Is Unai Emery set to emulate Liverpool and make this one huge signing?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp went out and spent an incredible £62 Million on goalkeeper Alisson Becker as part of his restructuring of the Reds backline and according to the latest transfer gossip Arsenal are set to do the same with AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Apparently, Emery is not convinced that Bernd Leno has what it takes to be a top-level keeper and 20-year-old Donnarumma is viewed by the Spaniard as an upgrade.

The report further suggests that Milan are willing to sell their young keeper in order to comply with Financial Fair Play regulations but would not accept less than £60 Million for their prized asset.

So, that is the speculation and I have to admit I do have a few issues with it.

First, Klopp did not just buy just Alisson, he also spent £75 Million on Virgil van Dijk, something we could not do if we spend almost our entire transfer budget on Donnarumma and even the best keeper in history would struggle with our defence in front of him.

Secondly, it is news to me that Emery is unhappy with Leno, I see him as a top class keeper and I thought the manager did as well.

Thirdly, if we did buy Donnarumma how the hell are we going to strengthen all the other areas that need strengthening desperately.

Obviously, if we did sign the young Italian international we would then raise funds selling Leno, he is hardly going to accept a role on the bench, especially considering he is not best pleased with likely being a sub in the Europa League final.

But even so, spending £60 Million on one player in an area that is not critical just seems a bit strange to me.

However, it must be said, Liverpool have come on hugely by spending massively on their backline and so maybe Emery feels that is the way to start the rebuilding of the Arsenal team in his image.


    1. i think that amount of money is better invested on a good defender makes no sense having a good goal keeper with a terrible back line which is what our back line has been for some seasons now

  1. “if we did sign the young Italian international we would then raise funds selling Leno, he is hardly going to accept a role on the bench, especially considering he is not best pleased with likely being a sub in the Europa League final.”

    I’m a fan, I’ve enjoyed watching Leno do his thing, I love him, hell folks around me know I fall in love with German goalkeepers easily, but if we get in competition then it’s all for good.
    Saying he’s not pleased with being a sub in the Europa league final is normal, players love to play all the time, I don’t see him making a big deal out it, He’s not entitled to starting certain games, the whole team fought till we got to this stage, Cech’s among the team that kept fighting, he hasn’t done anything that warrants him being dropped.
    Leno should understand that, I’m sure he does, like he said himself, He’s a player, players love to play.
    But he’s not entitled to a spot in the final just because he’s Leno. Come to think of it, y’all cresting this whole tension and drama about Cech not having to play only because he’s gon work there when he retires, all these talk of Chelsea knows his weakness are all loads of shït, Wenger’s last eight game against Chelsea saw us win over five games, and I didn’t read all these Chelsea knows Cech’s weaknesses talk.
    We’ve sold keepers to EPL teams, played against them only for those keepers to haunt us, I can’t count how many times Fabianski gave us hell while he was at Swansea.

    getting Donnarumma would be a delight for me, as long as we fix our defense also, the competition will be top notch and they’ll both push each other to be better.
    If we fix our defense, I’ll welcome Donna with open arms

  2. This has got to be the most ridiculous transfer “rumour” so far!
    Emery doesn’t rate Leno? WTF!
    As for Donnarumma, he’s totally overrated and certainly not an upgrade on Leno who has been a breath of fresh air at the back.
    There have been some weird rumours recently on here but this one takes the proverbial biscuit ?
    New rumour alert: Someone, somewhere, at some rag, says we are about to ditch Emery and replace him with Harry Rednapp……?

      1. ?yes I forgot to mention that Raul has insisted they are now called Harry’s Rauly Poly?

  3. For a matchday, a coach should feed his best 11, based on current form , Leno edge over Cech simple.
    If the coach decide to use Cech probably based on other sentiments such as experience or honour, well, we can only hope it go on well, both keepers are ok for the finals, i remember Fabianski was once our cup game goalie, same fabianski that was prone to school boy error has been topping goalkepers saves chat for the past 3 seasons now.
    Let d Young milan goalie be, we have enough cover in that department, at least till we get our till fixed, a winger is a must, 2 full back on both sides is a must , a cb very crucial, i heard UE is interested in psg full back Mouneir

  4. that’s rubbish….. y wastin’ such kind of money on a role w’re we are not even having problems….

  5. Ummm guys Donnaruma is not as good as Leno better to go for Oblak who’s on top of Leno though it can’t happen with Arsenal

  6. If anyone wants to make a bet that this articles suggestion WILL happen, I will gladly take their bet at 2/1 in their favour up to £100 stake. But please don’t be foolish and lose your money. All fans who know anything at all about how Arsenal is run know this to be a sheer invention and fantasy. Pleased to see all the posts above mine dismiss this as nonsense , as I do too. My only puzzle is why the writer thinks it worthy of an “article”.

  7. Why do we need to buy a keeper, Leno after a slightly shaky start has been top quality and does not need replacing. Surely the small amount of transfer money we have available can be better invested in some wingers and a centre back?

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