Is Wenger really set for the sack if Arsenal fail in Hull?

As if there was not already enough pressure on Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team ahead of our FA cup 5th round replay away to Hull City on Tuesday, now we are being told that the club are ready to give the Frenchman his marching orders if the Gunners do not make it in the the next round of the competition, according to the Daily Express.

The paper claims that the powers that be at Arsenal have been growing increasingly frustrated with the man who has just become the longest serving manager in football after Ronnie McFall resigned after 29 years in charge of the Irish Premiership side Portadown. Coincidentally enough McFall left his job after losing a cup match, but could Wenger be about to join him?

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans will hope so but I am not so sure that it is a good idea or that it will happen. There is no doubt that there will be big questions for Wenger to answer if we fail to win the Premier League title this season and going out of the FA cup to a Championship team would make those questions even bigger, but I do not see how replacing him at this crucial period will help Arsenal.

And after the club has stuck with the manager through much leaner times I am not sure they would decide to pull the trigger now. Could this just be another piece of anti-Arsenal propaganda by our friendly football media? Or has the very clear anger of the Emirates crowd as we lost to Swansea City on Wednesday, pointed out by Thierry Henry, finally got the board’s attention?

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  1. As an atheist Ill be praying to God he does get the sack. That’s how bad I want that plonker gone. He has made me go against science hahaha

    1. they should sack him at end of season for his failure to understand how his own actions (and inactions) have led to his failure to reach his own stated objectives consistently over the period of several years.

  2. If Leicester or TOT win wenger should be let go. In 2014 the FA Cup trophy saved him, this time around i don’t want him to have any excuses to stay.

  3. Wenger is never ready for the sack. He said that himself. Question is: is Gazidis ready to live with Wenger beyond this summer?

    1. @BUD.
      I did not know Gazidis
      had moved in with Wenger.
      I know Wenger and his
      wife have separated and
      Gazidis is a close friend but
      I did not realize how close 🙂
      Or maybe Arsene needs a border
      to help pay the rent?

      1. Gazidis is a businesmann. More succesfull than me or you. He knows that his customers are not exactly happy and more important he knows that if he wants to pay his mortgage he must survive himself. So, if that includes chopping Wenger’s feet he will do it. But he better have board support otherwise he will follow Wenger shortly. And to be honest, won’t be a bad thing at all.

  4. I will never forgive his failure to buy a world-class striker and CDM in summer 2015. We had come 3rd and by not buying, he was stating his CFs were good enough but they were not.

    We went thru 2 months w/o coq and dropped points, and then in jan/feb we had a scoring drought for which a WC striker would definitely have helped.

    All completely forseeable by many pundits and fans. Failure to make those buys was an abdication of responsibility produced by delusional thinking.

    It has directly led us to our present situation where it is quite unlikely we will not win PL: yes, the refs are bad, the injuries come each year. But he did not do what *HE* could — things that were in HIS control.

      1. OK, so I guess everyone here wants us not to win the title. Wondered a while about the fans here but this really take the cake.

        1. what title are you referring to? we are 8 points adrift and LC do not seem to falter any time soon, they’ve been consistent unlike us, they grind out wins from drawing and losibng matches, we lose from winning matches such as Man u and Swansea, the league is gone Buss, just accept that. 9 matches to go and we are very very inconsistent

          1. I was just quoting almostawinner who was saying, quote:

            “It has directly led us to our present situation where it [i]is quite unlikely we will not win PL[/i]”

            Do you understand logic? Negating the negation will make it true. Meh, who am I talking with, for a second I had the impression you lot actually read what is written.

  5. Fans should not be worried of wenger leaving the club. Its not like the consequences would be fatal. Our key players from the past have all deserted us already bec they had have no feith in Wenger and Arsenal. And all of you should admit that they all where in the right.

    20 years with no cl and only 3 epl titles. The last one has been won for who knows how long, i have become so old that i cant remember it anymore. 2004 it was i think. How brutal this is.

    Players like Robin Van and Thierry Henry will never stay at teams where the only aim is cl football and money. Sanchez and Ozil are no Walcott and Ramsey. Remember that or they will make you remember this. Wenger, Stan and miniouns out.

    1. Fan should be worried when any regular coach is leaving, not necessarly only Wenger. Besides, not sure why Wenger will leave the club itself. I bet he is going to find a good job at the Emirates. Unless he is going to train Barcelona. Now that would be some sight. And winning the UCL while there. The look on your long faces, priceless!

      1. U are delusional. The man has lost it. Every match it is as if we are playing without manager and u think he is going to train Barcelona and win the champions league. Believe me I would be really happy if he did it.. But the best he would do is to train psg and win the French league.

      2. A manager who is used to lose against teams to 8 goals, or lately to 4 goals against ( with all due respect to them) mediocre team like Southampton has no place at barcelona.

        Even your wild imagination are kinda unrealistic und odd. You obssesion with la frog is taking the best out of you.

        1. I have seen Rodgers taking on Liverpool and Benitez on Real Madrid. Hell! I even seen Kenny Dalglish taking on Liverpool and Shearer on Newcastle. Odd things happen time to time. Of course I don’t believe Wenger will train Barcelona but would any of you thinking Ozil would play for Arsenal just before World Cup? I admit I haven’t seen that one coming. Hell! Even the press was taken by storm.

  6. you know what else is funny, other teams like southupton beating us to 4-0 as it would be nothing, and fans are not even concerned about this. or being knocked out from team like monaco from the cl.

    when was the last time we beat some one ice cold with many goals? or when was the last time we beat a decend team in the cl to go past the 16 round?

    such question fans should be making, and being concerned with. not why wenger is how is. dont play stupid.

    1. Bar Monaco we never had an easy 16th. “South Upton” use to beat us every time at St. Marys. The reason no one remembers it is because it takes place during the winter holidays, people tend to drink a lot you know.

  7. as a long time non enthusiastic, but asupporter of wenger, i would finally welcome the change, however, i see no reason to do this in the final quarter of the season, the man deserves the dignity of leaving after the end of the season, he has earned it. they also need to access whether there will be a key player exodus, the spiral from a march firing could be dramatic, no need. nothing to gain. let him fire himself, by finishing 4th. i do think that the thought of spurs winning the league is the straw that will break the camels back, thats the difference…

    1. Blah, blah, blah. Everyone is now a ex-staunch supporter of Wenger and now they have seen the light. The written was on the wall for a while now : Wenger got his 3 year extension while winning 2 FA Cups and a Community Shield. Maybe good, maybe bad but is better than nothing. LvG got his 3 year deal and he’s nowhere near top 4 with no shinny stuff to show.
      I am not against Wenger being replaced but it is not my business, I was Arsenal supporter before Wenger and continue to be after. There is life (albeit we don’t know what kind of) after Wenger, everyone is replaceable and that includes him.

      1. Why always compare ourselves to the worst why not compare Arsene Wenger and ranieri. What does Ranierie have that Arsene Wenger don’t. It’s Ranieri’s first experience in premier league and his winning the title for God’s sake. stop acting as if u were his son.

          1. still, he came back and is winning the league in his first season, Wenger has been here 10 years now not knowing how to win it anymore, he has excuses every other season. Maurinho went, came back and won it, Pellegrini won it, every sensible manager does it, but Mr. wenger is very consistent with his excuses, but very inconsistent when it comes to winning trophies. when he wins FA cup, he is rewarded 3 years contract, maurinho won it and he got sucked, pellegrini will be sacked as well for Pep, but the one who fails every season is getting new contacts every day

      2. @ budd, you think wenger should carry on next year if he finishes behind spurs? when this season we were finally set up to win it all? then do you expect any difference next year? we have been without a top notch striker for 5 yrs, yet one of the richest clubs in football wont spend the cash? stan just spent $1 billion on a stadium in LA, do you really think he wont spend money to win?

        1. I don’t care! How many times should I say it? You think that if Guardiola will come instead of Wenger we will take the title? Or anyone else for that matter? It will be at least one season until the new manager settles in, we are not Barcelona where the coach doesn’t really matter.
          Want Wenger to be sacked? Fine with me. It does not even matter what I think as no one will do what I say at Arsenal. Finishing behind the Spuds will break my heart and it will be a black mark on Wengers’ resume, not mine. We had the chances and we did not profit from them and I can’t fault Wenger for all of them, that’s for sure. Obviously, there are the obvious Wenger haters here who believe that he’s the one to blame for everything and that’s their oppinion, which again I have nothing against. Oppinions are like ar$eholes, everyone has one. Some chose to express it, some don’t. That’s it, nothing less, nothing more.

  8. What does crucial time really mean? It will always be crucial even if he is fighting for his fourth spot trophy. Stop saying crucial time cause if we are going to wait for time we are top of the table and with 100 points difference why the hell would we sack him. Enough is enough the club is no longer able to perform under him, no beautiful football and there are no points taken even when we are playing badly.So stop saying crucial time there are more benefits in his sacking than taking the club to the place where they are satisfied when taking a point from spuds. I hope we will win the hull city match but Wenger have got to go before totally destroying his legacy. Thank u Arsene Wenger for everything but it is time to part ways.

  9. SKY BETS odds for Wenger’s replacement:

    10/1 – Dennis Bergkamp

    14/1 – Roberto Martinez

    14/1 – Diego Simeone

    14/1 – Ronald Koeman

    14/1 – Quique Sanchez Flores

    16/1 – Thierry Henry

    16/1 – Manuel Pellegrini

    16/1 – Paul Clement

    16/1 – Dragan Stojkovic

    16/1 – Patrick Vieira

    20/1 – Brendan Rodgers

    20/1 – Jose Mourinho

    I think the odds for Mourinho are way too short,
    He should be 20,000/1… Isn’t he joining Utd?

    1. Id like to see Bergkamp come over and work under Arsene, work with our strikers. Henry, I honestly cannot see him becoming a top manager. It’s a wonder you didn’t stick Ranieri up there somewhere. Simone? I can’t see it. Mourinho lol. Martinez decent but would be huge punt, can’t see it. Koeman, not long enough around we need to see him in transfer market and he needs to improve sou with his players. Vieira, he only started a few weeks ago, lets give him some time to learn. Clement ..pfft Rodgers ..pfft. Pellegrini, not for me, he inherited top defence and kept trying to add to it before backfiring. He inherited Aguero Silva and couldn’t really improve on them or compliment them at least. So no for me. Flores ..pfft.

      1. Also forgot to add on Bergkamp, the reason why Id like to see him work with strikers is because that is what he says he wants to do, he said he has no plans to becoming a manager. And that is their favorite.

  10. The Football Insider reported last week that a Board member at Arsenal fc, leaked information that Mr Wenger would be persuaded to step down, if he failed to Win the premier league this season! And that would be the case even if he wins the Fa cup!

    It is unrealistic to think that Wenger would be released this season and there is too much respect for him for the term ” Sacked ” being used… “By Mutual consent ” would be more dignified in his case.

  11. its going to be a tough match againts hull city…they want revenge at FA cup final againts arsenal…as for wenger…fans are more hunger for Bpl rather than fa cup…he must leave arsenal if he can’t meet fan expectations…

      1. I hope you’re right Budd.
        I really want us to beat Hull and win FA: a treble would soothe some of the pain.

      1. Luvdaguns: good point – we dont notice when it’s done to us bit by bit: but every year the expectation is a bit lower. We have fallen a long way.

  12. As much as I want a great manager in charge of Arsenal, we have to face it that we will not get that with Kroenke in charge. If Kroenke gets rid of Arsene and hires a manager of the Guardiola / Klopp / Simeone level, I will personally eat my hair. I think inspite of the intense frustration, we have to stick with AW until Kroenke can be removed, if that is possible. Came across this article as to why Arsenal is stockpiling cash – The original owners should’ve kept the shares in the hands of responsible people for the benefit of the club. Whoever thought selling them to an asset stripping American was a good idea? People saw dollar signs and sold out our great club.

      1. GMV8, in all seriousness though who would you most like to see come in? Have you thought about it or is your mind fixed on first step? And please don’t say ex AFC players because as far as I can tell none of them are barely started out as of yet (would be a long punt) Simone, would have to change not only the entire team, but also the coaching/coaches set up, also tear down the youth system and bring in a huge amount of new kids because they are AFC type hopefuls not AM types. How much money would he get to change our entire dna, the first team alone would have to be two hundred mil or +. Then what about all the support we gained from playing the Arsenal way, would these fans stick around or would they jump on the Pep Gaurdiola express, fans like KS Gunner who admit how Arsenes brand of football is what enticed them to become Gooners. We have a huge amount of these fans, so our fortune could go on the downturn along with our hopes. Much thought and less candidates.

  13. Personally I cannot see it happen. The respect and admiration Wenger receives from people within football is absolutely huge. The pundits go in hard, that is because they are paid very handsomely to do so, Henry Charlie Le Tiss etc admire Arsene a great deal, they are paid to create friction. Sure, things would or could have been done a bit differently but they also say the guys around him are letting him down. They are not kids anymore so need to take initiative, the back room team also, I remember when we looked organised all of a sudden, Bould got the credit, then we start leaking again and Arsene got the blame. Arsene is in charge and does deserve majority of blame, but we have plenty of people who did not stand up from first to last whistle. We have numerous people behind the scenes holding blame. With an owner like Kroenke, the answer to your question is no. We know it is only an investment from him, so no I don’t think Wengers job is at stake. Someone commented the other day that he’d like to see us even bring in a highly respected no2, this is a good idea at minimum. I think a shake up of the back room staff could be called for, a coach working with strikers and so on. A no2 who looks capable of making the step up and is never shy of speaking his mind. Fans need to see some form of change or else they will hold onto the same old fears.

  14. The Westham Manager Bilic is the kind of Manager that can move Arsenal forward. A Manager that beat all the top teams away at the initial stage of the season is worth mentioning. The way Westham play, the energy, Fantastic players like Payet. This Bilic Guy is an interesting one. Forget Berkamp. He does not like to fly.

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