his mind and he has been running Arsenal as an academy/ project type spend too much time recruiting kids instead of what we need right away keep players who were not born to play football like Jenkinson and buy players who don’t qualify for work permit – I really hope Emery will do what he did at Sevilla

        3. Enagic says:

          Liverpool has very smart recruiting team they may end up get Fekir for 62mln now and sell Salah to Real Madrid for 150mln and remember they got Keita in a bag already

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Sky sports very own Alan Smith, yes our ex striker is coming out with rubbish like “maybe Arteta never wanted the job” can you believe it, his whole report was totally negative. Of course Arteta wanted the job, In the end we didn’t want him, personally I think the club saw the negativity coming from the fans, why would a novice turn Arsenal Football Club down. For twenty years Sky Sorts have been giving us bad vibes but the fact that Smith has got on the bandwagon sickens me. Some of these pundits will say anything to keep their job. I just hope my friend Jon Fox heard Smith’s report

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Good call Shekar 233 and Gotanidea, also a couple others. Must admit I was almost set for the Arteta announcement, I thought it was coming. I like the Emery one better, much better. PSG’s football was beautiful to watch but getting over the line they choked a little bit. Still we don’t have the best of options. And his Seville team played nice stuff too but he had them punching at a good weight. Emery seems an ideal Arsene replacement football wise, and hopefully Sven and Raul will improve Emery’s game.

          1. shekar233 says:

            Oh don’t get your hopes high, i just felt arteta has been used as a decoy by leaking fake info to the media and signing someone better (Emery)[though it is only just good not an excellent candidate]. but now i am thinking why cant the opposite be true. Using Emery as a decoy to annouce Arteta?

          2. jon fox says:

            I think you have been reading too many detective novels and the truth is far simpler. Arteta was the choice but he would not work under the clubs conditions of shared control. Suddenly Emery became available, somewhat unexpectedly and blew Arteta away with his knowledge of the teams weaknesses AND HIS OWN POSITIVITY AND A REAL C.V. Emery is clearly happy to work under non total control. Though it is easy to see this is the way things are going with top clubs worldwide. Even Guardiola does NOT have total control!

        2. jon fox says:

          Kenny , I like to think that our refusal to accept Arteta had at least some effect on the final decision. Sadly, though, I think the REAL reason was that he wanted much more personal control, which he was denied. Thank God! I did hear Smith’s report eventually and have a low opinion of him as a co -commentator. He rarely says anything insightful and is really a stooge, unlike NEVILLE, SOUNESS AND CARRAGHER WHO ARE REAL, WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE THEM, WHICH ACTUALLY , I DO. I always find those who fence sit and prevaricate to be tedious and rather cowardly. We need plain speaking now in the club, like we have not had for many years. Home truths, NOT lame and stupid excuses. Wenger constantly defended the indefensible , INSTEAD of changing it! Never again!

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Hi Jon, I agree with you wholeheartedly about the fans influencing our decision not to appoint Arteta for the reason that they’ve just been through one revolt and didn’t fancy another however your other point about Arteta wanting personal control I beg to differ. Jon you’ve been in the game a long time and you know a number two at a club 99% of the time want’s to be number one. Arteta turn Arsenal Football Club down? when his whole ambition of coaching is to become a manager. I honestly don’t think a small thing like shared control would have put Arteta off. I think the whole story was fabricated by Sky Sports, you heard nothing from Arsenal, hence Smith’s ridiculous report.

      3. st sass says:

        why the hate, pls check your facts he was cuped for spain.

    3. kev says:

      Arsenal opted out of the Arteta deal which was already done for some unknown reason.
      Unai Emery will sign a 2 year deal and will be bringing his own technical staff.
      Steve Bould will also not be assistant manager anymore.
      I remember also saying Chiellini will be coming but this will not happen again since Allegri won’t be coming.Allegri previously convinced him to come with him for free.
      Arsenal lead the race for Dembele due to Auba and he’s keen to link up with him.

      1. Muff diver says:

        Deary me u get so much wrong .
        But still persist

        Let me have a go …

        We are in talks with neymar and had dinner with Tony Montana…..he’s not dead …and when he said say hello to my little friend …Messi popped out …

        1. Dalinho says:

          Muff diver lol
          That mad me giggle

      2. Dalinho says:

        Kev do really believe that the best CB in Italy was gonna go to a small club like afc which as it stands we are and do u believe that a small club like afc can afford dembele? Until afc spend big to become big again we will be on par with Everton until usamanov enrolls them which would take them above us anyway! The only hope we have is to what Liverpool have done which is find gems for £35 mil each but with a budget of £50 mil that’s not even possible! God only knows

      3. Maks says:

        Again close name Unai Emery – Emirates 😉
        Hmmmm that was the key?!

      4. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I’m willing to stick my neck out and say your prophecy of a two year contract is a load of rubbish.Why would a massive club like Arsenal give him just two years to rebuild the club and why would an experience world class coach like Unai Emery settle for a two year contract. In fact I’ve never heard of a two year contract for a world class coach

        1. Steve h says:

          Your right. How the hell do people know what contract he or she getting are they all sitting in room when it’s all going on fk no.

        2. Sean says:

          He had a 2 year deal with PSG

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            But he had the option for another year if he wanted it

    4. tencanskelly says:

      Not with 50 million pounds wot a f’ing joke we or we will be lucky to finish 8th do not renew tickets until we get more money for players

      1. Break-on-through says:

        That fifty million rumour, if they did put it out there. It could be because teams and players ask for too much when they know the exact number. We had that problem after Gazidas announced that we can afford almost anyone, Wenger even said it caused more trouble than it was worth. Another reason for the fifty mil could be the type of manager wanted, we want someone who understands AFC will not just throw money at the problem, someone who’ll look at the youth team as being a bonus or a requirement. And has values while appreciating ours. Remember, this board didn’t want to lose Wenger, they wanted him here but they have targets to reach ..not same targets as fans have but not mutually excluded neither.

  2. muha Anko Anko says:

    BBC and skysports claim we are set to announce Unai
    I really hope you guys are right.. not the happiest but it’s okey

    1. Enagic says:

      So who do you want?

  3. S says:

    BBC have been reporting this for the past hour on 5 live as if it were a done deal. I’ll believe it when the club officially announces anything

  4. Big Charley says:

    At least he has experience, Arteta doesn’t have any. I don’t mean Arteta will not do well be Emery has tested football management

  5. Oh I get it - Arteta is Keane and Pep's Fergie says:

    I wanted Arteta ???

    1. A.ball08 says:

      You are probably the one who did?
      Unai Emery would not have been my first choice but a far better up grade on Arteta
      A really healthy successful CV.
      A decent coach who I hope can can coach some of our uncoachables
      At A a high pressing game
      And a decent tatician

      1. waal2waal says:

        i agree – Emery is a step in the right direction in comparison to arteta – although the latter is worthy as an able and adept assistant.

        1. A.ball08 says:

          Agreed but not at AFC
          he can learn his trade at city
          Would much prefer henry as our no.2
          Doing a decent job at Belgium and hasn’t signed on again as yet so there might be hope
          Was really feeling a bit dispondant when arteta became front runner but Unai Emery has me perked up
          Still though the board still have to be questioned on the shambles going on with the new manager
          Be8ng announced. This should have been done the day Wenger stepped down or was there no plan in the first place …a bit of a farce as usual

      2. Ozziegunner says:

        ?Tactition is the operative word and can both manage egos and develop young players. He also knows how to win in Europe.

      3. Ozziegunner says:

        Tactition is the operative word. Also he can work with strong egos (eg Neymar and Cavani), develops young players, can work to budget and win in Europe.

  6. Ackshay says:

    I would love to have emery as he is a good coach, plays attacking football, has a good record at sevilla and is at an age where he is experienced but still young and progressive. Arteta maybe a future great coach(when pep and poch want you it means he must be good) but putting it in charge right now with no experience and our current predicament would be detrimental to both arsenal and arteta. Zidane and pep had coached the b teams which play in the second division for some years before taking over so to compare them to arteta is bad.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Emery didn’t have too much challenge in France, but now he must recall his tough times with Sevilla, because he will have to face Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, etc

      I just hope he would not get shocked by Premier League’s competition level, after having easier opponents with PSG

      1. Enagic says:

        he should be able to work with Sven like he did with Monchi football is a great efforts not a single person opinion

      2. Ackshay says:

        Watch closely you will see that i didnt talk about his success at psg at all as it does not mean a thing in EPL.
        He has faced real madrid, barca(Peak barca is better than this man city) and during his time in spain so i dont think he will have an issue with moneybag team like man utd, man city or chelsea. Though he WILL BE SHOCKED by the strength of the rest of the league just like pep and klopp were shocked in the 1st season, guardiorla seemed pretty rattled last season.

    2. Enagic says:

      At least bring in Emery we will be able to attract some Brazilian/south americans and Spanish players who are unknown but have higher quality and French player where he spent time we just need different direction from Mr. conman who used to clings on jenkinson, walcott etc

  7. Declan says:

    Chris Sutton needs to get a life.

    1. Sue says:

      He’s such a prat

  8. Yossarian says:

    If Arteta is appointed and becomes a failure, Ivan Gazidis will look like a massive fool having appointed a total rookie manager. I will support Arteta wholeheartedly if he becomes manager, and hope that he has some winning cards up-his-sleeve that most fans don’t expect. However the whole Arteta thing smacks of the board looking for somebody that will not embarrass Silent Stan in the media if the club doesn’t show enough ambition to challenge for major trophies, which a big-name manager might do under those circumstances. Something that really shouldn’t be an issue given how wealthy, profitable, and financially stable Arsenal Football Club is.

    1. A.ball08 says:

      How can you become a fool when the man is a fool already
      There is a riddle in that some where

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    I am actually excited! Okay, not my first choice, but he is an excellent manager, with bags of experience. Very impressive what he achieved at Seville, and apart from the CL, he did everything else that was asked of him at PSG. Nothing more needs to be said of Arteta, because that was a complete joke he was even being considered!

    Hopefully Emery will be announced in the next couple of days, and then get some transfers done before the WC, where valuations of players will sky rocket after only a handful of good performances.

    1. John Wick says:

      Excellent choice mate he’s very underated.. could be worse we could have mourinho ?

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  10. waal2waal says:

    Arteta – clearly has great respect behind the scenes at the club – However, the appointment of Unai Emery is even better (imo). He must know how to get the better of monaco having done it on a few occasions and loosely speaking he may even be able to attract some decent players from the french league to our team. Arsenal has become a gateway to both the england and france national sides – the appointment of unai emery ensures that that custom remains intact. Good call -by it i suggest its a decent appointment.#COYG

  11. Barren says:

    Emery lost league 1 to a bunch of kids and never made it past round 16 in champions league with unlimited funds smh!!!
    1.I’m definelty not looking forward to next season.
    2.50mil is really our budget.
    3.gooners in england plz get Stan out. ???

    1. Neil says:

      So NOW It’s Stand fault not Wenger ? Can you guys make your mind up

    2. Maks says:

      Be positive, i can t believe I am saying that 😉

  12. Yossarian says:

    Emery sounds like a much better bet. No reason why Arteta can’t be assistant though.

    1. Neil says:

      Because he is already assistant to record breaking PL winners.. why would he leave for same position at a club with far less money?!

  13. Barren says:

    The board only want emery coz they know our only way back in2 the champions league is via Europa league!!! I hate Stan and Ivan ??????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. waal2waal says:

    …the wait is over – he’s the new coach …accept it!!

  15. David Costelloe says:

    Is Unai Emery a better fit for Arsenal than Arsene?

    1. Maks says:

      Ooo, I can t believe there are still people sad that Wenger was sacked?

  16. Trudeau says:

    Interesting choice. I like that it was done quickly. If rumours of Arteta pulling out because he wanted more control over transfers are true then we dodged a bullet. It’s one thing for an Allegri or Ancelotti to make those demands but someone who has never managed? Please.

  17. Ronny says:

    Emery always seemed a bit of a weak character to me, didn’t see this coming at all.
    I am glad though that we’ve hired a manager who’s managed at a top level and handled a large budget.
    With the transfer budget available and all the specialist roles now Mislintat and sanheli I’m surprised we got any high profile coach to take it.
    I guess Arteta will stay at city then.
    I wonder if they offered it too him in the future with a little more experience?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Ronny I don’t think Emery can be considered a “weak character” when he managed players with strong egos like Neymar and Cavani to win the league.

      1. Rkw says:

        Not too well apparently … But not clear that is his fault … He can improve players though … As with that rabiot guy … So if he can get more out if wilshere ozil and lacazette and bring in a DM a GK and a couple of top notch defenders then perhaps we can see improvements

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Rkw I agree we have to start looking forward and being positive. Hopefully Emery can put a rocket up Arsenal’s under performers, improve their discipline and impart tactical awareness. He, along with Mislintat, can attract some good value improvements to the squad eg Draxler.

  18. killamch89 says:

    I have been saying it since the very beginning – it is not Arteta or Henry. Unai Emery wasn’t my first choice either but he seems like the right choice. Roma’s CEO would have gotten him if their current manager failed to meet his targets this season. I think they worked together sometime in the past and he describes unai as a “miracle worker”. He doesn’t like Mourinho – look I know I probably shouldn’t warm up to a candidate because of that but yeah already has my support. All you nay-sayers and moaners you wanted Wenger gone – get behind the new manager. This is no time to start moaning before he has even coached a match. I look forward to attractive attacking football with high press.

    1. killamch89 says:

      and let me remind naysayers who was it that beat Klopp in a Europa League final? Exactly! get behind the manager

  19. Ronny says:

    It’s the Seville connection though that our board like. Success with them on a small budget sound familiar?

  20. Ronny says:

    Right now get Wenger into psg and we can work as feeder clubs for each other, verrati or rabiot anyone?

    1. waal2waal says:

      we’l take both please…

  21. ArseOverTit says:

    Emery to have ‘rough’ time with board!

    he is use to delivering 3rd place on a budget with his time at Valencia so he is perfect for Stan!

    lets see what he can do with peanuts..certainly a better job than Arteta could do I would wager..

  22. waal2waal says:

    it takes “cahoonas” to pick up the arsenal baton after wenger – well done that man (unai emery).

  23. muha Anko Anko says:

    I hear it’s a two year deal with an option to add..
    where is kev to tell us what happened to Arteta signed???

  24. Ronny says:

    I wonder if una accepted no input on who’s bought and sold, or I should say control.
    I find it surprising any manager would take a role under these circumstances.
    It’s better though as emery has no sentimental attachments to the current players.
    Let’s just hope Mislintat and gazidis make the right strategic sales now, with Jack signing I feel Ramsey will go.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Don’t be silly. Emery will have input, he just won’t have the final say. That’s the way it works in virtually every professional team in North America. The coach coaches, the general manager makes the deals but they work together or they are screwed.

  25. Bakri says:

    This is a very strange question:Is Unai Emery a better fit for Arsenal than Arteta? in general terms we can’t answer that as persons we don’t know , but as football manager of course Is Unai Emery is better football manager than Arteta .That is because Unai Emery till the end of this season was the manager of PSG FC which is a big club while Arteta has never managed any football club in his life and he is just learning the coaching profession at Manchester city and possibly after five years he might become a good football manager , but now he is not qualifuied to manage Arsenal .

  26. Sean says:

    This could be a shrewed piece of business by Arsenal. Unai Emery has loads of exp in management is a start, won 3 consecutive EL on a shoesteing budget (like ourselves) got the big job in PSG, won everything asked of him bar UCL & got sacked… hes a winner gooners.

    Better than Arteta or any of our ex players atm linked bar Vieira whos actually managing but not ready yet. We need stability & this guy has no attachments to any of our players or the club itself. Im gettong right behind the gooners playing in Emerys Emirates!!

    1. John Wick says:

      Agreed Sean ?

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  27. Ruelando says:

    Emery would be a very good appointment, not looking at is psg time, but his Sevilla period is more impressive. He seem to work better without the top stars or the too high expectations.

    The aim of getting to champions league can be realise, let us hope he will be able to bring in players to make arsenal more competitive

    1. summerbreez says:

      Next we need to sign Caglar Soyuncu and do it straight away and see what kind of money we can raise to get one more player 50milion 35 for caglar =15 so we need at the very minimum raise 20milion to find a defensive midfielder or maybe belik or mitland niles can do it and use martnez as our goal keeper i think when he was given the chance he didnt do too bad
      Emery has to deal with all of that and nacho sure will translate for him

  28. Tas says:

    We canot win the league but we always win the Oscar’s

  29. acejodecee says:

    Jardim Was My 1st Choice…
    Arteta Not bad as #emery tho

  30. John Wick says:

    I’m overjoyed Emery is more or less the next manager.. the man wins wherever he goes his team’s like to press so no more slackers Ozil will think he’s arrived at the wrong club after the world cup ? for once in a very long time I’m optimistic ?

    1. Maks says:

      I think Ramsey will have much more problems (then Mr. Ozil) with the shape of things to come, OR he will escape to Inter Milan?

      1. John Wick says:

        Tbh mate I’m not too bothered if Ramsey stays or hits the bricks he’s definitely a good player no doubt but sometimes he’s very frustrating with his stupid flicks etc.. he’s one that can be replaced, and maybe free up some funds

  31. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s our second season without CL football, so maybe it was hard to get in the big names like Allegri. Emery won 3 EL in a row, which is great for us considering we’re a EL club now haha!

  32. ArsenalMane says:

    I hope we don’t end up being Europa kings ?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      target is 4th and Europa

      Umery is a Europa Specialist

      1. Maks says:

        Still crying for Wenger?

        1. John Wick says:


  33. John Ibrahim says:

    Kev = Resources = Remember Resources ???

  34. jon fox says:

    Got home at 11.30 tonight to see this “Emery will be manager” on various sites. Thrilled beyond belief IF it really IS NOT ARTETA. Has Arteta already been dismissed as a possible? Would someone please bring me up to date, definitively, with latest events please?

    1. Maks says:

      Me too, I went online on you tube half an hour ago and Crazy Good news all over!

  35. Maks says:

    Let’s all learn to write his name!
    Unai Emery!
    Hell Yeaah!
    I am so happy.
    Unai Emery Unai Emery Unai Emery Unai Emery Unai Emery

    Again close name Unai Emery – Emirates 😉

  36. jon fox says:

    Who else, besides me, is also drinking champagne at midnight? Drunk with happiness and can’t wait for next season to start. I will now be attending again after missing nearly two whole seasons , as I refused to give our club another penny while Wenger stayed. Back attending next August and thrilled beyond belief. Just waiting for official confirmation now. No Arteta, and so hope again . Real hope.

    1. Maks says:


      1. Ozziegunner says:

        jon, when its officially announced I will open a Hunter Valley Shiraz!

        1. Beaveraldinho says:

          Last season we were pretty bad… It was tough getting up at 3am every weekend (sometimes Monday morning) to watch the team. At least I could laugh at PSG who somehow flopped against a team of kids and managed to lose a 4 goal lead in the CL with unlimited funds. Now the jokes on me.

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Beaveraldinho, you have to also look at who has the referees in their pockets.

        2. John Wick says:

          You’ll be popping a Dom perignon cork Ozziegunner doing a Antoine griezmann goal celebration like the rest of us UKB’s ? that’s Unai knows best lol

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Sorry to disappoint John but I prefer my McLeish Estate Hunter Valley Shiraz.
            By the way their Semillion is mind blowing.

          2. John Wick says:

            Australia do a good wine no doubt mate, if it’s Australian, south African, or chillean I’m good with that @Ozziegunner ?

    2. Lexynal says:

      How Jon Fox can be so delusional. Until any new manager wins the CL trophy under same circumstances that AW operated in, nothing will be impressive that AW hasnt done before -including winning things in the last 5 years. The new manager may play good football, we may see good goals, we may see attacking football.///we may see strings of wins (a home and away). we may have, we may see some FA cups, EPL trophies……so what? Didnt Wenger do all of that? Bring something different…and let it not be too long….and under same tight budget! Then we will know the true and complete change has come. But for now…I just want to see a new manager, give him my support and let the new season roll in as I want to see the EPL/Arsenal back in action.

      1. John Wick says:

        Lex I think your the one who’s delusional still banging on about Wenger take a day off the old geezer is fit for a retirement home let it go

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Lexynal, can we please move on and look forward to the future, whatever it may bring?

      2. jon fox says:

        So pleased that YOU called me delusional. Based on the well known fact that everything YOU ever write on here is the opposite of truth, I am thrilled. Still worshipping at Wengers shrine daily are you?

  37. musty says:

    from Arsene Arsenal to Emery’s Emirate….??

  38. Jeremy says:

    I’m amazed by some of the rants from prominent people about us not appointing candidates of their choice…. disrespect etc.

    Like all job interviews, where did the self entitlement came from? They might be prominent people so what?

    1. lcebox says:

      Agree now they want to know evrey step we took in appointing the manager …..
      They will want to know what socks were putting on tomorrow next.
      Like Arsenal have to disclose all cause some pundits want to know or are saying we did it sloopy.
      We will do it how we want to now go jump in the nearest river and maybe wake up stupid pundits and i incude Wrighty in that.

  39. Shi2 says:

    YEAH EMERY!!!! ?

  40. John Ibrahim says:

    Media cant make up their mind…..almost every candidate is the perfect man for us

  41. Richnero says:

    I for one is honestly not elated by the imminent employment of Unai Emery as Wenger’s successor. My first choice was always Jardim but I would have taken Arteta over this guy.
    People say Arteta is untested and inexperienced but he would have been very hungry to prove all doubters wrong and make a name for himself. And having learned from both Wenger and Pep coupled with his decade of playing in the Premier league, I would have welcomed him wholeheartedly due to his vast knowledge of the Premier league.
    Despite the fact that Emery won the Europa league 3 times consecutively, he was unable to crack into La liga’s top four with Sevilla. And do I need to remind everyone about the 6-1 thrashing his Psg side suffered at the hands of Barcelona when all he needed to do was to preserve a four goal lead.

    I am really not looking forward to next season as I am dissapointed with this news.

  42. Wiggy says:

    Ivan the terrible at last done the right thing. Unai is much better looking than Klopp, Guardiola or Mourinho. Unai will uphold and continue the Arsenal tradition of good looks + good football !!
    Thanks Ivan the Terrible..

  43. Tat says:

    If rumors were true, arteta withdrew and he’s smart to do it. If I were him, I wouldn’t take the job as well. Like why would anyone in arteta position wanna take the job and very likely ruin your coaching career. Let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely arsenal can win anything major next couple years unless we spend like crazy this summer.

  44. Chika says:

    Happy so long as arsenal moves forward

  45. Lexynal says:

    How Jon Fox can be so delusional. Until any new manager wins the CL trophy under same circumstances that AW operated in, nothing will be impressive that AW hasnt done before -including winning things in the last 5 years. The new manager may play good football, we may see good goals, we may see attacking football.///we may see strings of wins (a home and away). we may have, we may see some FA cups, EPL trophies……so what? Didnt Wenger do all of that? Bring something different…and let it not be too long….and under same tight budget! Then we will know the true and complete change has come. But for now…I just want to see a new manager, give him my support and let the new season roll in as I want to see the EPL/Arsenal back in action.

  46. John Ibrahim says:

    Gazadis strategy…..finish 6….win Europa, qualify for champ league and repeat…..

    Cheaper long term option

  47. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Loving the media reaction:

    Yesterday morning – can’t believe they are going to give it to Arteta. Smacks of desperation

    Yesterday night – can’t believe they are not going to give it to Arteta and instead go with an established manager. I thought they were going left-field. Smacks of desperation

  48. dragunov762mm says:

    All said Konstantin.

  49. John0711 says:

    Guys I’ve been very expressive in my thoughts on Arteta
    However, something coming out of the media concerns me more than anything

    If looks like Arteta has said no because he wangmted a day in transfers, this is understandable. Would you accept an appointment knowing your neck is on the block and you cannot change anything (it’s your reputation)
    So it’s worrying that the club wants total control and even more worrying that someone would come in and work at a club where they are not allowed to change anything
    Imo the clubs reputation is at stake here

    1. Yunqmuan says:

      Something coming out of the media? When last did they said anything positive about us. Balague said Arteta was dropped because o f his apparent inexperience and he felt Arteta doubted his own readiness to do the the big job.

  50. John says:

    Arteta is a bold and riskier choice……….a not so Wenger choice……….Unai Emery is a Wenger like choice……….did well with lower status teams …..but not so well with higher status teams………….we will be getting a younger Wenger on the field……….and we will be doomed if he hones his communication skills like Wenger………Arteta will win us titles………we still have to get behind the new coach ……….

    1. nonny says:

      arteta a riskier choice and yet u settle 4 It. …
      Emery is wenger type.. You certainly know nothing about Emery by just that comment
      who ever compared arteta to Emery should apologise.. Are they been compared as a person or as managers can’t understand…better to have martinez than arteta what quality does this guy have can’t believe we looked at him At a player He was average at best As our captain he was worst than wenger last season(just because he hide behind pep doest give him a licence to even be discussed along managers who have seen it All in the game

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