Walcott delay shows Arsenal have NOT solved injury problems?

It seems a long time ago now that we started to hear about the Arsenal and England forward Theo Walcott getting back into training. There were little videos released of him in the gym doing leg squats as long ago as June and then we kept getting very positive sounding reports on his road to recovery, from the club and from the player himself.

So was I the only one who did a double take on hearing Arsene Wenger’s recent injury update in a report by Arsenal.com? As he gave the squad news before the Southampton game, the manager calmly informed us that Theo and Serge Gnabry were due back in full training after the upcoming international break.

The Frenchman said, “Theo is doing very well, and Gnabry is doing very well too. They should be available after the international break for full training.”

Doing very well? I thought he was doing very well when Arsenal.com told us, back in early August, that the flying England international was due back at the end of August. Then this was pushed back a couple of weeks until after the September international break. Now it has been pushed back another five weeks with no explanation. Is anyone else getting a touch of Aaron Ramsey style Deja Vu here?

Just look at Falcao, who got a similar injury in the same month. He nearly made the World Cup, scored against us to deny Arsenal the Emirates Cup and is now happily playing for Man United. Arsenal were supposed to have overhauled the medical and fitness areas of the club, but is this a sign that the Gunners still have a BIG problem behind the scenes?

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  1. Should Wenger quit Arsenal…?

    it seems that everyone and everywhere wants Wenger to quit….

    time to go Wenger!!

    time for a change!!!

    1. Point 1.Walcott Falcoa different type of players, bodies are different.
      Point 2.Arsenal do not need to rush back Walcott. He spoke about whilst out building this leg muscles… Looks like he has done more then required to come back, so its fair to assess more time to accommodate this is expected.
      Point 3. How did this article result in a wenger out comment? Mindless time, more people have way too much time to waste.

      Admin, is there a filter for this??lol

      1. Could not agree with you more! We don’t know any of the medical details of their injuries. Some dumba$$es think they know better than the doctors after watching House and E.R. on tv.

  2. I think this is more of a case of not wanting to rush him back rather then further delays. Yes he’s been running around and lifting heavy stuff very well, but that is very different to playing a full game for 90 mins. I imagine after those youtube clips he has ice on his leg. I am not surprised that he won’t be back until after the international break. And even when he does come back I imagine he will be played for 20mins at a time for a while. Patience is a virtue, he had a terrible injury and it could be a while before he’s back to full capacity

  3. It is what it is. I was looking at end of October from the get go. I do think that side of our game needs looking in to and for big changes. One of the problems is AW wanting his players looking like super models? But this is not the case. Look at james Milner he is stocky and will go 1 on 1 with any player. This germen guy has come to arsenal so let’s see where that puts us. Thing is TW coming back tomorrow won’t change the team coz he is not a defender he’s not a DM so not much change me thinks

  4. That’s still OK. I mean we still have Sanchez flying on the wings so probably Walcott can be eased in. Hope he is doing well.

  5. Oh ffs stop trying to hurry players up! It’s not like he felt on his knee again and thos shows our injury crisis, no. It’s better that walcott is strongly and fully recovered, and to take him slowly. Falcao was hurried in his injury I just expect at some time that he might suffer for it, hope it for the sake of the player. When he played in argentina he ripped his acl on his other knee and waited 10 months to come back, be patient with walcott please! We need him for the rest of the season don’t you think?

  6. It’s a very serious injury that he had. I think the arsenal medical team just wants to make sure that he’s fully recovered before declaring that he’s fit. If we rush him back too soon, he may aggravate his injury and make it worse. Let theo take his time.

  7. completely of topic:
    Guys I personally think Alexis is the signing of the season. The guy can practically be our new suarez by next season(after this year gelling with his teammate) My Barca friends is surprisingly devastated as to why sanchez was sold EVEN THOUGH suarez was bought.
    Dunno bout you lot but I think we have a big game player on our hands and easily 2 future balon dor nominees(ozil&sanchez) okaayy maybe that’s abit drastic but lets look at the positives.

    Ons kan mos nie anmekaar negative wees nie….


    1. Yeah I agree. I have been very impressed with him and his directness, and if anything I think he will do better here then he was in spain, purely because he can exploit his physicality and strength. I still prefer him on the flanks than through the middle, maybe the left to cut onto his right foot, which would give Ozil space to drift into on the left, or in a front 2 perhaps.

  8. we should start assessing the new medics and fitness coaches from next season. the effects of the old guys are probably still in the players systems. lets give them time

  9. What a poor article. I bet the author figured that everyone’s complaining about arsenal and wenger these days, so he thought he too should add some negative thoughts however stupid and shallow they are! How can you adjudge the arsenal medical team as incompetent based only on the fact that falcao recovered from his injury quicker than walcott? really? that is nonsense!

    If you r frustrated by arsenal, why dont you go support spurs or something!

  10. OT:

    “I believe that the modern generation is characterised in particular by the ‘why?’” Wenger told the Arsenal Magazine. “You have to explain things to the people you manage – people are better informed, better educated and want to know more.

    “You are in a position where you have to explain why you do something and what the purpose of it all is – and there are more demands made communication-wise.

    “You are still the boss, and it is you who makes the decisions, but you have to explain things much better than you did 20 or 30 years ago.

    “Modern society wants less pain, wants to suffer less and wants to be treated better in every aspect of modern life. Pain has to disappear, whether you go to the dentist or go to work.

    “That’s why man-management has become more sensitive as well, because you have to treat people better and in a more tactful way. It is the way in which society has moved.”

    Arsene Wenger!!!


  11. First,stop misleading fans with posts without facts.Se
    Secondly, a Cruciate knee injury takes like 9 months for a player to be able to play again normally.
    Finally, find something positive to write about the team u love.

  12. I swear Wenger said Walcott was meant to be back in full training on August 31st? That’s what he said at the beggining of the season! And now his return date is the 18th October to be eligible to play? Doesn’t make sense…

  13. @Muffdiver I found your cheese sandwich like 30 articles ago, but you never claimed it so I kept it.

    Now that you have, I will revert to old name.

    Muff out

  14. This is a dumb post. I have torn my ACL. There are different recovery times for people for this type of injury. You can’t simply say player a took this long and player b should be ready in the same time. It has nothing to do with the fitness coaches, our Arsenal for that matter. Sure as hell nothing to do with Wenger

  15. The fact that we miss walcott n cannot wait 4 his return. Doesn’t still giv us any right 2 think they r messing him up at. D emirates or his rehab is being manhandled; as a physio myself, everybodi has. Their own way of responding tohealing, I. Prefer walcott ttakes his time n come as. A blessing to us; coz well really need him in january period

  16. why rush Walcott back to risk another injury? We’re not short wingers. Ox is barley getting gametime. More rotation (and speed) when he comes back though.

  17. Similar injury to Falcao? Ok Dr Bob. What a pile of horse crap. Some of the writers on here need to be permanently expelled from this site; what utter nonsense.

    Why would we rush back one of our most important players when there is no need to?

    Furthermore it’s called an ‘injury update’ not injury explanation!!!!

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