Is Wenger really daft enough to think Arsenal can progress in Champions League?

The big talking point for Arsenal fans today, along with the speculation about the future of Arsene Wenger, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, is about the latter and why he was left one the bench at Anfield yesterday in a Premier League match that could prove crucial as to whether Arsenal finish in the top four or not.

The boss has spoken about tactics and power in the air but I for one am not buying that. One of the only reasons I can think of for leaving your best player on the bench is to keep them fresh for something else and the Gunners do have the visit of the German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich coming up in a couple of days.

So is that why Wenger left Alexis out of the starting line-up against Liverpool? If so does that mean he really believes that we could turn around the 5-1 deficit from Munich in order to progress to the quarter-finals of Europe’s elite club competition?

Maybe he does or he at least wants to give it our best shot because he may not be managing Arsenal next year and the Champions League is the competition which Wenger would love to win to complete his trophy legacy in north London. 5-1 though?

Arsenal would need to score four goals against Bayern without reply and even Alexis at his peak would need every Arsenal player around him to be the same and we would need a healthy dollop of luck and a hugely below par game from the Germans to achieve that.

Do you think this Champions League match is behind the benching of Alexis? Does the boss really believe Arsenal can go through?



  1. Jansen says:

    Of course, the CL match is not the reason Sanchez was benched. Wenger wanted to make a point only he understands and it backfired and made him look like a man who lost the plot.

    If he wanted to go more direct (which we didn’t) he could have employed Sanchez behind Giroud.
    There was no excuse for what he did. He made the club look foolish.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Breaking news…
      Apparently Sanchez was dropped because of an incident during midweek training.
      The reports are suggesting that there was a bust up with another player, it seems to me that could be ? ?ZIL since he was supposedly sent home from training with flu ? anyways, Sanchez left halfway through training and was then confronted by all the Arsenal players in the changing room, who went looking for him.
      All the Arsenal players backed Wenger for dropping the Chilean for the Pool game.

  2. Raoh says:

    That would be the only reason he pulled a move like that same. I mean otherwise his long ball excuse doesn’t work we saw how different the game was Giroud couldn’t get a decent cross and without one with the way we currently play he can’t do much.
    I don’t know where he’s got his beliefs from but clearly that didn’t help against Liverpool and I don’t know how much this we’ll change the bayern outcome.
    Oh well if this speeds up his exits I guess it’s for the best!

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Not a lot of people have mentioned this, but I feel so sorry for all of the hardcore Arsenal fans that made the long journey up to Merseyside and back. I saw that Robbie, from Arsenal Fan TV was driving up, and that is over an eight hour round-trip. How galling it must have been on arrival, to find Alexis on the bench. Even with Alexis we would have struggled, but without him, it was definitely game over before kick-off. I would have been fuming in that situation!

    Decisions, like leaving your ONLY quality forward on the bench, for a very tough away game, is why the fans are sick to death of Wenger. The decision was so disrespectful to all Arsenal fans, but especially to the fans that travelled to that game. The time spent making the trip, and the money involved, only to have your club’s manager slap you in the face once you get there. Disgraceful from Wenger!

    I really hope there’s a lot of “Wenger out” banners, during the Bayern game. Fingers crossed, Bayern don’t just beat us, they absolutely spank us! You never know, it could be enough to push the dictator out.

    1. luvdaguns says:

      8 hour round trip, in california we call that a commute

  4. Ozzy AFC says:

    Of course he isn’t
    Many things le fraud may be but stupid isn’t one of them.
    Neither the boa5d nor Wenger want to progress any further. Going further means setting fans expectations higher and THAT means spending m9ney that would be put to far better use in the boa4d members pockets.
    We’ve been played like the proverbial fiddle once again this season and this will continue all the time Alisher Usmanov is denied a place on the board and Gazidis and Le fraud and left to run riot
    Get used to it Gooners this is how it is

  5. gmv8 says:

    Like other clubs Arsenal must be pumped with statistics on how players are performing, in which positions they perform best etc etc, yet Wenger seems to ignore all of this and deploy players who haven’t been performing, or play them in the wrong positions. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have for one week , one of the top flying managers and see the difference in the team performance. The depressing thing is that most of us knew we’d lost when we saw the team sheet, 15 minutes before the game had even started … liverpools moral must’ve been boosted sky high

  6. aluz says:

    We have the most eccentric manager among Europe’s major leagues. The man is eligible for the All-time Unique Manager trophy.
    Are we anywhere near that team that overturned the deficit again Milan more than a decade ago?
    …Your guess is as good as mine.

    1. Ozzy AFC says:

      No !!!!!! Nowhere close not now not ever.
      We’ve been had yet again
      On paper the side is more than capable but the reality is that they ate weak,unmotivated and essentially second rate in comparison to ALL the other elite clubs in Europe.
      This is entirely down to the board AND Wenger, he’s lost the plot and the board are more than happy because the profit margin stays up and the expenditure stays waaay low.
      That’s the reality of it
      Its not a football club any more it’s a corporate entity run by upper class social elitist’s who ONLY care for the profit they make not one board member comes from the “supporting class” so why on earth would they care about anything so m7bdane and working class as sporting glory ?
      It’s profit all the wY for these scum and Wenger is Thier pet who plays Thier game.
      I respected the man once …maybe even idolised him, now I hate him and just want him gone.
      This would mean the same sh!t different day with a clone like replacement manager but it’s a start at least
      Get rid of these profiteering scum
      Get rid of kroenke and his lapdog Gazidis

      1. Ozzy AFC says:

        Once again my comment is awaiting “moderation” christ it’s like trying to get into emmerites with a bloody banner saying Wenger put lol

  7. luvdaguns says:

    which arsenal player would start at bayern munich? kos?

    1. invisible says:


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