Is Wenger right to NOT try for Payet transfer to Arsenal?

To be fair to Arsene Wenger, he has always tried to do things in the right way, or at least what he sees as the right way, while being in charge of Arsenal. And in this cutthroat world that modern football has become when commercial deals and TV revenue seem to be a lot more important than the fans and where players staying loyal to clubs throughout their careers is now something of an anomaly, any kind of values should be welcomed.

Having said that, I would love to see the France international star Dimitri Payet playing for Arsenal and so when the news broke recently, as reported by Metro, that Payet has made it clear to his bosses at West Ham that he wants to leave despite signing a new long term contract in the summer, I was hoping that Wenger would be keen to take advantage.

Instead Metro is reporting that our manager has declared that he hopes that the player and the club can sort out their differences.

He said, ‘The vibes you get from the outside are not very positive I must say.

‘I don’t know what’s really behind [the scenes] I just hope that West Ham and Payet can sort this out.

‘It looks very complicated. The boy is not known for this mentality. What is happening to him now only West Ham can explain that.’

All very honourable from the Prof, except that there are now rumours that plenty of other clubs, including our big Premier League rivals like Chelsea, are not so hesitant about taking advantage of the situation in east London. What do you think Gooners? Are you proud of Wenger’s stance or would you like Arsenal to go for the jugular and try to sign this proven EPL star?



  1. HA559 says:

    Get him on loan you silly man. He can help us in League and UCL (ok that one is a maybe). His mind will be clear in the summer after he goes back. We will be starting with bare bones in midifled.

    We’re lucky We play small teams now with only Ramsey and Xhaka as te only CMF.

    1. Trudeau says:

      I’m not questioning his talent but not sure how Payet helps out at CM.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Santi wasn’t a CM, and look how well he has performed in that role.

      2. HA559 says:

        In some games Arsenal are the dominant side so playing him as a second AMF would be better for us instead of Ramsey. Espeically teams that come to defend. Ramsey finds it difficult to create chances even against teams that are open.

        Against bigger teams it would be a disaster to play Payet and Ozil in the three midfield players.

        Also don’t forget he can play on the wings. But Perez looks like he might turn into a good player. Wenger has to keep playing him then we will find out.

  2. HA559 says:

    WHat a joke Cheslea players are, all wanting that money. Well ofcourse it’s why they went to Chelsea in the first place isn’t it?

  3. HA559 says:

    This would be my team for tomorrow.

    Powerful and explosive attack wise while players like Perez, Sanchez and Welbeck will win the ball back for us when not in possesion Basically the five in midfield will defend together but when in attack Xhaka stays back.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Exciting from an attacking point of view, but suicidal from a balance point of view because there’s only Xhaka in central midfield, and he’s been poor this season.

      1. HA559 says:

        Thats my team for tomorrow. You can put Ramsey in there, he doesn’t do much these days in terms of recovering ball, just passing sideways.

        The Best Ramsey was the one that used to tackle and run all day. His given that up now. I’ll be surprised if Swansea get something tomorrow, they got the new manager but he already lost against Hull in FACup.

  4. LutenantDan says:

    The last thing we want is another ‘Flair’ player. Yes Payet is a good player but we’re top heavy with flair and have been for a number of years which is why we are comitted to playing one style of football but, that style of football not being enough to sustain a serious challenge domestically and in Europe.

    For years Arsenal have had flair and non flair players in abundance with all of them trying to showcase their talents in one way or another. We’ve had strikers who were never in the box because they thought it would be more fun to emulate the midfielders. We’ve had goal keepers doing drag backs and all sorts of nonsense in our own box trying to emulate a winger. And are midfilelders have been allowed to just do what they want.

    I know at Arsenal we want to carry the standard for florid and flair play but all it’s done is excite us momentarily as a spectacle but not been robust enough when having to play against a team that can press you into submission until the ball becomes a hot potato. At that point, the flair players are lost and don’t want to know anymore as they’re not being allowed to do what they want.

    Payet has been good for West Ham as he’s the main man for delighting the crowds with his style of play i.e the tricks, flicks and free kicks but, despite all his skill. West ham are still in the position they are and having an up and down season.

    We’re not so bad at Arsenal but, the similarity is there insofar as we still delight the crowds with our ensemble team of flair players and just love it when we beat the likes of Crystal Palace but those same players then play a more challenging team (or not so sometimes) i.le Bournemouth and just about scrape a point. And we do it every season.

    By introducing more flair and skill into our team isn’t going to worry our competitors, it’s just gonna make it more easier for them to beat us.

    We saw the other day the industry of Preston and how the managed to close us down and stifle our renowned creativity. We’ve also seen Chelsea do it to us when we got a six nil hammering. As soon as Carzola got the ball, or anybody for that fact. They hunted us down in groups of three and just broke away and scored. In the same season, Liverpool done it to us as well.

    By having too many players that want to finesse the ball, take 28 touches when two will do, pass sideways instead of forward. We’ll never get rid of our frailty or as the rest of the football world likes to say ‘the arsenal soft underbelly’.

    Payet would definitely fit in at Arsenal from an entertainment point of view but he would not take us any closer to winning anything as we try to accomodate too many of that type of player already.

  5. ButtFlaps says:

    He bad News

  6. Subi says:

    I miss Wheelchair. Him blossoming in an Arsenal shirt would be wonderful to watch

  7. Onochie says:

    Because Payet is french doesn’t mean Wenger would get him,also because Payet is not happy at West Ham doesn’t mean he wants to play for Arsenal. What are Arsenal’s ambition this year? Fighting for champions league spot with Man U and Spurs? Payet can only come to Arsenal to collect pensions.

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