Is Wenger having a Christmas joke against Arsenal fans?

Wenger comes out to ruin Xmas for all Arsenal fans by KM

We all know Wenger is incapable of leading Arsenal to any further than fourth, but his latest statement highlights the total lack of ambition we have. We have one of the worse defences the league has EVER seen and we are likely to leave it like that.

Wenger: “If everybody is fit then we don’t need to go into the transfer market”. How can you not laugh at this comment? We desperately need someone to replace Mertesacker who just won’t cut it, and with Koscielny injured and only one right back in the form of Debuchy we desperately need at least 2 more defenders.

We’re playing a risky game. We get so badly exploited in defence its sad. Wasn’t Man United a lesson to be learned? Stoke City away? Hull’s two laughable goals? Every team playing Arsenal knows that we are terrible in defence and that they’ll always get a chance. This will be exploited and we will suffer.

We need to make a deep dive in the transfer market and put some bodies on the table. Wenger hates the January market, but it’s his fault we are always a few players short in our squad. Don’t get me started on the injuries. Ramsey will be out for we don’t know how long. Of course we don’t know. We play him every game even though he is tired and not too efficient. Then he is injured and we don’t know why and for how long.

Spare me the AKB magic stuff. Wenger is suicidal. He is sticking knives in his own back with every comment he makes and every poor result is a mockery of his words. It’s sad to see a once great manager in so much decline.

Now before you go with the Pardew comment to jump to Arsene’s defence, Pardew says all this stuff because he is the same cowardly puppet on a string at Newcastle. Refusing to spend on a team that desperately needs improvement. We will not finish in the top 4 if we continue like this. A good run of games will hardly come when every attack threats a goal in our net. If 11 people here on JustArsenal put on Man Utd shirts and play Arsenal, they might just win.

It’s absurd and Bizzare. Ian Wright is spot on that someone has to be sacked at Arsenal. Arsene is doomed and he is earning more foes than friends. WENGER OUT, OUT, SACKED AND OUT!


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    1. I read the statement on the official website over and over again, it’s appalling. When has everyone been fit at Arsenal? And who is everyone? Does that include Diaby?

      Arteta’s injury is now a recurrent case, Flamini can only clap and shout and never fails to secure a yellow. Jack isn’t too strong to last a season, not even half a season ( and he’s damn reckless too). Just so much to say.

      Well, everybody knows my opinion on Arsene, but I just wish we make third this season (or am I asking for too much?).

      1. Sometime you have to make things change by your own,if Wenger does not reinforce correctly the team in the transfer window,the supporters should boycott the stadium and merchandise.Some will not but if a group does he will affect the all mood.
        Wenger,the board,Puma must start to realize that the supporters exiiiist and must be taking in account.
        You cannot impose a manager not popular,soon or later the sack will come as the team and
        the game gonna be affected by the public pressure.
        I do hope Wenger realizes it s his last chance to win back the trust of fans and do a solid job of recruiting in January as I predict his end if he does not.
        Let us see how the brain of his function in these troubled time.

      2. Everyone knows your opinion is ill thought out.
        Blame the 1st guy that the media points at?

        How about looking into the history a little bit and making up your own mind?
        Dein = Vieria, Henry, Pires etc..
        Wenger on his own = Nasri, Arshavin
        Gazidis = Giroud, Monreal…

        More like a Fan that needs his ass kicking.

        1. That’s rather selective and flawed argument isn’t it. You could add flops, successes to each of those three names you gave. For example, you conveniently forgot to add Sanchez, Koscielnly, Cazorla, Ozil to Gazidis. Though I do agree we have severely missed David Dein’s clout and acumen in the footballing world.

        2. If “Everyone knows” his comment is ill thought out, why do you have twice as many thumbs down as thumbs up.

          Feel free to give your opinion but please don’t speak for all Arsenal fans

      3. I wonder if everybody has considered that this might easily be a tactical quote instead of a genuine one.
        If Wenger admits the fact that we are short on decent defenders ( in my opinion BFG has not been a decent defender this season), it would mean that he admits we are desperate to buy a defender in january.. consequence of this would be that the potential selling clubs would increase their prices simply because they realize their powerful position.

        Ok I know we are the Arsenal and we seem to mess up every transfer window.. however, we should bare in mind that it’s possibly a tactical verdict instead of a silly ( because it would be if it were true).

        So I say, stop speculating this much and wait till the end of January. Obviously we all demand AFC to do proper business

        1. this makes sense. half (or more) when W speaks, he’s speaking to his players (saying we have good spirit especially when its low in the locker room) or he’s speaking to people who can sell him players. its v.important to never let the sellers know specifically who we want.
          but i also think he’s delusional. poor guy. he should leave after this season otherwise his record will be tainted.

    2. from my experience, we won’t ever buy anything good in january. It’s only time to sack someone or abandon a ship

      1. Honestly, I hate transfer windows. You come online and it seems Arsenal will sign just about everybody. At the end of the day, the player you least expected is signed (Kim Kadashian, Bigbutt Santos).

        1. Kolo Toure? Joined us in Feb 2002. Part of the unbeaten team.
          Anelka? Again jioned us in a Feb.

          Think you need to look at who supports Wenger in the transfer market.

          Prior to Wenger joining he made a demande from Dein, sign Vieira if you want me, what did Dein do? Well we ended up with Wenger and Vieira grew to become a legend.

          Another dummy blaming Wenger because he is too damn stupid to find facts for himself.

          1. Ho ho ho. You are talking about transfer market from more than 10 years ago. It is so much different now, my friend. I dare you to tell Wenger buy unproven players at this point. Who was Kolo Toure when he came? It costs us time to make a star player. Wenger doesn’t have time now.

      2. Experience of 2 or 3 years of supporting?
        Toure and Anelka are just 2 names from the Jan window signing, both of them grew to be great players, one of them even helping us go unbeaten…

        Yeah, never anything good huh?

        Learn to think for yourself muppet!

    3. “Wenger: “If everybody is fit then we don’t need to go into the transfer market”. How can you not laugh at this comment?”

      IF we get everyone fit then we actually have one of the best defenses in the world, are you too damn blind to see when Kos came back and the partnership formed again then we won with clean sheets?

      If Kos hadn’t had his injury then you Mr Writer wouldn’t be doing this article, we would have Per and Kos as our main CB and Chambers as backup, 3 international players to rotate, 4 would be better but we upgraded Verm so shut your pie hole, Wenger did work in the last window to get us the players we missed last year.
      So 3 CB, 1 more for me would be ideal as Chambers is such a utility player (can get game time in other positions).
      2 RB, no need for any more and I cant wait for Jenkinson to come back.
      2 LB, no need for any more.

      So when you sit down and use your freaking head then you will see that Wenger is right, IF FIT WE DO NOT NEED TO DIVE INTO TRANSFER MARKET… how-ever you all are reading the IF FIT part as a defenate “No, we will NOT go into the transfer market”.

      Now if teams knew that wenger was desperate for a CB then how do you think clubs with those CB will act?
      “Please sir, take my players on the cheap!”
      “Realllllllllly!!!!!!!, you need our CB, pay us more than you offered, you need him don’t you?!?!”

      As for Wrighty saying someone needs to be sacked, I read that interview and he never said Wenger needs to be sacked, just someone needs to be sacked, think Wrighty knows that Wengers hands are tied thus saying SOMEONE and not WENGER…
      Gazidis is Silent Stans yes man, he is the guy who says yes or no to a transfer fee and he is sucking silent Stan off 24/7 in fear of the big bad boss.

      Does anyoner remember when Dein was here? How we got the players we needed due to Wenger getting the support he needed in the transfer market?
      How about when Dein left? Weenger got Nasri and Arshavin by himself.
      Following year (well few months tbh) Gazids was hired and we was getting players like Giroud and Arteta…

      Wenger needs to be sacked?

      Wake up you dumb fans, support a club for more than 5 mins and get behind the idea!

      1. To who ever rated this negativly.

        How mant defenders should we have?

        3 for every position? How about 4?
        Obviously having 2 isn’t good enough so I can only assume you look at City and Chelsea and get a boner and then cry when Arsenal can’t just walk in and pay what-ever for a player and then offer what-ever that player likes for a wage.

        Typical dumbass.

        1. ‘…………and then cry when Arsenal can’t just walk in and pay what-ever for a player and then offer what-ever that player likes for a wage.’
          Why do people who want to be taken seriously come out with this nonsense? There is a huge difference between CANT and WONT. I’m not saying that all demands should be met, but the issue is an option not an inability – look at Arsenal’s OFFICIAL accounts, the money is available.

          Costa, was buy-able, ended up at Chelsea. Cesc, was buy-able, ended up at Chelsea. Suarez, was buy-able, end up at Barca. RvP sale was preventable, ended up at United. Vermaelen, sale was preventable, ended up at Barca………

          Arsenal have become a shambles – unless of course 3rd/4th consistency floats your boat – and in the end the man who maintains he has ultimately control over playing affairs must take the blame for the past 10 years of league mediocrity.

      2. Support a club for 5 mins. Are you joking?
        Because you’ve supported AFC for how long you dumb twat? 7 mins..when we became the invincibles or did the treble? Am I getting warm?

        I’ve been a AFC supporter for 36years mate but my loyalty does not blind me to the fact that things are wrong here..

        I thought you were a sandwich short of a picnic with all your previous nonsensical ramblings and your last post only goes to prove it.

        The point is dumb dumb that Kos did get injured as to other players in other positions (all to frequently IMO) so strength in depth (yes in all positions) is not a luxury but a necessity.

        1. Totally agree with you. When Wenger proudly points to 180 games played in the CL as the ultimate achievement, while laudable it can hardly be held as a beacon of light, for what good does it do to keep boasting about participating in a competition and never win it, in fact only came close once or twice. In my opinion mediocrity has become the norm and celebrated by the board and used as an argument against change, which I think is sad.
          I’ve always looked forward to watching Arsenal and will never change, but wiping away the reality that our team isn’t strong enough because we thrashed an inept Galatasaray side or dominated a BVB side going through a bad patch is sheer naivety. We need a squad improvement badly.

    4. And once again, wenger lets down those akbs guys that constantly defend him. Haha delicious!

  1. If this is true that he said this, then Wenger deserves all the aggro he gets from the fans. The man is an arrogant poor excuse of an manager.He should be getting the fans on his side not wind them up even more. Can’t wait for May, hopefully he’ll be off!

    1. “WAhhhh I read something I dont like, I am not going to investigate it, instead I’ll contribute towards the hate being thrown at our manager like a braindead moron!”

      That is what i read from your post.

      Learn to investigate for yourself.
      Wenger isn’t going to advertise that he is desperate for a CB and then let clubs hold him to randsom, all he has for support is Gazidis and any TRUE Arsenal fan will know that Gazidis is just Silent Stans yes man, not there to support Wenger in getting players HE wants but buying players within Silent Stand price range.

      1. “Investigate” get her! Wenger says the same shit every season and does fk all about it when the team needs reinforcements that could have one us the PL , January window last year Wenger gets an injured player we didn’t need,yet another AKB spouting nonsense! and happy with our 4th place trophy

      2. Wake up you twit – Wenger could shame, blame and walk if he really felt he wasn’t being supported.

        Stan’s YES man is called Arsene Wenger. Happy to take Stan’s money and keep in line.

  2. This shows wenger’s ambition no need to sign required players for CB, DM that’s why we lose games and fall to 4th every season and then Old man makes excuses every time we are building a team and win the league in 2-3 years because he has just about 2 and half years left on his contract so he decieves and blackmails fans and his aim is to only complete his last 3 year contract by saying he will win league in 3 years but in real he will never ever win he is stubborn and master in making lame excuses.. Wenger out enough is enough this is his last season and resign at the end of season.. COYG

    1. Another 6 month old supporter.
      We had years of selling top stars so of course it sould be within 2 years of having funds that we should again be unbeaten!

      Grow up!

      Last year fans moaned about lack of pace upfront (and rightly so due to Theo injury we lacked any form of real pace), Wenger goes out and we now have one of the fastest attacks, this is from a SINGLE TRANSFER WINDOW.

      Our def last season wasn’t what let us down overall, it was the lack of bite upfront.

      We get a nasty injury to Kos and our def greatly suffers, this is a testiment to Koscielny and how great he is, he came back and clean sheets, he goes out injured and we lose.

      Wenger is the 1 who picked Kos from the french team, it was Wenger who buiklt the defense that lead us unbeaten… He can’t go out and buy 22 players so we all knew it was going to take a few transfer windows to salvage our team after years of selling the best players for cash.

      You lack thought, you jump on the bandwagon to easy, if it was up to me then supporters like you would be shot. It would be fun entertainment to the rest of us true fans.

      1. Ok buddy, you are 600 or 6000 months supporter, you can be proud of that if you personally think so. I’m not proud of Arsenal at the moment and I know i’d better keep quiet while Barca, Real, Chelsea ….. fans argue with each other (a lot of you feel the same right ???). I know it will be the time again i can be proud of Arsenal. I don’t call for Wenger head because of a few defeats or because he is not going to buy someone i want. I would wait till the end of this season and see the progress Wenger has made. Last year, we made a lot of progress and i supported Wenger. This year, i don’t see any chance for us to win EPL or UEFA Champion League, while we already out of Mickey Mouse cup. I don’t care about what Wenger does as long as he is making progress. Is that make sense to you?

      2. Read Arsenal’s OFFICIAL accounts and then repeat
        “We had years of selling top stars so of course it sould be within 2 years of having funds that we should again be unbeaten!”
        The funds were there, the club chose not to spend them – because they didn’t have the ambition to make a difference.

  3. Why’s kick ass always 1st to the comments? Anyways I don’t envy you man, it’s the guy who gets the 4th place trophy I need to stalk

  4. the most stubborn somebody i have ever know in sports is Arsene Wenger. i even begin to care less, he no longer surprise me. but i know one day it will end. where is Sir Alex now? one thing is certain, that i remain 100%gooner.

  5. There is no point sacking Wenger now until we find a proper replacement. But I totally agree that has expired. However, it could also be Wenger tactics in order to get the best price and not disclose their targets.

  6. Good two page spread in tonight’s Evening Standard on Wenger and whether he should stay or go. Nice to see some reasoned arguments pro and against and a recognition on both sides that it’s complicated.

    These comments by Wenger don’t help his cause. I’d love to think he is playing possum to keep the transfer fees from going through the roof but, unfortunately, his track record in the winter window suggests he’s not. Great to see him recall Coquelin though, perhaps a hint of pragmatism sneaking through?

    1. So 10 years without the league, or more pertinently 5 years without being anywhere close to winning the league (and falling off even more this season), isn’t a constituent driver of a reasoned argument?

  7. Am not surprised.were you really expecting him to say he wil buy any player come jan window?. He is running Arsenal like a really tired of him. He should just leave.

  8. It’s simple- you allow a team to go from great strength to the laughing stock of not just the premiership but Europe..

    Failure to strengthen at key times in either the summer or january is nothing short of brainless and ambitionless especially for a top team with champions league and premier league ambitions (sorry we are there to make up the numbers)
    Year after year we see either a striker midfielder or defender become injured and we lose momentum because either the board or Wenger see otherwise.. ( don’t spend any money as we will just about scrape into a competiton we stand no chance of winning, and tell the fans we need champions league football in order to attract the best players but at the same time only attracting mediocre.!)

    Oh well here goes again..

    Kroenke Weneger and Bould out…

  9. I said it once and I’ll say it again, for every one player that returns from injury for us, three or four more get injured, it’s just rediculous. This is why we’ll never ever win the league until this stops, our players just simply cannot last the duration of playing a few games on the trot, they seriously need to shape up or medical team or training methods have to improve. It’s like we’re not allowed to have a fully fit squad, look at the other premier league teams, to a team like Chelsea, injuries are never a problem, I just don’t get what makes our players ravaged by injuries constantly, their careers are being ruined by injuries, just look at Walcott, Wilshere and Diaby and Gibbs for example, constantly injured. Enough is enough.

  10. Why did van persie nasri fabregas toure anelka Henry viera hleb song etc leave – don’t give me shit about them wanted to better themselves or they wanted to play for their boyhood team..

    Teams such as arsenal should only allow or should have only allowed players to leave when we had finished with them … OR IF WE COULD REPLACE THEM LIKE FOR LIKE..!!!

    Players left because they felt the board or WENGER were not ambitious enough.. Henry, van persie fabregas Nasri clichy have all gone on to better themselves at other clubs.. Ask yourself..?
    Why wasn’t VIERA brought back instead of joining one of our rivals in manshitty..? Surely fabregas was better than ozil and Cazorla..?

    The board and or Arsene are taking everybody for a ride … Anderlecht swansea and Stoke are prime examples of WHY WE NEED CHANGE..

    How many more humiliating 6-1 6-3 8-2 5-0 3-1 etc do we have to endure.. Did we have weakened teams against them..? Possibly .. But it’s irrelevant.. The truth is and the question should be asked..

    Why do we have weakened teams.. ? ‘Bad luck’ eventually runs out.. Just like ‘good’

  11. After reading the Wenger press conference on this morning I thought it’s was April first today not December twelfth !
    Wenger is now fuelling the arguments between the fans of our club and remember it’s our club not his.

  12. First game of last season we lost at home to villa and the emirates crowd turned on Wenger,then in a panic to keep the fans on side he bought Ozil.
    Fast forward February 1st 2015 we have villa at home will it be a repeat ?

    1. this time his master card is Henry, remember me saying this, if things will turn bad, Henry will arrive to to ease us ( me not ) fans down. I love Ozil, but i always knew he was a panic buy.

  13. To all the Wenger loving AKB’s on here this site is called just not justarsene,my point is there is more to this club than one out of date,stale,senile fraud of a manager so if you cannot take the real fans of this club who have supported the Gunners for many years go start up your own site to worship your fallen idol and leave the true fans of the club to discuss Arsenal FC .

  14. Kostantin, or whatever you call yourself, you seem to have no brain in you. I thought you, at least, went to school. I don’t blame you; it’s the site admin who has become a big JOKE (for allowing meaningless posts on here). You senselessly berate Mert who has foreseen a somewhat good season in the mould of the immediate past. What is left now is for you to blame Wenger for using white or black magic on his players so that they get injured. It is laughable that some kid may not reason the way you’re currently doing.
    Okay, now that you have written this, what do you want us to do? Probably to shoot the hell outta Wenger, but how will that make Arsenal to win the league? Criticize Wenger all you want, but please, if you don’t know about football, please don’t wash the stinking linens out here.
    You ask why Hayden is not used yet (for instance). At the same time you cry that Wenger is not getting a defender. Apply this to every other position…

  15. Buyers are all saying we won’t pay
    any more than 7p for a player
    besides we don’t need anyone.
    Sellers are saying our man is totally happy
    here and won’t leave for less than 4 trillion Quid.
    Transfer bullsh#t is under away again.
    50 days to go 🙁

    1. Do you realise that when Arsenal
      beat Newcastle, Arsene can say
      “Vwalah” 🙂 see I told you .
      9 injured and we still win.
      We don’t need any transfers
      before 2017.
      Now you AOB’s can shut the f##k up 🙂

  16. I’m going to the game tomorrow night and in will be calling for wengers head before and after the game,during I will sing to support the team and cheer them to a win

  17. “If everyone stays fit we don’t need to go into the transfer market”
    Er, can’t you see the irony of that?
    Everyone will not stay fit so he WILL go into the transfer market!

  18. Ffs everybody. This is all just part of the winter transfer negociations. Wenger wil say we do not need anyone. Alardyce says 20 mil for reid. Can.t you blind w…….s (ian wright here) see that negociations are taking place. Lots of dumb people around here… Dah…

    1. Sucker – it isn’t just buying players, but buying the right players. Arsenal don’t negotiate, they simply walk away – unless of course the player has a back injury, then the manager sanctions taking on loan (as cover for injuries!!!!!).

    2. We have been here before, @supertuur … anyway 50 days and we can judge … but until then we should not stay calm

      1. Yes kim kalstrom comes to mind and Arsene did disappoint us last winter. This time i believe we will get a defender this winter transfer. People just do not understand negociation language. When Alardyce says 20 mil for a n underpaid defender with 6 months left on contract I know he is resigned to selling him and wants the most he can get. Wenger says wef don,t need him to get a lower price. He says the same about pod and campbell that they are usefull but hardly uses them. This is to do not sound desperate.

        What is realy desperate is torres on 170k per week and ac milan wants to hand him back to Chelsea.

    3. Understand your point but don’t agree with your position. Wenger saying that he may not strengthen in Jan. Will inflame a large swath of the Arsenal fan base, and the last thing Wenger/Arsenal are supporters who won’t be cheering on the lads tomorrow with verb. So the long and short is, I do believe that he is unwilling to sign the missing/needed pieces

  19. AKB’s are gonna rule on
    this site on Saturday night.
    “Wenger est un génie.
    Dans Arsène nous avons confiance”.
    Where are all the AOB’s they will say 🙂

  20. Wenger comes out and says that he is not interested in buying.

    What fans think. Damn, he is about to do nothing.

    What Wengerits think. No panic, i saw Wenger smirk or i heaed him farting and this must be some kind of sign that he is up to something.

    End result. Kim Kalstrom arrives. In your face Arsenal fans. In Wenger we trust.

    1. Our New Years gift this year will be a fully fit diaby who will stay fit untill the transfer window closes,great excuse for no money to be spent.

      1. People don’t realise that Wenger spins the same drivel
        EVERY YEAR..

        How often has he said we are strong and that our team has spirit and unity blah blah blah yet continue to fail to get anywhere near winning ANYTHING other than limping across the line in last seasons FA cup!

        How often does he mention he will ONLY buy if needed.. Well EVERY SEASON WE HAVE NEEDED TO BUY YET HE DOESNT DO IT- he’s a liar along with Kroenke .. !!

        1. i dont think he’s lacking in ambition. i think he’s really become delusional: thinks his team is great. as for lying: yes, he has misdirected us before, in order to not show interest to the seller in case seller raises prices. in the end , only listen to the facts and they are that we are consistently in top 4 , but consistently not better than 4th.
          those have been teh facts at the end of the season .
          its also interesting so many times he justifies himself with longevity (17 years, 180 CL games…) , not with results.

  21. Arsene is probably right tbf ….

    If you are happy with scraping into fourth place (just about this year ) then we don’t need reinforcements if everybody is fit !

    …. Problem is , is that we have the worst injury record in the league for some unknown reason and the fans have clearly had enough of just scraping fourth !

    In the immediate future , we are desperate for a centre back and defensive mid , but if the aim is to challenge for the league we need so much more.

    Wake up arsene , why is that every football fan up and down the country can see what’s wrong but you can’t ?

  22. Every man With his dog and cat knows that all our injury problems are as a result of wenger’s acient training and recovery methods. Mou said the other day that after every match, chelsea players abstain from some activities like riding bicycles and some other things,and thats why they dont have injuries .

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