Is Wenger grooming Thierry Henry or Mikel Arteta to be next Arsenal manager?

With the latest rumours saying that the Arsenal Board are aiming to offer Arsene Wenger a new two year extension to his current contract, keeping him at the club until 2019, it is interesting that Le Prof has recently given Thierry Henry and Mikel Arteta jobs coaching our academy players.

There are very few Gooners that would complain if Thierry Henry was given the job in the future, but he is now on the first rung of the ladder. Henry himself has admitted that he is trying to teach the youngsters “The Arsenal Way”, he said: “At the moment I am the assistant of the assistant of the under-18s coach!”

“They are allowing me to come and learn about the process of being a manager and to take some sessions sometimes.

“I’m learning the process – that’s all you can do. I could see the game as a player but it’s another thing to teach it and to make those guys see it. I have to learn first and foremost, but being there with those kids reminds me of when I was there at the beginning of my career – it is nice.”

“The main thing we are talking about is developing players,” he continued. “Winning games is not the first thing – the first thing is to prepare them to play with the first team so if Arsene ever needs a player, even in training, that player is ready to perform and to play the Arsenal way.

“You need to make sure that you shape them for the first team so that they know exactly what Arsene requires and how they need to play.”

Surely that knowledge of Arsene Wenger’s philosophy is the most important thing that the Arsenal Board will be looking for when Wenger does decide to finally call it a day, and if Henry stays in the job for the next four years at least then he could become an obvious candidate.

But Le Prof has also been talking up Mikel Arteta’s credentials a future coach as well. The Spaniard was already working with the Arsenal youth teams last season, before Wenger gave him another one-year extension, and Le Prof has spoken about how he high he rates Arteta. “Mikel has a huge influence even when he is not playing,” Wenger said. “He is super conscientious, and every morning two hours before training he prepares and that is absolutely right.

“Just through his behaviour, his focus on getting everything right in the team, he has a huge influence. He has great experience and is respected throughout the squad.

“I really hope Mikel considers going into coaching. When you manage, you want to see your players continue and see them give their experience and knowledge back.

“You want them to give their expertise of the way we want to play football and the way we want to behave. It would be great if someone like Mikel went into management, so somewhere the spirit of our game can survive through the players who have played for us.

“But at the moment I must say Mikel is still here as a football player. The first thing in life, when you sign the contract you have to give absolutely everything to the job you have signed for and I think he does that very well.

“He has the quality to be a manager in the future I’m sure, but at the moment he gives his focus on the job as a player and gives absolutely everything.”

You surely couldn’t get a better recommendation that that on your CV, and although this is likely to be Mikel’s last playing contract, I am sure Wenger would jump at the chance for the Spaniard to stay in a coaching role. And again, by the time Wenger retires, Arteta may just about be ready to coach the team in “The Arsenal Way.

Perhaps we could have Henry as manager and Arteta as his assistant?

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  1. Definitely want King Henry to work his was up to being permanent Arsenal manager. We could call him King Boss!

  2. Henry would NOT make a good manager
    World Class legends don’t succeed as Managers
    Henry should stick with being a pundit

    Arteta may be a good manager though

  3. I see Berkamp and Arteta being good managers.
    For me Berkamp, he has more experience.

    Henry, great player, for some reason I don’t see great manager.

    Great attacking coach yes

  4. Maby few fans will moan, or il get stick

    my opinion, we already have a all rounded striker in our ranks: Danny Welbeck

    pace, power, presence young

    needs to polish 1st touch and finishing.

    be honest, has prof given a front 3 of alexis,theo and danny a run of 3 games together.

    I honestly believe, with time, that could be our most lethal front 3.

    Its a pity danny is injured…….why is the English stars so injured? I tell u why they allll spoilt bratz

    thumb me down all u want….the best footballers are ready made and thoroughly bred from street football. They have that hunger,determination and grit to be the best, Alexis,messi,cazorla,ronaldiho,henry just to name a few knew that football was their way out.

    british guys were spoon fed in acadamies and praised to be the next maradona and inturn gave them egos biiger than the Eiffel tower.

    My point……these guys should learn from the south American footballers and start puttn in the hard work.

    Bielik looks like a prospect though. Why get samper when we can groom biliek into a monstrous cdm in the next 2years
    arsenal alllllll the way.

  5. Neither Henry or Arteta are gonna walk into being Arsenal’s manager as their first job. No way, ah ah, never gonna happen.

    In the . Who knows…

    Now (dirty word warning) Pep Guardiola taking over I can see..

    Personally, I Don’t think AW will or should get an extension unless he wins either the Premier or Champions League.

    1. @AOT
      Can’t see Pep managing AFC. He’s not good at managing non world class players…Plus he’ll need a transfer kitty of about 500mil.
      I also think he’s a busted flush…

  6. Excuse me but I really dont think that Henry is an intelligent person :/ he’s a great footballer but if it comes to intelligence i would bet that DB10 and arteta are much much more intelligent.. and in my opinion a manager should be eloquent and intelligent to manage many problems and therefore i dont believe in henry.. even as a pundit he never really makes good points
    I would be more happy about arteta and DB10 or someone like Koeman, but either way arteta or Henry should first start in a team in the dutch league to learn the necessary experience

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