Is Wenger right to take pressure off Arsenal players?

Arsene Wenger has always had his own way of doing things. And while some of the Arsenal fans have full faith in the Frenchman to get it right, another section believes that he has just been stumbling about in the dark in recent years.

The next few months look like being as big a test of his managerial abilities as any and could make one of those fan factions much bigger than the other. Our manager seems to be taking a different approach to his rivals in the fight for a top four Premier League finish and we will have to see whose methods are most effective.

Unlike Louis van Gaal, Brendan Rodgers, Ronald Koeman and Mauricio Pochettino, the Arsenal boss has been in this very same situation before and more than once. Maybe that is why he has tried to instill confidence that the Gunners will get the job done again.

But you could also say that he is perhaps going too easy on his players and not putting enough pressure on them to make sure the performances leave nothing on the pitch, with his calming words reported on the Arsenal website.

He said, “Every year we have been under threat until the last game. Every year we’ve managed to do it. We have a good opportunity to show that we have the strength to deal with that pressure and that we have the quality – I’m completely convinced we have the quality.

“We have to deal with our performances. The criticism is always there when you lose a game now. I don’t take it personally. What I take personally is to lose a game.

“We are responsible for what we produce on the pitch and we have to continue to move forward and deal with all the rest. The rest is not to influence us. What is important is that our ambition and the way we want to play has to be the strongest influence.

“It’s a long way to go. It will be tight for everybody and that’s what it is about. It’s about the team with the most consistency and I feel we have shown that we can deal with that kind of pressure in the past. I’m confident we can do it again.”

It all seems a bit blasé to me but then again I have not managed to get a team into the Champions League for 17 seasons in a row and Wenger has. So should we just sit back, relax and tell ourselves that Arsene Knows Best?

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  1. me thinks its right for the fans to take Wenger off the team to relieve all the pressure from the fans….

    2005-15 same shit…..2016 till Wenger leaves same shit…

    1. wenger is right b’se players don’t choose themselves, he does and players can’t effect any change in case things don’t go according to plan…wenger can

  2. Wenger said, “Every year we have been under threat until the last game. Every year we’ve managed to do it.” Do what? Finish 4th!!!

    Finishing 4th is not good enough, but Wenger appears to be satisfied. I’m fairly confident that if Mourinho or Pellegrini finished 4th they would be disgusted and extremely disappointed.

    When will Wenger realize that the goal is to finish 1st? It won’t happen with good players because it takes very good to great players. Arsenal have a couple, but not enough.

    Raise the bar Arsene!

    1. finishing 4th has greatest return-on-investment: you get 10s of millions for CL, yet by not putting out 100M for players, your net position is out way ahead. kroenke approves.

    2. Great idea.
      I’m sure if we ask nicely, then Man City will borrow us some money.
      And at the end of the day, all it will cost us is our soul. (Worth it?)
      Last season, with a team weaker than the current one, we spent the most amount of weeks at number one.
      Mourinho and Pellegrini would be disgusted, cause they have the best squads in the league and have spent the most money.
      At Arsenal, we do more with less, and that is because we have less.
      Do you really think that they would keep Arsene around if he had an extra 100mil to spend and chose not to spend it. He is making the best of what he has at his disposal, and no manager in the league is better than him at it.
      Mourinho had the audacity to make his little horse comment last season, Arsenal has been the little horse of the top 4 ever since we moved to the emirates.
      If you are in favour of throwing money at problems (which we don’t have), please feel free to go and support Man City, Real Madrid or Man U amongst others.

  3. For someone who reads the quote for the first time and for someone who don’t know Wenger, it sounds like he was talking about winning the league.

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