Is Wenger right to brush off Arsenal fans’ growing EPL doubts?

Arsene Wenger has had since Tuesday night to pick up his Arsenal players after they went a fourth Premier League match without a win and three in a row without scoring a goal, so I can understand why the manager would want to instill some confidence in his squad and try to regain some belief that the Gunners are still right in the title race.

And he did the same thing with the Arsenal fans and football media in the pre/match press conference today, reported by the Arsenal website. The Frenchman was very clam, despite admitting that we have been on a ver poor run of results. He pointed out that in the is topsy-turvy season there have already been quite a few twists and turns and so there is no reason to believe that there will not be any more between now and May.

With Arsenal just five points behind the league leaders and with Leicester facing us as well as Man City this month, Wenger insisted that a few good results would see Arsenal right back in the thick of things and he clearly expects the clubs around us to have slip ups of their own.

He said, “We are in a position where we have to come back first – to win games – which we haven’t been doing recently. We have to look at the facts as they are. We haven’t won in four games.

“We want to get back to winning and then look at the results of the others. Look at yourself and get back to what you want to do, and to do that you have to win your next game.

“You look at the table and you can say as many as five or six [can win it]. It makes it interesting – even if we would love it to be a bit less interesting but it is the case and we have to deal with that.

“Every season is special and we have gone through a bad patch but to fight for the Premier League, you have to be capable of dealing with that.”

Is he right to suggest that Arsenal getting back to winning ways will be enough? If you look back over the season you will see that Man City have already faltered a few times after looking favourites. They won their first five EPL games and looked unstoppable before losing two of the next three. And the months of November and December were pretty poor with four points from nine and then seven from 15.

Our other main rivals Leicester and Tottenham have also dropped points they should not have and it is fair to say that no side has really taken control of the title race for long, so is Wenger right to brush off the growing concern of the Arsenal faithful?

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  1. The only doubt about our chances is because we don’t have an A-list striker. Sanchez can instill that fear factor into the opposition but unfortunately he doesn’t play the position properly (he drops too deep for a number 9). Giroud also is not the answer and Walcott is out of form. Next season, we must make the signing of a striker a priority. But the £1 question is who???

    1. Just go for a young player who has proven they can get goals on a consistent basis and has the talent to become a world beater. Klopp never had trouble finding cheap attackers with huge potential so we shouldn’t either. We need young players with Bellerin’s mentality and less with Ox and Theo’s.

        1. Bayern got Costa, Dortmund got Reus and Aubameyang, Liverpool got Suarez, Atletico got Torres, sold him, got Aguero, sold him, got Falcao, sold him and now have Griezmann so yes it’s that easy. These players weren’t bought for big money so we have no excuse, our manager should not be picky, with all the “I almost got this player” excuses he gives it’s clear our scouts are doing their job but the ones responsible for the transfer aren’t.

  2. Frankly I don’t care anymore, AFC, the way it is been run now is not worth all the heartache and disappointment it keeps giving us fans and am totally done with hoping anything good is in the offing…the manager is on £8million per year, the least paid player in the squad will earn in a month what I will prolly earn in a year,the board and owner gets £3million for giving advice so why should I be miserable foe my for my wife and daughter because of a club which cares nothing for me?…i will love the club till am in my grave but henceforth I have decided to stop getting worked up about whatever happens, even if its relegation!!!

    1. @damochy

      I have to say I feel exactly the same. I used to get so stressed, angry, nervous, etc, supporting and watching Arsenal, but for a long time now…I couldn’t care less, win, lose or draw! It’s the same rubbish every season with Wenger and the board, very predictable and the same delusional excuses. It’s almost like I’m emotionless when it comes to watching Arsenal, numb to the pain I guess. I hate feeling like this, but Wenger has slowly drained my passion for Arsenal. I still go through the motions of trying to watch Arsenal, but it doesn’t bother me any more if I miss a game.

      I’ll always love Arsenal, and I hope to get that passion back when the board and Wenger are gone!

  3. wenger has no credibility whatsoever. typical wannabe economic d…head. trying to make max. profit with minimum investments.

    wenger knows best. lol. le prof ( he is not even a prof), in wenger we trust. brain dead mucho loco wengeritus

  4. We have already wasted quite a few results by looking at it in comparison with last season we have lost 5 already we lost 7 the whole of last season we drew 6 with 9 for the whole of last season so to win the PL we need to win all our remaining matches so the Arsenal must be ready to fight hard and call it theirs We have the quality and experience in the squad they have been together for a while so in essence they ought to themselves to fight for it with a good run to the end

  5. Next season wiith Pep & Mohrinho at Manchester, Klopp at Pool and Rainier proving that one can compete on a very little budget with right balance of players…Wenger is quickly running out of time and credibility.

  6. We need to be realistic and appreciate the situation as it is not as it ought to be. If after four bad games Arsenal is still just three points off the top that should show you what kind of season it has been. Sometime back I stated that this is likely to be the situation in EPL for some time to come because all clubs have strengthened their squads, thus bridging the gap between top and bottom clubs. The days of one club running away with the title seem to be coming to an end. Perhaps Chelsea’s collapse under Mourinho and the emergence of Leicester should serve as a lesson. We need to look at issues from a different context. How many world class players does Leicester have? Do you recall the excitement that greeted Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool? Has he delivered anything special yet? The world seems to be full of surprises these days even on the international political stage. Nothing is no longer taken for granted. How would have imagined that Leicester would be top of the table in February and Chelsea would be in the bottom half? The business of saying this is Arsenal’s only chance to win the title is all nonsense. Perhaps this is a good chance but not the only one. Arsenal can win the title any season as can the other top teams. No team is ordained to win the title and I wouldn’t be surprised if Leicester won it. Let us wait and see how Leicester performs against Man City. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leicester won the game or got a draw. The same can be said of the other games. Hence for some Arsenal fans to be living in dreamland and bashing their team and manager is not fair. Man U dismissed David Moyes even before he finished a season but has Loius Van Gaal performed miracles? There are now stories that Man U want Jose Mourinho who was recently sacked by Chelsea. He may come in and by some hap may win a trophy or two and then start losing again. We need to become more analytical and accept that there is a revolution in EPL which will continue to surprise us and defy predictions. In the case of Arsenal what is needed now is for the team to rally and start winning games again and I am confident this will happen soon.

    1. When was the last time in the past years of same situations that Arsenal rally and started winning games? Fans are not fools,when you see them started complaining from every area of our beloved club, its not because of the present situations alone but the repeated scenario of so many years that always end at where our present philosophy can reach, you can’t continue defending same story, same method, same tools, same results years in years out.

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