Is Wilfried Zaha really worth more than two Ajax stars?

Arsenal has bid £40 Million for Wilfried Zaha, Crystal Palace want £100 Million, so let’s play a little game, let’s assume that a compromise is reached and a deal worth £70 Million is agreed.

So far so good, Arsenal get their man and Palace get a wad full of cash.

But even at £70 Million, is Zaha really worth that? I am sure a lot will say yes but let me give you some perspective about what the Ivory Coast international would cost us in reality.

Two Ajax players, among many, had a brilliant season last year, they ran the likes of Real Madrid and Juventus ragged and they are Hakim Ziyech and David Neres.

Now, the 26-year-old Ziyech who can also play either in the centre of midfield or on the wing can be had for as little as £25 Million according to the Daily Mail.

And, he apparently is keen on a move to Arsenal claims The Sun.

Forward David Neres, who is just 22-years-old is on the radar of Everton but back at the start of June The Mirror was reporting that he Arsenal was interested in the young Brazilian and his price tag was £40 Million.

So, for those two players, we are talking a combined transfer fee of £65 Million.

That is £5 Million less than what Zaha would cost if a compromise was reached between Palace and Arsenal.

Now, there are some points that need to be thrown into the mix, as an example, we would be talking two wages as opposed to one and there have been recent reports that Ajax now want £90 million for Neres.

It is also accepted that most of this info comes from tabloids, but that is not the point, I am not arguing that Arsenal are interested or even that the players are for sale, I am using them as examples of how a combination of players can be signed for less than what it would cost to sign Zaha.

I could easily come up with any combination of players, swap Neres for Ryan Fraser as an example, the question still stands, is Wilfried Zaha really worth the combined total of two top class players?


  1. Is Zaha 3 times better than Fraser as the transfer fee suggests? Zaha is nothing worth more than 30m at tops.

    1. Zaha is better than Fraser really come to think of it, most of fraser’s Assist are headed goals in the current arsenal squad who will score 5 headed goals? Sorry to say but but there’s none.

    2. I think your looking at figures from 10 years ago mate .Zaha is worth a bloody lot more than 30 mil in today’s market .
      West Ham ready with a 50 mil bid for Gomez ,no premier league experience,massive risk but 50 mil all the same .
      Crystal Palace’s Wan Bissaka 50 mil again
      Rodri 65 mil .
      You get where I’m going ,these are the going rates for players ,if arsenal want to sign him then they have to pay ,
      Imo he’s the best left winger in the premiership on his day so I would have no qualms about us spending what needed to be spent to get him .
      Fans moan when we dont spend money but when we look like you might, we start talking about second tier level players (Fraser).
      A player is worth whatever the buyer thinks he’s worth ,be it 40 mil or 80 mil.if arsenal do t want to pay it then move on ,stop fcking about .

  2. He’s not. He’s got a long contract with Crystal Palace and the club isn’t giving him away unless it’s for crazy money and it’s only fair that they’re doing that. I mean, hell, if anyone came knocking for Lacazette, nothing shy of 120 million should be listened to, if you ask me. If a club like manure or manchester Shia think they could use his services at that price, they’re free to take him. I wouldn’t.

  3. No he is not worth 70 mil. Did Raul not say we would do our transfers early this year? What are they bloody waiting for get it done and shut the fricking speculations down this aint good for my heart!

    1. They are waiting for some big serious clubs to finish there transfer and know who there outcast are for them to choose from
      That will be cheaper and fans will also get big names from big clubs

  4. If Neres’ price tag is 40 M, better get him because he is left-footed and can play well on both sides

    If Ozil leaves and Emery still wants to use a no 10 formation, replace Ozil with Ziyech. Ziyech is not a specialist winger, but I bet he excels as a no 10

  5. I would prefer we spend any amount for a player who will improve us as long as it doesn’t put us in trouble with ffp…this board have been making profits from us…they deserve no pity if the money is there spend it..not as if the fans will get a share if the money is not spent

    1. I agree @NONNY-if Zaha is the player we go all out to get then we must pay whatever it takes to get him.He is proven at EPL level and will be expected to hit the ground running.He will bring pace and skills we simply do not have and therefore IMO we need this move to happen.Palace can’t afford to keep a player who does not want to be there.They know this and so do we as it’s happened to us so many times before.Lets just wait it out until the end of ACON and see where we are then.The player seems to be demanding Palace sell him to Arsenal so our position re his eventual cost is strengthened by this.

    2. Arsenal are set to record a loss of 30 Million pounds in 2018-2019 season. The year before that Arsenal made a profit purely based on player sales with little or no increase in commercial revenue. This is what I read somewhere recently..

  6. Zaha IMO is good for 50M. And I am scared for a CAM after seeing the likes of Xhaka, Ozil & Mkhi, so no to Nebil or Ziyech, would not trust either of them. Would take Neres any day, but would he choose us? GK, CF, CDM sorted out, LB, CB, RB, LW, RW what a big mess to sort out. Doubt Unai can handle this or Max Allegiri or Jose Mourinho. The youngsters can be tried for the League cup and initial rounds of the FA/EL and then debut in the EPL.

    1. I wouldn’t agree more mate, it’s been long AFC really play a convincing football with top quality players. It has been mediocre in, mediocre out and when we manage to get a good player, we sell them out or allow them leave for free. We need enforcement in every possible position of the team. Who fixes that in one transfer window?

  7. If Romelu Lukaku of Man Utd is available to move away during this current summer transfer window either on a permanent basis or on a season long loan, I’ll suggest to the Arsenal hierarchy bosses to explore the possibility of taking him this summer by doing another players transfer swap deal with Man Utd that will see Arsenal’s Aubameyang swapped for Man Utd’s Lukaku reminiscent of Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez that was swapped for Man Utd’s Henrick Mkhitaryan with no transfer fee paid during the last January transfer window. But this time around, I envisage Man Utd will have to pay Arsenal some money being that Auba’ goals scoring record last season in the PL is higher in number than the ones scored by Lukaku in the PL last season. This shows that Auba’ was more productive in the PL than Lukaku was last season. Therefore, if the swap deal is agreed, it should be on the basis of players swap deal plus cash payment by Man Utd to Arsenal for taking Auba’ and allow Lukaku to come to Arsenal but no cash payment by Arsenal is paid to Man Utd.

    1. Hopefully you are joking about another swap deal and secondly Inter Milan comes up with the £75 million Man United are asking for Lukaku?

    2. Had the same thought. Lukaku aren’t appreciated, then we play the same formation as Belgium he scores a lot 4 them. Auba will b 31 next year and Lukaku will b 27 in May meaning very in his early prime years.

    3. You are currently contradicting yourself- Auba has out scored Lukaku and still you want him – for what – giving them the CL place like we did with Van Percie

  8. Obviously he’s been way overpriced.. 50m max (although I thought our 40m bid wasn’t too shabby)
    I just hope we go in with another offer & a player too (although I’m trying to work out who Palace would want ?) If when the window shuts & we haven’t got him, I will be seriously disappointed

  9. Zaha is good but not for £60 million. But there is a deeper problem. Where is the sense of ambition? Other clubs are signing good players. We need to go on tour with the players we buy, but haven’t got anybody. Insane. Look at the other clubs. Seeing West Ham buy Pablo Fornals for £24 million, The Spuds buy Tanguy Ndombele for £60 mill, Leicester Ayoze Perez for £30 million, Man City Rodri for £60 million, Southampton Che Adams for £15 million and Moussa Djenepo for £15 million. What is up with our club?

    The owner won’t give money, Vinai Venkatesham knows nothing about football, Raul Sanllehi is an economist/merchandiser and knows sweet FA about players (check his background) and the board are cryogenically kept alive. Now that Sven Mislintat has gone, (or maybe he managed a Harry Houdini), we have nobody left who knows what he is doing at all.

    1. Sean, unfortunately all too true and Unai Emery as coach, takes the fall for management failure.
      Emery will not be an apologist and is young enough, with a CV good enough to have plenty of offers at the end of the season when he completes his contract.
      At least Arsenal may have Freddie Ljungberg apply.

      1. Emery wants to win. You can see how he lives every moment on the touchline. He’s done well all things considered. What is sad we are just a few good players short of being a good team. So near yet so far away.

    2. Really Raul has no knowledge of football – you know how many years he was at Barca?

  10. If this was the arsenal of old when we needed to bring in 1 or 2 quality players I would say spend the money and get him. Or if we could spend 150m – 200m then fine. However we are not in that situation. We have many holes to fill and while someone like fraser may not be as good I agree with the aurther that it would be better to fill 2 holes with the same money.

    1. We have so many hole fillers we need quality prefer to have one quality player than having for hole fillers when we have academy players to fill holes

  11. Pay the money and get him, keep Ozil – he was a different player with Sanchez in the team and Zaha is of very similar, he plays better with wingers in the team, it was the same at Madrid.
    If we manage to get him and Tierney from Celtic and maybe one other I’d be happy with that.
    A massive improvement on our left side there.
    Lacazette can go for 100m plus ?

  12. Zaha is overrated at £70, way too overrated and it’s obvious palace is trying to scare buyers away but what is the board using all our tickets money for? They should pay the money and get him.
    I read some comments from fellow gunners suggesting Laca and Auba going. Question is, who will then play for arsenal FC if all these players leave?

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