Is Welbeck the reason Arsenal haven’t signed a striker?

This year the Arsenal fans are in almost exactly the same situation as we were in the same time last year, with the transfer deadline approaching and the Gunners looking worryingly short of fire power and options for Arsene Wenger up front.We had signed Alexis Sanchez earlier in the summer but then Giroud was ruled out for a few months and we were in trouble.

Back then we signed Danny Welbeck from Manchester United and although it was not the big name player that most of us were hoping for, it did at least address the issue at hand and after Welbeck then scored a few goals for England in the international break, we all felt a bit happier about life.

So why does Wenger seem so reluctant to do the same sort of thing this season? Well maybe it is because of Welbeck. After all, without a really top striker available, would we really be able to sign anyone better than the England international, who is set to be fit and available again very soon?

And if you think about it, when Wenger signed the former United man last year, we did not have Theo Walcott either, as he was deep into a long injury lay off. So you could say that we are in a much better situation now than a year ago. Is that why Wenger is not trying to sign another striker?

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    1. Most fans will stand by Wenger even without a signing but………

      For a while he will take some serious heat, even from very devoted Wengerites. And any failings this season will result in fan wrath directed straight at Wenger’s transfer ineptitudes.

      1. Exactly.
        Wenger should sign a name for psychological reasons….not especially for football reasons.
        We lose gamed with a big signing everybody is ok and patient…we lose without one and people will be mad….
        Rivals might look at us and even afraid cuz we have an ace on our sleeve….if it isn’t nevermind cuz they will think we do.
        Hope Wenger thinks the same

  1. Wenger is the reason why we haven’t signed a top striker. He doesn’t sign top striker and does panic buy every season
    And gives them 10 years to prove themselves. Just like later today he will someone average player panic buys then gives him 4 years to prove themselves and won’t sign top striker next year even if he is available.

    1. Welbeck? He’s still on therapy table last time I check. We loaned out Sanogo and sold Poldi. Giroud is the only target man type at the team. Theo and Sanchez have to be utilize for that role (it works sometimes thought). Correct me if I’m wrong, we even little short of real wingers now, after loaned out Silva and Campbell (Gnabry is he out too?) for another years (poor boys those two)

  2. Rumors of Cavani deal being finalised for 45m are cropping up. He will be having a medical today.
    Damn have had enough of all this.

    1. Welbeck had better hope for some injuries or poor form from other players otherwise he might only see the pitch in early round league cup action.

  3. tick tock tick tock tick tock!………… go ahead in ur desperation and thumb down a ticking clock ……

  4. His one of the many reasons why we need to buy a striker

    Wenger is in Paris right now. ..
    but what for? ??
    naaah… surely not!
    He isn’t signing Cavani …. right? ?… Naah … is he?

    1. According to the Daily Star, Arsene Wenger has just flown to Paris in order to tie up a deal that will see PSG striker Edison Cavani moving to the Emirates.

      The report claims that the French Champions have accepted a bid of £45 million for the forward and that Wenger is now heading to France to finalize personal terms with the Uruguayan international.

  5. We can say it all and abuse Wenger all we want but hear me out for a second. There is a reason Manchester United signed Anthony Martial for almost 40M and it could be because the market for top strikers really is the way Wenger said it was.

    1. Martial for 40M when you already got Mata, Depay, and Young at the flank? This ManUre surely know how to make their bench looks very expensive. Anyway, nice bench warmer.

    2. and did i hear someone say……..Van gaal asked Rojo to leave if he wants?????……. LooooL…. Been a while i heard of that much touted Rojo Lad…. In other News, “Bellerin’s Trending”



    1ST SEPTEMBER:::::: “UM” *dithers* *panic* *stutters* *hallucinations of wenger in a plane with cavani*

      1. Whats good about all
        this transfer frustration is
        we get to have the joyous
        experience next summer .
        And don’t forget the January bonus window
        Go get Cavani bruv 🙂

    1. 2 months of interest rate on £200 million
      thats why wenger does his shopping on the last day of the transfer window … great business man
      but ? at motivating the team ?

  7. I was off the internet for 12 hrs hoping to expect a signing but nothing has happened at arsenal. 😒😒😒

    1. He players poker…
      that explains why he gives nothing away with his facial expressions ?

      No jokes … his a big time gambler,
      Once a year around Christmas time, he and his multi millionaire buddies each put a million into the pot.

      It’s a lot of money to most people but that’s not even 2 months wages for wenger ???

  8. Possibly…
    I think it’s pretty clear we were in for Benzema. So obviously not interfering with that quality of target. But the lesser tier of strikers, I dare say it had an impact. Same with Theo

  9. Welbeck has an impact in any failure to sign a striker – not because Wenger believes Welbeck is the answer, but simply because Welbeck is taking up squad space and payroll cash.

    1. Agree. Wellbeck Girvinho
      Bendtner Park Podolski
      Campbell Sanogo should
      by now have taught Wenger that
      these B grade hacks don’t win Premierships.

  10. okay seriously if Bellerin could displace Debuchy at RB……… I see no reason why Gabriel can’t make the CB his own (Mert should be made to sit out 90)

  11. If Mr wenger is unable to sign a Striker today, after the international break when Welbeck will be back … He will come-out and say ‘welbeck is like a new signing’
    Happy new Month to you all.

        1. if we land cavani………it will mean He’d been available all summer and we waiting until the last minute to make decisions……it will thus be termed a “gamble” irrespective of if it turns out good or bad

  12. He does possess all the qualities: power, tall, quick, agile, technique. I mean in terms of raw ability he’s got it not only that he will defend and be a team 1st player. I mean the only thing we really have a problem with when it comes to Welbeck is his lack of goals. Because he is & was brought in to be a ST. He should be a bit more selfish+clinical & composed. I mean if he comes back and reaches 15-18 goals in EPL & maybe 22-25 all competitions everybody would be happy and the 16m pound will look like good money but so far it isn’t. Will see! let’s give him this season to come up good but understand that with 4 players who can play the ST (Sanchez, Welbeck, Walcott & Giroud) Le prof is reluctant to buy…cause it becomes who do sell…Only Giroud comes across as a pure ST classic #9 thought.

  13. I think the only player we can get now is rabiot. Coz he is not really needed and psg have signed stambouli from Tottenham.
    And Wenger flew to Paris yesterday.

    1. It turns out that wenger only went to Paris to earn more money from tv media work ?

      There’s photos of him and his buddies at a bar,
      Surrounded with bottles of red wine and champagne!

      One on looker reported over hearing wenger saying
      “F##k the transfer window, this is my time and I know best”

        1. Wenger will never get the sack!
          Would you sack the manager of your company if he was earning you millions?

          Get real mate, the yank that mostly owns Arsenal fc
          couldn’t care less about football,
          It’s all about the money for him.

  14. 6pm Tuesday here in
    Nouvelle Zelande.
    No signing .. that’s it.
    Wenger out.
    Oh wait you people lagging
    behind by 11 hours
    That means I gotta stay up all
    blo#dy nite in case I miss something 🙂

  15. Falcao, Di Maria, RVP and De Gea all sold or release in the same transfer window from Utd….

    this show how serious and discipline LVG is….

  16. Galastaray interested in signing Oxie…..

    he should go….but at this stage there is no one to replace him…

    maybe next season….

  17. New signings should be with the team before the start of the season so as to acclimate to the new environment and be raring to go.

  18. I would prefer Welbeck over Giroud and think he should get the whole season to show he can learn the position since he really never got a fair chance at ManU or Arsenal. I like his pace and strength and he is also good on the ball. Giroud can come in as a late sub. Giroud’s lack of pace and super slow trigger bothers me.

    The Cavani talk must be a pipe dream. Why would PSG play him against Monaco on Sunday if they were working on offloading him? An injury in that game and 60 million is gone. They also would have no replacement and given that they are more ambitious than us, this makes it even more unlikely they would sell there second best striker.

    I don’t expect anyone of note to arrive. Wenger missed an opportunity to lift the fans and the club.

  19. With the prices being thrown around , I wouldn’t mind not signing anybody at all. Man U and Man city really destroyed the transfer market by the amount of money they paid and are paying!

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