Is Wenger’s comments about crazy transfers a little hypocritical?

Wenger: football’s biggest hypocrite? by Ricky

No. That award goes to Jose Mourinho – the walking cliché. But there’s definitely a case to say Wenger is guilty of a level of hypocrisy usually only usually reserved for corrupt and crooked politicians, or say, bankers. It may not surprise you to know that I am an Arsenal fan; such is the level of apathy from Arsenal fans about the current state of our team. I am 26 years old and Arsene Wenger is the only manager I have ever really known manage my team. I am a proud Arsenal fan and we have much to be proud about: a fantastic stadium, a couple of really world class players, and a record that even the world’s humblest man, Mr Mourinho, must applaud – those of you who don’t know what I refer to, Google search ‘The Invincibles’.

Where I and thousands of other Gooners despair however, is the lack of a winning attitude displayed by the manager, chief executive, and owner, when looking to recruit new players. When Manchester United confirmed the record breaking deal for French midfielder Paul Pogba, at a cost of £89 million, Arsene Wenger led the criticism at the ‘mad’ world of football, and he was not alone. Whilst Wenger said the valuation of the player was “completely crazy” Klopp went further, saying, “the day this is football, I’m not in a job anymore.” Except this is football now, Jurgen. The deal went through, Klopp didn’t resign and Wenger seemingly spent most of the summer transfer window talking about the ‘world of football’ rather than looking for players to improve his squad. De ja vu anyone?

You might agree with both Arsene and Jurgen, the world of football has gone mad, because it has. Isn’t it amazing though that this criticism should come from a man who is a part of the footballing world and has been for over thirty years? A man who is complicit in the mad world of football in every single way? A man who has taken from the game more than most managers can ever dream of? Because Wenger is no fool, he is a highly educated man with a degree in Economics from Strasbourg University. When he says the world of football has gone mad, shakes his head in mock-disbelief and sighs as if he truly despairs for the direction the game is going in, he is lying. Rather, he is steepling his long bony fingers and muttering “Excellent” in his low, sinister voice. He is much like a banker who admits that the state-funded bank that they run has performed poorly, before signing off their own six-figure performance related bonus. Because that is exactly what Arsene Wenger is doing, continuing to take his huge yearly salary whilst excusing his own poor performance, “It’s not my fault we didn’t win the league, it’s because the football world has gone mad”. Not this time Mr Wenger, we don’t believe you (wags finger).

Wenger Hypocrite
Arsene Wenger, as the fourth best paid football coach in the world, earns £8.30m a year. After tax, Arsene earns £16,959.87 a day, £84,799.37 a week, or to make it more relatable to those of us with salaried jobs, a mere £367,463.93 a month. The UK national average wage last year was £27,600 a year, before tax. Taking into consideration tax contributions someone on the national average wage would have to work for over two hundred years to earn what Arsene earns in just one year. Wouldn’t you say that this disparity in pay is…madness? Of course for a man worth over £40 million this doesn’t take into account earnings outside of football, through sponsorship or a modelling career…

Arse Wenger Model JustarsenalThe point is however that Wenger has profited hugely from the mad world of football. A world that pays him sums of money that normal people can only dream of or fantasise over; a world that Wenger does not shun when it comes to deciding how much he should earn for doing his job, “£8 million a year? No thank you, £27,600 will suffice.”

Caught up in football’s world of madness however are the Arsenal fans, charged with paying the highest prices in the league to watch their team. The cheapest season ticket at The Emirates this year is £1,014 and the most expensive £2,013. Taking the average national wage, minus tax deductions, a season ticket at Arsenal can cost a fan over 9% of their annual wage. The most expensive match day ticket is £97. Absolutely ludicrous cost in a world of sporting craziness, especially when the cost of season tickets at some of the world’s most successful clubs is taken into consideration: Barcelona (£634), Real Madrid (£1460), Bayern Munich (£559), Athletico Madrid (£963), Borussia Dortmund (£823), and even Mourinho’s Manchester United (£950).

The objection for most Arsenal fans therefore is that when they are asked to pay a crazy price to watch their team, and the manager is paid a maddening amount of money to manage the team, why is the club, and manager, not willing to pay a crazy amount of money to improve the team?

We are told that the club has the finances to compete with the largest clubs in the world and their match day income is more than almost every other professional football club in the world. If Wenger and the club do not want to improve the first team and have no ambitions on again being truly successful on the pitch, then they should not partake in the crazy world of football at all. The cost of season tickets and match day tickets must come down and the manager should take a pay cut. However, much like an episode of the Simpsons where Monty Burns abates the safety inspector’s concerns with ambiguity and charm, or where a banking crash is blamed on an individual’s greed and selfishness rather than on inadequate regulation and recklessness from those at the top, Wenger will paper over the cracks from now until the end of the transfer window. Of course, this will invariably involve interminable complaining about the crazy amounts of money being spent by other clubs and the mad, mad world of the transfer market!

Ricky Iftikhar


  1. Mr Burns has less hair than Wenger
    Mr Burns is yellow and not French
    Mr Burns also has a more devious smile
    But they are very similar otherwise

  2. lol.
    hes being likened to mr burns .
    this may worsen
    next week its scrooge mcduck
    next month genghis khan.
    i imagine ppl on twitter are trynna super impose his head on beethoven the dog just so they can call him a bi###.

    poor bugger hes being hounded out of the club. never wanted this. hope this is turned around

  3. Spot on about Wenger profiting from the crazy world of football with his salary, whilst criticising huge transfer deals. He’s seems almost annoyed at the prices other clubs are paying, yet he’s perfectly happy for us Arsenal fans to be ripped off! Wenger and the board see Arsenal only as a business these days, but he’s happy for us to pay more than anyone else, for a poor product.

    Mourinho sounds more like a petulant child at times with his comments, but Wenger is just as bad, he just delivers it in what seems to be a more intelligent, and professional way.

  4. I rarely comment here. I’m just here for the comments but I have to say this is one of the best articles I’ve ever read I wis somehow wenger and co could get a copy of this piece because this is the truth! It’s a shame that fans are taken advantage of like this and it’s a worst shame that we just take this for our beloved club. Arsenal fans we are being cheated !

    1. I agree but I saw most of this article on arseblog (not all of it but a fair portion) ? Even 26yr olds copy and paste things and pass it off as their own. I thought it was only us teenagers. Even the mr burns picture

  5. With the levels of revenue generated in the premier league I think it’s naive for him to assume that the price of a player won’t rise, it’s called inflation how an economics graduate can’t figure this out is astounding… The board isn’t interested in damaging the profit margins I get that, But given the fact that even Steve Wonder could see Arsenal need a Central Defender and Striker, I don’t understand why he isn’t pushing the board to make this a reality.

  6. Yes it is and I hope he can forgive Arsenal fans for being highly skeptical of the dealings when it comes to the transfer window. In fact I believe I’m not speaking only for myself when I say that there’s no faith & belief in what is being said by the club & Wenger when it comes to transfers. Confusing comments on strategy & policies, targets rejecting the club, unable to seal deals, always leaving till the end, lack of organization & real plan. Sorry Mr. Wenger.
    You can point to the fact that your making one “big” signing a season. You do when all the chips fall into place, never once have you been aggressive and shown I want him, he will make us better go and get him whatever the cost like other big clubs do:
    Özil & Sanchez were bought not only because the two clubs (Madrid & Barcelona) were looking to sell them. But also because other clubs after them (Man U & Liverpool). Either were really not which allowed to not have to pay over the odds in the case of the 1st mentioned or the player was never really interested in going there in Sanchez case.
    Had we bought Suarez would you have gotten Sanchez as well? And that’s where lies the problem. Sometimes you have to go all in!
    You can sit here and say all summer:

    1)”We’re working hard”. But it doesn’t mean much when we see a failed Vardy bid and nothing else after that. Asian & Holding not really being marquee & quality signing to what we have.

    2)” You’re ready & willing to spend”. When your fighting over a 5m pounds valuation difference with Valencia over Mustafi because you want to “keep” some money for a striker even thought you badly need a great defender not only for NOW but for the FUTURE. As well as the list of players that almost were is increasing by the day because of valuation issues.
    Actions speak louder than words and had you really gone by your repeated stance we would’ve probably have done almost all of our dealings to this date and would be only looking for a defender. Because I doubt that if Per & Gab would be fit we would be looking for one!
    We look bad at doing business right now. One thing we do believe and it’s a fact cause we know the different source of revenue is that the money is there.

  7. Arsene Wenger’s claim that the club is not afraid to spend if he can find players that will improve the club is laughable! Seriously Arsene?

    Do you mean you can’t find any player anywhere in the world who is better than Calum Chambers and Rob Holding at centre back? This is outrageous and untrue. There are plenty of players at every position who could improve the Arsenal squad.

    Does Wenger think all Arsenal fans around the world are clueless and stupid? Likewise,does he believe all the ex-Arsenal players and pundits are equally clueless when they see the need for Arsenal to strengthen the squad?

    Wenger must be delusional. It is obvious to anyone that Arsenal need to strengthen the team immediately!

    Good players are available Arsene. Spend the money before another season is wasted!!!

  8. Spot on about tired of his hypocrisy.after u read abt this statement in daily mail ,a comment i read goes like this

    “This man earns some 8million a year which an average briton wont earn in lifetime as u pointed out,yet he ha the cheek to make such a statement ,#hypocrisy at its peak… MY BLOOD BOILS WHEN I SEE SUCH DOUBLE STANDARDS…

    also he said he spends clubs money like its hes saying he truly cares for clubs earnings,though he aint hesitant to scoop so much money out of it a year.okay ppl cud say he worked for this many years and so he deserves,but it truly contradicts his statements.laughable to say d least…hes ok to be earning 8million a year and thus be one of highest paid COS HE THINKS HE EXCELS IN HIS JOB AND DESERVES IT,b ut i dont think he would like to gove 200 or 250k to sanchez,ozil,or kosc !!!

    As for transfers, .arsenal bid 16mill for some juventus player when price quoted is 20million. #truly comical

    If wenger were addressing team deficiencies like in times of silvestre,almunia, or had replaced rvp.all those changea may hav made arsenal even popular with more revenue maybe like a Manchester united… #missed opportunity

    GOD knows what wud hav happened if he hadnt inherited george Graham’s defense as thats what i hav heard u ppl say.and maybe hes afraid that spending will expose his incompetence…if hes that a genuis that he shows himself to be (he stands on his opinion even when whole world think otherwise);then atleast arsenal twam shud be within some 5pts of first placed teams for most seasons and hav regularly atleast a quarter final finish.he had shown glimpses of a changed attitude with ozil and Sanchez but i guess am wrong.arsenal first place in January when ozil was bought,ppl asked for striker,but this man showed himself to know more and failed again.a nd last year only club to not buy an outfield player #wow jus wow;like team was picture perfect…. am tired of his hypocrisy,atleast am glad ppl now realize rvps’s action i.e going to United.even u or me will do what we think is best,not jus rvp and he was proven to be right as he won the title more like he led the team to it winning golden boot or player of d season.not sure if he wud hav won a title if he had stayed with wenger at the helm….

  9. Saying from more than 4 seasons, wenger is one big fraud. He will blame Manchester United for over spending because he does not have balls to spend on correct players. Today he comes and talks about not spending on average players, well someone tell this idiot that he has bought more average players than world class. Giroud, welbeck, Walcott, chambers, chamakh, andre Santos, Squillachi,gervinho,Denilson, that Korean striker, Kim kaillstorm, bendtner and the list goes on. He just does not know how to spend correctly. The amount of money he has wasted on players could have been better spent on quality players. I will term him a joker who has no clue of what he is doing.

    1. Agreed, Wayne. I feel that far from being frugal with the club’s money Wenger has wasted millions on below average players,overpaying them and of course then being unable to move them on. By the way excellent article, look forward to reading more of the same. Well done. I fear we have an unsackable manager,an unaccountable board and a very satisfied owner. Be interested to figure out how we can breach the crust never mind the core. We are witnessing a business operation,not a thriving football club. Good luck to us all.

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