Is Wenger just a buffer between Kroenke and the Arsenal fans?

Will the FA cup save Wenger once again or doesn’t it matter at all? by KM

Hello everyone. I am really sorry that I am beginning to sound like a broken record but please bear with this post. So Arsenal are playing Hull on Tuesday night after a nightmare run of games but at least with some encouragement from the Spurs game given the circumstances.

Still though it’s a massive disappointment and drawing with Spurs isn’t something to cheer about in any way. It’s sad that we let ourselves go a man down with a needless tackle from Coquelen highlighting the fact we need to add an alternative DM, because we all know how Flamini and Arteta ended up.

Roll back to 2014 where we were top of the league for most of the season to finish… well fourth! Arsene said his job was saved thanks to an FA cup dramatic comeback. It was really nice to end the trophy drought but I feel like this was just dust in our eyes that covers a problem that runs deeper.

Champions league defeat against the likes of Monaco, the repeated failures against Barcelona, the inability to beat United or Chelsea or… Swansea, no matter what squad they field against us. The lack of transfer activity and the obvious repeat of mistakes despite Wenger claims that he’s learned, are the real issue.

The reason is we’re run as a business. Stan Kroenke doesn’t care if we finish first or fourth, because for him it’s all about numbers. If we can achieve them by being fourth and not buying players, than that’s fine. Big teams though win money by winning trophies, which eventually leads to more fans, more sales, more interest and more money of course.

We do it by the highest ticket prices and the lowest transfer activities. And in Arsene, silent Stan has a man that delivers this, by handling all the negativity on himself in exchange for immortality. Wenger is like that man at the office that does just enough to never be sacked and earns a fair living not really caring that much about the success of the company.

So the owner is just leeching the club as is the board full of old people who’s exact job isn’t really clear. I mean Ed Woodward get’s hammered pretty bad over the United situation. I don’t see Ivan’s face in the media, nor the one of Stan or sir Chips. Abramovich is attending most Chelsea games and he sacked their favourite manager despite the fans appeal to keep him, because they weren’t doing well enough.

He just knows that if we are on profit he is safe. That’s why he never went to Real Madrid, despite Perez wanting him. Had he failed he’d be kicked out and exposed as the fraud manager he is. Wenger is obsessed with football so much he split with his wife! He doesn’t have anything else. He said in an interview that Fergie has his horses, but isn’t it time Arsene finds a new hobby? They say that people need to have at least 3 different interests to not be crazy.

The Arsenal fans rarely express their opinion with boos and banners (who were confiscated at some games so that nobody expresses anything against him – kinda like a dictatorship don’t you think?) but the boiling point is close. Or at least it seems close now, but if Arsene delivers an FA cup a lot of people will forget once again. I was foolish to believe that the FA cup might be the start of trophies rolling in but the reality is, it’s just a tool used to hide the real issue.

What’s the chances of a new owner coming in? Slimmer than those of Wenger leaving by himself if you ask me. Stan won’t sell a well running business while it’s profitable. He hasn’t invested a single penny into this club. Usmanov is deliberately being singled out and doesn’t have a board representative because he’d demand investments and Stan doesn’t want that.

So despite Wengers ongoing failure to win a league title, even when all top teams are shadows of their former selves and the likes of Leicester make his excuses seem like garbage, will anyone stand up and say it’s time to move on. Anyone from the bunch of rich old people on the board to go for change against their boss and their free fountain of money called Arsenal?

I don’t see it, but as the last thing in the pandoras box, it’s the hope that’s left. Hope that something we will change.


  1. if wenger on his own were a better manager with TACTICS , GAME PLAN ..and serious minded….if he’d put aside favouritsm

    Even if he bought cheap(him being the cheap type) , adatable , physically and mentally strong , Less crocked , determined kinda players

    it’s a possibility, he could have achieved achievable results….. But Wenger isn’t that Man!

    1. If winning FA cup again, will safe wenger’s Job then I rather see us lose tonight. #WengerOut at all cost.

  2. or we just leave arsenal and become watford fans 🙁 🙁 🙁

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  5. One day I may write a piece about Wenger and I want to write it once he left Arsenal no matter the reason. These being said here’s my short take on things.
    There was life before and definitely will be after. Prior to Wenger the club won 10 titles and 8 FA Cups. He brought in 3 titles and 6 cups so that’s not a really bad record. But that’ll something for statistics and it’s not really the subject here.
    Wenger is not the cause of our decline, he is the sympthom. In every club (and we like to look at Leicester today) lifespan of a manager is 3 years (some 5, some 4). It started with board deciding they want a brand like United or Liverpool, two huge clubs in the world and the best idea was to move home to the Emirates. A brave and costly move but the danger of financial collapse was not such a far fetched prospect. They turned to Wenger because of his recent records of bringing struggling players for decent fees and turning them into superstars. You all remember the motto : we don’t buy superstars at Arsenal, we make them.
    Then came in Stan Kroenke which managed to snatch the majority of the shares on the fact that Usmanov did not wanted to pay for what at the time sounded like a real dire financial situation. And don’t forget the great financial crisis was kicking in and no one dared to invest in property, especially mortgaged one as Emirates was at the time.
    It is easy to imagine what the board priority were : financial stability and debt payment. And Wenger came with the plan : stay in top 4 , collect UCL money, TV money, buy low and sell high (Nasri, Clichy, RvP, Fabregas etc). This created a monster, Wenger was not responsible for the results anymore but for making the sales quota. And this perpetuated until today. I am sure he is having a sale quota as objective and not a real trophy. He would love it but I am not sure he knows what it takes to win one anymore. He is not a bad coach but he was miles better when he took care of the football side only and Dein had the finance and the sales/aquisitions.
    So, to conclude this small piece : is he a buffer between Kroenke and the fans? Yes and no. Firstly, Kroenke doesn’t give a rat’s ar$e about the fans. St. Louis supporters can vouch for that. The team had mixed (to say the least) results even over there. So from this point of view I don’t believe he is a buffer. However, fans identify him as culpable for being the oldest in charge and that is working wonders for Kroenke and Gazidis. On the expense of the fans.

    1. very well written and absolutely correct that the financial problems changed wenger.
      But is removing Wenger the answer?
      will a new manager be better? who is that?
      if the club really wants to become a contender in BPL and CL, this has to start from the top i.e. Kroenke and Gazidis. Otherwise we can always change AW to x, y and z and we just go further down.

      one more thing that you should add in your post is that teams like Chelsea and City emerged during the period that Arsenal suffered most financially. new competitors came in and players price went up so much Arsenal couldnt buy the stars. Arsenal decision to build a new stadium was at the worst possible point of time. lets realise that and make proper analysis before asking for head of AW and others

      1. Yes removing Wenger is the answer, he has been the buffer for so long and sacrifices the meaning of a winning team for financial gains to feed the few, while degrading the most important factor – the fans. when he goes, new manager comes in, asks for transfer cash, owner refuses, manager exposes them and we all complete the puzzle as who is the bad guy, but having a puppet like Wenger will always bring us back instead of progressing. he makes excuses day in day out to support the stupidity, coz he is one of them

        1. @don99
          If AW is the “buffer”. What makes you think that the next manager won’t be just another “buffer”. Because for all intents and purposes, whoever comes in, no matter who they be, will not go against his pay masters…
          “Logic, it’s free. Use it”

          1. Its not free, it is people like you that making it difficult for forward thinking fans to find a final solutions to Arsenal problem, when you stop using your money to pay for something that is giving you grief and heart attack then Kroenke will put fans first. No reasonable fans should spend their hard earn moneys on anything pertaining to Arsenal to start with follow by non stop protest.

            1. @awwal
              Logic is free. Just because you’re too lazy to use it or too biased to care about using it in this instance, doesn’t change that FACT…
              And you are totally delusional, if you think the fans are going to find a solution to any problem AFC might have, or if I’m influencing any fans decision making process…

              1. @ Ny Gunner, if i offended you by saying your opinion is not encouraging fans to believes they can do something, i am sorry no body is an emblem of knowledge here and we are debating for a panel to judge on the best point mostly we are all right by consensus that we want changes. And how you come about the word lazy and delusional is out of my imaginations. If fans believes we can do it then may be we can every effort we surely have impact, it my even bring Wenger self retirement closer he is a human being and blood run in his vein.

          2. you don’t have to be a genius to make sense, bring in manager with goals that are different from Wenger’s (money) then you’ll see what happens. let Man city bring in Pep and go against what he wants, and see the PL turning upside down. Wenger is weak and has a backing of people like you that’s why he keeps saying critics dont affect him, that’s saying whatever he does no one can do anything about him, he flops every season and still NY_Gunner and Budd keep licking his a**

            1. That was the point of the disertation! Stan’s goals are not the trophies, it is the money. Why would he set another goals to another manager? Why no do it right here, right now with Wenger? No manager will come and commit to win teh title. They will want the same treatment : 4th place and the fat check. If board woul ask for trophies any sane manager will say, fine! But here is the shopping list. Don’t you think it is very strange that media touts lots of money available and yet we under spend? OK, media is full of bull most of the time but there’s not smoke without fire. I bet you any money that Wenger has part of the profits when they draw the line at the end of the season, there is a big fat bonus we are not being told. I may talk out of my ar$e here but I can’t explain it otherwise.

          3. Nothing is logic about you Comment, are you saying we should just live it like that until Kroenke is dead, no no no we can use our money to pay for heart attack and failures again, we don’t need Barcelona and Real Madrid to dream who we should be, can’t you see how Tottenham play? They play like top table is their birth right, to start with any fans that really want changes in this Club should stop spend their hard earn money on anything about this club to start with, how could some stupid old men cheating us young sharp and at the same time showing it to us.

            1. Yes. As long Kroenke is here we will live like that. Unless someone convince him that silverware is the point of any competition. I can give it to you in writting here, if Kroenke stays and keeps the same model we will do exactly as we did since 2008.

              1. Arsenal fc is a business and just like all businesses the soul purpose is to make money… Right?

                I doubt that Kroenke is against winning trophies ?
                Maybe he is just unlucky with that aspect with all the clubs he owns (in the USA).

                It’s funny how the same fan’s who stated that spending large amounts of money didn’t guarantee winning trophies, (whilst mainly comparing Liverpool and Utd to that example), are now saying that a Wenger replacement wouldn’t make any difference since Spending seems to be an issue at Arsenal.
                * Cough.. Cough.. Ozil and Sanchez? Proves that Kroenke hasn’t a problem with Spending this kind of money on player’s, to help the club in it’s quest to Win trophies but the problem clearly lies with Mr Wenger, who is no longer capable of taking this team forward, if only his skills in motivating and tactics were as abundant as his excuses!

                To suggest that a new manager wouldn’t make a difference is ludicrous! ?

                Even the West Ham manager would take Arsenal to a new and improved level. .. just with his tactics alone, at least he does his homework before he faces his opponents! ?

        2. You make absolutely no sense. You acknowledge that Wenger is the buffer and call for someone else which will do exactly the same. And maybe this time with way less support from the board and inevitably less money. Getting rid of Wenger will only shift the blame on the next manager. At a very least Gazidis must leave as well. Kroenke leaving would be even better because I am sure there won’t be any lack of investors at Arsenal. You sound just like one wanting to blame someone for everything you believe is wrong. Not sure if you read what you just posted. Is like getting rid of the ants by setting the house on fire. Ants will move, that’s one thing for sure.

          1. Wenger have to go first, I doubt some of the young sharp manager out there will want to compromise their aspirations, dreams and profile for some stupid investors, at that level of management, a 21st century manager will not sign a contract that stands him still, by the time Kroenke changes up to 10 managers in two years he will sit tight and do it the right way or quit.

            1. Very well. So you are ready to put up with another 10 barren years just to get rid of Wenger, do I understood well what you were saying? Please note that I am not against it, just want to see if we are on the same page here.

    2. @Budd
      Very well put Gooner.
      I’d like to add something to that though.
      Americans are buying up shares in English football clubs in every division/League. The so called “sustainable model” will soon become the norm in British football due to this. Because, unlike the NFL, which is a tax free entity in itself, the only money to be made in British football is through the massive money brought in from worldwide t.v. rights. Which would expand football teams product sales, by expanding fan bases…
      Now there seems to be a push by the Americans to start a new “Super League” in Europe, with the top 5 BPL teams thought to be interested in it, with AFC among them. Imagine the impact this would have on British football as a whole, not just AFC. It might force the owners/board to invest in more top tier players. One thing is for sure, it will mean that the money hungry attitude you now see, will pale in comparison to whats on the horizon.
      So name your “buffer”. Because thats all they will be.

      1. We must be crazy to enter this superleague in the hope we will win it with this team. Team needs a rehaulin vital points. Half of our midfield will leave thsi summer (not like they played a lot). Mert, Kos, Cazorla will be 31, that’s half of our defence. Investments will have to be massive just to stay in that Super League.
        I just came from and just had an epiphany: our first team started with 22 players! 22 players! 3 spots are not filled by anyone (maybe the regular academy training with the big boys). But I don’t see anyone here complaining about that. Everyone want to buy, buy, buy to replace deadwood but we had three positions not filled in! We never played Wilshere, Jenkinson, Gnabry and even Rosicky. They were not in the squad in the begining of the season. And even Arteta. 27 – 5 = 22! Out of these 22 Cazorla is out and Welbeck just came in. Add to this the fact that Iwobi is just makning the quota and Elneny just came in the winter and we go back to 18. This is criminal. Do I blame Wenger for that? Damn right I do. But how the media and the board didn’t reacted to this? I haven’t paying attention because we always were in top 3. It is systemic and someone must answer these questions. Our players are over played and now we know why. I am left speechless.

        1. This is the reason Gazidis was on record as stating that the AFC are reluctant to get involved in a super league because as NY gunner has stated there will be a need for a much larger investment to compete and thats not something the board wish to become immersed in for obvious reasons .

      2. This is the first time Ive thumbs up NY gunner and budd in the same stream I must be getting old lol

        1. Thumbing up/down is overrated. That’s why I don’t do it. I preffer to respond with meaningful words instead of pointing my finger up or down. It is not like I am like the monkeys in the Commons booing and clapping.

    3. waste of time……….

      Arsene is the buffer….. A technically gifted manager even with Low resources can achieve fabulous results

      if Arsenal were playing Wonderful attacking football instead of their usual slow, boring side-2-side holdup play kinda football…… Thr’s no telling how many matches we could have won this season… Arsene can only preach football (cohesion, positivity etc) but can’t exercise or practice it…… This has always been a Herculean task

      1. tell me soopa what kind of football would you have arsenal play and how? do tell how they players are feeling about that style of play and their level of ability to execute

  6. On the face of the ongoing title challenge this season, Arsenal have become a doubt to lift the title as the Boss had blatantly refused to re-inforced his squad with adequate 2 top quality signings at least during the winter window for cover and options for a sustainable title campaign during this title run-in. We all know this fact.

    But instead of to apologise for his misplaced order of priorities as regard to strengthening his squad during the winter window, when it was obvious he needed to do that for security reason. The Boss has decided to turn on a section of the Arsenal supporters of the AOBs, the AST & the Arsenal’s AAA Chieftain, Piers Morgan for their audacity to criticise him for his titless campaigns since 2004, as he was reported to have said, Arsenal supporters complains & disgruntledment is boring to him.

    I take that singular statement by the Boss as disrespective to the Arsenal supporters irrespective of the section of supporters they belonged. The professional games which Arsenal have played and are still playing is largely for the Arsenal fans to pay, attend subscribe and watch. If the Arsenal fans embraced will no longer attend the Arsenal games nor subscribe to watch, Arsenal will eventually fold up. And just before that happens, Standard Kroenke will hurriedly sell his majority Arsenal Shares to a buyer.

    Arsenal winning the title this season is partially in their hands and partially in the hands of others. The Boss MUST make sure that Arsenal win their remaining 9 BPL games to stand an outside chance of winning the titles this season if our title rivals happened to collapse in their remaining 9 title campaigns.

    I wouldn’t entertain any fear or doubt of Arsenal not beating Hull tonight, should I? Not at all. Arsenal will beat Hull to qualify for the Q/F of the FA Cup to play against Watford at the Ems on Sunday for a S/F birth.

  7. An extremely well written and articulate article that really reiterates what I’ve been saying for several years now. Kroenke was the worst thing that happened to a club that was already being run by silver spooned ex merchant bankers and assorted lords and ladies who have NO interest in anything other than share prices rising and a profit margin that guarantee’s a profit each year, Wenger is the ideal front man for this soulless bunch and while I honestly belive that he does care about the club, his ethos and methods suit the board right down to a tee.
    Wenger is running out of excuses and I feel that eventually he’ll be moved UP not out and someone else will be brought in who is a like for like person and will do EXACTLY the same as wenger has done.
    Silent stan is going nowhere and it’s a testament to Usmanovs belief in the club that he has stuck with holding on to his shares despite NOT being given a place on the board when he could have just sold up at a huge profit and shipped himself somewhere else.
    Kroenke is utter poison to our club and he and his lep dog Gazidis will noty move from the club they would need to be forced and that wont happen until someone sells their shares to Usmanov, which in turn wont happen until someone gets dissatisfied with the vast sums of money they are all making by raping and robbing the fans.
    One can only hope that with the huge influx of money coming in from BT that the board are both satisfied with their bumper windfall in pprofit AND realize that as the majority of fans are now aware of the huge influx of money they will now have to start spending or else there will be no more excuses, E.G fans asks why we have not spent big in the summer as we have an extra 20 million in the bank?
    The board has no answer, Wenger is running out of answers but the fans have NO power to change it!!!
    That’s the only hope we have but knowing the board and judging on previous experience they will just roll out AW or another like him amnd he’s just going to repeat and reinterate what he’s already said before in a different way.
    Fans have short memories and the FA cup shut many people up because they always hope for better, Silent stan has used this against us and you won’t see ticket prices drop OR any huge spending in the transfer window, BUT there will be a massive amount of money coming in and its up to us to ask “where is it all going if its not being reinvested into the transfer market or in cutting ticket prices?.
    We’ll see but I don’t think anything will change much as its their club and they own it we just pay for a lackluster service and don’t moan too much about it, it’s the most crooked deal in any situation anywhere but WHAT? Can we do about it?

  8. Hahaha ???

    I think some fan’s are getting confused with the word buffer? … Surely they must mean bluffer!!

    Okayyyyy… I’m good with compromising…
    How about Wenger is a Bluffer Buffer,
    Who wears a long Puffer?
    But the truth is. … it’s not the zipper that’s busted,
    It’s the man who wears it! ?

  9. Give it a rest, man… Wenger is far from perfect, but a fraud of a manager he is NOT.

    P.S. Admin, can we stop posting crap from Konstantin, please? He said it it himself, “… like a broken record”. It’s just annoying to read the same thing day in and day out. He’s not really adding anything to the JustArsenal community.

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