Is Wenger aiming to leave Arsenal in a blaze of glory?

A few days ago the Gunners Legend Sol Campbell had his say in the media about the current situation at Arsenal and the club’s managerial affairs.

Since the close of the season and the signing of Granit Xhaka the majority of fans seem to be back on Wenger’s side. However rewind to this time last month and many were calling for Wenger to get the axe at the end of the season. Although what seems to be a bigger split than the In Or Out European Union Referendum, Arsene Wenger seems to have secured his role as Arsenal manager for at least another season.

Officials at the club highlighted that they are not afraid to sack Wenger, despite many believing that Wenger’s reign over Arsenal will only come to an end when he says so. It’s an opinion that I believe in and that doesn’t mean that it’s the right approach to take, but I think it’s the approach that club management officials have taken, in regards to decisions over Wenger’s future in the past.

That opinion also seems to be the view of Ex-Gunner and Arsenal legend Sol Campbell, who thinks that Wenger deserves much more respect than what he gets at the club and that he will only leave the helm when he decides it’s time to move on.

Campbell told the Guardian: “Everyone’s got to realise how much he’s done for Arsenal. He revolutionised the club. Yes, everyone wants to win the Premier League and Champions League. It takes time. He’s done incredibly well for the amount of money he’s spent – look at Man United, who have spent £250m in two years and have only gone sideways. It’s not easy at all. Arsenal and Arsène will know when it’s time to move on. It’ll happen naturally, and that’s how it should be because he has given so much to the club.”

I don’t entirely disagree with Campbell’s opinion and I do think that when Wenger realises he cannot take this club any further, then he will not be afraid to make the call and end his managerial association with Arsenal football club. The real question is, should Wenger have already realised that already or can he still take us to another major honour?

Le Prof is in his 20th year at Arsenal and so any change will take some time getting used to that’s for sure, but the plunge has to be taken at some point. I believe that Wenger himself is considering whether he has a future beyond this upcoming season, so I can see him trying to go all out and go out on a high. After the 2016/17 season is concluded I think Wenger will come to the decision it’s time to move on, regardless if he wins major honours or not.

I can only hope that he decides to take a position upstairs at the club after he leaves as manager, because the man really does deserve the utmost respect for what he has achieved, not just in honourable success but financial success as well.


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  1. Well, I don’t know if he will leave next year, I really hope he does. Simione could be available by that time.
    We have missed out on Klopp, Diego Simione must not be let go again.

  2. ‘Click-click bang, bang!’ he has to be trigger happy like a gunner. Let’s wait and see if he will have enough ammunition to last the battle.

  3. Haha, a lot of thumbs down for fans wanting success for their club. I guess fans still want another decade of failure I guess.

  4. Mr. Arsene should give this coming season his all and try to win a major trophy with us. He should spend all the money he has been saving on at least 3 quality players like Monalos, Mkhitaryan and any top quality striker and give the season a go. If he is rewarded kudos to him and he leaves in glory but unfortunately if he is not rewarded he will hold his head high that he gave it a try and leave the club with a solid foundation for the next coach.

  5. Wonder why folks keep linking simeone’s name to the arsenal managerial job.. as successful as he may be with athleti, in my opinion it would be a backward step and against everything that the club stood for.. he’s as despicable like mourinho and from a footballing perspective, the identity that wenger,bergkamp,pires etc have helped create will be undone.. I want joachim loew to be the next arsenal manager as I think he’s a match made in heaven for us.

  6. Well, to Iwobi and the Nigerian football fratenity I wud like to pass my condolences to the sudden passing on of their coach and former eagles Steven Keshi. May his soul rip.

  7. Copa America Report:

    Ospina: He was fantastic for Columbia vs. Paraguay. Columbia, however, is living a charmed life – only Ospina’s saves, clear ref errors, a decent defense and dumb luck have allowed them good results.

    Campbell: This one is a bit of a worry. Campbell did not do much vs. USA and was actually subbed at half-time. Ouch! To be fair, only 1 or 2 players for Costa Rica looked good at all. The team as a whole was quite poor.

    1. Last world cup, before we were linked to Ospina I watched some columbian games and Ospina was awesome. I am not surprised he is doing well again. He is far too good to sit on the bench, our most underrated player who is sure to be leaving us this summer.

      1. We need to find a way to keep ospina happy, we have 2 great keepers in him and cech and as I see it if we gave ospina both domestic cups and some epl matches against the less height imposing teams he would be happy. I am certain Cech would accept that like the true pro he is.

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