Is Willian trying to rile up Arsenal fans with his latest comments? (Opinion)

Willian has admitted that he never wanted to leave Chelsea for Arsenal, and that he only made the decision because of the length of the contract.

The Brazilian has become a martyr in North London this season, with many fans scalding upon seeing the attacking midfielder enter the pitch, and his latest comments are certainly not going to help win us over.

The 32 year-old joined the club last summer on a free transfer from Stamford Bridge, with many reports claiming that the deciding factor was that his previous club would not add an extra year to their contract offer, and the player has now confirmed that, adding that he ‘really wanted to stay’ at Chelsea.

“It was difficult to make that decision, it wasn’t easy,” Willian told Brazilian reporters UOL (via Football365). “Because, as you said, the rivalry between the two clubs is very big. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave Chelsea for Arsenal. It was well thought out, a thoughtful decision, talking to my wife and even the agent many times.

“And one of the things that made me decide to go to Arsenal was really the various conversations I had with Mikel Arteta, with Edu too. They convinced me to go there that it’d be a really cool project, that it’d be really good for me to be able to go there.

“That I’d be a very important player in the squad. That they wanted to change the philosophy of the club, to make it possible for Arsenal to fight again in the Premier League, to play in the Champions League again.

“So there were several conversations I had, several conversations that ended up pleasing me, so that’s why I ended up making this decision. But it really wasn’t easy to make that decision, it had to be well thought out.

“Look, I think some fans asked this question. But the majority understood because I didn’t leave the club with a fight, I left the doors open. Everyone knew the conditions, I really wanted to stay.

“We ended up not finding an agreement, I ended up asking for three years, Chelsea wanted to give two, and everyone knows this story. That’s why I ended up leaving.”

Mikel Arteta continues to use his summer signing, although more sparingly following the impressive performances of his rivals for similar roles, and I can’t believe that any Gunner will be looking to give him a break after admitting that he never wanted to make the move in the first place.

While we had read the reports, his admittance makes it worse somehow, and this could well be the reason why is isn’t performing for us.

The fans are already on his back after a number of seemingly below-par performances, and the fact that he appears to still hold favour with Mikel Arteta is even more frustrating.

I can’t help but think that the former Chelsea star has no interest in putting his issues with the fans to bed with his comments, although that could well be a good thing if this means he finds himself a new home this summer instead of cashing his cheque with us for the remaining two years of his contract.

Is Willian unhappy after his move? Or does he simply not care about Arsenal FC?


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  1. He is only at the club, because of the pension contract package Arsenal has given him.But, he doesn’t care about Arsenal.

    1. I would agree with you. Willian’s comment explains everything.
      1. He has no love for Arsenal
      2. Only here for contract & wages
      3. His poor EFFORT on the pitch
      4. Lack of intensity and fight

      Let’s see if Arteta gives Willian the same treatment that Saliba got, or gets yet another pass like his trip to Dubai.

      Best to bench this sour puss until we can move him on. Other players would love the chance to play for Arsenal.

  2. He must’ve been disappointed with the Gooners’ abuses, hence the Chelsea comment

    I hope he can stay professional and seize the chances in the field. He’ll be useful as a CAM or an LW

  3. The guy finally has a decent game for us and then says this. I will say I don’t think his words are as bad as everyone is making them out to be. I’m ok w someone being truthful versus a diplomat. That said, I would’ve preferred he didn’t say anything at all about it and focused instead on following up Thursday’s solid performance w another one on Sunday, where I’m sure he’ll be playing—for better or worse.

  4. He’s not saying anything we don’t know .The comments was however an attempt to placate Chelsea fans that were upset he joined a fierce rival.

  5. This is our new ozil.. his 220k will be a very good topic next summer and in summer 2022 will I end up like mustafa or Ozil, paying him to terminate it ? I would prefer to see all his costly minutes being given to nelson / balogun…. Veeery sad to have sign him from arteta/edu. Totally opposite to a rebuild project as we had youngsters to play

  6. He acts and plays like he’s here just for retirement money.

    Never puts in a 110%, just physically exist on the pitch if you understand what I’m trying to say. Like there are workers who arrive every morning to work, to contribute. Then theres those who just show up to work and nothing else.

    1. McLovin – NOBODY puts in 110%. That’s impossible. I don’t know why everyone is so upset – all if this was public knowlege when we signed him. I will critisise his performances but not that the guy just told the truth.

  7. He did not mean to offend Arsenal but was not smart statement. If fans were at stadium, they would have booed him when he breathes, he is not living up to the expectations.

  8. Moor full Arsenal for falling for the long contract given to a 31 year old never learnt there lesson from the ozil buisness and its come back to bite them once again now stuck with a player who is not there through choice and it shows with his performances on the pitch sums up everything about Arsenal as a club at this particular time a complete shambles from top to bottom!!

  9. Frankly Arsenal should stop signing retiring players. In midfield at least, because it needs stamina to run. Everyone is complaining about the wage but it is normal since he csme for free after a good season with Chelsea, three years is much but they wanted to lure him, since squad lacks experience in midfield.

    He would do well against defending teams as a sub or in first 60 minutes if he passes before being bullied.
    Other than that he should not play for me.

  10. If he can occasionally assist and distributes the ball well or have a keen eye for some passes. Then in fact he’s not bad after all.
    Problem is that he played so many matches yet he cant produce. Its OK if he cannot perform consistently but he can’t even produce or help out much Occasionally given his experiences, winning medals in Premier League for so many years and his high salary?
    So it’s a failure to me.
    Seriously I have nothing against him but Arsenal needs to challenge and he is a liability for now if for the rest of the season he can’t perform at least at a reasonable level.

  11. It’s the same reason Cech came here too. I don’t understand the insistence on Arsenal getting old Chelsea players. Enough. They just want to stay in London and have had their successes at Chelsea.

  12. Don’t get what he said that is so bad ?
    He signed for us due to us offering a better contract then Chelsea ?
    What did we think he signed for ?
    Same reason Aubameyang signed a new deal

  13. For the answwer to Patricks usual last line question look no further than Williams ahem,”actions”(what action, you may well ask!) so far.

    Words are cheap and I look for evidence from actions. All evidence so far screams out that he cares nothing for Arsenal and has come for the money and a free ride, a la Ozil. God help us for our stupidity in signing him!

    1. Further to my above post, I have private nicknames for many players. Eg Jesus is quizzical ping pong cheeks. Guendouzi is the Brat. Willian at Chelsea was Scowler.

      Nothing has changed, except that we fans now scowl at him and his lack of effort, while he smiles all the way to the back, though practically never when playing. Impossible to like or even tolerate, though I must not be mean But I will be honest, so I have told the truth.

      1. lol Jon – “Quizzical ping pong cheeks” must have taken some time to come up with! Willian really does have awful body language. Reminds me of a girl I once knew. Or maybe it’s the hair. As you are being so honest, I am just making a full disclusure.
        We could be starting something here…

        1. guy, Jesus always looks puzzled and his cheeks when he smiles(which is not often) look like ping pong balls.
          I have always had private nicknames for lots of players, not only ours. Also with non sportspeople in the public eye.
          Weed Walcott I often used on here and I always thought of him as “Weed” , not as Walcott. Anelka was “offside” Balotelli was “bonkers”, “Wasp” Bellamy etc,but because of PC these days I don’t publicise many names.

          There are some complimentary names too, Bob Wilson was Saint Bob. Not that its a compliment, more a statement of truth. Geordie Armstrong was Buzz!

  14. I have never loved the willian style of play, even during his pick of his game ,that style of his game can never achieve anything at arsenal, first and foremost, he doesn’t know flowing games, when he reaches the box he has to stand and wait, 2, he doesn’t have that quick mind to create chances for strikers like Saka and Ramsey, 3 He cannot score goals, even at Chelsea he was not a routine goal threat, 4 he can’t dribble past defenders, so he can’t fit in aresenal team ,because arsenal uses players with much brain on the ball not dull like him ,u can’t compare him with Sanchez, Ramsey, lumjbag,canu,Riwobi,Fabregas, hileb,saka, he is really a low class player, and that’s the problem arsenal management has, u can’t bring Willian, yet u have martinelli, Nelson, boulugna, and u fail to give that good money to Ramsey and give it to Willian an old man, payers like pepe cant play for arsenal just give chance to a goal threat martinelli , bolougna

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