Is Wenger right about Arsenal’s quality and quantity?

There will still be plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours in the football media over the next few days but unless Arsene Wenger has a massive change of heart or he was telling fibs in his press conference today, the only new players we can expect to see at Arsenal are the two young Nigerian prospects.

The Frenchman was unusually forthcoming about his transfer plans and after being able to give a very positive update on the Arsenal injury situation the boss declared that the quality of players and the number of options available to him meant that the Gunners have no need of any more transfer business before the end of the season.

In fact his comments reported on the Arsenal website reveal that the only transfer move likely is to be out of the Emirates Stadium as our French international right back Mathieu Debuchy looks set to go somewhere else on loan for the rest of the season.

Wenger said, “Yes, Mathieu might go somewhere but I don’t know where at the moment and that decision haas to be made very quickly now because there is only 48 hours to go. He has much interest in him, but I have a number of people who can play right back so I opened the door for him because at the moment he doesn’t play and has Bellerin in front.

“No, no at the moment as I told you I have 23 players in training, plus two is 25 and unless people go out we are not on the verge of bringing anyone in.

“No, Welbeck is coming back now and Alexis is back, we have Giroud and Walcott. You would not understand again why I don’t play Giroud and play Hernandez so we the quality and the number of players that we need.”

I do hope so Arsene, but I am a little worried about how long it will take for players like Welbeck and Rosicky to hit form and what another injury or two could do to our changes of major trophy success. Is Wenger right or is he taking a big risk?

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  1. I don’t know you tell me, was he right about Arteta and Flamini ? Was he right about Sanogo and Walcott ? He settles for mediocrity when he can easily replace some of the players that should be nowhere near the first team.

    1. I mean was the Bayern and Southampton thrashing not enough ? If you think we have a chance in the CL you have another thing coming. And with the way other teams have dropped in standards we should be running away with the title right now but instead the manager would rather struggle and barely make it so he can say “I told you so” in case we actually win the PL.

      1. Hey Jojo the clown I wouldn’t say the other teams dropped there standards look at teams like stoke and crystal palace and the players they have at there clubs. The smaller teams have got so much better and tougher to beat. That is why there are so many of the so called bigger teams getting whippings this year.

        1. Really ? City have missed Aguero and Kompany for more than half the season, Toure is getting old and the new defenders are average at best. City of last season and the season before would’ve consistently beaten teams with 4-0 scorelines. Meanwhile Chelsea is fighting in the relegation zone and United is still a mess. So tell me how the big teams haven’t dropped in standards…

    2. @GoonerLad

      Well said Sir. Wenger is clueless about quality these days. Did Wenger sign Elneny because he thinks he’s better than Arteta, Flamini or Ramsey, of course not! Elneny was only signed because of injuries. Wenger even said that ideally he didn’t want to sign anyone.

      On a side note, I’m glad he got rid of Afobe. Now Sanogo can shine!!!

    3. Only quality re Wenger is his pay!
      8m a year the dude on cloud eight or is it nine?
      Finally he has sorted the goalie lets hope & pray he sorts out a striker…enough of midocre lamp post with energy saving LED bulb!

      1. I don’t think the board is letting him ( AW ) spend big money because of the new incoming manager who will demand at least 200 million if he is any good and serious about winning EPL and CL and I think it will hapen in the summer

    4. Replace them with who? Wenger has kept us artificially relevant even through all the years paying for the stadium when we were a poor selling team who couldn’t keep anyone nor attract anyone who wasn’t old young or injured. ..but we were a regular champions league team somehow

      I don’t want to waste money on cavani when that means we can’t buy a better long-term player.

      2 years and 2 top class players finally want to come to us and we win two cups and now with cech we are in the hunt for more.

      If benzema wants to come then we will buy him. In the meantime we make do with what we have available without becoming frivolous like Leeds did so famously which ruined them or like man u have done buying anyone without thinking of team cohesiveness.

      As we win more it will be easier to buy because until now, nobody wanted to come as they thought we couldn’t win hence becoming a creche let alone being unable to pay more than 100- 150k to our top players which is pitiful compared to the top teams who buy who they want.

      We are not Chelski

      But our creche finds people others felt wernt good enough at the time for their team and others we rehabilitated/developed like anelka, ballerine, Viera, overmars, ljungberg, Henry,

      Arteta was a great buy at the time to captain us and bring some leadership to the team while we had no money. The only bad thing was that he didn’t come years earlier when winger first tried.

          1. ramsey is just another average player.
            Has nothing in him.
            Lacks technical skills or a creative brilliance.
            He is below par for a team like arsenal.
            Cole was the last meaningful british player to play for us.The rest were just a couple of tw@ts

            1. You need to watch arsenal matches from before this season. Ramsey is a brilliant attacking midfielder who is coming back from another bad injury.

              But nobody who has watched Ramsey when he was fit in the last few seasons could say he isn’t good.

              Glad you have decided to start supporting arsenal instead of whoever you used to but you need to catch up on our recent history. Before his injury he was our first choice centre midfielder for a very good reason

              1. Coming back? …
                Surely you meant that, he is long overdue,
                another injury?

                Ah- me -Hamstrings- Ramsey is on borrowed time mate!… He will be out for a month… very soon!

  2. 11 years and no trophy. I don’t believe a single word this man says or what he does, i question every little decision he makes. Like buying the much faster, more agile more tenacious Gabriel but playing a has been, then not buying a real striker who can bang in 30 goals a season, then buying elnenny who hasn’t played yet.

    Now he’s toying with us again by signing an extension? ya that’ll be the day everyone will be out for his head, the god damn dictator.

    1. I really question you’re opinion and believe you have absolutely no idea what Wenger has done for this club or the extent of his ability.
      Are you 14?

    2. Those 11 years were a miracle. No other topflight team or manager has managed to keep a financially poor SELLING team like we were , relevant and in the champions league like it was our god given right and like gooners take for granted now.

      I remember almost having a fit when we were in the cup winners cup final. We are now champions league team

      The moment we get enough money for purchase costs AND wages we buy 2 top players in two years and get two cups and now with Cech we are well placed for much more.

      Man u bought people but forgot about team cohesiveness. Winger makes it paramount which is why we’re a champions team even with a cheap squad.

      Mourinnho, fergussen,guardiola, all are good managers…..none have done so much with so little as winger did.

      I do agree with you about game management though specifically with ineffectual late tactical subs. But even that has got better this year. We have a lot mor 60 min subs than 80 min ones now

      …..and I think Gabriel will form a truly formidable partnership with koscielny when given a proper run


      1. Hahaha. . Your forgetting that Koscielny is no spring chicken, mate…. his getting on abit now and he has back and hip issues!

  3. The team is 3pts
    off the EPl summit.
    This despite injuries to key
    players Coquelin Sanchez Cazorla.
    This despite barely playing Ospina Chambers
    Gabriel Debuchy Gibbs Wilshere
    Flamini Arteta Rosicky and Wellbeck
    This despite Walcott and Chamberlain
    who both continue to showcase mediocrity.
    15 players either injured or not being up to the mark !!!
    Quite incredible really.

    1. 23 players says Arsene.
      More likely 11 players
      and 12 hangers on.
      Cech Bellerin Monreal Mertz
      Koz Ramsey Ozil and Giroud.
      The fantastic 8.
      11 when we include a fit Sanchez Coq and Santi.
      They are the only ones who truly deserve a Premiership medal.
      The other dozen deserve a kick up the Khyber.
      6 token English quota players 3 old favourites
      plus Debuchy Gabriel and Ospina.
      If we replace the decrepit dozen (in the summer hopefully)
      with quality players we could win the EPL every year.
      Perhaps the slew of 2 mill pound youngsters is the answer?
      The English quota players with winners medals round their necks!!!
      ” English core win Premiership” Metro will say.
      Chunders all the way down Holloway road 🙁

      1. Ox is still young. The was out for months. Do you think he’s just going to come back and bang em in? We have a great squad that’s why we’re 3 points off the top.

        1. I don’t like it when people say ‘Chamberlain is still young’…We’ve been saying that about Walcott for years now. When do we expect them to start putting up a performance regularly? When they’re 31? Martial is young…but he is performing. Neymar is young…Isco is young…Please don’t use their age as an excuse.

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