Is Wenger too busy keeping current Arsenal stars from transfer exit?

Arsenal fans are well aware that as well as looking to use the summer transfer window to bring in new blood and strengthen the current Arsenal playing staff in key areas, the manager is faced with the task of stopping some of the Gunners from leaving our club.

Alexis Sanchez is obviously the main topic here, with the Chilean seemingly wanting to go and with just a year on his current contract. He is by no means the only Arsenal player being sought by other clubs though, and reports suggest that the boss could have his hands full this week to fight off transfer pursuits for two other big players of ours.

One is Hector Bellerin the Spanish right back, who The Mirror reports is still on the transfer wish list of FC Barcelona. They claim the next 10 days will be crucial to where the Spaniard will be playing his football next season, with Barca set to look elsewhere unless they can get the deal done in that time.

The other Gunner we are at risk of losing according to The Mirror is our England international star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who is said to have become frustrated about the lack of contact from Arsenal over an extension to his current contract which is now in the final year.

The report claims that our Premier League rivals Liverpool want the Ox and are ready to take advantage so have made the first step towards a summer transfer. So while Arsenal fans are keen to see new players join, is it more important right now for the boss to stop these two from leaving?



    1. Okay so admin deleted some of my posts on the last article.

      Lacazette and Lemar are done deals. subject to medicals. Fatboy does not seem to understand.
      And neither does admin. I encourage the admin and everybody else who is skeptical to trust me on this. Once the announcements are made. I will be’s transfer guru. Or maybe one of the guru’s here.


        1. Lemar to be announced in the lead up to opening game guys!! good times ahead

          1. Look you can spout your rumours as much as you like, but when you start just repeating the same thing over and over it gets boring.
            State some facts for a change and promote discussion, don’t just ask for blind faith.

            1. Its like they would rather believe the sun lol
              Anyway point noted but when the deals are announced just remember who called them.
              They are not rumours.
              Lacazette and Lemar are gunners and that is the truth.

                1. The rumour’s right now that seem to have the most smoke. Are Lacazette, Mbappe, Lemar, Turan, Marhez.

                  So it looks like a winger and a striker.

                  Mbappe seems a step too far. That leaves Lacazette.

                  The wingers, we know Wenger likes signing youngsters, and French players. Lemar is a decent price compared to Marhez, he’s also pacy which is something Wenger appreciates. Also he can play left, right, and central. But crucially he plays Alexis position most of all. Turan is 30m and 30 years old. He’s going by the rumour’s dude.

            2. Don’t ask for blind faith lol

              That’s rich right there, cause that’s all Wenger does


      1. Why do you believe what you do?
        I got a good feeling over Lacazette and I do think it hasn’t been done yet due to negotiations, OL want a replacement and to make sure they get the most they can…

        They signed Traore from Chavski and looking at a RM player as well so I do believe Lacazette will be sold and we are in pole position from what I have read.

        I have a good feeling but… I am biased towards AFC so… Fingers crossed.

        Lemar has said he would prefer us over spuds and IMO we should sign him for that, 1st time we miss out on CL for YEARS and spuds get it and still players want to come to AFC XD Lemar would be in good terms with the fans instantly 🙂

        He can assist and score. Young so player value will only increase. This seems like the real typical Wenger signing, the Wenger type of signing of old, before stadium move.

        Both of them for me is large elements of hope over confirmed knowledge.
        Not meaning to sound like I disagree but I am curious to what you have read around and if I have missed something.

        1. I have sources dude that is why. I dont read or anything frankly i dont care for rumours.
          I have very reliable sources from within the club.
          Deals are done.

          1. So what took you sooooo long to announce all these supposedly done deals then? Why wait until every Tom, dick and retard already knew that these deals are close? ?? All you have done is repeatedly stated the same old ?? in the past 24 hours ?? I wouldn’t mind if you were reporting on something that was new or unheard of.

            Are you G-Rude in disguise? Or RSH looking for attention? ??

  1. We should keep Ox. He is better suited in the current system than Walcott or Perez. He actually tracks back and tries to defend. Big fan of Bellerin as a player, but his concentration during games has waned since getting that massive contract. Putting sentiments aside, if Bellerin fetches +50m, I say sell and put Ox in the right wing-back position. I’d even play Chambers there if we just need a defensive presence…

  2. henry onyekuru is signing for everton. Theybalso got Berantd traore. and Lukaku. pretty good front 3

      1. From what I read for around £8 or £10 million but Chavski have a buy back inserted as part of the deal, good business from them, we need to start saying buy back…

        #LACALEMAR = Lacazette and Lemar? If so then yes please!!!! 🙂


          1. What sorcery do you speak!? I Would like
            To believe you- but if you had sources who were that close and advertised it on here you would be putting them at risk.

            I am
            Sorry mate but I am thinking you might be pulling our leg on this but if not I will be the first to apologise- I am hoping you are right to be fair.

            1. Snap out of it fella, Wenger doesn’t even know who’ll he’ll be signing, yet!

  3. Keeping the team together means giving the players no reason to leave. Wenger is giving them all a lot of reason to leave. Can you blame the players? No. Can you blame Wenger? Yes.

    What the point then. Someone who causes the damage can not fix it.

    1. I would say Wenger isn’t the man to blame, I would say Gazidis is for not making sure Wenger got the signings he wanted.

      We all heard how Wenger spoke to Xhaka 12 months before we got him, why didn’t AFC push to get him 12 months earlier?

      Same thing with Lacazette, Wenger bid the remaining transfer budget to get him and AFC didn’t give Wenger the funds to get that deal done… Instead AFC wasted money buying Perez and we are looking still at Lacazette but he will cost more than 12 months ago.

      Having Gazidis and Dick Law trying to get transfers done is like trying to drive with the handbrake on. Hopefully Fahmy who from what I read will also be helping to push transfers over the line will make a difference in years to come.

  4. I always thought Wenger had too many responsibilities at Arsenal. That’s the boards fault. Wenger should just be manager of the squad and make phone calls or meet players. I don’t believe Wenger should manage the financial aspect of the Club. Think about all the missed opportunities and mistakes we had because of Wengers financial decisions and indecisiveness.

    Anyway, didn’t we just get the former sky legal expert, Fahmy, to handle contracts? I think we hired him this month.

    Hopefully that will help

    1. How is it the boards fault when Wenger is threatening to leave the moment you take the power out of him. The board are in Wengers pockets, as they all are just a bunch of money people and actually dont know anything about footaball. They compliment each other just perfectly.

      1. He was given the keys to the kingdom, that’s the boards fault. Go back to the root of the problem, it starts with the board. Selling the shares, staying on the board, not replacing Dein, leaning on Wenger to handle multiple tasks some of which was Dein’s responsibility. Locking Usmanov and Dein out. Not putting pressure on whoever to spend what is necessary. It all starts with the board, and they sat quiet through it all even after all the fan unrest. It’s the board dude.

        1. Wenger is the only one who shields the board from the fans. Without Wenger there is no protection. Therefore he will stay as long as he wants.

      1. So do we. But unlike city, we own the player that matters most.

        Pep doesn’t want Aguero, if Aguero didn’t know that already well he knows now. We have more capability of having those two players here next season, than city does.

          1. When fans go nuts because of how wealthy we are, but decide not use all resources, do you ask them what are they smoking. Capability, you do know what that means don’t you. We have the funds, we own Alexis for another season. Aguero might be put onto the market seeing as they are trying to swap. If true, well then that means we are very much capable, I didn’t it’s likely. He talked about cities means, I pointed out player situations and our capabilities. Maybe you need to go smoke something dude.

        1. Jezus christ, now i understand people taking for an idiot when they find out i am an arsneal fan

  5. I don’t think Bellerin will be a problem, it’s a long contract and he’d have to act totally out of character to force a move.

    Oxlade I don’t think will go, if he did I’d feel a bit pissed because we’ve been waiting on him to show more for years. But quality wise, I think Arsene could find someone to replace if it comes to it.

    Alexis, as Arse-Girl might say, I’m not a believer but I’ll pray all the same.

    1. Plus Silent Stan called Bellerin up to say he wasn’t being sold, Bellerin knows he would have to change the owners mind…

      1. Chamberlain is rubbish – I would be glad to see him leave.
        He does nothing – does not attack, does not defend, does not create.
        A waste of space…

  6. It was nice to hear Silent Stan stand up to Barca and tell Bellerin he is not for sale.
    One time he wasn’t Silent Stan and I applaud it, I support SS on not selling Bellerin and I hope he shows more commitment to AFC

    The Mirror claims… The Mirror is just doing what they always do, spin BS to get readers and do not care for the results their fake news has on people. The Mirror doesn’t report accurate news, just look at the BS they was spinning during the elections and how they ignored the law in phone hacking scandal… They have zero morals and do not deserve your time.

    Please boycot the Mirror and other Main Stream Media, I urge all AFC supporters to ignore the MSM and find information out for themselves, if it is true then other news outlets will report it…

  7. I can see a summer of depression, smoke screens and failure.
    I can see next season being worse than last season.
    But most of all I see the knives being sharpened to tear him to pieces next season.
    And THAT is going to be more entertaining than the dross on the pitch…

    1. Thanks for that, I’m glad I don’t eat pies ?? let me know if he’s sticking his fingers elsewhere? ?

  8. we blame wenger call delusional and clueless stubborn and old but what about the fans who think oxlade-chamberlain have a future at Arsenal this season is his best season what did he do if I’m wrong tell me a few good run that is all that is why we are Arsenal support mediocrity we blame wenger no the fans make a club we are as much delusional as arsene Wenger there are better players out there who can improve us for less salary

    1. He owned the winback role, better than Chelsea’s wingbacks. He even switched over and showed his versatility. He played some good games down the middle too, his power and dribbling ability gave us something we lacked. Like Ramsey he only got consecutive full starts in the latter stages of season, he done well. If we are to use 343 more often, we’d be stupid to not keep him in mind.

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