Is Watford a good move for Arsenal’s Calum Chambers?

Chambers looking likely to switch sides in London!

Last week it was reported that Arsenal youngster Calum Chambers had been put up for loan by the club after Wenger agreed with other club officials, that it was in the best interests of everybody, for Chambers to gain some much needed experience away from North London.

As a result, many fellow Premier League clubs were reportedly in favour of taking a chance on the young Englishman, on a season long loan. The likes of Swansea, Palace, Bournemouth, Southampton and Watford were all considered, however apparently despite Southampton understandably being the preferred destination in the opinion of many Arsenal fans, it is instead the latter, Watford, that Chambers is set to join.

According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal are set to allow Watford to sign the Englishman on a season long loan, in which Chambers will get regular playing time in the heart of defence and therefore gain some much needed experience. Such experience will boost Chambers’ confidence and ability and ultimately Gunners fans alike will hope that the investment Arsenal made in this 21 year old, was well worth it.

Chambers was a £16 million player from Southampton and managed to make 22 appearances for the Gunners overall last year. However despite an impressive start to his Arsenal career back in 2014, the inconsistency of his playing time has meant that ultimately his performances have dropped. Therefore a good spell away from the club is needed and hopefully he returns a much stronger and established defender, who has plenty more experience and is willing to lead the Arsenal back line for many years to come.

Is this a good move for Calum?


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  1. Yes it is!

    Man U and Chelsea agree £40m deal for Willian subject to personal terms…

    Villareal have annouced via spanish radio that 22year old defender Eric Bailly will join ManU

    Willian will like to work with Mou again as he was faithful to Mou at chelsea…Mou is back with the spending spree!

  2. Watford is good times for Callum Chumbers, it close to Arsenal, it Premium League and it has intu shopping centres

  3. Arsenal confirmed he Isnt going anywhere

    Also we need him for Fa And league cup matches

  4. Midfield is well loaded barring any major injuries which of course as we know will most definetely happen,all we need is a world class striker,centre back,maybe a winger and handle the two other positions which are not that neccesary but could be useful for rotation like the ospina situation, back up position and getting an extra midfielder in Ngolo Kante I love his simplicity and his mobility much much much better upgrade to flamini

  5. I think we wud have donr better had callum chamber being paired with the boss rather than gabriel…I don’t see stones anybetter than chamber other than the hype..

  6. BBC is reporting that we’re been told to let vardy focused on the Euro’s by his representatives, which for me would be the lowest point for Wenger in his managerial reign at our beloved club.. for me this would be more painful than the 2-8 loss to man United smh

    1. Some reckon that he has orally agreed to the move. If he was staying at Lei, how difficult would it be to sign some contracts right now, and then fully concentrate on the England mission. If he is so eager to be concentrated on England, well then make the bloody decision. I reckon he would have signed the Lei contract by now, so my hunch is that he’s coming.

  7. So can we put the Aubameyang thing behind us now since a few reports are saying he’s in advance talks with City?

    1. I laughed when I heard about the Higuain to liv, but this one bummed me out a bit. Aguero, and Aubameyang, sure their third striker would probably be better than our first if he got a real shake at it. I’m praying he chooses Madrid, but Madrid don’t seem to have the same spending power they used to have. They used to bring in a few big names, but for a while now it has been one big name a season, so it depends on who their top target is.

  8. he needs to go on loan to have maximum playing time….replace him with better qyality, koulibaly…we shld also try everything to get Henrikh Mkhitaryan…forget vardy and try getting icardi…he’ll cost less than £40m and he’s young… thus hardy business has turned into a media circus and it’s getting embarrassing…OT, aubameyang in man city talks(sky sports) !!!!! we really need to step up

    1. I like chambers at cb, but not sure he is ready for the best strikers just yet. At Southampton he would struggle to get in ahead of van dijk and fonts as cb, so would probably end up playing rb, which we don’t want. So Watford it is or keep him

      As for the Vardy thing being embarrassing, things only get embarrassing if you let them bother you. So far I can’t recall any other club, officially revealing a bigger signing than xhaka? At the moment I would say arsenal are leading the summer transfer signings.

      From Friday all the transfer hype will take a back seat anyway. For at least 2 weeks 549 European players will have their minds focused on the euros. Once teams start getting knocked out it will pick up again, also let’s not forget that of that 549 you would expect a number will receive long term injuries, that will influence transfers as much as players performances.

    2. So while we’re waiting until after the Euros for Vardy to tell us NO, City is finalizing a deal for 1 of the best strikers on the market. My confidence is dropping again, money aside how did City even attract Aubameyang after finishing 4th and not yet even guaranteed CL football unless they win their playoff round? Not usually one to fear us going against certain players but you have to admit City are going to be deadly with him and Aguero. Wenger better have something massive up his sleeve because it would truly be ashame if any of the new managers or even Mourinho at Utd win the league after being here for 20 years…

  9. Only 10 transfers so far confirmed this summer

    Arsenal, West ham, Leicester Liverpool 2 each
    Mancini and Middlesborough 1 each.

    We are currently by far the biggest spenders this summer. Can everyone get off arsenal’s case, until we are lagging behind at least. Also remember, we weren’t 2nd best team in the league last season, barring a horrific injury crisis when we played one team at least with 11 players out. Who knows where we might have ended up? I recall that we had wilshire, cazorla, coquelin, rosicky, Welbeck, walcott and others all out injured at a time when we had not signed elneny either. Just wonder how Leicester might have coped with a similar injury crisis?

    1. There was a period we went through with flamini and ramsey as the only choice in midfield whilst the back up was chambers and reine-adelaide. Chamberlain and campbell were our only wing options so we had to bring in iwobi as back up. Giroud was our only available striker and Debuchy and arteta were being forced onto the bench.

      Let’s not forget that injury crisis.

  10. @jamerican. On aubameyang to city, William to man u, higuain maybe Liverpool, Morita maybe Chelsea. …….I’d hazard a guess that all of these managers are more charismatic at wooing their targets and decisive to get the deal done. Even more likely though the wages on offer are astronomical! Feeling annoyed tonight that we are sat on our hands waiting for the likes of vardy to get back to us. Don’t get me wrong if he came and scored 20 + goals for us next year I’d be delighted but I tend to think he’s a bit of a scrote that should be out nicking alloy wheels with rooney. Also he’s caught up a little too much in his own hype for my liking. We’ll see I hope if he comes he’s on fire for us! If we were waiting for mahrez then that’s a different matter to me, he’s a masterful player with a fantastic temperament. I’d love to think that vardy was to be bought as a winger, (they or ox replacement?) And jansen or a similar player was also going to be purchased as our striker. I know I’m wrong though after all this is Wenger. As fat boy said earlier let’s not get too carried away by the speed of the xhaka signing he’s been scouted for some time and if Czech after all was signed early last summer and we all know what happened that window!

    1. Liv are not getting Higuain, I thought all would’ve agreed on that. Myself, I highly doubt Che are going to sell one of their star players to utd. Mour wont have any advantage here after taking che to court, if anything it makes things worse. Morata, is this the same guy that most of thought ..oh my god! his goalscoring is worse than Girouds. But now that che want him Id expect a few fans to have a change in opinion.

  11. On callum if we get another experienced cb better than Gabriel yes loan him if not then no.

  12. @atid. Hit the nail on the head with injuries though. So why again are we so poor in this dept? I thought Mr forsyth was going to work wonders, (yes he has built player strength and improved recovery times I admit). Leicesters injury stats last year were phenomenol. None of this is coincidence or bad luck alone.

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