Is unappreciated Ramsey set to be Arsenal’s next contract rebel?

You can’t blame Ramsey for considering his future? by Dan Smith

I’m sure we have all read articles to the point of nausea referring to our policy (or lack of) of offering our best players new contracts. Even our PR department have stopped bothering trying to fool themselves that Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil will suddenly change their minds and sign a new deal to stay. Even if you are of the opinion that negotiations should have started a lot sooner, the fact is both have been offered the chance to be the highest earners in our history. While it will hurt when they eventually depart it’s hard not to understand why the German and Chilean would want to leave the Emirates. Not just can they earn more money elsewhere but there are destinations would would make winning titles and competing in Europe a more likely prospect to two men in the prime of their careers.

What might be harder for Arsenal fans to accept however is the news that we are now having trouble getting Danny Welbeck and Aaron Ramsey to commit their futures to the club.

With Welbeck’s finishing ability it would be hard to see any other move for him being anymore then at best a sides way one. Ramsey however might have more options then one thinks. The Welshmen has long divided opinion during his near 10 year tenure. And that’s what might be playing through his mind no matter what the board offer. It may be hard for people to believe but there have been moments in the last decade where such as been his form the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid have shared rumored interest. It’s fair to suggest though since joining us as a teenager, appreciation from his own supporters hasn’t always been there. When we brought him from Cardiff he was very much in the shadow of Jack Wilshere. While both were groomed as the future of our midfield, the Englishmen’s technical flair made his mistakes ignored, while Ramsey (especially his finishing ability) made him a scapegoat.

Both’s progression of course would be handicapped by hellish injuries. This will know doubt be in his consideration when planning his future. Where other managers would have and with some fans encouraging him to, Arsene Wenger kept a reassuring arm round Rambo’s shoulder, even after breaking his leg at Stoke.

What Ramsey lacked in technicality he made up for in work rate and he should be a role model for every youngster wanting to make it as a professional, an example that you can excel at the elite level with his work ethic. Even if he did depart, his place in our history will be a constant. He’s a match winner in 2 of the 3 FA Cups he has won, our only bits of silverware in 11 years. Yet is he has loved like he should be?

Still to this present day, he will be accused of being tactically naive, running forward when he shouldn’t, yet that tactic being ignored when it often works. Ozil’s situation means that in less then a year Ramsey could be playing in the role he does for his national team. He might also base his future on the fact that his contract runs out the same time as his boss.

Unfortunately in what is becoming a theme within the squad, Ramsey might feel he can win more then the odd FA Cup if he moved to a top 4 rival. He may simply feel that given his longevity at one place of work, a new start may freshen him up.

Or does he simply think as recently back as a month ago when we lost 4-0 Liverpool? Does he remember how he seemed to receive most of the critics from that performance at Anfield? How he and Xakha’s partnership were written off. What he had done at Wembley just months previously was forgotten. How having been not appreciated by many for all his efforts he would have every right to go somewhere where he be valued…



  1. Trudeau says:

    If Ramsey can show the discipline he showed vs Chelsea than I’d love him to stay – his decision making was excellent and few players have his engine. But if he continues to lapse into the types of performances we’ve seen at Liverpool and elsewhere than he can go and likely experience the same rollercoaster ride with fans from other teams. It’s his consistency that frustrates, not his talent. I hope he works it out and has many more years at the Emirates.

  2. gotanidea says:

    It is up to the player (Ramsey, Sanchez, Chamberlain, Ozil, Mustafi, etc) whether he wants to extend or not, depending on how sought-after he is in the market. A player is entitled to leave, as the club is also entitled to kick a player out.

    I hope most fans will grow up a bit, when seeing one of their in-form football heroes wants to leave their favorite football club. A want-away player is not necessarily a traitor, you have to imagine if you were him, as their football career is very short.

    If you want to resign from a company to chase a better career, you might be labeled by your boss as an unappreciated employee, because your service is highly required in that company. It is the same for Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, etc.

    1. In your face says:

      Admin, how can I like a comment twice? Thrice even.

  3. Invincibles49 says:

    I have always appreciated Ramsey’s strengths i.e. High Work rate, Goal Scoring nick and ability to burst forward from Midfield. The only caveat that i have with him is his inconsistency. Someday he can go missing from game, other days he can do blunders and someday he will blow everyone with his performance like he did against Chelsea. And i have a difficult time trusting a player like that especially in Big Games. Would love to see him be more consistent and would like him to stay.

  4. Sue says:

    Will we still have a team left at this rate?!!! Jeez!

  5. Arsenogenic says:

    @Gotanidea. Please, just leave Clichy out of it. He was a good servant of the club. To the best of my knowledge, he was not offered a good enough deal by the club.

    You can’t say the same of a certain van Persie, or Fabregas. Especially van Persie. He had only one more good season in him and he chose somewhere else, rather than us. He could have given us that one season, win the EPL for us and go out and get a very good contract where ever he chose.

    He is a bad example of a loyal employee. Goodness…..

    1. GunnerJack says:

      If VP also thought he had only one good season left in him then maybe he also thought that his last chance of the EPL title was away from Arsenal. He would have noticed Fergie’s iron will to win, compared to AW, and decided to go there as a last ditch effort to win the EPL before he got too old.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I don’t understand how a player could enjoy that title, after all the years you give to one club. We’d be a family, I’d rather give it my best and go down swinging with my family rather than leaving them in the lurch, leaving them to watch me with the lot they despise most and winning the thing they want most. I just don’t see a title being worth it in that scenario. I’d rather have tried to push Wenger to get my replacement in before I leave, beg him to push the boat out for my last season or two, explain how all that I’m asking for is what you yourself tasted Wenger. I would have acted to be a better captain for my mates, a worthy captain, turncoat.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Am calling RVP a turncoat.

          1. GunnerJack says:

            Well said – I agree with you completely. I was just putting RvP’s case as he might have seen it. Maybe after they have retired some of those who left Arsenal will come out and write a book with comments such as ‘no faith in Wenger to win an EPL title’, ‘too many simple mistakes by Wenger’, ‘too slow in the transfer market’, ‘Wenger’s desire to win is non-existent’, ‘too busy experimenting with player’s positions . . .’ etc. That would be interesting!

  6. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Ramsey >>>> Ozil

  7. Rorie Day says:

    They only positive of Ramsey re-signing is added squad depth. The simple truth is he wouldn’t even make the bench of any of the “Big 4” Clubs

    Man City – No Chance.
    Man U – No Chance – (Mourinho would murder him).
    Chelsea – No Chance (Conte would murder him).
    Tottenham – No Chance.

    Ramsey has had enough time (YEARS!) to work out the “Naivety” as you called it from his game. The truth is that there is nothing going on between his ears, like a child playing in the playground no awareness what so ever.

    Yes, he scored the FA Cup Goals, but that can’t be allowed to make up for years of absolute trash. Finally, his ego is growing and his obvious so see in the way he behaves on the pitch and the fact he hanging around for interviews after the games.

    Let him go.

    1. mikki says:

      This guy is not consistent enough to be an arsenal player is over pampered by Wenger, if he leaves with a good replacement no problem…i am tired of this average players, every season top four battle,the only season we are suppose to win the epl when other teams where not inform we ended as runners up,too bad this season now we are not fighting for the league i am tired and sick of this ally the time

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Mourinho would have used him before he bought Pogba. Like how Lampard was one of a three, Mourinho usually goes with three mids. Ramsey might have worked in that set up, Mourinho would have some knowledge to give him. Ramsey has no discipline, Arsenal has no discipline is more like. Walcott Ozil Wilshere Alexis Bellerin Iwobi ..they’re all off like a hot shot the moment we get the ball. Rosicky Diaby Arteta Song were all the same, I don’t think it’s fair to say Ramsey would not work well in another top team, you don’t know that. He’s Wales best and most dangerous even on days when Bale has played.

    2. David Rusa says:

      I get nauseated by the inferiority complex of some of our fans like Rorie Day which leads them to denigrate our Club while praising others. Any honest observer would appreciate that Ramsey can join many good teams including the so-called top English ones. The business of rubbishing Arsenal players by so-called fans is really disgusting. Which top team has more players on International duty than Arsenal? Take a few examples. Metersacker and Cech voluntarily retired from international duty. Those still in their national teams include: Ospina- Colombia, Mustafi-Germany, Koscielny- France, Monreal-Spain, Xhaka-Switzerland, Ramsey-Wales, Elneny-Egypt, Lacazette-France, Ground France and a host of others. If these players were so bad would they be picked by their countries? If the players were that poor would Arsenal be among the top English teams? Give us a break! We are tired of dull, monotonous and rehearsed phrases. No serious person can be deceived by such cheap gimmicks.

      1. David Rusa says:

        Correction: Giroud (not ground)-France.

        1. David Rusa says:

          Add to those: Sanchez-Chile, Ozil-Germany, Welbeck-England, Campbell-Costa Rica etc.

      2. Rorie Day says:

        Quite the claim to jump to inferiority complex, so I salute your imagination. But considering you presumed as much, i suggest its you who suffers from some sort of issue.

        I never belittle my club, my family going back generations love the Arsenal including me. The rubbishing of a “player” not players (please try to understand what is written, and not push your own agenda), Ramsey has been awful for years to suggest otherwise is simply odd.

        As for “dull, monotonous and rehearsed phrases” again nice invention but you seem to by spouting the rehearsed stuff here. If you can’t see that Ramsey has been average to poor across his Arsenal career then you’re either:

        – Willing ignorant.
        – Welsh.
        – Tourist Fan.
        – Under the age of 15

        or as I suspect

        You’re looking to fuel you’re superiority complex.

        1. David Rusa says:

          I am delighted that more people disagreed with you Rorie Day. There is no superiority complex here. It is simple inferiority complex to imagine your players don’t deserve to be in other teams. What else would you call it? As for me being Welsh, that is totally untrue. I am a pure and simple African who has been supporting Arsenal for a considerable period of time. Some regular contributors to this site I am sure read my contributions regularly. As to my age, I am actually an old man most likely older than you. In most of my writings I try to be objective and not emotional. I care to be analytical because it helps to put things in a context. Perhaps this is because of my academic background and work experience.

          1. GunnerJack says:

            David Rusa – What on earth has a fan’s inferiority or superiority complex got to do with how someone in the team plays? Why, when you don’t know anything at all about someone, do you feel that you have the right to label them with an ‘inferiority complex’ tag? The person you are slagging off might well have a great, well balanced character! How do you know differently?

          2. David Rusa says:

            Pure and simple. If a fan thinks that an Arsenal regular starter is not good enough for Spurs that person must surely be suffering from a form of inferiority complex at best. I was using inference from his own statement which I hope you read before responding to me.

          3. Rorie Day says:

            GunnerJack – Thanks for pointing that out.

            David Rusa – To take it back to Arsenal; my point remains the same and barring any sort of amazing upturn in form from Ramsey will not change. The simple fact of the matter that Ramsey is not good enough for Arsenal to compete both in Europe and in the league.

            I do take “Break-on-through’s” point that a change in system under a different manager may of helped him, but looking at the way he has played over the years I do not see that happening.

            I’m happy that we both love the Arsenal, but you shouldn’t jump to personal assumptions, and you should know that especially considering your stated “academic background and work experience”.

          4. GunnerJack says:

            @ David Rusa “If a fan thinks that an Arsenal regular starter is not good enough for Spurs that person must surely be suffering from a form of inferiority complex.” Please explain how on earth you come to that ridiculous conclusion. Many people here think some players are not that good – but I bet they don’t have an inferiority complex. Is ‘inferiority complex’ a new phrase you’ve just discovered that you feel you have to spout to try to convince us of your intelligence? Well unhappily for you it shows the exact opposite! Your supposition is pathetic, at best. And there’s no way Ramsey could get into a top team – it’s only because he’s Wenger’s little darling he gets into ours!

      3. GunnerJack says:

        So according to you anyone who criticizes a member of the Arsenal team has an inferiority complex!!?? So that’s about 90% of people on this board! Your statement makes absolutely no sense. You might as well say that because the sky is blue then the moon is made of green cheese! What a load of b****cks!

  8. Milton John says:

    Arsenal is a club and much more than Ramsey, Wilshere, Wallcot & Coquelin. Club and it’s objective comes first. Players are the ones who materialize it. Yes we identified them all at a young age and did everything to make them the future stars of Arsenal and somehow it didn’t work. At the end of spending 10 years of time and money on these above mentioned players let’s see where do they stand and what have the done in return for this club. Injury or inconsistency are the true results means club, players, manager and fans are not happy with the present situation. So it’s time to part ways with them all for the best and future of the club and these players. Chamberlain had the guts to so even though Wenger didn’t wanted. Club tried to make him a star which didn’t work out so he left the club for footballing reason. Club made a decent amount of money with that sales means fair enough for both he’ll get more time in pitch and club got £40 million, so a win win situation for both at the end. Where as the above-mentioned players are wasting their talent and time with Arsenal and it’s hurting both them in their career and club in becoming champions again. Jenkinson, Debuchy, Campell are also in the wrong track of their career. Let’s hope for the best will happen.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Chamberlain – ‘he’ll get more time in pitch’. As I said when he was transferred I have no idea where Liverpool can fit him in. Maybe as a backup for meaningless or easy games. So far has not had much time on the pitch and I don’t think it will improve. Just because Wenger thought he was God’s gift doesn’t make him so. I also said that selling him to one of our rivals was a good way to weaken that rival. Great bit of business all round – even though Wenger tried to prevent it! I really don’t think that Wenger evaluates his players correctly. I read somewhere that he’s pushing for Ramsey to be captain . . . and you can’t get more stupid than that!

  9. Declan says:

    I don’t think Rambo is unhappy with us. He gets a lot of games and apart from him accasionally bombing forward at the wrong time, is a good contributor to the team.
    Sorry OT, but I’m reading that Usmanov is considering Kronke’s offer for his 30% shares. This would give him 97% of the shares and he could then force the remaining small shareholders to sell him the remaining 3%. If he gets 100% ownership the club will be delisted from the stock exchange and he can do whatever he wants. Bad news if true!

  10. ruelando says:

    The question is are there better players than Ramsay out there the answer will most definitely.
    Another question is Ramsay one of our important players, wellllll…… I guess so and that is it he has been great in a lot of FA cup finals and games, but in reality, he has had more bad games than good.

    It all comes down to Wenger and the environment at arsenal, Wenger protects the position of his favourite players by buying lower quality, buy but play the player out of position or not buying at all, so his players play in the fake world where there is no real challenge and will not grow if they are not SELF-MOTIVATED.

    Many of our players will fail outside of the club if they do not have the SELF MOTIVATION, HUNGER OR DRIVE TO SUCCEED because it was not embedded in them at arsenal, when you lack challenge, there is less of a chance to grow, they are too safe too comfortable at arsenal.

    In all honesty how many of our players would be in the starting 11 of the top four or five, just two or three. When arsenal fans beg and cry to hold on to players it amazes me when we can actually find better out there.

    There is no player at arsenal that cannot be replaced with better, so if Ramsay, Ozil, Sanchez or any other individual wants to leave, just spend the money on a better player

  11. the barrel says:

    Ramsey lack the technical ability. If he leaves Arsenal it will be over with him. Ramsey and Ozil they survive because Arsene Wenger really supports them even during their worst days. He just have to follow Wenger where ever he goes. Good players left Arsenal only to regret afterwards:
    Anelka – Madrid
    Hleb – Barcelona
    Overmars – Barcelona
    Adebayo – Man City
    Only RVP made it when he left

    1. GunnerJack says:

      ‘ . . . only RVP made it?’ So Ashley Cole (won premierships, champions league, FA cups, Europa), Samir Nasri (won the premiership straight after leaving Arsenal making the comment: ‘no ambition at Arsenal’), Clichy, Toure all failed with their new clubs?’ I don’t think so!

  12. the barrel says:

    Agree with you completely with Ashley Cole, but not Nasri. Nasri played better at Arsenal than any other team. You can win medals from the bench, but it does not mean your contribution is vital in that team. But Ashley Cole was still outstanding at Chelsea.
    Ramsey, Ozil, and Giroud are where they are because of Wenger’s support.

    1. GunnerJack says:


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