Is Wenger’s Premier League title ambition ENOUGH for Arsenal fans?

I am not going to get into the big Arsenal debate about Arsene Wenger and whether AKBs or AOBs are right, or even whether it is the people higher up at the club, primarily the main shareholder Stan Kroenke, that are to blame for the way the Gunners have slipped from perennial title challengers to a club that is happy to finish in fourth and secure another lucrative season in the Champions League.

What I would like to know is how the Arsenal fans feel about the Frenchman’s statement about the Premier League title. In a report by The Mirror the Arsenal boss claims that he believes that he can lead the Gunners back to the top of English football within the next three years, the same amount of time as his new contract is due to run. Wenger has been slated for many things in recent years by the Arsenal fans, but it seems to me that a lot of it boils down to the fact that many think he just has not got the drive to win anymore but is happy to claim the so-called Wenger trophy while spending less money than all the teams around us.

If he truly has got a burning ambition to win at least one more EPL title with Arsenal before handing over the tiller, is that enough for Arsenal fans? The Frenchman’s spending has certainly increased in recent transfer windows and that has made us a real threat to anyone.

This season’s title may already seem to be out of reach with multiple injuries contributing to a slow start, but that surely cannot happen every year and if Wenger really is determined to make Arsenal the champions of England again, is that all that we can ask for?


  1. within the next three years he will lead us to the title?
    when does his contract finish? lol

    cant lie its like watching your uncle, knowing all his little sayings an tricks,
    you just smirk an think…thats my uncle

    1. I don’t care what anybody says. In January,
      Get Victor Wanyama to play behind ozil and cazorla, Cavani upfront and you have a league winning team right there.
      Our problem has always that some of our players are simply not as good as we think they are. Simply put, overrated.
      The best players are player who are capable of holding on to the ball without running with it. Functional? Yes buy world class ,No.
      You can escape with mertesacker and kolcieny partnership because it works but expecting that ball retention skill, world class creativity and street intelligence from Ramsey and Wilshere is asking too much. They are factory made academy player like Cockerell from a poultry. But they will never be Street ballets like sanchez, Aguero or vidal etc

      1. ooooh: this is going to be fun to watch. [hope to god he proves me wrong and spends enough in the next 3 yrs to back his ambition, but i don’t think he will]

        taken together, his ambition (win PL) together with always coming up just 1 or 2 players short each year (and all his myriad other dysfunctions) spell cognitive dissonance & delusion (& maybe trickery too).

        alternatively, just a cynical ploy to keep getting his 8M while we wait for him to run out his contract. are we going to swallow this again? he must thank God there are so many delusional AKBs that will fall hook, line and sinker for these deceptions & lies each year.

  2. With all due respect, buying Danny Welbeck does not indicate someone who wanted to push for the title this year.

    1. even if that were true, does that mean calum and alexis didn’t indicate that? cummon with the nonsense responses people. the debate can be alive, but let the debate be filled with useful facts.

      1. Do you mean like the fact that he did not even acquire the defensive backups necessary to get him past 6 weeks into the season?

        Do you mean the fact that the entire world knew Arsenal desperately needed some quality at DM but Wenger decided Diaby was the answer (And yes he actually said that).

        Like those kind of facts?

        1. When someone resorts to distortion of facts to support his views then you kmow its no longer an issue of substance but some treacherous agenda against the person of Arsene. At no time did Arsene say Diaby was arsenal’s future DM. All he said was that because Diaby has had nasty experiences with injuries as a box to box player he will try to comvert h into a DM. More importantly his contract expires end of season and there are no discussions to renew it. In the next 27 days Diaby is free to speak to any club. Clearly Diaby is not part of the club’s future plans. If you visit the club’s official site you will see Diaby training with the squad but is not playing. That suggests the club wants him to be fit in January possibly for the purpose of offloaing him

  3. No! Its not good enough! Wenger can do better, and show more ambition to compete with the rest of big clubs!

  4. Wenger needs to stop being #stubborn & #brainless & spend $, £ on QUALITY & WORLD CLASS PLAYERS & I think things can improve. COYG

  5. What title ambition? You demonstrate your true ambitions with actions not words.

    Wenger has demonstrated his true ambitions repeatedly – for example when he inexplicably abandoned his transfer summer pursuits/needs when the job was only half done.

    What kind of manager does not even pursue the most minimal defensive backup requirements if he has this burning desire to win it all?

    If Wenger really placed winning and titles as a priorities over massaging his delicate ego he never would have benched the league leader in assists (Poldi) half-way through the season – just for one example No. Wenger constantly places his ego ahead of winning.

    1. Your darling club has no back up cbs. All they have are two 19 year olds with zero epl experience. They also do not back up in right back relying on the versatility of Azupliuaquata. In total they have five exprienced defenders and two rookies. Does it also mean your master jose is not ambitous? Just imagine how the chelsea team will line up should terry and ivanovic get injured at the same time with fabrigas also getting injured.

      The club spent over 70 million pounds in the last transfer which was almost double amount spent in the previous season. You can clearly see the club is progressively spending big. However it only spends what it generates with jeopadizing the self sustaining model. So you would not expext arsenal to throw around money like man city, chelsea, and man u.

  6. I don”t think we will ever win a major title ” EPL or CL” with Mr Wenger. loosing 8-2, 6-3, 5-1 and lately 6-0 to our major rivals in the last few years is painful. I do not trust in MR Wenger anymore.He fool me for so many years. Signing Kallastrom last Jan when we had a run for the title was enough for me. This year starting with only 6 defenders “only 2 CB” no top DM is the proof that he aim only top 4, and that not enough for me.

  7. Wenger needs to buy world class in January I don’t mean Andre santos or Kim kallstrom a 20mill+ cdm and cb would do fit the bill and some new fitness staff because ours have been on holiday for the past couple years every other team seems to have there full starting 11 on the pitch at least once in a season we are lucky if we get 7 of our starting 11 if we’re lucky

  8. Within the next three years? It would be nice to have a manager that wants to win EVERY year. We’ve been planning for the future the last 10 seasons or so, but apparently the future hasn’t arrived yet.

    1. So much negative. Get your facts right
      We have never been challenged for title when paying the debt of the stadium – the title we challenged during that time is 4th place. Challenging for titles every year? They are all lies. Wenger may lie for different reasons (board make him do, motivate players, …) but he surely know that average players like Santos, Chamakh win you absolutely zero.
      The plan to seriously challenge for title started last year when we have money to spend, and can get average one star player per season. With our current budget, we need a 3 years plan to build a competitive team (same level with Chelsea and Man City) while making sure we lose no first team players – mind you that Man City does not win anything the first 2,3 season the oil owner taking over. Wenger’s comment does make sense.
      The biggest question is whether his tactics and man management can outwit the like of Mourinho and Pellergrini and whether the board will dare to invest heavily in a star player for each 3 position DM, CF, CB in order of importance.

      1. In 2007/2008 arsenal were 7 points clear at the top in the run in until the dude got a leg break from some birmingham chap. The team went on a barren spell and could not finish top. In 2009/2010 the team was in the eace until the last four or five games. In 2010/2011 the team was in the race until Nasri decided not to score in a one on one against Bolton. From that game arsenal atruggled terribly until the last game. So it is not correct to say that arsenal were never in the title race during the period of austerity measures. You targeted some dormer player for riddicle arguing that those players were meant for title chasing teams. I recall in 2009/2010 when Arsene did not buy Chammak for Boudox quoted price you accused him dor not being ambitious. It was Chamak who led the Araenal atrack during the 2010/2011 season in which the team was in the race until the last five games. Santos only joined Arsenal in 2011/2012 season hence I do not see how you can target him when discussing a period spanning from 2004.

        It appears the media has invented a new word for you to use to denigrade the club you claim to support and the word is “mab management”. Can you explain that that phrase mean and how jose and pellwgrini are good at that, Arsene is not? Mind you if it is about squad rotation bear in mind that jose has not rotated his back four, matic, fabrigas, and the goal keeper.

        1. What I mean is that Wenger actually did very well with what given to him and I will start judging him from last season onward when he does have money. What I don’t like is he and the board keep going out and say we are in to challenge in the past years but did not really invest to improve our chance. That is frustrating that we are so close but just lack a bit of quality or a bit of depth to claim it. I accept that stadium is a big investment, and we are no plastic club with oil money, I just ask for some honesty here.
          Regarding man management and tactics, it is just a common words I used. It had been shown a long the years that Wenger is a great builder, amazing at building the team and bringing up young talent while not over spending his budget. But he is not the most adapt at tactics, one of the reason his team regardless how good they are never win the CL. For now he is still the best man for Arsenal

            1. I have been Arsenal fan for the last 10 years and I hate Chelsea (when Mourinho at the helm) the most, more than Spuds.
              As much as I respect other opinion I have my opinion and that Wenger is the best manager for Arsenal FC at the moment, no drastic unplanned change in mid season , and he deserve a chance to show us how good the team can be when we have full squad together.
              Wenger should not be untouchable and we should review his position come end season.

              1. Rest assured we won’t beat Chelsea (in the League, FA cup, Champions League) as long as Wenger is in charge (and as long as Maureen is in charge of Chelsea). That is simply acceptable to any true Arsenal fan. Whatever about changing manager mid term that is the problem for those who appointed Wenger for another 3 years when they clearly shouldn’t have.

  9. 0% chance we will win EPL any time soon with Wenger. Next season we’ll be going through the same annual routines. We just have to endure this level of delusion until his contract runs our :/

    1. its not far away either. When’s the last time Alexis has gotten a rest? Wenger overworks players every single season, they get injured, then our season implodes. Only question is when its going to happen this year, not if.

      1. wenger probably knows he cant rest Alexis because were downright useless without him. Sanchez is saving us from dropping points and saving Wenger from more pressure.

      2. And when is the last time jose rested dabrigas, matic, terry, cahill, ivanovic, azupliacuta, and courtois?

  10. 5 things we learn.
    Alexis needs rest.
    We need Arteta back ASAP.
    Ramsey has to score to find his form.
    Welbeck and Giroud CAN play together.
    Monreal is really a LB not a CB.

  11. All correct. But the fact that Monreal is not a CB was never really in question except for Wenger who was trying desperately to cover for his shocking negligence in not acquiring CB backups.

    1. Monreal played extremely well in the centre back position and should always play the when need arises. That is called having versatile players.

      1. really? i saw monreal having 2 shockers.
        we should not be in this position if we had a manager that faced up to the reality that in today’s world if u want to get world class CBs, you need to fork over the money.

  12. We’re a one man team and the one man carrying the team is getting no rest even though we have campbell who could do a decent job but at arsenal squad rotation is non existent.

  13. Where would this team be without Alexis Sanchez? Mid-table at best. The team has gotten worse since last year with the notable exception of Sanchez. I find it very disappointing that so many members of the squad have gotten worse, not better. Aaron Ramsey had moments of brilliance last year, but this year he has been generally poor. He is not alone. How many players can you name on the squad (besides Sanchez) who are really pulling their weight? Very few indeed.
    It seems like the players don’t have the hunger or ambition to be the best. Maybe they are just content drawing large paychecks every week. This is exactly what I think when I watch Theo Walcott play. He doesn’t seem interested and he plays like he doesn’t care. He is not alone either.

    1. Really so its Sanchez who is defending, creating goals, and scoring for arsenal. You can get to any length to denigrate the club and manager but it will not take away the fact that alexis was bought by wenger and is played by wenger as part of the 11 member starting line up, while Alexis has been exceptional the team is where it is collectively not by reasonin of one player, players can never turn from being brillient to rubbish in a space of one season, and that you need to start using your brain not that borrowed from the media.

      1. yes, i give him credit for alexis.
        that also means i can ding him for all the other sucks he bought in the last 5 years (and the ones he turned into sucks by playing them out of position: arshavin,ozil .. who’s next?)
        but as wenger himself has stated, its dangerous to rely on 1 person.
        but he hasn’t done actions to fix that situation: i like welbeck, but if we’re serious we should’ve done much better.
        wenger’s actual actions (kallstrom, not buy back cesc, sell RVP to MANU(!), not buy CDM,center-back, not buy world class CF and on and on, insufficient rotation, subbing, too many too similar players, suck on corners…) do not jibe with his ambition.

  14. What ambition? Within the next 3 years. Translation. No sense of urgency. No need to be aggressive in the transfer market. Just wait for the young players to develop in superstars. More of what we’ve seen for the last 9 years.

  15. Where does Mr wenger add 3 years to the contract by stating he can win the title by 2017! Is he serious cause southhampton have better shot at winning the title than us. In 3 years time southhampton will be on champions league map and teams like United will have a squad to challenge for the title. If the manager spends in attacking players top mo ey he should do the same for midfielders I mean real gritty players.
    I hope Chelsea win the title cause they deserve it

  16. Of course it is…
    You will see them celebrating like “monkeys” after we clinch the fourth spot (if we do) and than run to the shop like “chickens in heat” to get the new shirt (400% sales increase not far from Real Madrid even though they are a different “beast”).

    Like the Guardian posted it… Arsenal fans are “naive” (well, I would have said “mugs”) with deep pockets….

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