Is Wilshere tailormade for the Arsenal captaincy?

Jack Wilshere has talked of his pride in wearing the Arsenal captain’s armband in midweek, and is targeting an extended spell as club stalwart.

The midfielder is currently enjoying a fine spell of form in the first-team, and is expected to open contract talks over a new deal in the coming weeks. Wilshere’s current deal is set to run out at the end of the season, but he has once again reiterated his desire to stay with the club with his latest comments.

Jack said:  “I want to be Arsenal captain, I’ve said that before.

“I really enjoyed the other night, the first time I’ve started as captain.

“Walking the boys out was a special feeling for me and my family.

“That is something I want to do. I never really stopped dreaming about that.”

The midfielder has been amongst our better player s since regaining fitness after being sidelined from mid-way through last season whilst on-loan with Bournemouth.

Jack has endured a torrid time with injuries over the years, and was given an extended time to rehabilitate with limited minutes to build up his strength and fitness when returning, but is now commanding a key role in our side.

Wilshere will of course have to be fit into the side on Aaron Ramsey’s return, with the pair likely to be seen as lacking that defensive metal needed to play as a central midfield pairing in the current system, and I thoroughly expect our formation to be changed when both are fit and ready.

The England international seemed most fed up with life when being sent out to play for Bournemouth, with a number of comments showing bitterness at having to leave in order to gain guaranteed first-team football, but has come back fighting, and appears to have no intention to leave the club ever, and could once again be described as an Arsenal player through-and-through.

Wilshere is now targeting the captain’s armband, with the armband being regularly passed around due to the current club captain being Per Mertesacker, a player who is no longer a first-choice star amongst our ranks.

Does the 26 year-old deserve to be considered for captaincy? Is he the long-term captain our team has lacked for some time? Is he our most important player at present? Could his signing be more important than that of Mesut Ozil?

Pat J


  1. Nayr says:

    Apparently sanchez is going to man utd.

    it was all about money then all along and a clueless manager.

  2. Sandeep says:

    Don’t know where our club is heading, No world class player Cazorla out, Sanchez gone, ozil in doubt, giroud injured. xahak is not DM and if he is played as a deep lying playmaker than wilshere is better than him.other than that we in last few games had no creativity. Look at bench no player to make any impact and still no business done in transfer market. Should have made planning in December about our weaknesses and short it out but half transfer window is gone and no reinforcement is done, so sad.

  3. I think the captaincy should be given to a 1st team regular…not someone who will play 5 games and end up in the injury room. That being said, it does not matter who is captain if Wenger is the coach..we can only achieve so much with his poisonous fingers touching everything. I think we can conclude now Man city, man utd, and Chelsea are all guaranteed top 4 will be between us and Liverpool and Spurs for the last spot..I don’t think we are better than those two..they outshine us on nearly every position on the pitch. Lastly, I have always disagreed with this top 4 nonsense..I think champions league should have been for only champions and runners up..this top 4 qualification nonsense has created a false sense of progress that has been Wenger’s shield. The name itself “Champions league” implies it is a league for those who are champions or challenged to be champions!

    1. Thierrykamp says:

      You still have optimism flowing through your vein — that’s good to see.

      But reality is that we aren’t competing with ‘Pool and Spurs for a 4th place. We can’t catch them anymore.

      Heck! We are closer to Swansea on the table (counting backwards (22 pts) than we are to Man City (23 pts).

    2. Neo Malefane says:

      I agreed with everything you said until you wrote about this ‘top 4 nonsense’. For how many years did you and all these fans say top 4 is not a trophy, Wenger out! And now that Liverpool or Spurs might make it at the expense of us, now its the greatest achievement it the world. And by the way, Spurs and Liverpool aren’t winning anything, they haven’t won anything in years! But they will just make the top 4 like we used to do and consistently win trophies ant the same time. All I am saying is us Arsenal fans will never be happy. If we were to make the top 4 fans will still say where is the trophies.

      1. Josh says:

        I think this Neo Malefane is Arsene Wenger trying to save his face on this site!!! Sounds exactly arrogant, not ambitious and full of excuses just like Wenger!! If you are wenger, can u please do our club a fovor and resign pls?…. We are tired and we want to be the best we once were(invincibles). Wenger, pls let someone else huh?

  4. Gelz says:

    If you want someone who’s heart bleeds Arsenal, rolls up his sleeves and gives it all, lives and breaths for this team, then yes, he is the only player who can hold his head high in what has been a dire season for us, the one guy that looks like he genuinely wants to play for us and yet Wenger still hasn’t offered him a new contract.

  5. Simon says:

    Jack was born to be Arsenal captain. No brainer for me

    1. Trudeau says:

      If Arsenal hadn’t thrown yesterday’s game away, all of the talk would have been on Jack’s continued progression. Jack is not only back but he is showing signs of being better than ever. When this defeat is forgotten, Wilshire’s stirling play will still be a big talking point.

  6. McLovin says:

    Well he has matured more I think. He doesn’t cause problems on the pitch anymore or act like a kid losing his toys.

    Keep it simple Jack, don’t hold on to the ball too much. Keep your chin on your chest (it’s a saying in our country, it means to stay humble).

  7. John Wick says:

    Jack Wilshere plays with heart he actually cares about the team can we say the same about the rest of the players ? Nah they’re just there to cruise and pick up their wages it’s absolutely disgusting.. some ppl work their socks off to claim a crappy wage to support their families, this lot are a bunch of spoilt overpaid prima Donna’s. I can’t actually believe how far we’ve fallen it’s so depressing this club has become a sitcom! From the owner to the board members to the manager how Wenger is on 8/9 million a year is staggering doctors who are actually saving people’s lives aren’t even on a fraction of this clowns wages and what exactly does he even do? Pick 11 players and tell them go out and have fun cos I’m telling you now those players don’t even know what they’re doing.. I actually feel sorry for the fans who still believe and actually pay their hard earned money to go watch that rubbish! My money stays in my pocket until those clowns start realising this club is bigger than Arsene bleeding Wenger!

  8. Arsenal4Life says:

    Yes he should be our captain. He us good enough and is one of those players who is a fighter. We should start all over again and build a team around
    Bellerin Kolasinac Wilshere Ozil and Lacazette.

    Sell Cech, Monreal,Holding,Debuchy, El Neny, Walcott, Welbeck(or Giroud) and I would even sell Mustafi Xhaka and Ramsey.

    buy players after you decided the formation
    New manager new players, back to 4231 or 4312 (if Aubemeyang will come)..

    Bellerin CB Koscielny Kolasinac
    Wilshere CDM CM(strong/quick)
    Lacazette Aubemeyang

    RW Ozil LW

    1. Neo Malefane says:

      Hey buddy this is not manager mode in Fifa, you can’t just sell 10 players then buy 10 players. And the players you want to sell can actually be good squad players. And what’s the deal with all you arsenal fans and Ramsey. He is by far our best midfielder. He is the only that can consistently score and create. He also has 6 assists this season, that’s the third best, and yet he has been out for the past 5 or 6 games. He would definitely start in most teams in the premier league, bar one or two. Probably wouldn’t get in the Man city and chelsea teams. Mustafi, Giroud and Monreal won’t be sold bud so you can just calm down. I honestly would like to see Cech or elneny being sold. I think Cech is passed his best and he was at fault for both goals yesterday.

    2. Maks says:

      Arsenal4Life, I agree with you…
      …I think this article will bring another attack of Ramsey lovers on Jack Wilshere captaincy cos they think Ramsey should be a new captain.
      BUT HE WON’T BE.. cos Wenger will go soon! Hell Yeaaah!
      And yes Arsenal4Life, not Ramsey4life!

  9. GoonerLad says:

    Wilshere thrives when he’s given the freedom to dictate the problem is Ramsey wants to hog the ball all the time. Ramsey should learn to be less selfish and Wilshere will give him the scoring opportunities he tries too hard to find on his own

    1. Neo Malefane says:

      I think you mean Wilshere should learn to run into the boz more like Ramsey. Wilshere should learn to shoot more like Ramsey. Say what you want but Ramsey is our best midfielder because he is the only one that consistently scores and assists. You can’t say that about Elneny, or Wilshere or Xhaka.

      1. Maks says:

        Ramsey is not good enough to play in Arsenal starting 11.
        I am not saying that Elneney and Xhaka are.
        Ramsey is a symbol of Wengers wrong decision making.
        For example: Fabregas wanted to return to Arsenal, but Wenger didn’t want that cos he would be threat to Ramseys comfy position at the club.
        Sometimes Ramsey scores but most of the time he runs like a headless chicken leaving his position and ignoring the formation. Most of his passes are not foreward but backward or “Wengers” sidelines, he think he should play no.10 or a centarforward…
        …if he is not from GB he will be long gone playing for Stoke or maximum Everton.
        I am looking farward to the new manager when he won’t be protected any more. Maybe then something will turn in his head.

        1. Hayzed says:

          Well said.
          Ramsey is Wenger’s illegitimate son.

        2. Kris says:

          Seriously mate, bet you wernt saying that the season Ramsey carried the team with 25 goals and won us the fa cup. Ramsey and wilsher arenon par for me, they’re different types of midfielder. Ramsey works his socks off every game no midfielder in the team has an engine like him. Wenger has ruined Ramsey, if we had a world class dm behind him you would see the best of him. That’s what I would like to see a great dm behind Ramsey and wilsher playing slightly more advanced roles and one or the other can drop back and help if needed. But Wenger doesn’t believe in a proper dm he likes deep lying ball players like arteta and xhaka. Ramsey is awesome for Wales and the season he scored all those goals it showed, problem was the following season Wenger threw him out on the wing. And Wenger refused fabregas because he had ozil it had fuck all to do with Ramsey. Clueless do you homework before you pipe up, you plastic fan.

  10. Peterhos says:

    Jack Wilshere may have enjoyed the evening with his family, and that was good for them. But we are talking about rebuilding the team. Wenger has made all sorts captain over recent years, Any chance of a real leader who stays on the pitch all season and is known to be world class?

  11. Neo Malefane says:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind losing Sanchez if we replaced him with either Mikitarian or Draxler. Those are the kind of players we need at Arsenal. Iwobi, or welbeck or even wilshere are not suitable replacements for Sanchez.

    1. McLovin says:

      Mkhitaryan is a huge gamble..

      Already failed at United, how would he fare any better with us..?

  12. Maks says:

    Hello Admin,
    maybe you can make one extra topic named Transfer gossip that fans can discuss there what they “know” about who will be sold where and leave topic of this article in peace.

    Wilshere for captain!
    Wenger out asap!

  13. Sue says:

    Ain’t it depressing being a gooner right now ?

  14. Chekwube Kwentua says:

    Wilshere won’t be a bad choice but I would have preferred Mustafi,IMO!

  15. ismail dauda says:

    Wilshere is the only player in arsenal that is playing with his heart, he deserves the captainship band because of his energy and comitment. as for Mr. wenga i seriously hope he will be honourable enough to bow out and we will forever sing praises of him for a job weldone. he is actually overstaying his welcome and it is hurting the team badly.

  16. raymondo says:

    Instead of training this week our squad should be made to watch a video of the Liverpool/Man City game twice a day to learn about skill, commitment and passion.

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