Is Wenger too stubborn with FOURTH Arsenal bid for Lemar?

There is persistence and determination and they can be a good thing to have in football or any other walk of life, but too much can turn into stubbornness and that is a quality that some Arsenal fans have levelled at our manager Arsene Wenger for years.

Even being stubborn can be a good thing, though, as we have seen this summer with Wenger’s refusal to sanction the transfer of Alexis Sanchez to a Premier League rival, instead preferring to risk it happening next summer without any transfer fee to soften the blow and only time will tell if he is right to do so this summer.

Another sign of the Frenchman’s stubborn nature is the transfer pursuit of Thomas Lemar from Monaco and it is beginning to get a bit silly in my eyes. According to a report by The Mirror Arsenal are about to go back to the French club for the fourth time this summer, this time with a bid of almost £55 million.

If this is true then I reckon we may be barking up the tree, whether or not Lemar wants to sign for us, because it seems clear that his club do not want to sell. Is there a reason for Wenger to believe that Monaco will finally accept a bid? If not is he spending too much time and focus on this unavailable transfer option while the Premier League season is almost upon us?



  1. wilshegz says:

    go for other players…. we still need a quality CM and CB

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, Arsenal has been spending too much time on a young player that is not worth fifty millions. A better CM is more required, because Arsenal simply cannot dominate the midfield area with Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil.

      I have seen Lemar played against England, PSG, etc. His skills are still below Ousmane Dembele. I saw Dembele played more consistently in several matches.

      Maybe Arsenal is trying to cover their true intention. Perhaps they are trying to get other players discreetly. I hope they can finally get Jean Seri and Rafinha.

      1. Dalinho says:

        Now ppl are finally waking up! And it’s only gonna get worse trust me don’t fall for wengers or arsenal rubbish it’s all about creating a delusion for them tiny petty owners and manager so they can make money

    2. Remember Resource? says:

      We aren’t going for any defensive player atm. Lemar is done and dusted, like i said media is now picking up on the bid value of 55m which i had stated earlier. Media is now picking up on the multiple bids etc: Monaco are almost done signing their replacement. FYI Barca is seriously considering pulling mbappe from monaco. That is why there are links between barca and monaco. Monaco could be sitting on a cash pile north of 200m at the end of this window… Great business for the club.

  2. ZEN2OH says:

    We get a CM then we need a CB, but if we get a DM we may not need a CB again

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    It looks like Wenger is stubborn at using his usual tactics
    We may come out empty handed or get someone a lot less talented.
    Playing the waiting game is dangerous
    Also, if we lose Lemar, Roma will probably get Mahrez.

    Very worried

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Top of my comment didn’t come through.
      Was supposed to say “Yes. I agree”

  4. Zimbo says:

    Apparently Barcelona has also joined the race to sign him, hopefully we won’t lose out because we are not prepared to pay the extra £5m.

    1. gotanidea says:

      It’s okay. If Barcelona really gets him, Arsenal would be the frontrunner in getting Ousmane Dembele, a more talented youngster.

      If Lemar is really good, why did Manchester City choose Bernardo Silva? Statistics wise, Lemar is better than Silva, but their contributions for Monaco in the field are different.

    2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Yup, Barcelona are in talks and they have money to splash now ?

  5. Goonerbri says:

    Let’s just let arsene do his work. Let’s support the arsenal and look forward to a great day out 2moro. 2 1 the gunners 2moro and am so glad the new season is upon us. All u negative arsenal supporters shud again get behind the team instead of all this anti wenger rubbish. Lets support our club!

    1. xxnofx says:

      Have you just started supporting arsenal because most people on here and most fans that i know are fed up with the same crap season after season ,its not about being negative its having to put up with the same stuff every season . we are going backwards as a club and thats what pisses every1 off ,we wil be lucky to get top 6 this season even if he signs lemar .

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        Exactly..I don’t get what the fuss is with the end of the day the coach is same old Wenger. whether Lemar joins or not, we won’t win the league.

      2. Goonerbri says:

        I’m 50 next year and been a season ticket holder all my working life. I’m an arsenal fan and have been through our poor times over many years . I think it may be you who is a new fan? We don’t have a god given right to win the league every year. If your all so anti arsene and so frustrated then go support someone else . Arsenal is my club for life and I’ll support any player that pulls that shirt on. All you aob’s have dragged my club down to spurs levels. Your an embarrassment to our great club.

        1. Paul says:

          Hello, even spurs are now better than us on the field, we simply let every team outplay us, Bayern, sevilla, Swansea, almost every team now play possessive football against us
          Everton and big teams don’t haggle over price, they simply pay and get the players they want, our transfers take too long to get done because we make them.

        2. Nofx says:

          I’ve been supporting arsenal since 88 I’m 37 . I’ve seen the lean times before. I’ll always support the club but the whole thing as gone stale . It’s the same story every season .cant get the players we need because we’re to cheap and when we do get them there the wrong type of player that we need . Don’t get rid of the players that have no benefit towards the way the squad plays
          Playing players out of position ….. the list goes on and on . Look at the way Chelsea and the 2 Manchester clubs have gone about the business that’s why 1 of them will win the league
          You’ve got your opinion I’ve got mine that’s the thing about football there will always be disagreements

        3. ZA_Gunner says:

          I admire your loyalty to the club even through difficult times but you have no right to sit on a high horse and criticise your own club’s supporters and certainly does not earn you the right to say how we should support a club, regardless if you’re 50; 60;70, it does not change that fact. Since your expectations is not the same as other supporters’ it would still be wise to respect other fans’ opinion and choices. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting our club to succeed and certainly nothing of fans’ showing ambition for us. If you can say you’ve been though the poor times over many years then you should be able to sympathise with the rest of the fans. It’s not about whether it’s you or it’s me, dividing fans, like you make out to be. It is not your club alone, it’s our club and to mention Spurs show’s your ignorance of that. Besides what level are you talking about because last time I checked they finished above us.

          1. Fola says:

            They finished above us once in how many years?
            If the coach would be allowed to do his work and players allowed to concentrate on the field of play without banners of Wenger out flying everywhere, putting the players under unnecessary tension, the club would do better.
            Everyone seems to know the coaching job more than Wenger

    2. Pnk.gooner says:

      This comment matter if it is right or wrong will always get thumbed down on this site. Despite the fact that most supporter I talk to are willing to positively support the club to avoid the septic atmosphere which had a bad affect on the team. Their word not mine. AFC fans have also been tarred with the spoiled child brush and are nearly now considered as bad as Man u fans. Keep the faith bro.

    3. ZA_Gunner says:

      How do you support something you don’t believe in? The clubs ambition is not aligned with the fan’s so that’s why there is feud and pessimism and you cannot blame the fans for that, especially the ones who have gone through thick and thin for the club. This has nothing to do with loyalty as fans’ loyalty are not in disrepute, it’s their trust and belief in the enterprise, the same enterprise who have let them down with false promises and excuses.

      1. Fola says:

        Solution is simple, go support another club!

        1. xxnofx says:

          Why should he support another club just because you dont like what hes says to be true .why is there tensions and divides between fans ?because of the person you say is the best man for the job ! you blame the fans for not sticking by there club but who has caused this ?not the fans.Other clubs would not put up with this why should we ,i would understand if we were not such a big club without being able to spend big amounts of money and not having that big club feel but we are .the money that goes into this club without it being reinvested into the team is disgraceful . Hes only looking after his club like the rest of us dont have a go at him for wanting whats best .uve got your opinion hes got hes .

      2. Mobella says:

        How do support what you don’t believe in? Don’t you believe arsenal will be better if she is supported by people who still believe in her. I know arsenal is difficult to love at the moment but i don’t believe in touch love. It is either you are in or you are out. We have more than people (outsiders) hating on our club. Arsenal needs us more than ever at least till Wenger goes. That is not a difficult thing to do.

  6. Durand says:

    If he wants a player then pay the f-ing money! The price takes into account improvement over next couple years, especially with young players.
    Some things never change, cheap bids piss off other clubs, yet he continues to bargin as if it was 2010.
    Perhaps put horns on lemar, call him “big game animal” and Kronke himself step in and make proper offer.
    Expect whining and tears about prices.

    How can he complain about transfer prices when he offers average players incredibly generous wages? Never made sense to me.

    Any offers for Ramsey yet? No? Well fingers crossed

  7. Nicholas says:

    PSG did not have to make a series of bids to sign Neymar. Serious clubs wrapup business quickly and prepare for the next challenge.

    1. xxnofx says:

      Well said ,thats how big clubs behave

      1. Abel says:

        Rubbish, Neymar had a fixed release clause which PSG met.
        If there is no fixed clause, you “bid”.
        Check your dictionary for what “bid” means.

  8. Akan says:

    Same thing every window , same result every season. Same same same same, get my drift

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      That is called Consistency.

      Lol !!!

  9. Kamal idowu says:

    Asen wenger should please if lemma is not available he should please and please go for mares

  10. muff..di...di...di...diver i now stutter cos this club made me suffer says:

    the only reason i assume wenger is leaving buys this late
    is hes hoping an opportunity will creep up

    otherwise its same as every season. unprepared. insufficent squad


  11. andydale says:

    Does no one ever learn the reason he keeps going for lemar is because he can’t have him, So he can turn round and say we tried. lol

  12. ozil10 says:

    With or without Lemar , we’ll finish outside the top 4..
    So I won’t panic if we fail to get him ?
    He’s not the answer to our problems!

  13. That is what wenger does. I know it’s another player he want. ozil was never mentioned wen he was bought bt was after Benzema, he is hiding coz I guez mostly wen he mentions a player he want to buy other teams usually goes for him and set up competition making the player more expensive

    1. Anthony w says:

      leaving it last is what pushes up the price.

  14. Bogere JohnBaptist says:

    Lets Pray Very Hard So That Wenger Successfully Lands As Monaco’s Star Player Before the End Of This Window Transfer.

  15. Waal2waal says:




    *returned to my cuppa with cannon motif

  16. Dom says:

    Can anyone here actually prove that a bid has been made for Lemar, never mind 4 bids ? Or do we take for granted that the press are constantly feeding us facts and therefore Wenger must be at fault.
    Can’t wait for the mercato to close and the rubbish info to stop !

    1. Nofx says:

      Sky have said there have been 2 bids of 30m-40m and that we remain interested .sky are very good for not making up stuff for the sake of it .dont believe what some people on here are telling us that we’ve already signed him that’s just them hoping that it comes true .

  17. Georgy says:

    Have anyone here watching Monaco plays.Well, Lemar is not to improve our team.We need another type of player full of dynamics for the middfield.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I watched several Monaco and France games. I agree that he will not improve Arsenal. The way he plays is not like Dembele and Sanchez, more like Ramsey and Ozil type.

      If Arsenal really gets him, let the clamoring fans watch the cases of Xhaka and Ozil repeat again. Arsenal do not need another bad purchase.


    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      It’s give and take and not taking but not giving

  19. sulgem says:

    as usual arsenal will finally end up buying cheaper not wanted at the club player because of poor performance .Don’t expect the likes of lemar with good performance and wanted by the club and costy.

  20. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If Barcelona are interested in him, then I want him even more lol.

    Lemar has been very eager to join us. He has been pushing Monaco to sell to us. However, it will be hard for him to say no to Barca. This is the risk of dithering and being too cost conscious for important players

  21. Jan says:

    No no no!

  22. DarlingbudsofArse says:

    AW is a joke. Remember the debacle with Suarez just for him being too stubborn? We could have won the league that year if Suarez, who at the time was ready to join, had signed. Could history be about to repeat itself? I won’t be in any mood to forgive AW readily!

    1. Abel says:

      Suarez was ready to join? Don’t make up stories to make your case.
      If he wanted to come, he could have insisted on Liverpool honouring the 40M clause in his contract.
      Instead, he signed a new improved deal and was sold to Barca the next season for a higher amount of money.

  23. Mr pat says:

    Interesting to know where all this speculation about lamar is coming from, won’t be surprised if generated by their agents or arsenal fans ourselves, I keep saying this what we need are defensive midfielders who can break up opposition plays so we control the games much better

  24. Midkemma says:

    I personally think it could be Gazidis and Law that are the ones going back for the managers target instead of telling Wenger to pick a new target.

  25. Chuks says:

    my man Resource where hv u been?

  26. shambala says:

    It’s the same story for Arsenal . Wenger decides everything & he is going to start the season with his non performing players .He doesn’t see anything wrong with the team which finished fifth last season. Who will question him because the guy wants the market to dance to his tune.

  27. Arsenal1Again says:

    Lemar isn’t worth £50. There are better players for that money. If you’re going to pay that much for an unproven potential winger, why not use that to pay the 350k wages of Sanchez for 3 years. £14,350,000 per year. Total cost of keeping proven premiership winger is £43,050,000.

    I thought Wenger is supposed to have a degree in Economics?

    1. Dee23 says:

      How can you pay Sanchez the money saved to sign targets like Lamar when he doesn’t want to stay at the club? It’s not about money. Sanchez wants to leave.

      People are so quick to say how Lemar won’t improve us significantly. How can any of us really know unless he signs and plays for us. No one knew Sanchez would have the impact he has had on the team when he signed for us since he wasn’t even able to get in the Barca squad ahead of Pedro when they played together and Pedro took a while to settle at Chelsea. Lemar could join and be brilliant for us. We won’t know unless he comes.

      1. Georgy says:

        Well you have to scout the player and follow his trajectory find his good and bad points and then you can decide if he will improve your team.You do not spend millions and then see if it’s work or not.
        Sanchez and Pedro have been playing for the best teams long before they came to England.

  28. chan says:

    Same old story every year on the transfer market . sick of it . We have too many good player , Lacazette is a good player . All we need is a GREAT one !!

  29. Roofer Rob says:

    Mr Wenger is a quality human being that has devoted his life to Arsenal FC and the greater good of Football.Whatever happens in this Window or the next I for one will be supporting the team.
    I Fart on the noses of the t**ts that hold negative banners up at the Emirates or instigate Fly by’s
    Let’s really get behind the team this coming season c’mon

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