Is Wenger really saying money’s no object for Arsenal transfers?

We all know and appreciate the brilliant job that Arsene Wenger did in keeping Arsenal in the top four and always earning us a place in the Champions League group stage for the 10 years or so that he had to run the club on very little money for transfer fees and wages.

And the fact that these years also saw a massive rise in the spending power of our Premier League rivals, especially Man City and Chelsea, made the prof’s achievement even more remarkable. But the praise the Frenchman rightly got for that no longer butters any parsnips with the Arsenal fans.

We want Wenger to change his ways and not just to make another big signing like the recent transfers of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. We need more than that and the fact that Arsenal Football Club have something like £200 million gathering dust in the bank makes Wenger’s decision to only sign Petr Cech in the summer and Mohamed Elneny in the January transfer window even harder for us to take.

At least Wenger seems to be getting it and in comments reported by The Mirror he suggested that the price of players would not be an obstacle for the Gunners at the end of this current season. Whether that means we will get the top players we want, however, is another matter, as it also sounds as though Wenger might have other reasons for not getting the best players to north London.

He said, “Top four is not Champions League. Top three, yes. That’s why it is important. What has changed is just because we want to play against the top teams and we want to be in the Champions League.

“What has changed over the years is that the impact of the finances in the CL is not as big any more. For a period in the past the money was vital for us. But the sporting impact, the planning of the next season, of course it changes completely.

“Especially when you have a big summer tournament like the Euros which is now like a World Cup because it starts on June 10 and finishes on the 10th of July. When you have to play Champions League qualifiers the European Championship is still going on.”

So is he really saying that Arsenal will spend big on transfers or is he getting us ready for them not doing if we only finish fourth or below?


    1. 2016: Lookout

      1. Leicister/Totenham win the Epl
      2. Liverpool wins Europa
      3. Man city wins UEFA
      4. Man u wins FA
      5. Arsenal plus OG win the Top4 trophy

      Haahaaa OG

      1. And even then we won’t be in CL if Liverpool win the Europa. But I don’t care anymore, I want trophies not top 4. Being in Europe is only worth it if Arsenal are good enough to win the PL otherwise no team will ever fear us.

    2. Wenger will sign 2 players at best. One average player and one good player in the position we don’t need CAM. If you expect Wenger to sign a world class Striker, DM
      and CB I have two words for you DX style.

  1. We finished third last season and we signed just one keeper with no outfield player. What makes u think we will sign a top class Cb, Dm and striker next season if we finish 3rd this season again.

  2. Wenger doesn’t love Arsenal he loves 8 million pounds. He doesn’t care about fans or winning trophies. He only gives opportunities to the players he likes.

  3. Give me one good reason why we should keep faith in Wenger.
    Transfers= fail
    Injuries= fail
    Tactics= fail
    Trophies= 4th place trophy

    1. Hahaha….Keep it up until u are fade up!

      (Two thumbs up….one from NY-gunner , the other from Trevor L()L)

  4. He is just saying they have other big sources of income…brand growth etc..

    Doesn’t mean he will spend any of it. Maybe he will be out the country again and gazidis and the board will buy someone? Maybe Stan will buy a few more horses for his ranch?

    Regardless, spend or not Wenger cannot buy us glory.

    Wenger out
    Stan out

  5. Since when has anyone had any idea of what Wenger is talking about, let alone suggesting? ?I’m sure that the man himself, doesn’t even know!
    Whenever he is questioned about that, he will starts his sentence with.. “err.. well… I don’t know” ??

    We can only go by Wenger’s record. .. You know the one..
    Like a scratched vinyl, that keeps repeating itself.

    Wenger’s latest tactics seem to be ‘Give them Multiple excuses in advance’ ? ?

    Ask yourselves this… Why didn’t wenger state the fact that Champions league football is needed to attract the quality signings that we need? ?

    Wenger has stated that the champions league money is not as important as it was in the past, for Arsenal fc,
    Is that an advanced excuse or cover ready in place? …
    just incase we fail to qualify!
    I have also read that his purpose for UCL football was so that we could compete against the best…. Oh Really! ?
    So Is that why he didn’t take our first two games seriously in the group stage? ??

    Remember that actions speak louder than words!
    So don’t waste your time listening to what Wenger says!

    1. Hahaha fatboy……..yea right……..skipping the part where Wenger enters the stage for a press statement is good for the health

      Find it distasteful and unsavoury if u don’t!

  6. Wenger has had so many chances to rebuild on his failures.
    He could have rose to the occasion and brought numerous succcess to the club.
    But when he thought he had everything he has decided to do his own things.
    Trying hard to work magic bit has failed miserably.
    Instead of learning he keeps on repeating the same mistakes in the transfermarkt and his tactics.
    I probably expect more money to be spent on unknown players.
    2 out of 3 times it has failed and you can never teach an old dog new tricks.

    1. Nah mate! ?
      It’s Wenger that is annoying for not offering 50 million for Suarez, when we had a great chance of signing him.

      But that pesky Pound killed it! ??

      1. Lol Suarez still wouldn’t have joined us, he wanted to play for a team good enough to win the CL which definitely isn’t us.

        1. With good money and Wenger’s lies about buying more world class players? He would have joined, only that one pound added even pissed him off, thinking if they added only £1, are they really serious about competing for major trophies? and he left for a more ambitious club

    1. They make it Happen!

      Giroud can’t even make one happen…..falls down like a pack of cards……smiles at mike dean….. And rearrange his expensively made Hairstyle

  7. I became an arsenal fan in 2002 when I was 13. I had no interest in football but my brother was huge Chelsea fan so, I chose Arsenal V Chelsea in fa cup final and I was huge Arsenal fan since then. Henry was my favorite player because he impressed me against Chelsea. I used to make fun of Chelsea those days but now my brother makes fun of arsenal smh. I cried a lot when we lost 49 match unbeaten run. Now I want to cry everyday until that French fraud is gone.

    1. Funny i was the same in a sense, though my brother is the Ultimate Utd Fan… Imagin the S#$T i had to take from him.

  8. Wenger loves 4th place trophy. He doesn’t have any ambition to win at all. Otherwise why would a manager who signed great players in the past like Vieira, Henry, Pires and is happy with Giroud, Theo and Ramsey.

    1. one AKB told us the answer to that some few days ago, that it was Dein who was responsible for buying all those classy players, not Wenger. Wenger is not good at it. And he went far by saying that even now, the board buys players and Wenger only works with them, it’s not his fault, I laughed so hard 😀

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