Is Wenger right about Arsenal NOT needing Fabregas?

The subject of whether Arsenal should have tried to use the first refusal option to buy back the former club captain Cesc Fabregas was always going to come up after the Spanish midfielder joined our Premier League rivals Chelsea. And once Fabregas put in an impressive display in his first Premier League game for them, which earned him the Man of the Match award from Sky Sports, it was no surprise to see Arsene Wenger being asked about him in yesterday’s press conference on Arsenal Player.

Wenger said, “I think you have to accept professional players move from club to club.

‘It was difficult for me to see him leave us, but once he has left us for one club you accept the idea he can move to some different clubs.

‘Of course it was a bit strange [to see him playing for Chelsea], but he had a good game.

‘I have no regret about that [Fabregas joining Chelsea] at all, my regret is that he left us.”

The Arsenal boss then went on to suggest that the amazing improvement in our young Welshman Aaaron Ramsey was the major reason for not trying to bring the Spaniard back, despite saying that the two midfielders are different in their styles. Wenger also suggested that Ramsey’s age and current ability suggest that he could well turn out to be better than our former star.

I can understand that, of course, but still wonder whether a player like Fabregas could not have been fitted in to the side, especially when you see the way the Gunners are fluent in their positions, with Rosicky, Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere and Chamberlain all interchangeable to a certain extent.

Is Wenger right, or will we end up with egg on our faces?

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    1. Looking for @nealcol on Twitter. He is the one that breaks the news and said he trust his sources which prove to be spot on many times before

      1. We can get Song back and sign Rues! I am sure we can find a CB b4 the window shut.
        Song is a good DM and we can get him back for cheap, i do not know why he is not being linked to us and i heard he is pricing himself out of spuds move. He can also cover at CB as a 4th or 3rd if we have to use Chambers as RB and Art8 is fit.. He will be a good addition if we get him and Rues i think we can compete!

      2. He has said less than 24 hours ago we are short defensively – so not sure how “horribly wrong” is a fair reflection.

    2. as I lay in my bed at night a vision appeaed to me, Giroud was sad since he was to be used as part of Cavani deal, no wonder he has been playing poorly and with “I dont care” attitude

    3. I wont lie ,when I see him in a Chelsea shirt I feel like kicking myself in the foot, I don’t care who says what, he is a gr8 player and will shine at Chelsea.

  1. Please guys, lets leave all this Fabregas talk to Mourinho and the media.
    He left us when we needed him most and wanted to come back when he realized he was not needed .Meanwhile, other players players were patient enough to stay and end our trophy drought and they are the ones we should be focusing on.

    Now, about tomorrow, why not hit Everton with real pace and power??
    Campbel as LW
    OX as RW
    Sanchez as CF

    Ozil doesnt like holding onto the ball for long and I think he would cherish the speed infront of him with his through passes

    1. agree… I kinda have more respect for Ozil. he basically came at a time when we didnt win nothing for many years. and I want Campbel to play. at any cost. he gives me some hope and excitement, that he might produce some magic.

    2. @mwenyeji.
      Nice way to put it. Also about the front 3 players in our formantion; that is pretty much what most fans would love to see. And we may see it in the future. Probably not as soon as the Everton game. Here are the reasons I am thinking so:

      1. Knowing Wenger’s approach to fitness, it looks likely that he will rather attempt to play Giroud to fitness. Meaning Giroud has got more games ahead of him as long as he is injury-free.

      2. For Sanchez and Campbell, I think they are still in their acclimatization period. So we may not see Sanchez thrown in to the CF position this soon. And Campbell most especially would need more rest as he apparently played more minutes in the world-cup than anyone else in the squad (Except Ozil and Mertesacker ofcourse).

      Everton game front 3 = Cazorla Giroud Sanchez. (You can thank me later for this tip).

    3. Regarding Fabregrass my thoughts exactly,
      regarding left wing its a big joke we have no one so yes it would be great to see Campbel have a go anything better then Cazorla his just not for the wings,
      hats of to Ozil for having the Ba!!’s to join a club with no silver for eight years at the time,
      i would like to see Falcau as our striker,
      Arsen if your buying do it now otherwise it will be Christmas before any new signings settle.

  2. we will know if Arsene regrets or not only at the end of the season. remember when last year Jose came to Chelsea and Torres went about playing some good games and the press was “the OLD TORRES IS BACK”, “the mourinho effect” etc etc. than what happened. what am saying is, one game is too early to judge. one thing is for sure, Arsene was hurt that Cesc left us for Barca, so I guess the emotions got better of him..

    1. Arsene said his only regret is that Cesc left us in the first place. I guess it’s important to send the message out that players can’t leave us and just come back into the team like that if it doesn’t work out for them. There’ll be no prodigal son’s return at Arsenal. Will it cost us? Who knows.. Can’t deny that Cesc is a great player, but there’s also no denying we have great players in his place.

  3. wenger was right, we dont NEED fab, he was always going to be JUST a luxury signing and though we are more flexible financially we just dont have that kind of cash to throw around or we arent run that way as a club. Dont get me wrong, would have loved to have fab, but this is the way i dealt with it, looking at it rationally it will always make sense.
    Another thing again is Wenger’s trust in his players we were never going to add another established cam to the squad when we had just signed Ozil and not figured out where to play Wilshere. I personally have no problem with this as it has payed dividends before (Ramsey, Walcott etc). What we should all do is just chill out, trust the squad and trust wenger, the season just began after all… COYG

  4. Fabregas is a Chelshit now, we must move on he left us when we needed him most and surprising we did well, we always played champions League against all odds. he is a good player but i believe we can produce a greater player out of Ramsey. the more we speak of Fabregas we will send the wrong impression that we couldn’t have survived without him.


  5. I keep reading stories about how Arsenal will need to do better against Everton and Liverpool than they did last season. The 2 losses seemed permanently etched in the minds of the sports media.

    But…… if I remember right. Arsenal played Everton 3 times and it was a wash. Everton won 1 game, Arsenal won 1 game and there was 1 draw.

    Against Liverpool, Arsenal won 2 out of 3 games last season but you would never know that from listening to football “analysts.” They only ever mention the 1 big loss as if that game was worth more points or something.

    (The worst head-to-head result I believe was vs. Chelsea, 2 losses, 1 draw)

    Anyway the media have seem to have collective amnesia for some of the Arsenal results they apparently do not wish to acknowledge. I find that interesting/suspicious.

    1. I guess its a lot about we Arsenal fans are very impressionable by the media. I know many might not accept it, but we are EASILY taken for a ride by the press and they take full advantage of that. MAN U had a horrendous season, lost the opening EPL game, yet we are worse off than them. I am in no denial that we need more strenghtening. but its not all gloom and doom.

    2. @mohawk

      Pundits will always be pundits, like Wenger said “if had lost the community shield cup, pundits will remind you that you have lost a trophy but if you win they will say its just a community trophy” don’t stress what people say about our beloved team. remember it was Arsenal that knocked Liverpool out of FA cup, Most Liverpool fans will tell you that we beat Arsenal 5 – 1, its true but we have the FA and they don’t have sh*t.

  6. In reading between the lines I`d say Wenger and Fabregas are not quite the buddy`s they used to be. Yes, professional players move from club to club, they also return to their previous club, don`t they Arsene. Neither will ever admit it but I think they`ve had a `blue`.

  7. Don’t need him.

    Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky is depth in that area.

    Never bad to bring in a player as good as Cesc but where he would maybe have improved us 2/3%, a strong DM would improve us 5%.


  8. @mwenyeji, “some players were patient” the lad was with the club for 8years yes 8years and after 2005 started selling every season. Cesc was patience plz dont say he wasnt but of course he had an emotional attachment to barca thats his home town. The proof will be in the pudding I am almost 99.9% certain he will carry Chelsea to the title, if ppl on her r telling me we couldmt have got rid of any if the following arteta,diaby,flam, id even throw wilshere(rubbish) in there and get a proven world class player in team then more fool you.

    1. all of a sudden he has no emotional attachment to Barca? if you read through Barca’s new manager he said he wanted to keep Cesc. So he didnt have to leave and join Chelsea. but maybe their crowd got the better of him ie booing and all.

      Maybe Arsene wants to set a precedent here, who knows. we need a DM, CB and CF and neither of those positions are filled by Cesc. We didnt need him (wanted? maybe) but Chelsea needed him (wanted? to piss Arsenal and its supporters ofcourse)

    2. MO1,
      You conveniently forgot the word “enough” .How old was the lad when he left anyway 23 or 24 and you count him among the patient lot?
      Another thing, Arsenal is not Mancity or his Chelshit to pay 30 milli for a player first and then figure out where he will play. Simply put, we cannot afford a luxury signing for that fee, that is not how Arsenal FC is run

      1. No we dont play that way.We rather play a bunch of midfielder who lack consistency.who on many occasion not create chances and blame Giroud

    3. He could have replaced any of those in the squad but he would still have the problem of supplanting either MO11 or AR16 in the 1st X1. No major team has “happy” 40M quid benchwarmers on their books (except the failed £40M players who have no real say eg: Torres) – Real Madrid try but look how often they have to off load. You think Cesc would have said yes to no guaranteed 1st team football? I doubt it. He has nailed down a spot at Chelsea because they have no player like him. Anyway, the transfer window is open still – further reasons for not taking him back may become even more evident in the coming weeks.

  9. The way I see it, adding another “world-class” player to our current squad would have (and should) do more good than harm to it. Should that player have been Fabregas? Should it Reus or Cavani? Well that is left for the manager to sort out.
    But I am certain of two things:
    1. It is not out of place to consider the strength of your opposition when you are in a competition, and to plan according to it.
    2. Manchester City and Chelsea have got a squad of 11 backup team players almost as good as their first teams’. We should not expect to beat these two to the premier league title, unless we make a few additions defensively or in another “world-class” player.

  10. Rosicky is 33, Arteta 32 and Flamini 30. It is obvious that next year Wenger will be looking for replacements, so to have bought, the superb, Cesc Fabregas would have really stood us in good stead. I am beginning to feel Wenger is now working for himself and not the club. The needs of the club and supporters are above all else. I have never seen such a ground swell of opinion rising up against Wenger. He is certainly a stubborn man, who looks like he is aiming for a Champions League place rather than the Premier League title. Fabregas was the best bargain on the market and maybe the best buy. Well done Mourinho, but Wenger you are letting the club down.

    1. Ramsay, Wilshere, Zalemlem and Crowley are definitely not good enoough for the CM and ACM role….

      1. Ramsey is a better player than Cesc already. Ozil was better than Cesc in La Liga and can be better than him in the EPL. Zelalem has been described as being better than Cesc was at 17 but of course he’s not going to come straight into the team, there is a lot more quality in that position than there was when Cesc broke through.

        1. @Gunner Mac… Please lets not start talking delusional talk… Ramsey better than Cesc? Ozil was better than Cesc in La Liga? Any stats to back that up?

          I really don’t know how our fellow gooners evaluate a better player from the other.. They keep saying Ozil is better than Cesc because of his 15-17 assists and 4-6 goals a season stats. Cesc gets about 13-15 assists a season on average and about 13-15 goals.. Just because ozil gets 2 more assists compared to Cesc then that makes him a better player than cesc??

          What about Cesc superior goals scored stat? How about his all around better play compared to Ozil? Cesc creates, assists, defends, tracks back, and is a leader on the pitch.. What else does Ozil do apart from assists? £42 million just for assists?

          1. @GOONSTER
            That is something I find highly f**kn weird, 42m for a guy who just lays out passes…WTF
            Cesc is f**kn fearless as well as calm, cool and collected whether on the ball or off. While Ozil is a damn shrinkin violet, who other than layin down sublime passes, tries his damnedest to avoid any other play save passin the ball…

          2. “I really don’t know how our fellow gooners evaluate a better player from the other” …….. but it is OK for you to then proceed to do just that. Ha, ha.

            Ahh here we go, open season on Ozil is back before he has even played – just like day follows night. Can’t believe how stupid Barca are – rejecting a player better than Ramsey and Ozil combined. So bearing in mind nearly all the whining on here involves the alleged lack of quality in nearly every other position on the pitch other than those occupied by AR/MO (LW/ST/CDM/LB/GK/CB etc) your idea to improve the team would be to sell Ramsey and/or Ozil and buy Fabregas, a player who f**ked off when we needed him and came crawling back expecting royal treatment after his Barca love affair went tits up. Two assists against frickin’ Burnley and off we go, messing our undies and crying hysterically.

  11. Do we go with Flamini at DM
    and keep Chambers at CB
    or go with Mertz at CB and
    Chambers at DM
    Perhaps Flamini
    at DM and Mertz at CB
    Alternatively if as Wenger says
    Jack’s future is at DM
    then perhaps Jack at DM
    and either Chambers or Mertz at CB.
    Awaiting the team sheet with interest.

  12. Fabregas isn’t needed. William Carvalho and Cavani or Falcao are needed. Let’s get real. Fabregas is a top player but Ozil is capable of outperforming him if he plays to his potential. It’s annoying that he went to a rival but Wenger made the right decision.

  13. Our best times has always been with good strikers, Henry, van, etc. Giroud is no where close to any of this.. most we end at 5th or 6th position before we do something right. We are the fans here, it pains/ hurts that Mr Wenger reads our desires and still bent on his just for some selfish reasons, he’s been doing this for awhile and it’s not working. Why not try a change and expect something different. other clubs spending huge amount of money on classic players are not fools now.. this think is become tiring.

    1. i believe we do need strengthening (DM, ST and backup CB). but am i the only one who feels there was/is a lot else wrong with our side beyond personnel; especially with the maulings we received at the hands of the other big clubs in mind. my feeling is, even if new personnel does come in, AW still needs to get the tactics right first.

    2. It has taken me a while Hafiz but I think I finally get you. For a long time I misread your comments and underestimated you. But I have just had an epiphany. Your sole aim on here is to highlight the hypocrisy and stupidity of others with repeated short sharp doses of heavy sarcasm and irony. Your constant banging the drum for massive and unsustainable spending and buying the latest big-brand players is a coded reminder that this is not and has never been Arsenal’s way. The constant reminders about the fad players everyone has previously been shouting for and then Wenger buys someone else and all is forgotten (M’Villa, Capoue, Mitroglu etc etc etc).

      I fear though you are too subtle. You must be an admin plant – come on, tell us the truth.

  14. @darwin, He fufilled his dream he played for barca and won trophies, yes he didnt start every game like some may point out but being on bench here and there becuase of arguabley 2 of the best players of the past decade (xavi,iniesta) is not a bad thing. Any team . Im hearing “where would he fit in ” il say it once and again,again and some more Arsenal do not have a player like Cesc they have bever replaced him, those claiming ramsey is after one season??? Deluded maybe becuase hes british we tend to have an emotional attachment like most do with “average jack”

    Cesc will show us and the rest of the prem what hes about theres no ifs but or maybes We made a massive mistake not resigning him

    1. Hate to be the bringer of bad news but there are always “ifs, buts and maybes”. You suggesting otherwise suggests you either have alien psychic powers or are a fool.

      How big an improvement would you say we would get by selling Ramsey and replacing him with Fabregas? Or depending where you want to play him, sell Ozil and replace him with Fabregas? Do you think we could spend £35M elsewhere and get a bigger improvement?

      I suggest the right time for you to be able to ram your convictions down all our throats is at the end of the season. You are guessing nothing more. Lets all calm down, just slightly reign in on the Fabregas deification process, put our dicks away regarding his 2 assists at Burnley and see how AR and MO go this season.

      And without wishing to state the bleeding obvious – wtf point is there even arguing the point, it is done, history, move on.

  15. forget fabregasssss he is past we need 2 move on & certainly have ozil/wilshere ramsey will only get better + we will soon be signing a big name player before transfer window closes coygs

  16. PSG have not received any offer for Cavani. Uruguayan forward will not be sold under circumstances though the situation could change given that ibra is back in training + if not him falcao/reus

  17. @ leo, yes ozil is world class but very diff to cesc, ramsey is good but not world class after one season alot of fans think he is) but I agree he is going to get better.

    But wilshere im sorry no way that guys just not good enough he is actually a liability now, The biggest weakest link in the squad id say. Purelt becuase he has come thru ranks and was the nxt english hopefull etc has he been favoured by wenger, thankfully Hodgson seen the light and im hoping wenger does but the stubborness in the man tells me No.

    1. @Mo1
      I don’t foresee Jack adding anything to this squad anytime soon. Unless dude develops some “Top Gear” pace along with an Aaron Ramsey work rate and Ronaldo dribbling skills, dude might as well put in a transfer to Accrington-Stanley…

  18. A bit OT:
    Yes it is not right to judge a player based on a few preseason and opening season games. It will be both illogical and “unfair”.
    But when a player has been showing signs of inconsistency for the past year, then you will be forgiven for judging. I am speaking about my favorite Arsenal player in recent tiimes -Santi Cazorla.
    Now this is not to discredit his commitment to work (or his bundle of talents), or to launch an attack on him. Wenger is playing Cazorla in a very special role. His inconsistent showing is more likely down to this new role he is playing. So I am beginning to think that we might need Marco Reus (or someone like him) to play the role Cazorla is currently playing. They are almost similar players except for the fact that Reus is younger, faster and more used to that role and its requirements. I have little doubt that Wenger sees it that way.
    Personally, I would call it a very successful transfer window if we were to bring in Marco Reus (if he is available that is) and another CB player.

  19. OT: According to john cross, madrid have offered khedira to arsenal for £12M. I hope this is true!

      1. There’s something behind that wenger smile when asked about DM signing. I think he has some agreement-with khedira, di maria, cavani, falcao, or carvalho-maybe waiting for CL qualification.

  20. Forget Cesc, he’s gone and should be forgotten!
    Wenger sign a striker and DM player, please don’t tell me we are going to have to wait until after the CL game on the 27th, 4 days of bum twitching for us Arsenal fans!

    1. Good to be back finally according to my sources there would be an announcement on Monday the signing of Manola’s might be registered in time for the crucial second leg clash.Mean while Arteta out for a month schocking

  21. @Usmanov. If we get Reus I’d be delighted 🙂
    But we still need a DM player. If we buy Reus and Wenger doesn’t want to spend big on a DM then a loan move for someone may work. I liked the link I read re’ De Jong.
    Other cheap options Tiote, Diame, Jedinak, James McCarthy……..

    1. you are probably as close to what wenger might do in the last days of the window he will wait to get c/l qualification in place to reel in one big name and then get a squad filler in d/m but will also use the vermaelen money to get another c/h so 2 more additions and 1 more replacement this is most likely to happen, but as always you can never know with wenger COYG

  22. Good to be back finally according to my sources there would be an announcement on Monday the signing of Manola’s might be registered in time for the crucial second leg clash.Mean while Arteta out for a month schocking

  23. LoL, as if most of you guys were not going crazy when the Cesc to Arsenal links first came out 😛 Bashing anyone who thought we had too many CAMs already. Some of you guys even went to the extent of saying we should use him a a false 9, LoL. Now that Cesc is enjoying himself at Chelsea you guys be like yeah, we don’t really need him and Ozil was better than Cesc in La Liga 😀 Well we’ll see who’s really the king of assists this season 😉 Sour grapes 😛

  24. Fabregas is at Chelsea and that that but it doesnt make you less human to say it was a mistake not to buy him.I remember everyone here shitting in their pants at the thought of him going to Man U last year.
    Flamini also left AFC at a critical time and he is back at AFC so why not a much better player..Oh he was hat why?
    Why do i envision a Sunday afternoon where Fabregas combines with Costa on 2 different occasions to shoot pass Szeszney.Then even before the match has ended people come here to mourn like little b*tches..about wenger not buying him and ….the usual…Giroud is at fault

    1. Just put Flamini on Cesc…sorted.

      I would not be surprised to see Giroud shipped out tbh, I think he had pressure to come back to France from his wife and PSG would definitely consider a French international player. I think he has a role in our squad but not as starting striker.

      I can see Khedira + Reus happening, we hold the cards for these 2 and could even offer Poldi on a try before you buy basis although his wages may prove too much for Dortmund. Gnabry would benefit from a loan there for sure.

  25. not an interesting discussion….the only question that wenger needs to answer is who is he bringing in as defensive cover and attacking options….if he doesnt take this seriously even if fabregas is out for 6 months we wont be challenging for title come april….his pseudo philosophising at press conference is becoming tiresome…just splash the serious f***** cash on a couple of quality players and start putting together a a team that can win games through next may

  26. Players didn’t perform are always the manager job, either you bench him or you sell him but wenger dictionary got no these words.

    1. Untrue and unfounded.

      Since the stadium debt has been at a manageable level we have lost Sagna and TV5. Sagna was due for replacement and TV5 was not going to have a chance this season. We have also cleared a LOT of deadwood and the reshape is only starting. I bet you will not recognise the squad in two years time.

      I call that good business.

      1. Yep I get your point. Maybe we are just starting to catch up with the super daddy club so we are starting slowly to build the club but whether we able to shoulder with shoulder with them, we shall see.

  27. Basically wenger is a very soft type of manager, to f**king patient with players who didn’t performance. His quality as manager is good or bad is just a flick of coin. Just take rvp and diaby as the case, one after long term of injuries than excel for one good season, left us. The other still don’t know when will excel.

    1. I see your point but as a manager there is more to it than blowing a fuse and benching underperformers. A great manager will grow talent and inspire confidence rather than dictate. He does get a lot of stick for being soft, personally I see it as a quality but his greatest weakness is his stubbornness…

  28. @ Ny gunner & gunnerretic,
    Dudes I just dont know why ppl on here dont give credit where its due regardless of where the players play. If some ones playing Shite (giroud,wilshere) let ppl say so, its all about opinions.

    cant wait for ozil to come back think we really have missed the compusure he brings esp in the final third, I honestly will take a draw at goodison becuase if we play like we have against palace,besiktas I fear the woest mainly becuase I think Wenger will stick with santi wide Y TELL ME Y LOL, jack in middle 🙁

    Were crying out for ox to start him and sanchez outwide should restrict baines,coleman who I believe will be thier biggest threats.

    Our strength is our attack wenger says So y not Attack with pace, Have I said something wrong guys let me know what you think?

    1. @Mo1
      You know you’re on point dude. No need in askin anyone else…
      *One Everton player we always sleep on is Naismith. He’s constantly been a threat in our box…

    2. Mo1. There is no limit at all on here to people having opinions. Just some seem shocked and genuinely perplexed/angry when others have a different opinion.

  29. All this Ozil and Ramsey are much better than Cesc nonsense.

    I really don’t know how our fellow gooners evaluate a better player from the other.. They keep saying Ozil is better than Cesc because of his 15-17 assists and 4-6 goals a season stats. Cesc gets about 13-15 assists a season on average and about 13-15 goals.. Just because ozil gets 2 more assists compared to Cesc then that makes him a better player than cesc??

    What about Cesc superior goals scored stat? How about his all around better play compared to Ozil? Cesc creates, assists, defends, tracks back, and is a leader on the pitch.. What else does Ozil do apart from assists? £42 million just for assists?

    1. What else does he do? Well let’s see. Apart from the superior assists record he is consistently the most creative player everywhere major competition he plays in. That includes the world cup.

      The assist stat is a dependent stat. It relies on someone else finishing. The chances created is not. Ozil is the most dangerous AM in the final third. That is not even up for debate.

      1. Rubbish.. lol…

        From the age of 17 when Cesc became a regular in our team until he left for Barcelona, he was the most creative player for 5 years compared to the likes of Mesi, Xavi, Iniesta etc..

        And you talk about this superior assists stat, you talk about it like he get 20 more asissts compared to Cesc.. The real truth is that in his best assists season Ozil got 17 assists and about 5 goals, but Cesc got about 14 assists and about 13-15 goals.

        So if you think just a few assists better than cesc is what makes him a better player then you are gullible..


        1. Nice analysis. Now go back and check Ozil vs Fabregas in La Liga.

          What you say doesn’t stack up. Ozil is far more dangerous in the final third. That is to be expected. Cesc began his career as a deep lying player and Ozil as an attacker.

          I never said Cesc was a bad player. Its a bit pathetic that you continue on with this and fabricate facts against a player that actually wanted to join in favour of a player that forced to leave.

  30. And this notion of we have so many players in his position (Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Zalelam, The Ox, Flamini, Arteta, Diaby blah blah) where would he play?..

    If I am not mistaken, it’s you the same people that keep cursing Wilshere and Cazorla calling them rubbish and liabilities. People were asking and still asking for Wilshere to be dropped or loaned out as he is not good enough for the first team.

    Cazorla too is being criticised at every opportunity, gooners have been calling for wenger to sell him off this summer and still are calling for this..

    Diaby is injury prone and now the majority of fans want him gone if he gets injured again this season.

    Flamini is just a squad stop gap.. Rosicky is 34?

    So I will ask again, if all those players are not good enough in your eyes then why do you keep mentioning them to validate your arguments but then on the other hand you use them to destroy your own points ?

    1. At last the voice of reason!!!
      Like Mourihno thought, I don’t need Fabregas because I have Willian, Oscar, Hazard, Ramirez, Mikel, Matic, Salah….
      Or he thought nothing like squad depth and competition!!!!!
      All these know it alls with their “money would be better spent on CB and DM” let’s see if we buy a world class DM and CB. When the transfer window closes it will be the first step in regretting buying Fabregas, followed by the MOM performances against us, followed by Champions league or Premier league glory.
      Chelsea lost the semi final of the champions league, argubly because they couldn’t break Athletico down – answer Fabregas!
      Where are the answers to our limitations?

    2. What would be your 1st X1 if Fabregas had come back? Pretty obvious that buying Fabregas would add depth to the squad – a no-brainer, but you would have to work out how to bench one of Ozil, Ramsey and Fabregas on a regular basis without any one of them becoming agitated or disenchanted. Even Chelsea or Man City haven’t got a £40M bench player of MO, AR or CF’s stature and ability. Perhaps you would have re-jigged the formation or play one of them out of position – was that the idea? Or you could tell me you would have sold one of MO or AR – I don’t know. But the Chelsea and Arsenal 1st team situation are entirely different. Fabregas now has a nailed down spot in the Chelsea X1 – replacing Lampard and/or Ramires. All the Arsenal players you mention barring perhaps Arteta are probably not in the 1st X1 when everyone is fit. So unless you conjure up a new formation or play even more players out of position then either Ramsey or Ozil are benched to make way for Fabregas. For all you know CF may have insisted on guaranteed first team football and Wenger could simply not accommodate that, notwithstanding it would be a bit cheeky coming from a player who f**ked off when it suited him, got rejected and came back making demands. You can argue all you like that Fabregas is better than either or both but it is pretty hard to come up with any reasonable objection to the notion that Wenger prefers Ramsey and Ozil. It is not an outlandish or spectacularly daft idea. You are also not considering the fact that the transfer window is still open – the full reasons for not taking him back might be properly realised in a few weeks time – if he spends the Fabregas money on a player(s) in a position we need more then the arguments will diminish even further.

  31. Fabregas, my favourite player till he left us for Barca…Hope we handle him well when we play Chelshit, cause I hate us being overrun by former players like Van P@ssy…I really can’t understand the club’s love for Wilshere, he seems to be in all highlights’ wallpapers after every match on, as if he is constantly our MVP! Hope Wenger becomes serious and sees the voids in our squad, or else we will have another year like the previous one…

  32. We have Ozil and Rambo now. Don’t need any traitors.

    Still haven’t forgotten the way he left. Kept silent whilst Barca was hauling abuse at us. And then even offered to pay part of the transfer fee. Joker

    Good riddance.

      1. Bit harsh there matey – how the hell do you play the three of them in our team? And I mean in their best positions so don’t give me any of this Ozil on the LW, Cesc false 9 etc bs.

  33. Gotta move on guys. Bottom line is Cesc would have to supplant either Ozil or Ramsey in our line-up. Fanciful talk about him playing deeper in place of Arteta but lets be honest that would be shoe-horning him in to the team just for the hell of it. Even more fanciful talk that he would provide depth and could rotate or stand-in for MO and AR as necessary. Nice idea but we are not Real Madrid and can’t effectively bench a £35-45M midfielder when all three are fit.

    1. Sorry, yeah your right.
      Bit harsh, and comments are brilliant as ever.
      No you couldn’t fit Fabregas in the team to be fair. Barcalona couldn’t but they did manage to fit Messi, iniesta, xavi, and Pedro in the best footballing side probably ever seen?

      1. Wow, they managed to fit four different players who occupy four different positions in the same team. The question was how do you play MO/CF/AR in our team – I haven’t seen your proposal.

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