Is Unai Emery starting to lose the Arsenal dressing room?

The question has to be asked, it is already being reported, via The Athletic, that the players are fed up with his training methods and zoning out in sessions and the way they played in the second half against Watford does indicate that all is not well.

It is always difficult to pinpoint issues when you are in the middle of a moment and it generally takes hindsight to realise that there was clear evidence that there was a problem but on the face of it it does seem that there is some form of breakdown in communications between Emery and his players.

I am not sure what way it can be characterised, either the players are unable to implement his instructions, don’t understand them or are simply ignoring them because something is not right.

This playing out from the back is not working, not how Arsenal are playing it, Norwich do it just fine, so do other lower-level teams so why not Arsenal? Are we to believe that the Arsenal defenders do not have that skill level?

I have no inside knowledge at all whether Emery has lost the players other than what I read and it is up to each individual’s judgement whether or not Emery has lost the dressing room but for me, the signs are there.

When you consider how often he changes the team line-up, changes the formation and tactics would it be any real surprise if he has lost them? They must be frustrated on some level, especially the more senior players.

We will know soon enough, games are coming quick and fast and performances on the pitch will tell us all we need to know.


  1. I wrote here one few occasions that something is not right and we are not been carried along you can’t compare when emery 1st arrived and now. We used to press teams and we covered a lot ground but suddenly everything started resetting to default(we wenger was around) something must have happened the performance on Sunday was unacceptable no top team a have watched ever played such crap 2nd half.

    1. “everything started resetting to default(we wenger was around)”

      At no time in Emery’s reign has he played like Wenger even in his last season. Wenger’s last season had bad games away, but at the Emirates, Arsenal bossed every team except City. Arsenal won 15, drew 2 and lost 2 at home, 47 points only bettered by City’s 48.

      Even in the away games, some were just unfortunate results that never reflected how Arsenal dominated the game – Examples:
      1. Watford – Arsenal completely dominated but Richarlison’s dive against Bellerin changed the momentum in about the 7oth minute. At this time Arsenal had been denied a blatant penalty (Welbeck) and Ozil missed a sitter.
      2. Westbrom – Arsenal were winning until the 89th minute when a bad call to award Westbrom a penalty stunned even the pundits who normally would side against Arsenal. Gibbs had already grabbed the ball and was going to take a corner kick when the referee awarded him a penalty.
      3. Stoke City – the first game of that season. A defensive lapse gifted Stoke the lead but a legitimate Lacazette equaliser was ruled out for offside.

      The pivotal issue was that there was already a “radicalised” fanbase and compounded by the points that were not coming from the away games.

      At Emery’s best, Arsenal were only getting by in an unbeaten run that never reflected the quality of play. At the Emirates last season, even though Arsenal won the games were unconvincing with even mid and lower half table clubs dominating Arsenal – Everton, Wolves, Westham, etc. All statistics showed that Arsenal were not doing well and objective fans pointed it out but hateful ones who wanted to convince themselves that they were right about Wenger said “they had got their Arsenal back”. Objectives warned them that the results would not last but they told us that “Wenger isn’t coming back”. Whether Wenger needed to leave or not wasn’t the issue but children of hate were more interested in insulting him than the welfare of the club the claim to love.

      Arsene Wenger’s last season in all ramifications (bar points total, which is still marginal) has been better than anything Emery has produced in the league since he arrived – Shots for and against, chances created, passes completed, name it but one nameless Nonny who understand nothing about football will rather jump and spout hateful invectives on a man who isn’t aware of his existence.

      You praised Emery when he was gradually destroying Wenger’s football because of hate. Deal with it and get on with your crush and leave Wenger alone. HE ISN’T COMING BACK!!!!!!

      1. TH14-TW14 man you’ve said it all and all facts correctly stated. I don’t think anyone could’ve put it better than you did

      2. The TRUTH and only the TRUTH .
        You sir TH14- TW14 is a very honest and genuine Arsenal fan . He is spot on and very articulate.
        Thank you

      3. TH14-TW14, superbly written, completely true, backed up by facts and now the ramifications have begun.

        I cannot believe that those you rightly call the “radicalised fanbase” (of which there were two sides of course) are still trying to say its still Wengers fault.

        Twelve new players two loanees, £200,000,000 and they can’t see what’s in front of their noses…UE is just not good enough and I believe he iS losing the dressing room.

        When your favourite player and captain publically says “we were afraid” isnt he actually saying the coach tactically decided to play with that as a mindset?

        I think it was Phil who said UE would be gone before Ozil and that looks increasingly likely….not because of Wenger and any default, but because of UE’s own nonexistent tactics and pathetic defensive plans.

        Nonny has got his Arsenal back and the quote “Arsene Who” rings hollow at this precise moment in time…I only hope UE can turn it around,.

        1. TH14-TW14 Brilliantly researched and presented.Everyone was prepared to give Emery a honeymoon period for at least a season and rightly so.However not too many were taken in by the 22 game unbeaten run last season simply because we were so unconvincing in most of those games.
          But where is the progression this season? The honeymoon will soon turn into a divorce if performances are not improved immediately.
          PS-See how much better you come across by posting without using the “I” word?

          1. Now, yeah right now, we want our REAL Arsenal back!!!
            Thanks @TH14-TW14,@DrunkonDaniels,@Jah son, @ken1945,@Phil. So far, anything Arsene’s Arsenal, I am on board.

        1. Letting Arsene go was the right call. We don’t need to sit here talking about how the club was on a decline before he left and how part of his mess is still affecting the club now. Nevertheless, I would also admit that Emery is not the right person for this job. He lacks identity, looks to always panic and make rash decisions ( like his beloved steward GX). Even if Emery makes top 4 (which won’t happen with his current tinkering and stubborn will to keep GX as captain), he still has to go. He’s not a top club manager. He might win you cups because there’s less of a demand for a pattern and a definite style of play and identity, which of course are the hallmarks of league winners. I already know his abilities and that’s enough to conclude that his time is ‘a quarter to up’.

    2. This is all very reactionary, I know as football fans, “reactionary” is our mode of operation, but lets calm down a little. smoke whatever you need to smoke, drink whatever you need drink.

      Clearly we are right to ask questions, what happened on sunday was unacceptable. But temper that with fact that its the what? the 5th game of the season? and we are level with third place. Talking of Emeryout right now is going too far. That conversation might need to be had, but certainly not yet.

      The positive is that Arsenal were so poor, that it shouldn’t take much to work why, and how to fix it. Certainly Luiz and Sokratis at CB is something that might need to be changed, and the fullbacks coming cant arrive soon enough. IMO Emery needs to settle on a midfield now, and build some team chemistry, all the chopping and changing is causing us to fracture. choose a formation, choose a midfield.

      1. what else do you need to convince now is the time for emery to be out, what else do you need to see. you have said he should change the CB, will he? will he change his ever changing formation, will he choose an 11 players? really why do we have to wait for holding to come before our defense is assured, does it mean if holding goes on a long term injury again, we are doomed? what else do you want to see?

        1. “will he change his ever changing formation, will he choose an 11 players?”

          If its ever changing then yes, he’ll definitely change it. Isn’t that what ever changing means? Also I’m pretty sure we always start with 11 players, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

      2. We are at level third but can never take that position from the teams there. It happened last season. We are a team that play softball football. Do you think we can outplay Chelsea it the totts for third place with this display? Dream on..

  2. Obviously you’re correct, with the way we played on sunday it tells that the players are confused with fear…A coach plays any player to their strenghts…thus why do our players jitter when playing out from the back and when it seems the opponents have tied them to a corner they still want to play out from the back which tells me they’re brain fart.
    I’m convined Unai Emery is not the man for Arsenal, also we keep making mistakes irrespective of the personel on duty which calls the question the mental strenght of the players which should be corrected by the coach

    1. I actually do not know why Emery’s approach to playing from the back is so so Cumbersome, it is not a new philosophy, it has existed since 70s. Playing from back does not have to be the players closest to the box.The player in the box can be a decoy/distraction, so the ball to go to another more freer closer player. It is no brainer folks. The coach is just dull of being proactive. When you introduce a tactic, you test-run it in training, with practical scenarios, and perfect it.

  3. I think the next few games are vital to his future.
    There are some we SHOULD win with ease and some tricky ones.
    I don’t think anyone feels confident anymore before a game.

    1. WHEN SOMEONE SO VOCAL and an ARDENT DIEHARD FAN OF EMERY . I Mean JON FOX is HIDING or MISSING on the forum says a lot about Emery and his Football.

      1. I think you will find even Jon was beginning to lose his beliefs in Emery lately.And to be fair he persisted in giving him every chance so to change his mind actually days everything.

      2. Drunk on Daniels, It may not have occurred to you that some of us have holidays away from social media and even from watching Arsenal. I came home late on Sept 17th and watched the whole recording of the Watford game for the first time. I have this morning commented. Never ACCUSE me of “hiding” again, mister! When I am around and have something to say, then I say it. Unlike you, whom I have scarcely ever seen on here I AM A REGULAR ON HERE AND WELL KNOWN FOR MY VIEWS AND STYLE OF PLAIN SPEAKING. I also have a life outside social media. Perhaps YOU should try it sometime, while you are still a child.

  4. Clearly there is a breakdown somewhere, and if Emery doesn’t get a handle on it soon, we’re in trouble. There’s absolutely no excuse for the rubbish 2nd half.

    I might also add that other teams play nicely out of defence because there is no Arsenal player challenging them, unlike when we try to do it, more often than not we are outnumbered in OUR OWN PENALTY AREA. What does that tell you?

  5. its the elephant in the room that no one talks about but Emery’s poor command of the English language after more than a year I feel it still causing an issue when really it shouldn’t. I don’t think he is connecting well with fans or players.

    1. That’s why I’d prefer Arsenal to gamble on Tuchel or Vieira, because their English must be better than Allegri or Simeone

      However, I believe Emery would keep his job till the end of this season, because of his connection with Sanllehi and Arsenal might not want to pay for his contract termination. Unless he loses two consecutive EPL matches after this

      If he can’t bring Arsenal back to top four, I think Arsenal would assign Allegri to appease the fans

      1. Really I don’t know why you guys keep thinking Allegro is so much different fr Emery. They’re both too similar in lots of ways, too pragmatic.
        Both dominated in leagues without serious competitions, and TBH I’ll gladly go for Freddie or Arteta.
        At least both know the club in out, know what the fans loved,, both massively experienced when it comes to beautiful football.
        I don’t care if they’re inexperienced, Pep was also inexperienced at first

        1. Agreed with you. Arteta or Freddie would be a better option, not Allegri nor Mourinho. But I think Arteta is a very good option considering the time he had spent working with Pep

      2. Well said gotanidea. I have said countless times that I am skeptical of U.Emery tactical ability to lead Arsenal to top 4. I am happy many people are beginning to see thIs reality.I will preffer if we can get R.Benitez, Mikel Arleta, or any other experienced premier league coach.
        At the end of the season U.Emery performance should be analysed and Arsenal boad should make the right decision.

    2. why do you think the english language is needed by emery gazzap ?. as i stated in an earlier comment how many players, on the pitch, regard english as their first language. the language barrier cannot be used as an excuse to make a case for emery. as one who was willing to give him 2 full seasons i am now backtracking and saying get rid of this man as soon as possible. why does arsenal always do things the hard way, or , the wrong way.

      1. It may not be their first language, but as they all speak different first languages one common additional language is needed, and for a variety of reasons (we’re an English club, English is the global language of business, etc etc) that should really be English.

  6. Arsenal could only produce few shots in this season, as if Wenger is still around. As what Xhaka said, the players showed fear and lack of confidence, similar to the team’s mentality in 2014/2015 – 2017/2018

    I wonder whether most old coaches and managers still work at the club or not, because the squad still reflects the lack of courage. If this is the case, the board should replace those who instilled highly cautious play into the players

    I believe their motivation issue still exists as well. They show less passion when facing a lower table team and become highly motivated when playing in a prestigious match at home

    1. “2014/2015 – 2017/2018”

      In this period, Arsenal won 3 FA cups, made champions league twice and virtually bossed the “small clubs”. Do you think what you have watched since August of 2018 looks like what I have described above? Do you think Arsenal can win a single FA cup playing they way they have since last season?

      You will be lucky to relive anything like 2014/2015 – 2017/2018 under Emery.

      1. Spot on we no longer. Boss the so called smaller teams Th14 no progress so far since Emery took over honey moon is over we won’t be Torrerant to his mediocrity kind of football anymore

  7. Emery seems to have lost a lot to the fan base, inside and outside the stadium, so dressing room is a small place. With the players that are available Wenger would do a great job, so sacking Emery and bringing Wenger in till the end of the season will help the club and Freddie too, so he can take over next season.

    Under Emery we have a few dubious records:
    Remarkably we are first in the Premier League for errors leading to goals, errors leading to shots and penalties conceded since Emery took over.

    We also are fourth in the league for shots on target faced in that same time period.

    1. How I wish the board heard you and brought back Wenger for the rest of the season. Maybe after the season he goes into Top management and Freddie takes up the coaching role. That surely would be a miracle.

      1. Welcome Jon! Jose quoted that he is close to club management, is he comming to AFC till the end of the season? Wenger also mentioned his close to getting a job.I bet Emery’s days are numbered.This mess is his own creation for two reasons – playing from the back and persisting with Xhaka when Torrera is available.And for all the hype for the new signings we missed out on two quality squad players on the cheap Max Aarons and Fabian Delph

    2. TH14-TW14, you are doing what I have done for ages – hitting your head against a brick wall.

      The fa cup was “nice to win, but not a big trophy”…”why qualify for the CL when we get humiliated”?…”fourth isn’t a trophy, Wenger only made it one to cover not winning the premiership”.

      I have always said that Arsene should have gone after beating chelsea in that “nice” fa cup final, for his own legacy and for the club to move forward under new management…but UE’s style and brand of football is not the answer , Vieria, Bergkamp, Freddie or Michael Arteta do at least know about The Arsenal Way.

      How can one explain to gotanidea that, apart from bouldy(!!!) a completely new backroom staff was appointed, nothing to do with Wenger.

      The lack of courage and motivation is down to one man UE.
      He is the COACH and he is COACHING THEM ON HOW HE WANTS THEM TO PLAY…there are no old managers or coaches for gods sake!!!

  8. I feel in this moment that is we them and you we are in a difficult place. But we can with work, very hard work and focus to achieve with the ball something new and dynamic. If we all, try to press and kick the ball together, we I you and us can make a goal and then another goal until after we have many goals.

    Then I go, we go, they go forward with intensity and strength.

  9. A young coach with a winning mentality, have a starting eleven with a game plan and an alternative plan if plan A doesn’t work. Someone who’ll give our academy players a proper chance. A manager who will have us play good attacking football with the players we have and make them better while at it. Seeing our squad get better with new recruits.
    Is that too much to ask for?

  10. I never wanted Emery to take over the arsenal coaching role. He is mentally weak and does not have any winning mentality. If care is not taken, we will see arsenal in tenth position at the end of the season.

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