Is Wenger warning Vardy he won’t be first-choice for Arsenal?

It looked like Arsenal had got off to a flyer in this transfer window by announcing Granit Xhaka almost immediately after the season ended, and then going straight in for Jamie Vardy as well.

But now it looks like us Gooners are going to held in suspense until after England get knocked out of the Euros in the quarterfinals before finding out if we are successful, which means that we could miss out on other targets if we get a negative response.

But since we heard that Vardy is still thinking about it, Wenger has come out and said that the 29 year-old is not experienced enough to be an automatic first choice for England. “I don’t think that Vardy will be a starter,” Le Prof said. “He has earned his place in the squad.

“I don’t say this because he does not have the quality, but because he doesn’t have enough experience at that level to say the whole tournament will depend on Vardy. Will he be there? Certainly.”

Does this mean that Wenger is also wary of playing Vardy in high pressure games like the Champions League? Last season, Leicester won the title but had hardly any distractions in the form of cup games, having been knocked out of the League Cup and the FA Cup at an early stage.

Could Wenger be warning Vardy to expect to be on the bench regurlarly?


    1. Could we at Least do ourselves a bit of favour and stop Linking ourselves with Vardy?……it’s not happening

      completing a 17yr old transfer (Nwakali’s) takes forever……what makes us think signing established strikers would be a cake walk?

      Hate the fact that Aubameyang is available and we ain’t doing nothing bout it…..F**kin hate it!

      1. Auba set his eyes only for Madrid. It could be change with bunch of money bags offer from City plus Guardiola’s care.
        Arsenal? I don’t think we even across his mind. So, why wasting time?

    1. Both had 24 goals and 6 assists. Both were the leading scorers on their teams. One however won multiple(sometimes 10plus) aerials for their team each game. Some were defensive aerials clearing out danger off set pieces. Vardy is a great goal scorer no doubt but his over all game can’t compare to OG.

      1. You forgot to mention that one almost won the best player and golden boot in the league while the other will never smell it. Also one went on an 11 game goal scoring steak while the other hardly score in 3 consecutive games. OG might add whatever it is people like about his game but fact it we didn’t win any league with it. Then you have a guy whose goals won the league for a team who’s total cost is that of OG and you still compare who’s better? Please wake up and stop being biased.

        1. Gunnerman, all very true but there is a flaw in your argument relating top performance to winning the league. We had a player who scored 30 goals in the PL In a season. He did win the golden boot and he did win player of the year. We did not win the premier league. Said player left us and scored 26 goals in the PL for his new club in his first season and won the PL for them by a mile.

          So the logic that Vardy is better than OG because leicester won the title does not stand up. Unless you believe that vardy is better than a fit RVP,

      2. Vardy: 24 goals in 38 games (total).
        Giroud: 24 goals in 54 games (total).

        Vardy: 24 goals in 36 EPL appearances.
        Giroud: 16 goals in 38 EPL appearances.

        Vardy a goal every 1.5 EPL games.
        Giroud a goal every 2.375 EPL games.

        Henry was not a defender, if you got to fall upon defending as a reason we should stick with Giroud then I am amazed as the stupidity.

        Yes every player should pull his weight in the def duties how-ever a team should have other people apart from the CF to clear headers etc from corners. Xhaka could be used for that now, a CF should be ready to pounce upon a potential counter, look at how Henry played. Giroud can perform when it is transfer time to make sure he stays but then he goes off form until his place is at risk again, who was surprised that Giroud started scoring right at the end and now for France?

        Giroud could be a WC player but he is too lazy and that holds up Arsenals play, when he tries then we look dangerous but when he has gone off form we look like a limp dik.

        It also explains why he goes through periods of a fantastic goal ratio but at the end of the season his stats are less than desirable.

        Giroud was suppose to have hit his prime and 16 goals in the EPL is embarrassing, he was involved in 38 games in total… 2425 mins of EPL gameplay and 16 goals!! 151 mins per goal!

        3139 mins is the total for Vardy and that works out at 130mins per goal.

        It is kinda clear that Vardy was a better goal scorer last season, try to hide behind “but the both scored 24…” but that misses out SOOOOOO much.

        1. I agree 24 doesn’t mean much but I had to throw that out there because so many think Giroud doesn’t pull his weight scoring wise. Your points are valid I just think people say striker or leading the line and goals are what they think of. I personally think they play 2 different positions. One an off the shoulder of the defender, ball over the top striker (which Vardy scored 20 of his goals btw) and Olivier a back towards goal target man, who works with the movement of the other 2 forwards.

        2. Midkemma, your stats include penalties. In PL last season leicester were awarded 13 penalties and arsenal 2. No wonder Vardys Stats are better than girouds.

          Personally I think penalties should be discounted when comparing strikers, we want someone who can score goals from open play or set peices. Any reasonable striker should be able to score a penalty nine times out of ten.

          Minutes played in PL per non penalty goal
          Giroud, 162
          Vardy, 165

          1. Remember that vardy won most of the penalties for Leicester and didn’t take all of them. Actually time reached when it’s mahrez taking the penalties. Just give credit where it’s due.

      3. Jima, i sometimes cannot understand this site. Recently if you had posted anything supporting Olivier Giroud the thumbs down would have been overwhelming. Now OG is getting supported.

        OG stats in the PL are actually good. Minutes played per non penalty goal are
        Aguero 118
        Giroud 162
        Kane 168
        Vardy 165
        So giroud is actually better than kane and vardy by this stat.

  1. I don’t know what’s going on with Vardy’s transfer but if the case is to wait for him to decide then I say let’s go out for another good striker in the market. Waiting could be dangerous especially if his response doesn’t suit Arsenal when he finally makes up his mind.

    Maybe Vardy deal is already sealed or Wenger has a strong hand in it. This one that He is talking about Vardy not starting for England. Anyway what do I know. Time will tell.. ..

  2. Vardy’s situation in England doesn’t have anything to do with Arsenal..

    Besides, we all know Wenger sometimes just say something and do the exact opposite…

    Having said that, I don’t think England will get to the Q/finals at least not with that defence…

  3. At his age Vardy has got nothing to lose but everything to win. The epl cup is not his swarn song. He might be not your taste but I see something long and unending sweetness in his movements jus like Zlatan. Barca sold him to Italy thinking aah he is finished. Italy sold him to France thinking aah he will be crap to keep him at that age. And now ManU and all them are still scambling for his signature. I thonk Vardy can still add something special to his profile despite le prof’s comments. Believe you me I have been rearly wrong on where a footballer might end. He might not join Arsenal But it will be a great catastrophy to his career if he stays at Leicester unless ‘RunEarly’ keeps that squard intact. The problem being there is a lot of valtures already swerling overhead.

    1. @sango
      Pep got rid of Zlato because he did not fit their squad. Dude has zero engine and slowed down their play. He was prolific at the teams where the play was fashioned around him. At Barca it wasn’t, so he didn’t excel.
      Vardy excelled because of Mahrez, Drinkwater and Kante. Dude has skills, for sure. He’s a journeyman footballer who took the chance granted him. Fair play on that. I think he should stay at LC though. I also think that he is not the striker we need…

  4. Giroud is good, but need a better striker to always put him standing. talking about Vardy? if Vardy had played cup games and also champions league I don’t think he would have been smart till the end of the season, Vardy has allot to lose if remain at LC. If there are better striker option, why not go for it.

  5. Try this analogy. A guy asks out a girl she says no so the guy says “didn’t really fancy you anyway but all the better looking girls are taken”. Wenger making out he’s not bothered either way? If not sure of getting our Man why embarrass ourselves yet again! Sign a striker now Wenger just get it done, euros or no euros.

  6. Two things are involved on the Vardy situation either the deal has been done and dusted behind the scene or the deal has been dead. If the deal is dead hope Mr. Arsene won’t use that as an excuse not to sign any other player and deceive himself that he tried but it did not work out. I believe he has realized and accepted the fact that the game requires a quick quality striker and also a quick strong quality defender and get them signed up “asap”. Let’s just chill and maybe enjoy the suspense that football brings about and then see what the immediate future holds.

  7. Being hung up behind the closet door waiting for a one season wonder to make up his mind is not the Arsenal I knew. Having come to an agreement he should be excited at being chosen to represent one of the finest clubs in the world, not playing hard to get. I`d say look elsewhere.

    1. Gary Lineker didn’t think so. One season wonder then Leicester is a class above us. “Aimed higher James !, you worth much better than Arsenal” ,he said.

  8. ADMIN you made some bias supposition here. First, Arsene was talked about Vardy in England team. Second, there’s no certainty that Vardy will be ours.
    But I understand, it’s hard to find interesting topics at this period. At less you got many visitors.

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