Is Wenger ready to bring Wilshere back into Arsenal squad?

I really believe that that the question of whether the England international Jack Wilshere is going to be playing his football in an Arsenal shirt next season or moving to another club is all down to him and I, for one, hope that the 26-year old knuckles down this summer and shows Arsene Wenger that he means business.

There has been no talk recently about any contract talks with the midfielder, even though he is now in the final year of his current deal as are Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, but I do not think this necessarily means he will not be offered one.

I think that the boss has a lot of time for the player and when you recall how good he can be lot is understandable. As we know all too well, though, the problem is getting that standard out of Wilshere on a regular basis. One thing his loan move to Bournemouth last season did was get him some regular game time and even though he missed the end of it with a fracture to his leg it was not the usual muscle or ankle problem and that suggests he could play a big part for the Gunners.

As reported by The Sun a few weeks ago, Wenger has sent Jack on a warm weather break to work on his fitness and it is vital that he does work and not indulge in the usual summer of partying. If he does what is required I reckon Wenger will give him another chance as Wilshere can play the sort of role that Cazorla does in the centre and he also has the ability to be more attacking on either flank or in the number 10 role.

The big question is, will he show the discipline and effort needed to resurrect his Arsenal career?



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  2. this guy is 26 now. Last time he was relevant was when he was a teenager. Like Gibbs, another player that never lived up to it. He’s lucky Arsenal fans seem to worship the ground he walks on, and that will probably be enough to keep him in our injury room for next season. Hopefully Wenger knows better by now to not trust his fitness and to barley even count him as an option for midfield. At this point, Wilshere is just a symbol for fans more than an actual player that will deliver for us.

  3. I know he wasn’t great last year at Bournemouth but to be fair the players around him couldn’t be stated as top class either. If he gets fully fit and gets a few good games under his belt with some quality around him he could finally start living up to his potential that we all know he has. But unfortunately its a big if.

  4. He has had a rough tome with injuries, which has hampered is development, while he is a talented player, his need for regular football is no longer possible at arsenal, we have moved away from the hope he will reach the level we need him to be. Wilshere needs to be sold while we still cab get something for him

  5. Watch SANCHEZ!!!!!!!!!,Aguero,KDB,Gundogan and Gabriel rip teams apart next season.Please Sanchez have when you play your ex club next season.

    1. Sanchez will sign a new deal and if he doesn’t he will be sold and I am sure he won’t be sold to a premier league rival, but one thing that baffles me is how much is he even worth ? Everyone keeps praising the likes of hazard, coutinho and firmino as world class and these players are valued at nothing less than £70m whereas SANCHEZ is mile ahead of these player and I hear Man City wants to pay £45m-£50m for him.. they must be either crazy or on a cheap high cause even the rookie (mbappe) is now valued more than €100m.. no big clubs allow there best players to leave to a rival club and this will really tell us the fans how ambitious the club is this time or maybe they have been lying to us, Sanchez is not after money but he wants to win things and he knows with the current players we have nothing can be achieved, all he wants is player that have winning mentality just like him, i know if he stays in Arsenal he’s going to be a lengend just like Henry or even better than him and I think he knows this too.. I also think the FA should look into this transfer rumours concerning alexis as it could just be thesame thing with Liverpool and virl dyke situation wherby they are using the press to unsettle the player and club, if pep needs a player he should go to Barca for messi, I think Man City can afford him, because I see alexis going to where. ( when was the last time we had a striker that scored 30 goals a season since van Persir ?) I think we will all wait and see how objective Wenger is on this situation or maybe he has lost it as we all thought.. anyways gunners for life.

  6. I cant see jack Wilshere getting back into the side as we play a different formation now and Xhaka and Ramsey are the two key players there so sell him and bring in a top quality midfielder,
    As for Alexis Sanchez well it only speculation and the press saying he leave, though no club is bigger than him, so if he doesn’t sign the contract then sell him abroad not to a rival club and bring a player in mahrez from Leicester into the side

  7. Wilshere still got future at the emirate, with better players around him, he will surely strive.. Remember we got lot of matches to play in the season, he can also play the left wing back in our newly adopted formation, remember he is good defensively and offensively the stat speaks for him

  8. hey can’t u all be positive for once, & write something better. Mr Wenger has been thrilling us with a deal on mbappe which l never see the possibility. And believe me he will hang on that deal till the transfer deadline and end with one French average player. why debate on such issue than wasting time with players who barely have a future in arsenal…. to be continued…..

  9. I thought Arsenal fans were boycotting ‘The Sun’? I for one haven’t read a single article from them since they tried to make out that Gunners are terrorists. Surely linking to the is the last thing they deserve? Other than that, love your work Bob, keep it up! 🙂

  10. If only Wilshere is going to be injury free for at least a half of a season, we are all gonna worship him. That is even if wenger and arsenal fan can see that he’s all round better than our loving baby ozil, he’s stronger, loves the game, gets stuck in, takes any game by the scruff of the neck even in big games, dribbles and shields his ball better, gets fouled plenty of times which leads to free kicks, he’s also all arsenal. I hope wenger sees these and benches ozil when he doesn’t deliver to have a taste of Wilshere, but never wenger, he prefers his best on the pitch than giving willing and passionate players chances, the likes of Campbell, Gabriel, Gibbs instead of easy monreal, Perez shud av played more last season e.t.c, I hope to say xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere in front of them, Sanchez/Perez if Sanchez goes, lacazette/welbeck upfront, giroud as sub, Gabriel along side koscielny and kolasinic, bellerin and gibbs/monreal as full backs, I want szesny back as back up to cech and Martinez as understudy……………… but I won’t get it cos it is wenger………smh

  11. People, stop sentimentalism. This is why we have staled for so long. Keeping overrated players, deadwood and Injured prone have made a big impact financially and on the field. we can not keep players getting 60-80k per week for 3 or 4 years in the table treatment. players like Gibbs, Wilsher, Ramsey , theo have been with us for years and none of them have deserved a regular place in the first XI.Utd just released IBRA who scored 28 goals in one season and shows they are ruthless..City started a CULL and 6 already gone and 3 more on their way. We want to move forward this has to be done.Enough is Enough. bring the 3 top players needed and pay as you play contracts in place.We will end up starting August as usual with no real reinforcements and losing our first game of the season as per the last 4.REVOLUTION NEEDED AT ARSENAL. another 2 years or regression looming my fellow gooners.

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