Is Villarreal clash biggest of Arteta’s career so far?… “Not for me”

Arteta doesn’t see this game as one of the biggest in his career!

If a semi-final in a European competition is not one of the biggest games in a managers’ career to date, especially if they have not been there before, then I don’t know what is!

Speaking to before the game tomorrow Mikel Arteta doesn’t feel that the second leg against Villarreal is one of the biggest in his managerial career so far stating; “Well, it’s a big moment again. Not for me, but for the club and for everything that has happened in the last two years and the last months. All the instability that we’ve been living with for many different reasons. So I think it will be really important and a big step forward if we are able to be in that final and have the opportunity to win that trophy.”

I honestly don’t know how to take that comment!

It is not a big moment for him, but for the club it is. Is he not part of the club? Does he not care about the club as much as he should?

Now I could be misunderstanding of course, but if I was a manager new into my managerial career and I was asked if this is going to be the biggest game of my managerial career so far, I would of course answer with ‘yes’, naturally.

If he gets through this game and gets to the final, then of course the final will then be the biggest game of his managerial career to date. But for me, any chance a manager has to win a trophy should be seen as one of the biggest games in their career no matter the competition.

I guarantee had you asked Pep Guardiola if Tuesday’s second leg semi-final against PSG was the biggest in his managerial career to date, he would have said yes, despite City going into the game 2-1 up. Because winning would put him into his first ever Champions League final and losing would have only handed City two titles this season. But the Champions League is the one that has so far gotten away from Pep with City and now he is through the final will no doubt be the biggest in his managerial career.

So I honestly don’t understand why Mikel doesn’t see this game as one of the biggest so far.

He HAS to win to get through. No other result will be acceptable and I hope for his sake they do win, because then the final will surely be the biggest game of his career to date right!?

Shenel Osman

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  1. He just wanted the fans realize about the importance of the game for Arsenal, to prevent them from protesting during the match

    1. His biggest game will be who we meet in the final which will probably be manure united
      Be optimistic people we will smash them tonight and go through as out right winner’s tonight

      1. I’ll be confident if there are no hotheads making noise outside the Emirates. An angry mob is very powerful and their aggression can distract the players

  2. Of course, this is the biggest game of his career. It is also Arsenal’s biggest game fo the season.

    If Arteta comes up with another mind-blowing team selection like he did last week, it should also be one of the last games of his Arsenal career.

    I don’t mind getting knocked out, which will likely happen, Emery knows how to defend and we have a hard time scoring. I would be furious if we have another team selection with no striker or Xhaka at left back. This would be grounds for immediate dismissal in my book.

    Starting with Martineli up front (left), Xhaka and Partey in the middle and really going for it but not succeeding, I can live with.

    Keep it simple, go for it, give it 110% and who knows what happens. Don’t invent new stuff to be cute.

    1. You wont get that line-up.Martineli cant bench Bukayo,and Arteta cant live out our Europa league top scorer Pepe.And Aubameyang,he is Aubameyang so he will be there

      1. I could see martineli on the left wing and Saka on the right wing. Auba is 90% – less running in the middle for him. But if Laca could go 45 minutes I would start him over Auba.

  3. If Arsenal turns up. Arsenal at moment is very “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”.
    As for any demonstration, that will be outside the stadium, if it occurs, and the players should be able to concentrate, given the importance of the game.

  4. Being reported that Arsene Wenger might be part of the group trying to buy out kronkie!!!
    What a coup that would be.

    As for tonight, I think the players will turn up and, if the selection is correct, we will go through to the final.

    1. I have loved the stance so far of Wenger staying away from Arsenal and keeping his distance as any dignified person would do. The way he has conducted him self so far after leaving Arsenal has earned even more respect from me. If I was him I would still keep do the same thing and keep away after all the way he was treated and disrespected by club and fans was beyond pathetic. When ppl like Ferguson say that fans should not treat the man like this then it shows how far the fans went. Then we say Arsenal as club and we as it’s fan has class. The way so far Arsenal has acted in last 4-5 years with various controversies shows there is no so called class and it is not the reason why we don’t keep cahnging managers to find success it just we don’t want to pay out.

      1. If AW come back, there is a distinct possibility that David Dein might be encouraged to return as well… just imagine 😇😇

        1. KEN what a dream scenario! DD and AW as joint club owners DD as CEO. AW as chairman. AND a legal law banning all billionaires from owning clubs and a general legal salary cap, where even the likes of Messi and Ronaldo earn no more than £50k p w, with top ticket prices around £30 a ticket for any one game, reducing to £5 for Juniors And agents banned by law! THAT WOULD REALLY BE A DREAM!

          And it could be done, IF there was a moral will to do so and if almost all who control decisions were not grossly greedy and immoral.


  5. Shenel I think you’re focusing too much on the way he worded it. He was trying to say, I think, “it’s about the club, not me” (or not just me). No big deal IMO.

  6. Man Tuchel has turned Chelsea around, they are in two finals and actually playing very well. Once again we missed the boat like we did with Klopp. But we went with excuse of its only Arteta’s first full season incharge, COVID, little Investment from club and he has not got his players blah blah blah. Man I would love to have owners like Chelsea or City, they care and do not have that avg result satisfaction as success criteria which unfortunately our board and some of fans have now. When it comes to high expectations we say be realistic but when it comes to proven failure stats we are told to be optimistic and called negative for being realistic. Which one is it? Or shall I say we have become gazidiz who are out of touch with reality. I hope we win EL and be back in Europe top flight but if we fail then Arteta needs to go even if it is the final we loose. This season is not acceptable in any way or form no matter what his supporters produce as an excuse they can not deny the stats and record we have broken in worng direction.

    1. I agree Tuchel looks good. But would he have come to Arsenal without promisses of serious funds to rebuild?

      1. That is a very good question.

        I would ask did the Kronke’s even reach out and talk to Tuchel about managing Arsenal?

        Did Stan even talk with other top managers, make an offer to them, or did he just immediately go for the cheap, inexperienced, “yes man” candidate?

    2. This minute you don’t like how Wenger was treated by the fans and all, the next minute you are loving how Tuchel turned around Chelsea’s fortune, make you your mind sir…. We all know Wenger lost it years before he even left Arsenal.

  7. I never know where Arteta’s head is at. This is a critical game – our only chance for Europe and something to show for a really lackluster season.

  8. What a very silly trumped up excuse for an article! I have had enough of reading the less than bright Shenels regular nonsense excuses for her trumped uparticles about nothing at all of import.

    Shenel is the perfect example of a woke , professionally offended by nothing at all. Democracy is about people being allowed their opinions, Shenel. Disagree with MA by all means, that is your right . But to say he should not speak as he feels is not a right you have and never will have , thank God.

    I will not be reading ANY more of her downmarket nonsense after this frankly pathetic excuse of a so called article. Bad Show Shenel!
    PS My personal take is that last seasons FA cup final was his biggest game personally s it was his first chance to win a trophy as our manager. But that is only my opinion, to which I am entitled, just as MA is too to choose whatever he likes.

  9. Tonight is Artetas biggest game by a mile, if he wins, the final could not get any bigger for him, for Arsenal and for the future of everything. This is so important in so many ways, beating Emery, staying in the hunt for Champions league, potentially giving us extra income for players and saving this club from oblivion. Doesn’t get no bigger than the next two games!

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