Is Wilshere contract expected to soften Arsenal summer window?

Paul Merson claims that Jack Wilshere is only being offered a contract because of the situation regarding Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. The former Gunner isn’t renowned for having one of the better footballing opinions, and there are a number of times when I have simply shaken my head at his comments, and today’s interview leaves me tutting also…

The Sky Sports pundit moved to claim that Jack Wilshere is being offered a new deal in order to soften the blow with Wenger of the understanding that both Alexis and Ozil will be quitting the club at the end of the term, before naming the England international as the club’s third best player!

“If he plays from now until the end of the season, I don’t care what club he’s at, he goes to the World Cup,” Merson said.

“But if he stays at Arsenal, he will be like Theo Walcott and he will play a couple of games and he’ll be back out the team again.

“They sent him out on-loan for a whole year last year.

“He was a better player last year than what he is today and now they’re offering him a contract!

“He (Arsene Wenger) must have heard something off Ozil and Sanchez and he’s thinking ‘wait there a minute, I’m in big trouble if I lose Jack Wilshere. After Ozil and Sanchez, Jack Wilshere is our next best player’.

“If they all left then there would be uproar at Arsenal. How many people are going to buy season tickets next season?”

For some reason Merse seems to believe that a club wouldn’t simply offer their third best player a contract because he is as good as he is, and would only do so in the knowledge that the only two more important players are leaving…

Does Merson need to quit punditry? Does his nonsense ever make sense? Is Jack only needed if Alexis and Ozil leave?

Pat J

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  1. Hell NO. Even if wilshere stays but ozil leaves we will need another world class no-10 plus there needs to be a replacement for sanchez. In addition we need a solid ,young and pacey CB,and a CDM who we can rely on to just protect the CB’s without thinking about going forward all the time. We can also go for a young,upcoming GK FOR THE FUTURE if there is one available. I really like the one at bilbao who is quite young as well…

    1. even if Wilshere and Ozil stays…fans will still call for another World class number 10, DM, Winger, striker and etc…..

      Fans are too used to City, Chelsea and Fifa18 style…where majority of the players and managers do not stay longer than 3 years at the club (on average)

      1. So then , you think that whereas we at Arsenal are so lucky to have a manager who will never leave of his own accord since he so loves the club and the constant recent success he brings -not to also mention his £8.6 million salary – City are so unlucky to have Guardiola who will probably only stay three years? Get real!

  2. I wouldn’t take any notice of what Merson has to say, he’s been having a pop at Wenger and Arsenal ever since he was rescued from the park bench by Sky Sports, probably because Wenger got rid of him, and as far as he’s tips go, didn’t he do all his money gambling.

    1. A cheap shot! His gambling does not stop him knowing the game he played at top level for his whole career, virtually. Predicting matches on the other hand is fools gold. Having an agenda does not mean Merse is wrong. We all know Wenger dithers. You surely cant deny that truth? OR DO YOU?

  3. Merson view about Wenger and Wishere is not true, Wishere was rated high in Arsenal but injuries never avail him the responsibility. He was rated high but injuries never allow him to go far. Though Wenger has his own deficiences but not in the case of wishere. Merson pls try to be objective with ur view. Wishere have what it takes to play for Arsenal, he gifted with skill and not one dimensional player, he can take on players. Look at this last two matches he was fixture, there are allot of drive from the midfied. Injury is the problem of wishere not wenger

    1. I don’t think the club rate him.

      The dragging of feet on his contract is quite a display of insincerity and arrogance amongst all.

      Wilshere has spoken about his situation a few times before this. No one will leave their valuable unsecured. Wilshere’s Contract talk will only commence at the last minute again.

  4. Wilshere needs another manager to improve … I have a lot of time for him but he stands around too much waiting for ball whereas before he used to hunt for the ball … but whatever happens we are 6 players short of a quality team … years of penny pinching and over indulging crap players by a clueless manager who is a legend in his own mind … people go on about guardiolas spending in the summer but the team we are now watching play the best football in epl history only has 2 new additions from last year Emerson and walker … I guess mendy would start if fit … we have 2 new players too but we are further behind than ever!! the difference is a world class manager with vision and determination and a doddering oap living on past glories who should be doing his Saturday afternoon shopping in marks and sparks not managing a top flight football club

    1. Bernardo silva,Danilo, walker, Mendy, mangala,ederson are all new to pep squad £200M+ in investment

      What he has added is depth and increased the energy of the defence eg Sagna clichy kolorov aren’t high energy fullbacks anymore.

      Ederson also adds to their game with his distribution capabilities

    2. We will not get a different manager – Kroenke’s Law. Arsenal’s plight will be highlighted when Ozil and Sanchez both leave for nothing – a waste of perhaps £100 million. We need to buy several players – with Wenger in charge of transfers (and everything else !)

  5. Wilshere is Arsenal through and through and very useful player to have on the team.

    No matter what happens we need:
    1. Replacement for Ozil
    (ie Isco, Dybala)
    2. Replacement for Alexis
    (ie Lemar, Draxler)
    3. 1 or 2 top central midfielders
    (ie Goretzka, Nainggolan, Seri)
    4. And a top central defender
    (ie Van Dijk, Verane, Koulibaly etc)

    We need to sell some players also ie Xhaka, Eleny, Akpom. Mertsacker is retiring.

    Wenger has put us in a terrible position because of all the average players we have we will need to spend a lot of money to rebuild the team. I don’t see Wenger and Kroenke allowing it

    1. 1) Isco and debalya are to good for us (maybe lemar or draxler)
      2)insigne, Mertens or fekir
      4)koulibaly ????

  6. Jack has always been a talent, the horrible injuries held him back not Wenger of the club. Is it any wonder that the club are still looking at jacks fitness and ability to finish games before they make an offer. Just imagine the criticism that club will get if jack gets a new contract and then pulls up injured. If jack leave and does well after not getting a contract more criticism. Not sure what Merson is on about but sound like the normal bs the media love to spout out.

    1. Of course he had terrible injuries but abou didby made 180 appearances and scored 19 goals in 10 seasons at afc. I just do not understand our transfer policy or our player retainment strategy. Wenger has his favourites. Look at Ramsey who never gets subbed even if having a really poor game. Yet holding chamber Lacazette get subbed or dropped for one poor game.

  7. Paul Merton is so bitter it’s unreal. Generally he talks nonsense but he seems to save his most embarrassing comments for his views on Arsenal. Whether you are a AKB or AOB, I believe as a fan you have the right to make “constructive praise/criticism of our club. However there are ways to do it if you want your views to be taken seriously. Whilst Charlie Nicholas can be equally critical of Arsenal, he does it in a reflective constructive way. On the other hand, IMO Merson comes across as bitter and petulant in the way he voices his opinions. As a so called ex Arsenal legend, naively Merson doesn’t seem to recognise the gravitas his words are held in and used as ammunition by those who support rival clubs.

    1. Well said citreoogent, Charlie criticises because he’s frustrated with Wenger and loves Arsenal, Merson criticises because he wants to keep he’s job and get on the Sky Sports bandwagon

      1. Nonsense Kenny. They criticise because they love the club and care , but see it being badly mis-run by Wenger. I am surprised that a man with your life experience and intelligence should write as you do. Anyone who thinks Wenger should NOT have offered Wilshere a new contract before now, presumably approves of his legendary dithering . I had not thought you one who admires dithering. Or who admires Wenger!

        1. All Merson has ever done since being a pundit is stir things up at Arsenal and criticises the team at every opportunity whereas Nicholas criticises when we deserve it and if you think Merse loves Arsenal then he’s got a funny way of showing it

          1. Jon , you’re not the only one who dislikes Arsene Wenger, you’ll also find he’s not well liked by corrupt sports channel, Sky Sports and if you listen to Merson you’ll see he shows a more respect to Manchester United, Liverpool and even Tottenham than he does for the Arsenal. Jon, why do keep defending these ex players? They’re not worried about the team they used to play for, they’re only concern now is for the people who pay them, and that’s the sports channel they work for.

  8. Merse is far from being the sharpest tool in the box BUT he does know how Wenger works and acts, as do all regular pundits ex-player, most of whom slate him and think him past his sell by date. And who can honestly say differently? Yes, Merse may or may not have a lingering agenda but fair fans will look at what he says and make up their own minds as to who is right. I am with Merse. Ditherer Wenger is infamous for making no decision at all, until it is too late and waiting to see what happens, only to be beaten to the punch by more pro-active rival managers. Diaby? Walcott? Xhaka? Winning the title with half hearted players? And zero defensive coaching? etc. etc. If you have been following Arsenal as a real regular fan you surely cannot deny this truth. Wenger always waits and waits and waits and loses out. That is what he does. Constantly! And so it is with Wilshere; he SHOULD have offered him a new contract months ago and not risked losing a Gooner through and through player. It is not as though we have that type coming out of our ears exactly, is it! All but an obstinate fool knew full well that Sanchez and Ozil will be leaving at latest next summer and earlier if they can. But Wenger still hopes they will sign new contracts, like Fabregas, Viera, Henry, Van Persie, Nasri, when ALL OF US knew beyond doubt they were leaving. We , at least, live on Planet Earth BUT Wenger refuses to do so. Jack is clearly one of our most talented players at the club and after Sanchez and Ozil are soon gone, the MOST talented. Merse is therefore correct to call out Wenger for once again dithering. Whether or not that is in part because Merse has an axe to grind with Wenger is irrelevant, since what he says is TRUE, as we all know , if we are honest with ourselves. Merse may not ever be a MENSA candidate but nor are most ex-player pundits who agree that Wenger dithers. But they all know football and THAT IS WHAT COUNTS.

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