Is Wenger right to pin Arsenal title hopes on Ozil?

Even the Arsenal fans who fully appreciate the silky skills, close control, vision and passing that the Germany international Mesut Ozil brings to the Arsenal party would probably still admit that they would have liked to see the midfielder have more of an influence and impact since his transfer from Real Madrid.

There are various theories as to why our club record signing has not set the Premier League alight, with some injury and fitness problems clearly affecting him at times. There is also the feeling that a lot of people in the football world, like the genius that is Michael Owen for instance, that simply do not get what Ozil does and simply take the easy optio9n of calling him lazy, despite the stats that prove the opposite.

Some of us feel that Arsene Wenger has not really used him properly either, although the boss has almost always found a place for the German in his starting line up, when he has been available. Ozil has often found himself playing on the right or the left of the front three, which I found doubly strange when we had a player like Theo Walcott sitting on the bench.

This coming season though, according to a Daily Mail report, the boss is banking on Ozil for the coveted number 10 role. It seems that he has decided that Alexis Sanchez works better on the left and so the job of creator in chief will fall to Ozil. That is what he is best at to be fair. I think that Wenger wants to show faith in him as well, because confidence is also key to getting the best from him.

Remember that game against Bayern Munich when Ozil started like a man possessed and was ripping them to shreds until he took that lame penalty? He might as well not have been playing after that, but if we can see more of the player that started the game it could be the difference in Arsenal winning the Premier League title or not. So do you think that Wenger’s plan to pin our creative game on the talents of Ozil will prove to be a masterstroke, for the player and the team in general?

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  1. Ozil plays best as a #10, Sanchez on the left, Chamberlain right. new striker/Giroud/Walcott?

    1. Chambo doesn’t produce enough end product to justify being the starting RW. I think that’s where we’ll see an elite attacker brought in this summer as Theo makes the switch to ST.

      Alexis – Theo – Reus
      Welbz – Giroud – Chambo

      Nice mix of pace, power, creativity, end product.

      1. Nice one, Cha Cha. Now it’s “elite”, not “world-class”. Lol! But I agree, Chamberlain looks like he’s doing so much but when you keenly watch him, he’s actually doing nothing. He’s good, but almost over doing things like Wilshere.

        Actually, I’d take off Giroud and play Reus upfron, flanked on either side by Sanchez and Welbeck/Theo (interchangeable).

    2. Ozil has to be quicker with the ball. He must never be played on the flanks, he not quick; can’t run.

        1. @Goon, so wrong. U never watched Ozil run? Damn!!! Very good at passing, but no pace. He got no pace.

    3. True ozil is probably one of the best number 10 in Europe. He should never be played out of position, it destroys his game.he’s so good at picking out lovely passes

  2. You shouldn’t have reminded me of that game against Bayern Munich. Hopefully there will be no szez in goal this time.

  3. I honestly wouldn’t mind a 442 with Giroud Sanchez up top…… we’ve got more than enough space on both wings for our proper winners to battle out for, Ramsey wouldn’t have to be kept on the wings……. seriously am sure Sanchez tuck more goals away as a striker with his strength, pace, skills, control and composure in front of goal, he could be our very own Aguero or even beta

  4. Ozil effect on this team is as clear as day. But it takes someone who actually watches arsenal play without any bias to see it. When he’s on, our play is fluent with better ball retention. When he isn’t playing our attack is choppy and a bit more predictable. Sanchez might have carried the team at the start of last season but only until ozil and coq returned did arsenal begin to excel.

    It’s remarkable how people doubt his quality. I guess some fans and so called pundits want more from him but when he plays, arsenal wins. And I just want to point out that arsenal have had some amazing players before 13/14 fa cup win, and none of them were able to win a trophy with arsenal after 05. Ozil is an artist in an Era of athletes. He will rip the league apart one through ball at a time and, along sanchez, will lead to glory this upcoming season. Ozil came to the Emirates and has since picked up 3 medals. Fabregas, rvp, and nasri couldnt. I rest my case.

    1. I just think the Ozil factor is the most hyped thing ever. Of course he contributes to the team as any player, but when everything is credited to him then that’s where I don’t agree at all. Ozil is just a member of the squad that you sometimes don’t even notice in games.

      To me he is yet to have an impact at our club like Cazorla (12/13), Ramsey (13/14), Sanchez (14/15) and even The Coq (since January).

      That’s the impact I am still waiting for then I will be happy for our team to be built around him. Other players in the squad have done more than him.

      That’s all.

    2. @fonzy,what you say is false,because our hot streak last year coincided with Ozil being injured.i prefer Cazorla at number 10 personally.Ozil is a good player but he doesn’t score enough goals to be a real number 10.

  5. Arsene Wenger has never
    said Ozil is the key to
    Arsenal success.
    No one player can win it alone.
    Even Ronaldo and Messi are
    surrounded by super stars.
    You need a team of top quality players
    from 1-11 preferably 1-25.
    Arsenal do have 13 top consistent players.
    Cech Bellerin Debuchy Koz Mertz Monreal Gibbs
    Coquelin Cazorla Ramsey Ozil Sanchez and Giroud.
    The next 10 (IF) fit and in form are good too.
    Szczesny Gabriel Chambers Arteta Wilshere Zelalem
    Walcott Chamberlain Gnabry Wellbeck.
    Just add a DM and an attacker = 25.
    Release Flamini Rosicky Campbell Sanogo.

  6. Ozil’s best games were against Galatasary and Villa[FA Cup final] and we had Welbeck and Walcott(respectively) playing as the striker…my point: cut Giroud out the picture and Ozil shines.
    Giroud likes to play a duel-No 9&10-role and limits the space Ozil can occupy when playing behind him.
    Giroud lacks the pace to stretch defenses,while Ozil doesn’t break beyond the striker like for e.g Lampard, Mata, Carzola…so both players end up neutralising each others strengths.

    1. Whose fault is it that Ozil does not want to run inbehind? If the likes if Silva, Cazorla, Ramsey, Mata, Wilshere etc can all adapt their game by making those runs into the box or add goals to their game then why can’t Ozil try it too. He ain’t handicapped you know.

      That’s why he and the team as a whole struggles against half decent teams or teams that park the bus, all the team does is pass pass pass and pass infront of the opposition, always waiting for the other team mate to take responsibility.

      1. true.Ozil does come to deep for the ball,But in reality Ozil isn’t dynamic or determined enough for us to build a team around,i prefer Sanchez an Cazorla

  7. Those saying Ozil doesnt have an effect on this team didnt watch the FA cup final or the game against united in the FA cup and the liverpool rout at the Emirates.The guy makes a pass that no opponent could ever anticipate and that unsettles any opposing midfield.Just like reus,the guy never seems to struggle.but ask people who have played with or against him….he is a sleeping giant.

  8. After houres of studying his play and vison .
    I have have a conclusion which might upset you lot .
    most people here hate on ozil .it’s mesut ozil not messi or cr7. …

    I saw him do things with the ball no other player could on the pitch.
    His passes arrive perfectly on time
    And his vision is superb
    All arsenal need is to do this simple

    Walcott get to be striker .he wants it so badly right ?
    but arsenal buy Pedro .for the Rw
    now Walcot had to compete for striker with Welbek and giroud ….and if he fails he gets to compete with Pedro who he vacated his rw position to because of the striker issue

    With walcott
    Sanchez — —- Pedro
    Ozil mesut
    Wilshire Ramsey 1 of those 2 players must sit …really sit sit sit and cover the centrback pair..

    monreal koschlyni gabriel bellerin
    P chech

    Ozil can serve those 3 upfront with 20 assits just in premier leuage action. ..
    I could put my house on it
    after seeing what I saw after houres watching ozil play …..

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