Is Wenger saying Arsenal WILL join Premier League big spenders?

The current situation in the Premier League and in some clubs around Europe must be hurting Arsene Wenger, because whereas Arsenal used to have to deal with just a few really big spending clubs swiping the best players, including our own top talent like van Persie, Fabregas and all, the Frenchman is now seeing huge transfer fees being splashed around by every man and his dog.

Not only does the massive revenue that clubs in the Premier League receive make it harder for the Gunners to sign their players, it means that all of the clubs are willing and able to spend big money on players and they are not even big name players half the time.

It is clear that this is forcing the fees for players in England and abroad through the roof and we know all too well that Wenger likes a bargain and hates to pay over the odds, but even the most stubborn person has to eventually accept what is going on and see that this is not just a passing phase.

So even though the Gunners will still try to nurture talented young players through our academy system and find hidden gems in the market, we will have to move with the times and it sounds like Wenger is admitting this in comments reported by the Evening Standard.

He said, “When you look at the cheques that everybody signs, it’s quite scary, but that is [what] the Premier League is about at the moment.”

The Frenchman was talking about whether a top four finish would be enough and he categorically declared it was not and that he was desperate to win the title, before moving on to talk about money. So does this tell you that Wenger has accepted the situation and seen that he can’t beat them so he must join them?



  1. I wonder how you ever deduced that from Wenger.
    Even if he says that VERBATIM, I doubt he’ll keep to his word.
    I actually wish Wenger and the board all the best in the transfer, but I’ve kinda lost faith in them.

    1. I support that.. look personally i think with all the rumours and speculations around, we ain’t doing anymore business. you might say there’s still time, ask yourself “is time really the issue or Wenger going out there and spend the money on what we need”? i think the latter is the answer..we all know we need a winger and Mahrez, Draxler (Miki also) are available (was available) and both are big upgrades to on walcott and the whats stoping us? aren’t they an addition to the team? quality over quantity is Wenger’s motto ain’t it? while not spend on these qualities even if you wont get a striker. i am immune to pain and disappoinment because i learnt Arsenal’s transfer dealings shouldnt be kept in my heart.

      OT. I HAVEN’T HEARD OF COHESION FOR A LONG WHILE? ANYBODY KNOW WHERE THAT PLAYER IS? feels a little good not to hear the bloody cohesion philosophy

  2. I agree with 007, that’s not what I take from that remark. I sort of got what everyone knows, that Wenger is not comfortable spending large amounts money which is not his own. He will spend large amounts, but he’s not comfortable doing so. And we knew this already. The times they are a changing, comments like scary, even though true, are not welcome at this time. No wonder some fans are on about the old man jokes, like when a grandpa says in my day we could buy etc etc etc for a shilling. Wenger needs to accept it, it’s not like money in football was never ridiculous anyway.

  3. Arsenal will not make money purchases! we purchase cheap defenders, $15m then we purchase non-top useless striker, then Arsene done.

  4. Well Gazidas gave the opposite answer (sort of)

    Spending is good but spend on the right quality players
    Mandzukic, Vedder, Kokorin, Turan, Jese Rodriguez are not the quality we need

    Of the forwards left the only ones I can think of our Lacazette (unlikely), Icardi, Draxler, Mahrez,

    1. How is Mandzukic the right quality ?? He’s just another Giroud playing in a poorer league. And we don’t need Turan because we have ENOUGH midfielders.

  5. what is he crting about. He is a ting as if he has never splashed out big money. 41 million for oil, 35 for Sanchez , 30 for xhaka and then all those 15-20 million signings which mostly have gone down the toilet. 16 million for wlebeck when he could have got chicharito for a less price. He spent some million on that broken back Swedish player kailstorm. Who does that.

    Thing is half of his transfers don’t deliver. OK you don’t want to make big name signings , great but then why don’t you spend the small amount more wisely. Liverpool under klopp are looking to do that. Why not look for value signings. Tottenham bought Jannsen for 18 million. Manchester United got mkhitariyan for 27 million. These are cheap signing considering you spend equal amount of money on xhaka or pay 16 million to get welbeck.

    Truth is wenger has no clue what he is doing and many of our fans fall trap to his antics . He spends money but has rarely spent money wisely.

  6. For me I read the opposite. …this is what the PL is about at the moment. The “at the moment” makes me fear he thinks he can wait it out and it will return to a normal which only exists in his head.

  7. Have we signed Mahrez, yet? ….. What? ??
    What about Lacazette? …Nooo ? ? but , but .. he prefers to come to Arsenal, instead of PSG. ?

    Okay, so Wenger has been keeping himself busy, by looking at all the other clubs signed cheques?… now that is scary! ?

    Even though I can’t see Wenger paying over £25 million for a defender, Mustafi is supposedly heading to Arsenal on Sunday (medical).
    He’ll probably be on one of those plane’s that takes forever to get to London.

  8. Imagine this, wenger and the club were crying to pay 2.5 million to Bolton for holding. They were even bargaining for that. That tells how stupid our club owner and wenger is.

  9. Until the governing bodies put a stop to these high prices for players, it will continue and that will happen in next never.

    Its unfortunate that the cost of players have move along way from arsenal purse strings limit or that is what we are lead to believe. Whenever the fans put Wenger and the board under pressure, we find funds to buy (Ozil), Xhaka before the the good feeling of finishing in front of spurs wear off and sanchez because he was free.

    The process of developing a title winning squad by buying one high cost component every year, run the risk of failure when the other players become disenchanted with the team along the way, especial if there is not any trophies, they will want to move on to ensure they win something of substance in the best years of their career, while this is being done other teams will be finding the individuals needed to make a proper title run, some will do this by buying the expensive players and others will scan the various leagues to get a proper reasonable option to fill their needs. Either way arsenal tend to leave one or two areas weak and ultimately we suffer because of it.

    I am not saying arsenal should spend enormous amount of money on players put we could have an exciting squad if we bought players who are an improvement on our players in various position without spending huge sums and get a completed squad

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