Is Wilshere right to blame himself for Arsenal failings?

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has blamed his miss for failing to secure the win over West Ham.

The England international started his first Premier League match of the season at the London Stadium, and despite impressing, was unable to help his side secure all three points.

Wilshere has now expressed his joy at his display and his return to the first-team, and is keen to build on his form as the season continues.

Wilshere said: ‘I felt good. I played a few games this year, but not in the Premier League obviously. I’ve played in the Europa League and the Carabao Cup.

‘I’m fit and happy to get my opportunity tonight. I thought I did alright – maybe there’s a little bit more to come but I’m happy.”

Jack goes on to relive the miss which could have opened the scoring for his side after 70 minutes, with the belief that he could well have secured victory had he simply managed to steer the ball toward goal.

‘I haven’t seen it back. It happened really quick and it was on my weaker right foot but I should have done better,’ he said.


“I should have hit the target. ‘It sat up a little bit but I should have hit the target and probably won us the game.’

Is  Wilshere being tough on himself? Was it a very difficult take-down? Does he deserve to keep his place in the starting XI?

Pat J


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  1. McLovin says:

    “Its a,tough place to go (St Marys)”

    4 days later:

    Southampton 1 – Leicester 4

    Arsene Wenger everybody

  2. Babs Rockyfellar says:

    Whenever he’s in form he’s a wonder

  3. Me says:

    Wenger promised a title challenge.
    December 14th we are 19 points behind.
    Surely to goodness this is grounds to get shot of him.
    Wenger is not managing anything except the decline of the club.
    He must have something big to hold over his employers to keep him in this job.
    He needs to be removed and now…

  4. nosa says:

    Wenger says title race is not over,.. seriously this guy is really old

  5. McLovin says:

    Our away form:

    9 matches played
    2 wins
    3 draws
    4 losses

    First away goal: October 14th (8th match day)
    First away win: October 22nd (9th match day)
    9 scored, 13 conceded
    18 points dropped

    Arsene Wenger everybody

  6. Tat says:

    Watching arsenal plays is like watching someone plays FIFA with only Square and X buttons. Not allowed to press O to shoot.

  7. Hayzed says:

    Before Arsene sign the contract he said “two or three new signings will win Arsenal the league”, he signed two players,agreed, look what he turn us to and where we are, when will this man face fact but he is so stubborn and arrogant to admit the truth.

  8. Nothing changed says:

    Jack always had the right “Arsenal” attitude in both aggression and not looking for excuses or blaming bad luck. Wish we had more players with his mentality. he was right if he had scored we could have won the game. Now when will Wenger take his blame in a sincere manner?

  9. Break-on-through says:

    He gives three excuses for missing it then says he should have done better. He said it happened quick, it was on his wrong foot, and it sat up, but I take the blame. Either it was a shot he should have hit the target with or else it was made difficult, pick one Jack. I’d say Lacazette not playing is a bigger reason than Jack skewing one shot. Jack pandering to the crowd if you ask me. Wenger has got it wrong again here. Giroud is more suited for when teams sit in, WHam came out and gave us room to move and break in, yet Lac comes on in last ten minutes whilst our best set piece specialist goes off.

    1. Sue says:

      Sanchez was crap though

  10. Thierrykamp says:

    Wenger is now really something else…

    * He left Giroud on for 90mins. But you can bet if that was Lacazette who started, he’d have been hauled off by the 70th minute mark.

    * Things were clearly not working, yet he stood on the sideline as clueless as ever, waiting until the 70th minute to make his changes.

    * He brought our most reliable goal scorer on when it was just 8 minutes left to play!

    * And now he has gone ahead to blame “fatigue” as the reason for the draw. Is he mad or something? The bulk of these guys have been wrapped in cotton all season — no European competition, no cup games. The same senile man said that Chelsea had it lucky last season (and Leicester before) because they didn’t have to contend with the rigours of European football. So how did that change for his team?

    Me fraud is spent but he’s too deluded and egoistical to see this. How he sugar talks the board into being in his pocket is even more baffling!

  11. Sue says:

    We’re not seriously going to lose to Newcastle are we???

  12. Clive says:

    Wenger said the last two tittles has been won by teams not playing in Europe .so for that he is going to rest the first team players for the league and not play them in Europa league bcos he wants to win the league….fast tract to 14th December Arsenal is 19 points behind team playing in Europe.hahahaha…deluded and pathetic.
    So my point is like I always say Arsenal can never come close to winning d league with Wenger in charge.
    give this Arsenal team to Gaudiola and he will be close to d league. Arsenal problem is Wenger.

  13. kristoman says:

    spot on clive

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