Is Wenger really too stubborn to sign a striker for Arsenal?

In the press conference the other day before Arsenal travelled to Leicester, there were understandably a lot of questions about the transfer business that the club might do before tonight. And Arsene Wenger talked about it being like a poker game and suggested that there would be a lot going on behind the scenes.

But he also spoke about people having opinions and them often being wrong. Something like it is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion. And the Frenchman is always talking about not bringing in players just for the sake of it and almost ridiculing the use of the transfer market to solve problems.

But isn’t that what it is there for? And when you get a long term injury not long before the end of one, shouldn’t you think yourself lucky and take the opportunity? And most people thought Arsenal needed another striker before Giroud got injured. As far as I know, Arsenal have got plenty of money left to spend, so I am struggling to understand why we don’t spend it. It seems to me that the Prof does not like being told which players he needs, but would he really be that stubborn to not sign a player we need to prove a point.

At the same time, it is Wenger who has kept us in the Champions League for 17 years through good times and bad and we are just coming out of the bad. I do hope that he proves me wrong with a three player splurge today or just wins us the title with Sanogo!!

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  1. Even Jermain Defoe who have been prolific all his life will suit us. Wenger just don’t have a clue. There are players out there who can do the job. But them because at the end of the day we won’t end up with Ronaldo or messi. So buy above average or almost world class who can do the work. simple

    1. Wenger lacks ambition I feel we could get Cavani or Falcao if he put in a 50mil bid,the Leicester game showed our need for a new striker!

      1. Its been reported on ssn that monaco have offered falcao to us! But i think wenger just wants to get up striker to giroud it instead of getting a striker to replace him……why would you not go in for falcao! Hes a title and match winner and the players would get a massive boost like when ozil came in, i honestly think the players feel our team is weak

        1. Even our own players know what the squad needs but Wenger is blind,if he got Falcao we would become title challengers but as things stand it’s gonna be a battle for top4 again

            1. Doubt that would happen now they have drawn us in the champions league? Its easy to make the connection I suppose when kagawa as gone their in recent days…….

    2. Wenger is building a world cup wining french team for himself when his current contract expires at Arsenal. Surely you cannot bench Poldoski and play Sanogo. The goal scoring ratio for Poldoski is simply awesome but keep on warming the bench!

      1. I think the 4141 formation clearly highlights the 2 weak positions that need filling. The two 1’s. We created 24 goalscoring opportunities but could only convert 1. We also had a miserable time protecting the back 4. Sure I would like a proper cb to heap the pressure on kos and per who have yet to find their rhythm, but the starting x1 is what is causing me most concern at the moment and a real statement of intent is what is required. For me that means a striker better than all of what we have and one better than all our competitors. That means cavani falcao or benzema, at the very least higuain. But if we really cannot make that happen then bony, negredo or someone else in the £20m bracket.

    3. wenger is way too stubborn and keeps on trusting in Sanogo. I have never ever supported Sanogo even when he scored 4 goals in that stupid friendly match. Look at us now that retarded Sanogo is leading our attack and missing chances like a retard. he can’t even play football, he should try out basketball. fuk wenger and his ambitions.

    4. I am so furious with Wenger he treats the fans with total contempt. This could have been a good year for Arsenal but he refuses to my players we really need and then with pure arrogance he plays them in there wrong positions.

      Why not buy the right player for the correct position, why not play the player in the position he is best at. No Your highness Wenger knows everything.

      Well it is great to see that rumours have it that he is at a charity game in Rome on the transfer deadline day.
      What ever the case I have said it before if we this year come 4th it will be a miracle and if we don’t come in the top four Wenger must go because for a club like Arsenal to only win once in 9 years is a disgrace and the manager should take full responsibility for what he has done.

      Most clubs would have sacked him by now. He is to mean to keep up with the game.
      What I would like to know is when Manchester etc can spend over 200 million were does fair play rules kick in, it seems to me that it is all talk but no substance.

      Arsenal please if Wenger cannot deliver a striker of great quality a central midfield play and play them in the correct positions get rid him.
      How long is it going to take people to relies that he is useless and that when he came to Arsenal he inherited a great team.
      He is not a winner and never will be coming 4th is great for him.

      This time last year we were in top position and last that position after Christmas this year we are already falling behind our main opposition and in 1/2 games it will be to late.

      Does this Arrogant idiot really know what he is doing so far his team selection has been terrible and tactics non existence.

      Time for the board of Directors to wake up and really work out if his achievements are so great.

      I THINK NOT.

  2. this is it we will find out what wenger has planned the next few hrs will determine the outcome / define our season we shouldn’t have left it too late hope we are not getting linked with falcao for pr stunt

    Arsenal & Spuds have contacted Man City over a late move for Nastasić

    1. definatly dont want nastasic there are better cbs out there and weve had plenty of time since verm left to sort that out
      we bought chambers but it seems hes going to cover a few positions
      we have to get a striker now that game yesterday highlighted that even though wenger wont admit it

      1. there aren’t 2 many options left alderwield is another one this is what happens when u leave it late it’s better 2 sign nastasic than nobody

  3. if we don’t get falcao, wenger should make a bid for Jackson Martinez & wilfried bony for combined fee of 40m (buyout clause) & send sanogo out on loan

    Arsenal defender Ignasi Miquel is set to undergo a medical at Norwich this evening

  4. Am still routing for Nigel de Jong. To ever believe AC milan bought him from Mancity for £3.5 million yet we are in dire need of an enforcer since Gilberto and viera left. Passing accuracy 90%. You are not nicknamed the lawnmower for no reason!

  5. I still want Wenger out even if he signs Ronaldo, Messi and Suarez. Wenger will still find a way to fcuk things up as usual. NO TACTICS NO PROGRESS

    1. Same tactics for every game 4-2-3-1,Wenger doesn’t want to learn no wonder we get smashed in the big games!

  6. Atletico so good at replacing players. Sold Villa + Costa & have signed Griezmann, Cerci + Mandzukic.This is a club in financial trouble!

    We on the other hand built a new stadium 2 compete with big clubs have made profit yet here we are on last day of transfer window

  7. Injuries with Arsenal…is our club a football club or a medical clinic?! If we dont strengthen enough injuries will always hurt us bt wenger never learns!

    1. This excuse of blaming injuries is not gonna fly,what team only has 1 striker in Giroud I’m not counting Sanogo because he’s young and can’t be depended on

  8. the only thing i want after the season ends is wenger whatever the players he signs , we are in need of top striker and defensive midfielder since the first day of the transfer window and for a cb since vermaelen left to barca , and he keeps on his old ugly habbits he leaves the season definning signings to the last minute and thats if he even makes them .
    carvalho, witsel,fernando,kondogbia …etc , falcao,bony,martinez,hulk,mandzukic…..are all top players that are signable since the beginning , all the big teams sign the players they need early on but this f*ing wenger leaves it late before he fu*&k the things up with his panic buys

  9. There has to be 2 signings today to define our season:
    CDM: Read we after Matuidi, so either him or Carvalho.
    Striker: Has to happen, Falcao or Cavanni or Martinez. This is a MUST Wenger.
    We all know it so why don’t you get it all sorted? No more we tried up until the end but couldn’t sign anyone b*llshit. Do the business now today.

  10. William Carvalho from sporting so that we can finally say we have a proper DM and either cavani or falcao up front.
    These sort of signings show our intent and will also have a positiive psychologically effect on the current squad.
    We rely too much on certain players so everyone needs to start pulling their weight so bringing in some quality which will keep everyone on their toes.

  11. our signings today will be Diaby and Walcott being out CDM and ST. with Wenger saying Chambers will be our 3rd CB and Bellerin backup right back.

  12. Today must be a field day for those who wants to pounce on Wenger. Just say Wenger Out and earn yourselves accolades.

    Arsenal fans moan worse than women at labour.

      1. 4th place.
        Leo you provide so much info.
        I didnt expect that of you.
        Should i give you a revised table of the 17 years Wenger was incharge?
        Come on.
        Try hard.

  13. Wenger just wants to prove that we all wrong. He can win w/o any striker. He want to be crowned as genius. Unfortunately, all Gooners have to suffer with the reality.

    How can Chelsea get Remy in just a couple of days? Wenger almost spent the whole summer trying to get him! We just have a bunch of incompetent idiots!

  14. It’s all so f******* familiar with this guy … not just stubbornness but generally his poor management record…. All he has in 9 years is cl qualification and an fa cup … Lots of managers in Europe have better record than this …. His stupid comments after yday game show he no longer really cares about winning things mourinho at that level was right am sorry to say .. And I can’t stand that guy … His inability to create a dominant attacking midfield given players he has speaks even louder volume for me … and those making comparisons with start of last season and saying were ok just don’t seem to get the fact that in not one of those games against 2 and and 3rd tier opposition cld wenger orchestrate a dominant performance….Carvalho and a quality striker will keep me interested but a lost decade is too much for me

  15. Am i the only one who thinks “What the fcuk do City need ANOTHER striker for?” Sorry, you guys will call it ambition, I myself call it spoling the game

  16. Arsene Wenger is the clubs greatest ever manager..


    The only reason we haven’t went out and paid 50mil for Cavani/Falcao, 30mil for Gustavo/Carvalho, and 15mil for Sokratis/Howedes is because of ACCOUNTABILITY.

    If we did that we would be equipped to the point of serious expectation in terms of trophies. Right now we flirt with the major ones, win a small one, and say “next year we will fight for it”.

    I won’t take the management (Wenger, Gazidis etc) seriously until we arm the team with signings that truly give us an edge. That requires bottle, and cash. We have the cash so you decide what’s missing…

  17. wenger is a good coach/manager no one is taking away that from him but he is stubborn thinks he is right all the time everyone knew we need striker from beginning we only added one player the rest were (3ins & 3outs) chambers 4 tv5 , debuchy 4 sagna & ospina for fabianski we lack depth

    at 11:29. “Arteta and Diaby are back and will be like new signings. Giroud will be like a new signing when he is back.”

    1. Game yesterday shows how much we need Arteta. The same player you bash like a stupid kid yelling for sweets in Tesco.

    2. His time passed. There are many young coaches who catch up with him. He should leave Arsenal sooner with dignity.

  18. Howdy guys.
    Well, after carefully assessing our current squad compared to other teams, I decided to spare myself the heart-aches of giving myself high hopes and settled for forth place(that is if we are lucky to make it). Fuidity is there and some solidity but no real game changer in the the team. Now, coming back to yesterday’s game I was in total shock to see Kolscheny allowed to trod back in after such a clash of heads with Shculpp. Mind you this is not the first time, I remember last season as well with Flamini being the victim. Oow Wenger, very slow to make crucial decisions that goal was avoidable. And I don’t blame Campbell for demanding to leave today on dead line day. How does the coach explain the involvement of Ozil in such a highly charged physical game? We all know that ozil is physically challenged so putting him in such a situations is risking both the team and himself too.

    So here is what I think the table will be like come end of the season:
    1. Liverpool
    2. Chelsea
    3. Man City
    4. Arsenal/Man U

    1. Is good that we don’t have so much expectation. Last year we started worse in the first game but there was no WC. Good base to build from.

    2. Yeah I was writing Liverpool of after their defeat against City. But see how they played against spurs I think BR has done an amazing job integrating the new players. Balo played well and they got him for a snip. I love the compensation scheme they setup for him based upon his behaviour.

      Based upon what I have seen so far:
      1. Chelsea
      2. City
      3. Liverpool
      4. Arsenal

      However if we buy Striker(Cavani/Falcao)/CDM/DM today and play Ozil in the middle I see hope. We can sell Pod/Campbell/Carzola to earn us some money (€40-50 in total). Or sell two now and the third one at the winter transfer window.

      I see Willshire as a CAM replacement for Ozil and as B2B replacement for Ramsey. We can sell Carzola and use Rosicky as his replacement, we can buy a replacement for Rosicky next year.

      How should we play

      (Cavani or Falcao)/Giroud

      Sanchez/Ox Ozil/Will/Ros TW/Gnabry/Ox/Shanchez

      Ramsey/Will/Diaby Carvalho/Arteta/Flamini

      Gibbs/Monreal Kos/New DM Mert/Chambers Debuchi/Bellerin

      No more playing of cams on the LW it sucks and is a waste of money. Lets use the OX on the LW he is a left footer and that makes him ideal for crossing. If we want to cut in then we use him on RW. With Sanchez/Ox on the left we also solve the back tracking issue we have on the left.

    3. W/o a proven striker and a defensive midfielder, we won’t be in top 4. No chance! HotSpurs or ManU will finish in front of Gunners.

  19. I would like to thing the Wenger is just bluffing and working hard behind the scenes to sign a striker. The reality is that he is probably telling the truth and a striker will only be signed if a great deal magically falls into his lap.

  20. Am not defending Wenger or anything but didn’t he not say he was going to keep the deals secretive? If so why not reserve judgement after the window closes?

  21. Striker this, striker that…!!!
    Every year we seem to be the last drop of the bucket…!!
    Not only we need a striker, but have we forgotten that we are also short in defence? (6 defenders).

    Which in the world goes into 4 competitions with the smallest squad in the league (with Burnley)?

    Yes, we have been conned, but it is typical… Some Arsenal fans are moaning now, but will whisper their “God” Wenger later on after winning a meaningless cup… Sad?

    We have no cutting edge, no power, no ambition, no passion and no hope to reach the Europeans power houses… Just weak…

    As we know, when the injuries start pilling up (yes they will because the new American fitness coach is not a miracle worker… He still has to deal with year and year of bad habits and Tony Colbert incompetence) we will again left in limbo and Wenger will talk about January or Giroud coming back…!!

    The weakest link of this team sports wise is Wenger.
    He is arrogant, clueless, tactically inapt, modern football retarded (way passed him), a dreamer with no tools to back it up and basically an intricate part of the board skimming policy.

    Campbell asked for a transfer and wants to join Benfica. I don’t blame him. Wenger rather plays that sh*t Sanogo when Campbell is clearly a better player.

    Wenger bought Chambers for £16millions when we could have had Blind for £13millions…!!

    He only really brought Sanchez ( Campbell too, but might be leaving again). Debuchy, Ospina and Chambers are just post for post replacements.

    Another frustrating season ahead because the deluded one still has not found his “balls” and his arrogance and stubbornness masks his lack of football knowledge and is obvious tactical weaknesses…!!

  22. Ever since he bought ozil,i had said wenger must go. And it’s only Fan that buy tickets that can make this happen. If they boycott Arsenal games this season & revolt against wengers management, he’ll go. OR we just continue our trophyless ways nd pray for the Capital one Cup in 10yrs time.

  23. @lockay… I love ur comment, you just took the words right out of my soul (that shows the extent to which it hurts). Thumbs up X 20

  24. My predictions for today:


    One of these three on loan: Coquelin/Ryo/Gnabry

    Akpom to be promoted

  25. “do hope that he proves me wrong with a three player splurge today or just wins us the title with Sanogo”

    Will you be fine with an Arteta, Mertasacker and Santos type of splurge?

  26. where did campbell say he wants out
    ffs he definitely showed he should have had more playing time when given the chance
    if he goes today thats a big loss although if numb nuts is guna keep him bench i dont supose it matters
    arr the woes of being an arsenal fan

  27. Wenger is not just a Manager, he is a mad one.
    For God’s sake he played sanogo & left campbell on the bench?
    All arsenal fans worldwide should put heads 2geda & think of what we can do to get wenger out…. Starting with “NO TICKET BUYING & WENGER OUT CHANTS”. You are free to give ur suggestions on how to kick wenger out & who should replace him.

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