Is Wenger looking Down and Out after Arsenal loss?

Arsene Wenger looked like a lot of Arsenal fans felt as he tried to explain how the Gunners had thrown away a winning position for the second time in two games. And if that is how he feels, how is he going to be able to solve the problems and get the team going in the right direction again.

The Frenchman is usually able to find a few positives and be pragmatic after a poor resuly, but he seemed at a loss as he spoke to Sky Sports after losing to Swansea City. Not only did Wenger struggle to find a reason for the team’s poor performance, you could see the frustration and disappointment written all over his face.

He did suggest that a big problem was that the Gunners just did not compete hard enough, getting beaten in numerous challenges in key areas at key times. But many fans and football pundits will ask the question whether the lack of fight and all of the club’s problems is coming from the top.

It is not just Wengers desire and determination that is being questioned, though, because the team tactics and substitutions were once again highlighted and shown to be wanting. We have been here before though, and Wenger has proved everyone wrong. But are we finally seeing the beginning of the end for the Prof?

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  1. Many commentators (and posters here) have been saying Chambers should be playing CB with Bellerin at RB. Some specifically suggested a change for the Swansea game in particular because of pace on the wings and strikers who are dangerous in the air. Wenger, of course, had other ideas.

    Every PL team we play is going to be salivating at the prospect of exploiting Monreal in the air. Next up United, with Fellani, RVP and (maybe) Falcao. And DiMaria against Chambers on the wing! Will Wenger change anything? Of course not!

    1. These days, particularly like yesterday, I just find it hard to say anything here becuz there’s nothing I will say that I or someone else hasn’t said before. Yesterday, I described Wenger as one who is “tactically nonchalant and characteristically enigmatic.

      My problem now is not even Wenger, it is those fans that keep making silly excuses for him. I wonder what folks like @ Big_gun and @61-never-Again will or must have said after yesterday’s game, funny AKBz.

      1. Well it still stands that statistically, up until last season, Arsenal were doing a lot better than previous years, we also won a trophy. This is why I took the stance I did, but yes I must agree with you, yesterday was absolutely embarrassing especially how Wenger left Chambers on the whole game as RB to get continually skinned by Montero which ultimately led to their second goal. You must know that 3 or 4 years ago I was extremely anti-Wenger on this forum, but then I had a look at the bigger picture and realized there were a lot of other constraints and things going on in the background – the stadium, all our best players leaving etc etc and Wenger managed to pull us through on a shoe string budget cutting top 4 in the process. Now we have the financial muscle to actually build a decent squad which we have already begun doing and this is why some of us still support the manager. Wenger has dug himself a massive hole now, and the only way he can get out of it, is by buying 3 top players in Jan – 2 QUALITY DM’s and a world class CB, quicker than both Mertesacker and Chambers. In my opinion, Mertesacker is over the hill far too slow for any league and we hardly ever see him win headers even though he is a giant. Flamini is far too volatile and also his best days are behind him. Arteta ok against smaller teams but flakes out against tougher opponents. If Wenger cannot make these changes by Jan, then I’d say YES it is time for him to go. Until then, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

    2. Wenger needs to go, it’s idiotic going into the season with a lack of defence, every single season we are a little short somewhere in the team and its there for everyone to see apart from wenger. If he’s to save himself he needs to go out and get Hummels, carvalho at dm and and back up cb. But by January all the injured will be nearing a return and they will be like new signings, so same old wenger won’t sign anyone, well probally an attacking midfielder who’s past it or never heard of.

  2. Grateful for what arsenes done for the club, but somethings go to give. Why aren’t the London fans making it known that the entire fan base are disappointed and fed up with the poor results, excuses, mentality, etc. Why not put up some banners or something?, put the manager under some needed pressure, the players will surely feel a bit of the responsibility and hopefully step up their game. It’s getting ridiculous, we need to do better.

  3. why can’t wenger just see what is obvious? everyone would play chambers along with BFG in the center of defence and play bellerin or flamini on the right back but no. why does he have to make such idiotic choice and play monreal as a center half. okay after koscielny got injuried wenger tried monreal but it hasn’t worked at all. so does he keep playing him there? and it is clearly not the first time wenger being so naive and stubborn. wenger has to cut these ignoramus runs out where he just can’t make the obvious choices. if he can’t i think he should leave.

  4. We will crowd fund with our season ticket money and buy the club! The club should belong to the fans not some greedy business men. We don’t mind business men getting a return on their investment, but there’s a BIG problem when the business men get what they want, but the paying customers (fans paying the highest ticket prices in the world) are being massively short-changed. We will start by setting up a website to this effect…Ideally, We will appoint David Dein as our first chairman, Piers Morgan might also play some role too. I say crowd funding! Lets put together the odd 10 pounds or thousand dollars, lets do this for our club, I AM FED UP!

    1. mehn!….. U have an idea….. But how does the mobilization begin? ….. Someone’s gotta contact david dein and piers morgan

      1. Let’s buy the Canon (Crowd Funding to buy Arsenal Football Club)…join on face book, I just set up the group. I searched for Piers Morgan on Facebook and inboxed him already, I’m not very active on twitter, lets bombard him into accepting, this is not about me , i just came up with the idea, we can do this ….Victoria Concordia Crescit!

    2. @ incarnate ……mehn!….. U have an idea….. But how does the mobilization begin? ….. Someone’s gotta contact david dein and piers morgan

    3. @incarnate
      You are truly havin a laugh dude. Crowd fund with season ticket money. CTFU. LMFAO
      This aint Portsmouth FC dude. Oh, by the way. Where are they now.
      Get a f**kn grip…

  5. Wenger lost it several years ago, he leaves it late before making substitutions chambers was clearly struggling yesterday but arsene sat on the bench and did nothing, and we concede another headed goal probably the highest this season

  6. Wenger lost it several years ago, he leaves it late before making substitutions chambers was clearly struggling yesterday but arsene sat on the bench and did nothing, and we concede another headed goal

  7. Alan Shearer made great observations.
    1. Mertsacker isn’t being a leader of the defense. After our goal, 8 players were seen in the final 3rd of the pitch. He should have called the defenders back to preserve the 1 goal lead.
    2. Mourinho saw what was missing at Chelski and fixed the problem. Wenger did not. Mourinho signed a top attacking midfielder and top striker. Wenger should have signed a top striker, top defender and top defensive midfielder.
    3. Chambers should have been subbed. Bellerin should play RB.

    I totally blame the manager tactically and not getting the quality players we need. We are better than Spuds but not by much.

    Also Wenger today said nobody can catch Chelski. Well that may be true. But my question to Wenger is why are Southampton only 4 points adrift and we are 12 points adrift. In November!!!!!

  8. Wenger has only himself to blame for not being able to find a defender last august. I dont know any other team who start a football season with only 2 established center halves and its even more shocking with arsenal’s injury history. The team selection itself was confusing. Why was nacho monreal playing at center back? Calum chambers was abysmal on the wing against montero. all montero had to do was kick it past chambers and cross. Wenger should have shifted him to CB and put hector bellerin, who has a lot of pace, on the wing.And How the hell was monreal going to stop bafetembi gomis ? I feel really sorry for sanchez. he must be thinking what has he gotten himself into.

  9. When has lost the plot! He is using out dated tactics that has gone out the window for some years now! This is the modern game, things have change mr wenger get the times! Coyg!

  10. Yes this is the beginning of the end of lè prof even the Akbs know its finally happening, we need a fighter someone like Diego simeone that guy can squeeze every single energy out any player rarely sits down always giving instructions to his players on the touchline& moving up and down thats realy hilarious.we tired of this bullsh*t 4th position yearly trophy,loaning any injured player(who da hell does dat),playing underperfmng individuals,playing a short lb as a cb huh?,no squad rotation wat some ever,money clinging coach,a specialist in failure and a clueless one..

    1. You honestly think we will get 4th?
      I can’t see it as things stand, it is obvious the players have lost confidence in Wenger.
      Sanchez looked distraught coming of the pitch last night and then Wenger had the cheek to slam him in the media?
      Sanchez can’t carry the whole team, they have to get with the program.

      1. We’ll still get 4th or even 3rd. We have a quality squad which is being under used imo.
        Hate to say this but someone like SAF,Ancelotti,etc would have won the league with our squad.

  11. The rot is from the top, Wenger is not accountable to anyone so he sits pretty. Let’s shake up this flawed arrangement, not even Fergie had this much power to run Man U, he had influence not power like wenger does, its bad for the fans when this happens. the Emirates is like the moon, breathtaking structure but zero atmosphere, why? The common guy who would sing his lungs out, and do everything to encourage the players has been priced out of the market for tickets, how? Because to the current owners, the balance sheet is waaaay more important than the customers[fans].

    1. You are the only one talking of the way forward the rest of us here on this forum are just sad about our result and its becoming game after game and seem it will be forever as wenger is still our manager. He doesn’t have anything left in his tank this is VERY OBVIOUS. People like you with this great initiative can take a step and make something happen right there at the emirates. If you know how you can get this fans together and make this huge step will be beneficial to the club and the fans. I even wonder if the fans watching the match at the emirates are sad about the results ****shame on them all for not seeing thingS from the right angle**** they are as deluded as wenger,they are very soft like most of our players,those fans watching arsenal when they play this bad and couldn’t take a step are as inefficient as diaby who is a part of arsenal but virtually has a role to play, infact they have been on a long term injury since we turned to a laughing stock for other clubs. They keep saying AKB. PLEASE @incarnate get somE guys together, let the grieve spread, take a step. I am tired of seeing this horrible weekends I love arsenal with all my heart and I can’t stand this anymore.

      1. I sent an a facebook inbox to Piers Morgan already this AM, hope he finds the prospect interesting enough, we need people like him to drive such an initiative. Methinks it would make more sense to come on here and ‘vote’ for a player we’d like to see playing for Arsenal, for a coach we’d like to see at the club rather than just fantasizing.

  12. why are we in this defensive mess? was it predictable and avoidable?

    We are in this mess because of wenger. It is simple as this: you don’t go into a whole season ( 4 tournaments) with 2 senior center back ( one who just returned from a world cup win and serious lack of pace was an issue the previous season) and a very inexperince youngster.Wenger sold varmaelen promised to replace him but did not. His excuse? There was no one good enough to bring additional quality to the squad. Are you telling me that Winston Reid, Angello Ogbonna ect… are not good options for arsenal? what wenger really wanted is another centerback to backup koscielny, mertesaker and chambers. No decent player will accept that role. players want to come in to compete for places. if they are better than the existing options, they should start ahead of them.

    And don’t even get me started on the defensive midfield issue.

    I summary:
    1. Wenger needs to stop putting blind faith in players like Mertesaker, flamini and arteta, diaby ect. and bring in players we actually need. pundits and fans are always saying that we are 1 or 2 signings away from competing for majors trophies. We could have really gone for the title this year if wenger had signed a solid centerback and defensive midfielder.

    2. Wenger needs to be more tactically flexible.

    3. Wenger needs to stop making empty promises.

    4. Wenger needs to assume responsibility for his actions.

    5. Wenger should consider stepping down.

  13. I have to agree with you guys, our loss was purely a tactical flaw and I am still stunned as to why Wenger did not do something about Chambers. I’ll still support Wenger till his tenure is up, but after that he needs to go, no more extensions.

    1. @big-gun Your last statements show you are one of arsenal problems and your are one of the siblings to the specialist in failure. Go to hell you hate arsenal but love wenger follow him to france instead of spoiling arsenal with your blind love.

      1. Listen here you mug, I have been supporting Arsenal since the 80’s long before Wenger became manager and will be supporting my club long after Wenger is gone. I don’t need some twat like you who probably only started supporting Arsenal during the Invincibles era coming on here wishing me to hell.

        1. Good to know you have been with arsenal since the 80s like me, but I’m very surprise you still see your brother wenger as the right man for the next two years. you senses are not with you anymore if you want him to complete his tenure and I repeat @big gun GO TO HELL

    2. Two and a half more years to go. I’m sorry but i can’t support him that long. The only reason he shouldn’t be fired mid-season is because it’s not the “Arsenal Way”. It will also tarnish his legacy. I’ll be sad when he steps down but it’s time(overdue) now.

  14. One man who is always full of himself and thinks he knows everything! He who think every player can be converted to play any position, who thinks he can get good defenders from attacking players, who think he can convert wingers to strikers! How can one describe Arsene Wenger seriously? Arsene is a lost cause to Arsenal and a disgrace to our progress! Arsenal will never win any serious title with Wenger in charge and my only question with the Arsenal fans is this “For how long will you guys keep on with Mediocrity of Arsene?” Atleast we saw what United could do when they were hungry with Moyes what about you gunners faithfuls?

    1. I wouldnt call wenger a disgrace. I mean we are what we are largely because of him. BUT he has just lost the edge. I don’t think he is able to motivate his player anymore. He needs to step down soon for his own sake lie Guardiola and ferguson did at barcelona and man u.

  15. Needless to say, it is not even 8pm in my country and I have already been ragged by 3 different opposition fans. Today is going to be a long one.

    1. You will be ragged for two more years since you love wenger because we can’t improve under him we will only get worse..

  16. According to Forbes Arsenal is the 5th richest club in the world. And Wenger brought in Yaya Sanogo on the pitch.Wenger sends on someone who has never scored a goal – to save the day. Embarrassing. At this rate Sanchez will have more goals than we have points

    1. Dats his faith.
      Sanogo : No goals in 18 months.
      Ramsey & Cazorla : Out of form.
      They’ll still start & finish every game. Campbell Who ?
      Ozil : Played out of position to accomadate all of his 10 attacking mid-fielders.
      Two CB’s for 50+ games. won’t even give games to academy players but over-work & play our 6 defenders out of position.Hell, loan Jenko & sell Verm cos he needs only 6 defenders.

      1. Played sanogo because he does not have any other options (he even did not welbeck remember since he had so much faith in yaya)

        Does not play the academy players because their growth has stalled. He knows they are not good enough; and who is responsible for that? Subconsciously it has been ingrained in the arsenal player’s psyche that you play tiki taka and you are “superior” to other players/teams, never mind if you don not have defensive skills. Outcome, players have no clue how to defend as a team. Cazorla looks like he has never defended in his whole life. Ox is out of position 9 times out of 10.

        I do not quite agree with people that buying a few players will solve the issue. Yes it will pepper over the cracks, but not solve the core issue. The core issue is to ingrain the right fighting mentality into the group. To defend for their lives as a group. To have the tactical awareness as to when open up and play expansive football vis-a-vis when the situation demands that you shut shop and see games out!

        All this seems contrary to the philosophy of wenger who just knows one way to play. We need a manager who has this tactical awareness, and the fight in them. Let’s give the money to the man who can spend wisely. My fear is 1 more season and wenger will go and 1 more player we do not leave while leaving us hopelessly exposed in positions which need strengthening.

  17. 11 games in and Wenger gives up.Wenger: “We were in control. We missed lots of chances. Our defence was never in trouble.”
    2 more years of this ????????????????

  18. We will be writing the same things after man u game after another defeat be same excuses i for one won’t put myself through the torture of watching this rubbish anymore until Wenger has been sacked!

    1. Me too. Every weekend it’s the same thing. I vow never to watch a game ever again. Only to find myself tearing my hairs out on matchday. Pathetic.
      My younger brother(Madrid supporter) always calls me up & asks not to break the TV set. shhh

  19. does anyone want to see frank de boer given the arsenal manager job? he is hugely experience and has been successful both in Europe and domestically .and will bring Bergkamp with him on his coaching stuff.

  20. Did Wenger get under table commission back from Giroud, Sanogoal, Welbeck, Cazorla, Ramsey, Jack, Arteta, Flamini, so that they got picked so often (and some played every single game despite of form and performance)?

    It is a criminal to have the same team playing week after week and the underperforming player(s) still started the games for us.

  21. As I`ve said before, I don`t think Arsene Wenger is physically and mentally fit enough for the job, age has caught up, he`s probably getting to the forgetful stage, like short term memory problems, and depth of concentration. He won`t be able to see this himself but others can. I`m close to eighty, been there done that!

  22. At this rate, I hope Wenger stays until he is 70. I mean what’s the worst that will happen?
    Relegation?? psssst!
    We’re 6th in the table and we should be proud. We could be 7th but we’re 6th. I mean…common that’s worse. How could we be 7th when what we need to be is 6th? I mean by that evaluation I don’t get why people are upset we’re 6th. We are where we are meant to finish at the end of the season.
    We don’t need to go higher. We just need to stay in that spot.
    Wenger is a phenomenal genius.

  23. Let us all stop talking about wenger’s tactical approach everybody know its wrong and very unacceptable. What is the way forward? Raise banners, sack wenger he doesn’t know what to do anymore. If he is using the players we have well we won’t be this bad. Take it or leave it we have a match winner in alexis, I respect gibbs, chambers can do a cahill in cd,welbeck is a good squad player, most of our players will flourish under another manager………..

    1. Let’s buy the Canon (Crowd Funding to buy Arsenal Football Club)…I just created a group on Facebook with this name, lets start from there, then we’ll petition Piers Morgan [high profile, very vocal critic and with a genuine love for the club] to mobilize in the early stages, if you have anyone else in mind please feel free to put their names forward. Arsenal has many fans from different walks of life, lawyers, accountants, even financiers and the average joe with lots of brilliant ideas, our spend on club merchandise, on tickets and so on does not have to go through the pockets of some greedy individuals who only pay us back with misery over and over again, let’s borrow a leaf from Real Madrid and Barcelona by making use of new technologies to come together and take charge of our club even if remotely, this mini revolution begins now, it begins with YOU! Let blaze this trail, lets not say it hasn’t been done before, I’m tired of complaining about the situation of things, lets be doers!

  24. I rarely post on this site but today i had to. I do not have any hope for the club under wenger anymore. I wanted roberto martinez. And ill say it again i would welcome the special one to arsenal because he is indeed the special one. He said nothing wrong about wenger. I feel bad for alexis sanchez he runs his socks off and scores time and again only to draw or loose. At this point Iam not enjoying being a fan of this club. Bad football no results no ambition and the worst part is iam not even a shareholder! at least then i could have been happy seeing more adn more money in my bank account! there was no striker better than danny the entire window ? There was no defensive midfielder available the entire window? Look at jose … wanted three players targeted them early won them and shut up shop! We pay high high bloody wages these days! It really is a shame wenger is killing our club! I for one look forward to the future of arsenal as without wenger our team will be much more competitive. Anyway i hope we get a top 4 and hold onto alexis thats my only wish for the club. Oh and chelsea cannot go invincible ! Thats our thing.

  25. To be honest the team we put out yesterday is capable of winning that game. Chambers had a game to forget. But what I am confused about is why are. They playing individual game. Ox saw what montero is doing to chambers pls he doesn’t need wenger to tell him to help chambers out. Carragher,martin keown, they pointed that out. Yes ox was gud going forward but was terrible tracking back.and per needs to stfu every week he does the same mistake and he still has the gut to say shit.where was he when gomis out jumped monreal. He was nowhere. Why ramsey is being given opportunity over rosicky is beyond me. Let’s be honest ramsey without his goals is rubbish and he knows it. His expression shows it he is not happy anymore. A lot of underperforming players still they walk straight to the starting 11. Only one word for u wenger gtfo.

  26. Sorry fellow Gunners… I don’t want to look like trying to foment hate against Wenger, neither do I hate him too much,,, but I stayed away from the Swansea game coz I had a bad feeling… Cudn’t go on twitter until at the end…. Hoping fo a miracle… Not in Wenger time…. I hev one important point to make…. Wenger is now finished… We may argue all day,,, but there is no manager who is as clueless and daft as Wenger at the moment. He created an environment which made us proud supporters. Now he’s turned us into something else. What kind of coach wud start a season with (2) centre backs?????? If there is anything we don’t know, um sorry Arsene…. But you are daft and too stubborn for my liking… That defeat at Swansea… means,,,, Let Flamini go, let Nacho kip his place on the bench in case Gibbs is injured, try that boy Chambers at DM till January, (ohhh too bad, that means will be left with one slow CB…. It’s beyond repair… Um totally speechless.. Wenger is Cluelesssss…

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