Is William Carvalho Arsenal’s main target in January?

Arsenal’s defensive shortages have yet again been highlighted by Calum Chambers sending off at Galatasary this week leaving them even shorter on numbers for the Newcastle game this weekend.

Arsene Wenger has already stated that he would be bringing at least one defensive option to the Emirates in January and with reports saying that Arsenal tried to buy Willam Carvalho in the summer, the Sporting Lisbon midfielder could be the could be a long term solution to Wenger’s current problems.

Yesterday, the Sporting boss Marco Silva admitted that the young Portugal international could be moving to the Premier League in January: “William is a target for English teams, but I want him to play his game.” Silva said.

“He’s not playing at the same level as last season because last season he was a surprise, but he’s improving. William has many offers. Let’s wait till January.”

So perhaps Arsenal are one of those English suitors (which wouldn’t be surprising given our dire need of reinforcements), but if Carvalho was too expensive for Arsenal to buy in the summer, why would Wenger go back this January to get knocked back again?

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  1. Chambers sent off at Galatasaray? Dude, did you watch the same match the rest of the world did? Chambers was sent off at the Stoke match. Who does your editing?

  2. I think admin needs to cut back on number of specculatice articles that are posted here. There was no evidence in the summer that arsenal ever tried to sign carvalho. Ans this article provides no new evidence that arsenal are in for that player.

    1. This newspaper spin is paid for by offshore funds that have a stake in the player. It is that same Jackson Martinez story that keeps popping up. Carvalho will not join Arsenal as Mendes is his agent, Kondogbia will not join Arsenal as Mendes is his agent. Same for Martinez.

  3. If we do get someone who tackles early in the build up because if you tackle late in this league you are shown a card, someone who can stick their head on any type of cross, and someone who can take the space in front of them and charge with the ball, while also having the pace to change directions if there is a counter. Show me that player and the top of the table would be in our sights. It would probably cost 20-30 mill but so worth it. I have to believe some players now who don’t see the pitch that often might be attractive to other teams as well.

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  5. Portuguese clubs know really well how to sell players at the highest price. Some of them are success but lots of them fail, Anderson of MU comes to mind. Carvalho is paid only €10K a week put has a release clause of €40 million.

    His manager is Mendes the worlds most powerful football broker. Plus he is part third party owned by funds that Mendes advices. Mendes is already in breach of Fifa regulations for this alleged conflict of interest. One of the offshore funds Mendes advices is run by Peter Kenyon the former Chelsea chairman, now you can see the links between Chelsea, Mourinho and Diego Costa (player managed by Mendes).

    Portugal is full of low paid high release clause players with 3rd part ownerships. The clubs are in big debts following huge stadium builds following the European Cup. Mendes claims to have conducted 68% of all player transactions at Portugal’s great clubs, Sporting Lisbon, Benfica and Porto, in the decade 2001-10.

    So there is some background stuff to show you why it is difficult to get Carvalho. Carvalho is a talent, he is young he plays a good position but he is also unproven in that he is not playing in a big league. So €40 mil is way too much to get him. And €10K a week is very nice for SPL to keep him. With a long term contract someone will eventually pay the release clause or he keeps playing. Jackson Martinez is one of those other players that keeps getting mentioned.

    This winter transfer I can not see Carvalho coming to Arsenal. Unproven, High release clause plus an agent Arsenal do not want to deal with. Arsenal pays as % the least to agents when compared to other clubs.

      1. arsenal will not sign him because hes rubbish and spl will never sell him for 40mil theyre dreaming. consider all the proven experienced talent available for that price range.

    1. Nice post. Whist Mourinho (Mendes is his agent LOL) and Pellegrini have no problem in navigating around the murky waters of 3rd party ownership isn’t Wenger on record saying he will never be party to it?

  6. When Wenger hints there will be a defensive addition in January, he means a Titus Bramble type signing. It will be a shit player just like last season when he brought in Kim Kallstom, such an anti climax and Wenger would never ever bring in any top signings in January, to truly improve our squad, we need players such as Hummels, Vidal/Pogba/Carvalho and so on…

  7. “Yesterday, the Sporting boss Marco Silva admitted that the young Portugal international could be moving to the Premier League in January”

    I think our main target for January has a similar name to the highlighted.

  8. Have we actually watched william carvalho play, ive seen him a lot of times, hes good but no where world class, if we shud get him we shoudnt pay more than 15-20m…we could get javi martnez for cheap he hardly get playing time luiz gustavo is also very good. And maybe khedira for free or cheap…

  9. Before the players come out at the emirates the song “londons calling” by the clash is played,any chance they can change it to “should I stay or should I go” by the same band !

  10. Ive seen cavalho play alot of times hes not worth his price tag, hes young and would improve…personally i would prefer javi martinez or luis gustavo

  11. The main target is never what the press say it is. Be annoyed if we don’t get at least one defensive reinforcement in January though.

  12. Unfortunately is price tag too large, for some one who should be doing more for his team, he may improve in the future but for that price will not happen and cup tied.

    In regards to the article, ridiculous, please look at credible stories, the young man from poland(likely), the young man from brazil (possible but would he get a permit), reid(contract dispute and actually just right for arsenal), sissoko(could be, i do not hear newcastle saying F*****F), schniederlin(still do not know), moutinho, destro, and anyone else WASTE A TIME

    1. Reid is very much a possibility. He already lives in London. No need to move house etc. He is experienced in EPL so ticks a lot of boxes. Defender wise i see the following probabilities:

      Reid: 30%
      Van Dijk: 20%
      Vlaar: 10%
      Scharr: 10%
      Other: 30% (You never know Wenger)

      Tyrone Mings is a Calum Chambers buy, one for the future and a nice backup for left back as Monreal/Gibbs are injury prone and there is no good Academy product coming through. He is English and qualifies as home grown.

      The FA may raise the home grown target and Arsenal is anticipating already on this move.

  13. OT: I have read some comments here which sometimes I find astonishingly amazing that some people with no football knowledge will come here and type negtive things. I am no AKB nor AOB infact I am AFF(arsenal fan forever). I will support the team regardless. If we fans have been 10% like galatasary fans. I think the team will be better.having said that we are the worst fans. We change opinion based on games. Now to some people comparing other top managers with wenger. Let me feel you in some things you don’t know. After the galatasary game John Barnes formal English and liverpool player said: arsenal shouldn’t be put in the same category as Chelsea,barca,madrid,bayern,psg,man city, that they can’t compete with this teams financially and that when you talk about top class players they come with high wages. That arsenal don’t pay high wages. I was suprised when he was backing wenger he said that everyone is slating wenger and forget he just have to work with what he has. And to close his talk he said no manager even mourinho can do what he has done, that all those top mamagers never work with low budgets. And I agree with him. It is true that mourinho won champions league with porto,with milan. But with porto then they had world class players then same with inter milan. And guardiola well he likes it easy. Pellegrini failed in madrid, mourinho failed,ancelloti failed in PSG, I knw some will argue about domestic cup. And some will say what about klopp and simeone but be honest to yourself and ask yourself this question if they where coching english teams will they lift the legue with their squad? Then you see that english team is a different league where you have about 8 top teams where as other leagues have two teams challenging for trophys. Yes wnger is aswell partially to be blamed because he refused to address some issues like that of our deffence in the summer. But let’s be honest if our squad is worth like mancity or chelsea squad and we areplaying like this I will be really worried and furious and will be calling for wenger’s head. Haaving said that it is no excuse to accept our position now but what do we do let’s get behind the team and be their 12 player on the pitch if that is possible because emiraate is like a funeral home this days. Together we stand divided we fall. Let’s make them feel backed and we will see results. COYG

  14. I still maintain that Wenger doesn’t like pure defensive midfielders as he is an attack minded manager. I think he is happy with Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Wilshere and I think he got Chambers not just for defense but midfielder too.

    1. What surprises me is in the big matches Wegner has opted to use Arteta and/or Flamini as opposed to Chambers. Chambers has the tools to be a DM and should be played their as opposed to CB.

  15. Would love to see Chambers played in holding role. I dont think hes quite quick enough for out wide and will struggle some against really quick clever players. Could become a very decent CB but i think he needs to learn the game a bit more… gain experience.

    Looks ideal for DM as he reads the game well for someone so young… good in the air and quick in the tackle… would like to see how he gets on with intercepting. Confident passing and his physique is required in central midfield.

    If only we had kept tv5 and recruited another CB.

  16. The perfect signing for us is “Schneiderlin”…
    2nd option “Lucas Silva”…
    And for Cb its “Howedes”..
    As per interview he is ready to move abroad if any tempting offer will be there..
    And another options are
    Schaar./Laporte./Virgil van Dijik…..

  17. Come the Jan Transfer Window Wenger will only buy young Teen’s he won’t buy the Players that Arsenal need now. Wenger thinks with his cheque book and does not give a flying Fxxxx what the Fans want or think. This will not change as long as he (Wenger ) is in charge. He will buy
    Teen’s and hope he strikes it lucky so he can sell at a nice profit which will please the share holders. Under Wenger Arsenal at best 4th place team with a nice Bank Balance.

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