Is Van Gaal right about Man United catching Arsenal?

Arsenal head into the rearranged Premier League clash with West Bromwich Albion at the Emirates tonight knowing that only a win will do. Anything less than all three points will keep our top four rivals Manchester United from being within touching distance, after they did what Arsenal failed to do last weekend and beat Crystal Palace last night.

First of all I would just like to say thanks to Alan Pardew and the Palace team for rolling over for United after giving their all against the Gunners, just like Stoke did with Spurs on Monday and many teams seem to have done all season, saving their best performances for us.

Anyway, moan over and we just have to get on and make sure that the season does not get any worse. United moved to within a point of us in the table with their win and so even a point would keep them just one result from overtaking Arsenal and with us facing a tough trip to relegation battling Sunderland on Sunday, a win against the Baggies is vital tonight.

Louis van Gaal gave his opinion of what his team needs to do to catch and finish above Arsenal, or Man City for that matter as the Dutchman does not really care who misses out on the Champions League as long as it is not his team. As reported by Sky Sports the United manager believes that his side needs to win their final four games, which are at home to Leicester, away to Norwich, away to West Ham and at home to Bournemouth. But he believes that if they do keep winning then the pressure could tell on Arsenal or Man City.

Van Gaal said, “We are putting pressure on them throughout the season. At the end of the season it counts much more. I’m very happy. We have four matches to go and we must win them all. Then we have a chance.

“I want to always play attacking football. In this season we have attacked in every game but maybe in a slow tempo sometimes. Our opponents have received playing a compact defence – it’s not so simple to disorganise our opponents, but today we did it.”

Well I am not so sure about the last bit Louis. In fact it would be a travesty if his dull and not very good side finished above the Gunners, despite all our flaws, but is he right to think that 12 points from the last four games might just see United into the top four?

We would then need 11 points from the five games against West Brom, Sunderland away, Norwich at home, Man City away and Aston Villa at home to finish on the same points total of 71. Three wins and a draw would not be enough, so is van Gaal right?

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  1. The worrying thing is all the forwards at Leicester Spuds City Manu Pool are in top form and banging goals in apart from ours. Fourth place will be touch and go…the mad professor’s luck may well finally run out this year!

  2. OT:
    “The big problem for Arsene Wenger is once you lose the fans, there is no way back,
    I saw the Arsenal fans’ proposed boycott of tonight’s match against West Brom and if it goes ahead to the extent it has been predicted, Arsene will get the message loud and clear.
    After everything he has done for the club, he may feel he’s had enough of it all if the fans properly turn their backs on him.”

    Wenger has to go, the sooner the better …

  3. Will be an ‘interesting’ game to watch. I hope my 4 and a half year old son doesn’t protest too much and boycott it for me.

    im sure West Brom will smell blood too.

  4. Last night’s results could not have gone worse for us hey, the wolves are biting at our heals. I said to a friend of mine who’s a goner that I thought we’d finish the season 6th and be caught by MU and either pool or west ham. Lose tonight and 7th is possible. The key problem this season apart from Arsene the loss of our lynch pin Cazorla. #Cazorla mvp

  5. @nick. Don’t forget Andy Carroll small contribution and sakko is not too shabby when he plays. Teams 1 to 7 apart from us are all hitting form. Meanwhile we don’t seem to know our names when on the pitch.

  6. Arsenal fans like the team do not deserve a title. What about our fans would have people believe they deserve more. The price, that’s the price you pay for living in the capital, tott are similarly expensive and will become more so when stadium is up and running. So lets leave this to one side for the moment. I constantly hear people from a certain section say we are the most loyal fan base in the world and deserve more. Well that’s not true concerning you and others like you who have turned your back going on seven or eight seasons now. What about fans inside the ground, they show up waiting to be entertained before going home and logging into twitter to then speak of Arsenal in a way that would have a tott fan call them one of their own. They then ridicule and spit vomit at any who dare support our club through difficult times. What about these people are deserving, the only title deserved is the Library phrase that is used to describe our fans.

  7. I sense some on here are still worried about top4…
    If we make the top4,pls what do we fans have to gain???

    The club gets all the money from the competition and let it rest in the bank or.spend a max of 10m to improve the team…

    If they make the Top4 and in turn make the UCL, good for Wenger and co..and if not,who cares???

    You remember what he said when Watford bundled us out of the FA cup at home??
    “Our fantastic run in the FA cup has come to an end”…
    So if he finally miss out on UCL,he will say something along that line and boast of his ridiculous achievement of always making the UCL for 20years and not winning it for once and not even getting past round of 16 for 5years and counting…
    Can’t wait to witness fans’ boycott tonight..God bless them!

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