Is Wenger trying hard enough to get the Arsenal fans back on board?

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been widely criticised in the past, especially in recent seasons, for leaving it too late to make moves in the transfer market and in some cases, not making moves at all. This trend has more often than not resulted in the Gunners having a patchy start to the campaign, as was the case last season when an Arsenal side with no defence lost at home to Liverpool in the season-opener.

But this time around, it seems as though the much-criticised Frenhman has learned his lesson and is willing to get his transfer deals done before the start of pre-season. After the capture of Sead Kolasinac on a free transfer from Schalke, Arsenal’s veteran manager is understood to be working on a raid of Ligue 1, with Kylian Mbappe, Thomas Lemar and Alexandre Lacazette all being linked with a move to the Emirates and Wenger has now claimed he is working ’24 hours a day’ to make things happen.

“Between now and the tour we will work every day to get the best possible environment around the team and to strengthen the team. That’s basically a lot of dark, invisible work”, Wenger said on

He continued: “But that is demanded and that means never leave your seat without your phone, never go to bed without your phone, because anything can happen. We will basically be on alert 24 hours a day.”

Looking at what Wenger has had to say and the kind of players Arsenal are being linked with, I am prepared to go out on a limb and believe that something is really different about the club’s approach to this transfer window. While it certainly is too early to be too confident, the initial signs seem good considering that the Gunners have already signed the best left-back in the Bundesliga and credible sources like Sky stating that Arsenal are indeed offering big money for top-quality players. Wenger does seem to be launching a charm offensive to try and get the fans back on his side before the new season, and to get a few top-class players in early will go a long way to achieving that goal.

Personally, I have never doubted the Frenchman’s commitment. The problem is his stubbornness in not abandoning a philosophy that is clearly outdated. But with Le Prof now working harder than ever and finally looking like he is willing to splash the cash in order to win the title, perhaps Arsenal fans can all finally forget the past and get behind the team.

Does Wenger finally mean business?


  1. Wenger has learnt his lesson? A tiger don’t change his stripes. Wenger signed Xhaka early then waited for deadline day, Cech early then nobody, Gervinho early then waited for deadline day. This is what he does…nothing new here.

    1. And the same tiger has let every other player go for cash when 1 year left on contract. Alexis will go to City for a good sum, the writing is on the wall. Just accept it and bring good replacement early

      1. Arsenal must push for him to move to Bayern. These City rumors are ridiculous. of course they are interested and they will try to get him, but the nonsense about the transfer being days away from completion is pure fantasy. Remember when that was done to us with Higuain and we kept waiting and waiting? Shocking people still fall for that stuff still.

    2. Wenger is very clever he is putting all these safe bid bets on the players knowing they will be rejected and a lot of Arsenal fans are actually buying it as usual.When the transfer window shuts he will just say i tried but the selling clubs just rejected our bids.

  2. We shall see by the end of the summer
    He needs to strengthen midfield and up front at least

    Not only does Wenger need to strengthen our team but he needs to sort out Alexis, Ozil and Bellerin. If they are sold Wenger needs to sign like for like (or better) replacements

  3. l will only believe it once he pays money for a player. Right now its all rumors, City has already signed two players and all we have is a ‘Mbappe bid being rejected’ rumor. l am sure if Kolasinac had a fee involved we would negotiate until the last day of the transfer window. Why can we not set the trend for once by putting our money were our mouth is…

  4. We have two dudes both notorious for looking to get the best deal possible. Gazidas is worse than Wenger, it’s all Gazidas knows how to do, bargain. I am now just realising that I can’t blame Dick Law and them for our transfer failures as these two are clearly in charge. Unless Wenger is just involving himself in this window as well as last window, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    1. You know Wenger needs to be careful when he goes to these chairmen and makes these insulting bids for their players because 1 of them might just blow a fuse and knock him out.

  5. If Wenger is ambitious he would convince Sanchez to stay if even for another year and signing a new contract with a clause to sell if we don’t win major trophies as well as signing new and top class players first.

  6. If we can get good money for Sanchez, then i don’t really care where he goes tbh.. The goals and energy he brings will not be easy to replace but it’s also crystal clear why barca offload him.

    His goals helped us alot in the just concluded season, however I can’t help but think that had he not been such a poor passer and unnecessarily holding on to the ball one time too many we could’ve scored more goals and avoid the Thursday nights schedule.

    1. What tf are u taling about? Alexis is the player who makes things happen…look at his stats..”he cant hold the ball” like who? Like the other arsenals players who hold the ball passing aside but with any porpuse? Wengers game, 80% possesion and 2 shots on target and 0 goals? U should stop talking nonsense and watch a bit of football

  7. He hasn’t done anything.
    He should have left on a high after winning the FA Cup – all I see happening is not a lot..
    Which is pretty much all I have seen in the last 13 years from him.
    So is he trying hard enough to win the Arsenal fans over?
    F**K No !
    I wish he would just leave…

  8. Is Wenger trying hard enough to get the Arsenal board back on board? more like..

    shouldn’t be about placating the fans or appearing to do the right thing, he should have just been doing it, if he was up to it.

    Same old same old. different transfer window and season same ole s£i$

  9. Wenger always says “Judge me at the end of the season”

    In keeping with that theme, we’ll judge him at the end of the transfer window.

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