Is Welbeck a must for Arsenal v Chelsea?

Paul Merson has claimed that Danny Welbeck has to start against Chelsea, as he is the only Arsenal player ‘that causes them problems’.

The England international has started in our last two encounters with the Blues, in which we came away with wins in the FA Cup final and Community Shield, and Merson believes he is key in hurting today’s opponents.

“If there’s one player that’s got to play against Chelsea it has to be Welbeck,” Merson said.

“He’s the only one that causes them problems.

“He runs beyond and he’ll run them in the channels.”

“It’s probably the biggest game out of the whole season where the first goal is most important,” he added.

“You say ‘Arsenal beat them at the Emirates, they beat them in the FA Cup’. They scored the first goal in them games.

“If they don’t score the first goal you’re just going to think ‘what’s going to happen here?’.

“They will just capitulate and the game will run away from them.”

Arsene Wenger has used Welbeck often this term, and clearly sees him as a positive option out wide, although the player himself is also used centrally as a makeshift striker.

Generally Danny would be used centrally against the Blues, and you would expect Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil to be given the nod in the two attacking roles behind the striker, so the French manager will not have the easiest decision today.

Most pundits and ‘experts’ alike have already written off Arsenal’s chances of getting a result today at Stamford Bridge, and Merson is usually one to twist the knife in when talking about us, but he is refusing to completely rule out a win this time.

Does Welbeck have to start? Can we really leave Alexis Sanchez or our club-record signing Alexandre Lacazette out the starting XI?

Pat J

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  1. If you add arsenal last 5 premier league games against Chelsea they are losing 15-2. So fans should expect a thorough beating at least according to the don’t keep your hopes high avoid heart we go again!

  2. I think Welbeck will start today and rightly so, but I want Lacazette and Sanchez to play together with him, that’s the best front three if we are using 3-4-2-1…

    Look, our attack is ‘ok’ for me, but the midfield doesn’t fill one with confidence….I hope we win today!

  3. how many people noticed during the koln game that sanches lost the ball more than 6 times few wont notice cos he was running at defenders and scored a good goal,but believe ,me if koln was a good side arsenal would have lost that match due to alexis lost of possession in the middle ,i will stick with welbeck,and bring in alex later .GUNNERS FOR EVER,PLEASE STAY POSITIVE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR TEAM, ARSENAL WILL KEEP GUNNING AGAIN JUST A MATTER OF TIME ,WE WIN TODAY!!!!! BY GODS GRACE.

    1. Nice to know u noticed him bro. Sanchez has a problem of holding on to the ball for too long at crucial attacking moments. I don’t doubt his finishing ability but he needs to release the ball to players in better positions. He is mostly guilty of this act a little above the half way line especially when he is not fully fit.

      For today’s match, let’s use the fittest and most in form players.

  4. Merson is right we are going to get hammered like we are at Anfield again.Yet some fans on here disagree, whats changed since we got hammered off Liverpool? Thats right nothing. Same poor disorganised defence with a weak left back playing centre back. The return of the worse pairing of Cm we have had in my lifetime, yes I prefer Denilson to Ramsey as at least the kid knew where the midfield position was. The fact people are getting thumbed down for agreeing with Merson is shocking the majoirty of Arsenal fans are weak pathetic disgraces and will still support Wenger when we are a mid table team or worse. Wenger out and he can take half the fans with him

  5. to my mind we have 4 stand out players who make a concerted atempt to drive forward and also to win each time they take to the field and when they do they inspire those around them to do the same, sanchez, kos, welbeck and new arrival kolasinac – i suggest their intent shows as relentless, awesome, im saying these appear fearless.

  6. DW Premier League record.
    150 PL games = 30 goals.
    Scores one goal in 5 matches.
    Like others he seems to have
    a long dry spell then has a short run of games where he scores.
    He seems to be in of those scoring phases right now
    so yes I hope starts.

    1. Yes if Ozil is out then Alexis must start.
      Also if Wenger really rates Wilshere
      then surely Jack must start.?

  7. I think Welbeck should play, with Lacazette and Sanchez ..
    Wenger ignores a lot of commonsense laws of the universe and messages from around him…if it was cosmically possible for him.. I think his line up today would be…

    ——————–Ospina/Elneny —————–

    Bellerin—– ——–Kos—-Monreal—————Monreal

    Walcott ———Ramsey —–Ozil ————-Ramsey

    ————————— Walcott —–Sanchez —–

    Subs: Lacazette, Kolasinac, Welbeck, Ramsey, Walcott , Bellerin, Cech

  8. Wellbeck to start would be good. Not so much offensively, but in fact because he also works hard, when we loose the ball. Something offensive players are required in winning clubs, and he has it from his Man U days.

  9. what formation is this??walcot will never get near my 11 he wont even make my bench ,that guy doesn’t deserve to put on an arsenal shirt he should be playing for truro city

    1. You mean our top goal scorer last season (based on goals per game played) wouldn’t even make your bench-

      Where’s the wisdom of that?

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