Is Wales or Wenger to blame over Ramsey injury? Or both?

Although most Arsenal fans would argue that Aaron Ramsey is NOT a right-winger, we are still not going to be happy that the Welshman is set to be out for at least a month because of a new hamstring injury.

He pulled up in the Bayern Munich game after an intense fortnight where he played for Arsenal against Man United, followed by two full games for the Welsh national team as they secured a berth in a major final for the first time in over 50 years.

Then he was thrown straight back in with two full matches in three days against Watford and Bayern Munich. It is no surprise that a few Arsenal players have been stretched recently, and Wenger has also admitted that he saw it coming. “Maybe he was overloaded a little bit with games.” Le Prof said on ESPN. “Ideally I think neither him nor Bale should have played against Andorra, because they were qualified, but unfortunately I could not decide that.

“I was in a position after that where I thought I could rest him against Watford. In the end I didn’t do it and of course after, against Bayern, I had not much choice and we got punished.

“Ideally he should have had a breather at Watford. Realistically, the real breather he could have had was against Andorra.”

So who’s fault is it? I fully understand Ramsey wanting to play in the last Euro Qualifier so that he could celebrate their brilliant achievement with the rest of their country. Okay he could have watched it from the sidelines, but if you were a Welsh international would you want to sit on the bench?

But the Watford game? Well, Wenger admitted that he knew Ramsey needed a break, and he already knew that he had played both games for Wales – so shouldn’t Le Prof have played safe by resting him against a reasonably easy Watford team to have him fresh for Bayern Munich?

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  1. If Sanchez picks up an injury in game against Everton, who should we blame?

    Wenger – Thumbs up
    Chile – Thumbs down

    1. nobody, one cant always somebody and point the finger at someone…
      Thats exactly the roots of many problems, of course for some problems we can blame the people but not everything should have causal relation… there are too many factors included to make such a call, there are judgements of the opposite defenderes, the referee and last but not least PROBABILITY and CHANCE, they define the world ^^

        1. Resting period is coming for him against Sheffield Wednesday. But it is of ultimate importance against Everton to get a result, because our upcoming fixtures(Swansea away, Spuds home) are tough as well.

  2. Were Watford an easy team to beat for Arsenal? Because of the importance the Boss attached to that game, that’s the reason he didn’t do rotation before hosting Bayern Munich. No blame game should be alluded to the Boss, Chris Coleman and Aaron Ramsey. But the blames should be laid at the doorsteps of Arsenal medical personnel who should have set a time table of how many games Ramsey should play and rest before playing the next game after he had his last hamstring injury.

  3. Maybe he could have been rested against Watford but we were in a situation where the team needed to respond to wins of other top teams i.e. City, United. Also, Ramsey was a part of first XI at that time which were delivering results. Who knows, maybe we could have lost against Watford due to rotating, then everyone would have questioned Wenger that why not play the starting XI to get a result? And we knew the situation for Bayern.

  4. I think that similar things are happening way to often with our players. Wilsher for example. We did use him even if though there was no real need to do so. Same thing with Diaby. Good player. The moment he came we played him, and so did France, and gone he was the same way he came.

  5. wenger is not to blame for ramsay’s re-occuring hams injury. Injuries happen and sometimes at the worst possible time, is he a psychic? we love to create drama out of anything and everything now a days to sell story lines. Ramsay is on the right side because he’s a wonderful defender unlike OX, he tracks back and he can also score. Now you will see that OX is wildly inconsistent, one trick pony. OX can run all day, and attack attack but he turns the ball over a lot and can’t defend worth nothing. I hope he proves me wrong and gives everton a nightmare of a game but i’m excited about seeing Campbell coming in as a sub soon because of injury to one of our key players.

    1. Campbell should play in place of Ramsey because of his defensive contributions. So it can be relief to Bellerin that he doesn’t has to defend all day long. I wouldn’t mind Ox on left unless Sanchez isn’t fit enough to play.

  6. OT
    Sky Reports suggest that Arsenal has collected more points than any other side in PL since 2015 beginning.
    Cheers to our team. Let it go on for long.

  7. Listen baby Please

    Wenger is to blame for always blaming others and never taking responsibility for himself. Wenger is always blaming others. I support Wenger but his attitude in this respect is embarrassing and unhelpful.

    Wenger is to blame for over playing a player who he knows is injury prone on the RW a position where OX and Walcott.are better

    Wenger is to blame for playing Ramsey too much on the right when we have right specialists in OX and Walcott. It’s ridiculous

    I would understand Ramsey playing on the right if Walcott or Ox were injured but his overly excessive use of Ramsey in the wrong position when we have specialists in that position is ridiculous.

    Ramsey is better boxtobox and should alternate with Cazorla. Even if you play Ramsey on the right with Him being injury prone he should take turns with OX and Walcott. Make Ramsey earn the position through competition and give him rest too.

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