Is Wilshere the only Arsenal player worthy of being club captain?

Arsenal’s long time nominal captain, Per Mertesacker, is moving into a coaching role this summer, and it would seem obvious that Laurent Koscielny is going to spend his last year at the club in the treatment room, so who is there left in the present squad that could take up the mantle of leading the players on the pitch?

We all know that Jack Wilshere is waiting to find out who the new boss is before signing a new contract, but according to the ex-Gunners star Nigel Winterburn, Wilshere is easily the best candidate for the job. “There’s a massive debate on captaincy.” Winterburn told Betstars. “When you’re out on that pitch, you need to be a captain yourself within the team because if something is going wrong, you need to be strong enough in your own mind to ask players to move into positions to protect defensively or when you’re attacking you might want to ask one of the players to take up a slightly different position. You should be looking to your captain to ask for that to happen. I think captain-wise, it should be someone that represents the values of Arsenal football club, is strong mentally and is going to play a lot of games. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jack Wilshere became club captain because of his association with the football club. He’s someone in my mind that represents the values of the football club.”

There are many people who don’t even think Jack is good enough to be a starter at the club, but no-one can deny his spirit and love for Arsenal. Is there no-one else that could possibly fill that role?


Updated: May 5, 2018 — 9:53 am


  1. Jack Wilshere will not be Captain of Arsenal Football Club next season.IF and that’s a BIG BIG IF he signs a new contract I just cannot see him as a regular starter in the team.So who within our present Squad is capable of taking over the armband?To me there is not one single player that stands out as being able to LEAD the team let alone CAPTAIN the side.And this has been the problem for years now.No natural leaders in the team.The last we had that was the most obvious choice was Cesc and Van Persie for their abilities alone.They could lead the team on reputation and performances alone.We have NOBODY in this current squad who is able to command that respect.

    1. ????

    2. Totally agree.

    3. Yeah also make you right Phil, maybe we can buy a captain, we certainly need one. Anyway off topic Palace have just beat Stoke and sent them down to the Championship. GOOD RIDDANCE STOKE CITY, YOU WON’T BE BOOING US FOR 90 MINUTES FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

      1. While we at it, we’ll have your goalkeeper.

        1. We well might KENNY! WHO AMONG US WOULD NOT WANT HIM!

        2. Agree, Jack Butland is better than what Arsenal have. Sven should check out his buy out clause due to Stoke’s relegation.

    4. No, so as Walcott that tells it all wenger was loosing his mind and trying to aligned himself to Kroenke and think he will have a job for life at Arsenal for him it didnt matter where we finished but remember “Even an old lad an axe/roof can fall on her” great things for football go my beloved club Arsenal!!!!!!

  2. instead of lol
    England will take years before winning an european cup or world cup because of the way they adore average players like God.

    1. God is an average player? Just teasing you and enjoying being a pedantic irritant. To be serious, you are quite right.

      1. @jon fox
        Lool you killed me. Sorry for my english but I guess you got my point.

    2. Same goes for Ramsey s fun club.

  3. Note to everyone:
    Wilshere is spelt W-I-L-S-H-E-R-E
    Not “Wilshire” or “Wiltshire” or any other spelling
    Really, It’s not that difficult children.

    1. Spell check usually disagrees before you can change it!

      1. ?

    2. Yes, a little frustating if like me , you CAN spell. BUT bad spelling is not the crime of the century and personally, I will always prefer a poor speller/ punctuation person who has something INTERESTING to write, to someone who can spell but who has nothing of interest to say. We old ones, as I am, are thoroughly used to non oldies not being able to spell. I have never used a spellcheck in my life. I use a dictionary; one published for use by fellow Dinosaurs. PERSPECTIVE EH?

    3. Thought it was wheelchair


    1.Massimiliano allegri 1.Granit xhaka
    2.Leonardo jardim 2. Aaron Ramsey
    3.Carlo ancelotti 3. Petr Cech
    4.Buvac 4. Aaron Ramsey
    5.Luis enrique 5. Laurent Koscienly

    Just guessing ?

    1. Ha ha ha here he is again. Ramsey Ramsey Ramsey Ramsey….
      Ramsey as a captain in Madrid was a perfect symbol of fall of Arsene Wenger!
      Ramsey is in the way of someone else who is better and on the level to bring to club forward. If there was no Wenger we would have Fabregas or somebody even better instead of Ramsey.
      I agree with Phil! we need somebody new for our new Arsenal without Wenger and lot s of other players.
      Nayr, please tell me… what you will do when / if Ramsey leaves the club?
      There are no offers for him from Barca or Real but I think he thinks he is the best in the world. Littlebit stupid if I may.

      1. Good post Maks. Hopefully Cardiff City come in for him when they’re promoted and he goes to Championship club where he’s always belonged.

      2. Maks ramsey ain’t going nowhere.
        continue dreaming.
        our captain next season

  5. Wilshire should be moved on along with 7/8 others.

  6. I must be completely out of step with the whole of the English football fraternity because whilst I hear them repeatedly say that Wilshere is the only player fit to wear the Arsenal shirt, all I see is a very average player that is often over zealous and gives the ball away. I personally would rather have a player that makes mature decisions on the ball with quality and the occasional use of teckers than a eager average player…. surely? Captain material? Do me a favour!

    1. citrenoogeht, You are NOT out of step. Many of us admire Jack’s courage and committment BUT also know he is not the player we all hoped he would be, when he was young. Your comments are about right and most of us agree, judging by countless previous comments on many posts.

      1. jon fox: Thanks for that reply, I thought I was losing my marbles.

        1. No way , my friend. Quite the contrary!

    2. completely agree

  7. Out of the current lot, I would pick Ramsey – if he is sticking around.

    He’s been at the club for 10 years now and would be an automatic starter, for Arsenal at least, regardless of who the new manager is.

    The club really need to the him down to a new contract and under a proper tactical set up, we should be seeing the best of him (again) for another two seasons.

    1. Great pick! Lucky you with your brain and understanding of a game.
      Talk to Nyar and please make a “Ramsey forever” fun club (under 18).
      God help you if you are older.

      1. Break-on-through

        Ramsey is one of AFC’s best players or can you just ignore whatever the hell you want and believe whatever the hell you want to believe (that might not be saying too much at this moment in time as we have likes of Wilshere, Elneny and Xhaka but still it’s true enough all same). Ramsey stacks up against allot of good players who play in a similar role. And that is while playing under a manager who supposedly cannot get enough out of his players and cannot use tactics to his advantage, and doesn’t do homework on the opposing team. After the Invincibles, Chelsea is the strongest side I’ve seen, they used two box to box midfielders (Lampard – Essien) and had another couple of them in the reserves. If you think a manager cannot see the use in having a Ramsey you are dead wrong. I don’t know why I’m even telling you this because by the looks of your reply you cannot make an argument, so resort to childish BS like love him, and Arsene is gay for Ramsey. Seriously dude, and you’re having a pop at what age he might be??

        1. Do you also have his love card or a poster above your bad?
          Littlebit too old for that?
          Just count how many mistakes Ramsey makes during a game.
          He played better then usually in Madrid, and he was one of the best but that shows how fracked we were and still are…
          Enjoy Ramsey while you can. I think that our new manager will keep him max for another season … cos he will stay at Arsenal. He knows that nowhere else (except Stoke) he would have more space to play then in Arsenal under Wenger….
          Wenger is OUT!

        2. Break on through well said.

          Fans like Maks worship wilshere but hate ramsey who is clearly better.

          I don’t know what ramsey has to do to win people over.
          i dont remember the last time wilshere even scored a goal

      2. Maks please argue with facts….

        who cares about things such as under 18 and fanclub.

        this is a football site not a lifestyle blog.

    2. I agree with you. he has lot more to offer than Wilshere.

  8. Were Wilshere good enough to be a regular starter -or even still at Arsenal – under the new manager, he would be the only MAN in thr entire squad who even cares enough to be our captain. The present squad is full of timid little boy types who could not bully an aged moth. Imagine the “hairstyle kid, Bellerin” bullying ANYTHING on a football field and then snort in derision. Where, only a few years ago, opponents used to say to themselves”Don’t worry lads, it’s only Tottenham today”, now they say the same about the once mighty Arsenal. We have not had a captain type in our club since Gilberto and VIERA left and a whole generation has grown up who have NEVER – except in old footage- seen any Arsenal player bully an opponent. What a disgrace and how shaming. Imagine Tony Adams playing alongside Mustafi, Bellerin and the other timid snowflakes in our team! Just imagine the ructions on the pitch when the snowflakes duck a challenge or fail to track their runners. Then imagine the same with KEOWN! And weep! I want ALL THESE LITTLE PONCY, POSY, KIDS OUT THE DOOR THIS SUMMER AND SOME REAL MEN BROUGHT IN TO REPLACE THEM. TYPES WE CAN IDENTIFY WITH AND RESPECT FOR THEIR CHARACTER AND COURAGE, as well as talent!

    1. Jon, I don’t know whether you read my previous post concerning Cesc running his contract down at Chelsea and refusing a new deal. The fact he wants to remains in our great capital tells me he’s looking to return to the club he’s always loved. I’d love to see him return as our next captain. Anybody agree.

      1. He should never have been allowed to join Chelski when he was made available by Barcelona.We had FITST OPTION to buy him back.Why was this option not taken up?Wenger apparently didn’t feel he was required because we had bought Mesut Ozil the previous season.Can you imagine those TWO in the same team because I certainly could.Another Wenger mistake.And it shows where we are today is totally down to him.

        1. Wenger’s stubbornness Phil, he knew every Arsenal fan wanted Cesc back and that Cesc wanted to come back but he had one of his typical days of “I’m Arsene Wenger and I do things my way” Sheer stubbornness.

          1. …and Wenger was: “My Ramsey must play.
            Where I will put him if Fabregas returns?”

      2. Kenny, only worry with Cesc is his age. Given that say both Max Meyer (Shalke) and Emil Forsberg (LB Leipzig) may be available there are better value options. There is a rumour that Sven has already lined up Max Meyer for next season.
        With regard to the captain, one has to be bought in, who is an obvious first team starter. Arsenal can’t make the same mistakes regarding leadership as in the past with non playing captains.
        Regarding Wilshere, for the wages he is supposedly asking, his injury record and statistics for goals and assists playing for Arsenal and Bournmouth, if he was on the open market would a club like Arsenal come knocking?

        1. Ozzie, he’ll be on a free, no money for Chelsea, and experience for the captain’s role, plus you know Cesc still loves Arsenal.

          1. Fair enough, Kenny; I want players at Arsenal who will fight for club and Cesc fits the bill. Arsenal fans can’t blame him for playing for Chelsea when unwanted by Wenger.

      3. I just have , this minute KENNY. I think Wenger treated him abominably by not having him back. I feel though that he never quite reached his full potential at Chelsea. Still a top player though, but just not quite the Iniesta level I once expected him to reach. Yes, I still would take him back in a heartbeat. I would have Willian too in a heartbeat. Cesc and Willian always give their utmost, which is a rare thing at our club these days. Don’t you feel -well I know you do – that we fans have a right to expect 100% from every player who ever wears the shirt. After all, we pay enough towards their wages, don’t we! BTW, GREAT TO SEE DIRTY STOKE GO DOWN!

        1. Agree with your post Jon, but as much as I love Cesc, no comparison in my opinion with greatest midfielder that’s ever lived, Andres Iniesta.

  9. I don’t see any of current players having “captain material.” This “soft” core of players need someone to jerk a knot in them, get in Ramsey’s face for ALWAYS bombing forward and abandoning midfield and his partner.

    Get on Ozil for pouting, Mustafi for his rash challenges, and both CB’s (Monreal and Bellerin) for not being able to send ONE decent cross!

    I think Wenger designed the squad this way on purpose; no leader on pitch. Just look at last captains; Arteta who was rarely played near the end, and Per who had one foot out the door all season.

    That was no accident appointing them as captain.
    I fear these snowflakes will melt under the gaze of a true captain who will hold them accountable and call them out.

    Just imagine, Tony Adams probably get arrested for assault with this sad lot

    1. RB’S I meant not CB’s.

      1. Break-on-through

        I agree that Arsene does not respect leadership enough to have it stand out in his teams, and is a bad judge of character. Experience isn’t always a positive thing, depends on the type of man. I don’t think there are many leaders in that city side neither though, except a few that were already there before Pep came along. On the entire, leaders are becoming somewhat more scarce. They are being slowly replaced by athletes who live a nice moral lifestyle, not enough hard cases with short tempers for people who don’t pull their weight. Like they say, a person who tries to be everyone’s friend, is nobody’s friend.

    2. Most of them would be too terrified to even share a dressing room with Adams, Bould, Keown and other REAL MEN of the past.

      1. Jon Fox

        Here here, well said. We have been waiting for years for some “boys” on this club to develop into Men.

        I say new manager should put players through the grinder first few training sessions.
        Physical, kicky, full out training, see who wilts and who blossoms. Sell, trade, or give away the soft snowflakes and keep the others

    3. Another excellent post Durand

      1. The one where you said “you see no player has captain material”

        1. Thanks Kenny

          I’m just like many others on here tired of lame excuses. Tired of Wenger making excuses for these snowflakes, finally he gets axed for it. He put faith in this sorry lot and he deservedly got fired; not quit, got fired.

          He stuck with Ramsey, Jack, Kos, Mustafi, Xhaka, etc… He’s had years to replace Ramsey, Wilshere, Kos, and passed on better players and chose to defend this sorry lot.

          Hopefully new manger sells these dregs before they get him sacked as well.

          If those players were quality, where are the teams for their transfers? What offers?

          Ramsey still waiting on that call from Barca or Real Madrid i guess, coming anytime I’m sure, ha.

    4. If there is even ONE Gooner who considers our squad to be tough and hard working, then that person should be committed!

      1. ????

  10. Maybe giving Wilshere the armband might bring out the best in him.

    While he hasn’t had any (public) conduct issues recently he can still be aggressive and abusive on the pitch, which I don’t think is the best quality a captain could have.

    He’d also miss a lot of matches due to injury and I still can’t get over how much he loses the ball by running in to people.

    On the other hand, I agree with everyone else above that there isn’t really anyone I would choose as captain at the moment.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say AMN should have it in a few years. I can see him being a deep lying CDM, controlling play ahead of him from the centre of the park. He’s cool, calm and assured too.

    1. How does a captain’s armband make you play better? Maybe we should give one to all the players.

      1. You never seen how placing confidence and trust in someone in a professional capacity can really help them grow and increase their performance?

  11. Nice assist Ryan Shawcross… although Patrick Van Aanholt isn’t on your team hahahaha!!! ?

    1. Enjoy the championship ?

      1. Sue you are being very naughty laughing at poor Stoke City.Ha ha ha Very we’ll players Madam

        1. Haha couldn’t resist that Phil!!

      2. League 1 would be better!!!

  12. Break-on-through

    Wilshere can’t captain, he doesn’t know how to lead or we would have seen it by now. Chambers Mustafi Xhaka are all better communicators than him and they aren’t good enough to captain. Just because a player digs in on the field, is committed with challenges, it does not translate to captain material. That first game against Atletico, if Wilshere could captain, he was well positioned to have have reigned in some of those players instead of being involved in the gung ho approach. He like Arsene doesn’t know a result in Europe when he sees one.

    1. You seriously blaming Wilshere for Kos mistake?

      Chambers is a good call though 🙂
      I like his communication and he appears to understand defending better than Mustafi, I would be happier to see Chambers on the starting lineup than Mustafi and I do not think it is just coincidence that Holding and Mavrop both play well alongside Chambers but Holding looks unsure of himself in a team with Mustafi leading the backline.

      I do think that if the new manager uses the cptn better and encourages the cptn to take more responsibility on the field then Chambers and Wilshere could be good captains.

      You said Xhaka and Mustafi would make good captains and cite their communication but you say Jack can’t even though he is organising the CM during the game to get in shape to help defend… I seen that happen multiple times in his last couple games, he did drop in form for a bit but last couple games he has looked better. He also isn’t the one who did that comedy slide for Pogba to sidestep easily or fail to use his own height and strength to the max and beat Fellaini to a header.. Jack wasn’t the one who failed to tell Bellerin to pull back and allow Costa to score against us again.

      Jack has shown more leadership qualities than both Xhaka and Mustafi combined.
      I am not basing this from reports of games but from watching every game for the past few years while following our players when they go out on loan when I can find the games online.

      Jack is a leader and if he could learn from someone like Adams on how to be a cptn then he would make the best cptn from our current squad. I would have Chambers as vice cptn as he could become a good one in a few years time if he has someone to learn from on how to be a real cptn and not a Wenger diplomat on the field.

  13. Sorry to be off topic. But STOKE just got relegated. ALL GOONERS REJOICE!

    1. I Hate that Football Club
      I Despise their Neanderthal supporters
      I Moan every time we travel to their Hell Hole Stadium

      And today the sun is shining.The worlds not so bad a place to live in after all

      1. More champagne Phil? My shout. Cheers!


        2. Don’t mind if I do sir thank you

    2. Hi hi hi hi hi hi….
      After Sunderland now Stoke!
      If you ask me I would cut PL by at least 2 – 4 teams.

      1. Right Maks, I still remember the last time Sunderland were relegated when they played us in their last game and kicked us for 90 minutes and broke one of our player’s ankle, I forget who but I’m sure someone will remind me.

        1. Diary was the one kicked Kenny and that was the start of his injury problems before his career had even started.Shame

      2. Good thing you can’t.

        we like it the way it is!

  14. Some people will say he isn’t good enough now but if he signed and had a couple good games then you watch those same people posting how nice his happy juice tastes.

    He is human, he had a couple bad games while having AFC insult him with a wage drop offer, off field stuff can effect on field or are you lot going to ignore this as well just so you can rub one off at moaning?

    Infuriating. Jack has the capability and with a new coach then it could be a match made in heaven. He is showing a much better fitness level and he is a driving force for us, to push forward from deep and he doesn’t look to make 1001 sideways passes like Xhaka.

    Forget all that though as it is fashionable to QQ about Wilshere and all the ‘in crowd’ are doing it…

    1. I think many of us just disagree with you about Wilsheres level of ability. Most of us had huge hopes for him when he was young. Though he has been largely fit for much of this and last season at Bournemouth, he could not keep a regular place in their team nor ours. HE HAS LOST HIS SURGING PACE TO DRIBBLE ROUND OPPONENTS, CAUSED MOSTLY BY CONSTANT INJURIES. He has not the incisive passng Ozil has when on his best form. JACK neither scores , nor assists, hardly at all. He looks good on the ball BUT rarely achieves anything much. All in all, many of us think him nowhere near the player we all hoped he would be. Guts and being a true Gooner, alone, are not enough. Sad but surely true ! You clearly differ as is your right and some will agree with you. Time under the new manager will prove one of us wrong. I hope it is me but doubt it will be.

      1. What does that have anything to do with what I said?
        I have said he is good from deep, he doesn’t make 1001 sideways passing so you assume he is a number 10 and base it all on that rather than the player himself?

        When Jack stays back then he is making himself available for a pass, moving off the ball a lot more than Xhaka, makes it easier for CBs to pick him out for a pass. Jack also likes to move the ball forward so he will not pass back to the CBs as often as Xhaka does.

        Jack is best from a deep lying playmaker role, he can also pick a nice long pass like Xhaka, I have been saying that Jack and Xhaka should both be competing for the deep lying playmaker role.

        So you have not considered what I said, I have not once suggested Jack should be a number 10 which you have put him as while comparing him to Ozil and citing his goalscoring record along with assist record. I read what you said and yeah… you do have a different opinion but I feel you are failing yourself by not thinking fully and just boxed Jack in a poor number 10 box and slam his goal stats (assist or score).

        People have talked about building an attack from CM but one of the best ways to do this is having a playmaker who passes forward, something Xhaka doesn’t do enough and puts undue pressure on our def, having someone who would like to and look to pass forward would mean we can pass back to pass forward and not ruin an attacking movement…

        Put him in a 3 man CM with 2 high energy B2B players ahead and watch us push the oppositions back and contain them, if we need to pass back then it would be to Jack and he would look to attack from deep, either playing a nice ‘quarterback’ style pass or stepping past a couple players and releasing the ball. Harder to predict when Jack can make those passes and make a run which gets bums off seats in excitement.

        If you are going to play someone like Jack in a 2 man CM then it is a bit like Xhaka, neither one of them is a DM so play a DM alongside them and allow them to be a deep lying playmaker who can convert a def movement into an attacking one.

        You have slated Wenger for years and yet you are still judging players based on Wengers tactical errors.

        1. I am not comparing him to Ozil. I merely said he has not the passing range of Ozil. He has been tried and failed as a deep lying player. HE IS TOO INJURY PRONE AND PHYSICALLY SMALL TO BE IN THAT TOUGH ROLE. I would have considered him, in his early days, a box to box player. But he has been tried there too and not pulled up many trees. BOX TO BOX PLAYERS MUST SCORE NOW AND AGAIN , AS RAMSEY DOES. I read your original post carefully but had comments of my own to make, not merely to argue with yours. I FEEL YOU HAVE AN EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO A MAN WHO IS ARSENAL THROUGH AND THROUGH AND I SHARE THAT, AS DO MANY OF US. BUT YOU NEED TO SEPARATE YOUR HEART FROM YOUR HEAD WHEN JUDGING USEFULNESS. And please do not TAKE MY COMMENTS PERSONALLY. I AM NOT JUDGING YOU BUT JACK. We are allowed to disagree; it is called democracy. As I said , time will tell, assuming he signs a new contract, which is by no means certain. And Wenger has indeed ruined many players It is now a new start and if he stays, time will tell. I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT; I really do!

          1. Height has nothing to do with being able to play a deep lying playmaker.
            Jack has shown this season to be tougher than previous years, while I share your concern over injury history, it doesn’t mean that he can’t take a knock here and there… Also I recognise that by saying he should be competing with Xhaka so not like AFC should give up on the idea of not overusing players to get injured.

            You claimed he has failed as a deep lying playmaker but please, where is the evidence?

            How about when he played for England as the deepest CM but Southgate played 2 CM ahead who would be happy to do the ‘dirty’ work, he did well then, putting in MOTM performances. Southgate and Wenger disagreed on Jack position and I am inclined to agree with Southgate on this matter. Hey, even broken clocks are right twice a day XD lol.

            Oh and do you know what comparing is?
            It is a comparison, you just did it again with Ozil in your second sentence, you compared the passing… Which would be different for the different roles. TBF Ozil passing is hit and miss, on his miss days then Wilshere has a greater passing range IMO.

            Do you wish to cherry pick info as well? I did it by saying Wilshere has a greater passing range but at least I was open about it 😉

            Not that I am taking it personal, I am getting frustrated with how many people will change their tune after a couple bad games… and vice versa, after a couple good games. From what I can see, people are turning on him, I would guess it is because they fear he will not be with us next season… Whatever the reason, it doesn’t justify in slating Wilsheres good passing, he has vision and no it isn’t the assist vision but he plays the ball to Ozil when Ozil is in a good position to be deadly with it… type of good vision. creativity and passing range is more than just getting an assist, who sets up the person who makes the assist?

          2. Why don’t you stop trying to convert me to your own personal Wilshere fan club passion and agree to differ. I will not reply further on this topic as I stick by what I said. If that offends you, well tough!

          3. BTW, I am also NOT comparing Jack to Xhaka, who IMO opinion and many others too, is unfit in every way to wear our shirt. Xhaka is one paced, immobile, does not see danger nor tracks back. He should be sold this summer for anything we can get. To beb clear if it had to be one or the other who pklayed , it would be Jack every time. Wilshere is not a bad player, far from it. I merely think him not quite good enough for a side that we hope will seriously challenge for top four. Now that WENGER IS GONE, which surely gives us a chance at least. You cannot deny that Jack has had countless chances over the years and not nailed down a regular place this season even though now fit. Nothing will please me more than to be proved wrong. He is one of our own and they are precious.

          4. Jon, I can’t understand how Xhaka can play so well and show great leadership ability playing for his previous clubs and the Swiss National team, yet be so underwelming at Arsenal.
            I have some hope that he can prosper under a new manager; one who can explain the position, role and expections he wants from him and allows him to shoot on goal.

  15. Nice one you Baggies FOYS ?????

  16. Ozil didn’t train train today (sick again or in Turkey??) But Cazorla did ??????

    1. Lol.. Ozil is the most pampered player ever. Earns 350k per week and then chooses the games he plays. We need a disciplinarian as our next manager. Btw, monreal is the only person i can see from the current starters as next captain, and that just shows the state of this club.

  17. My feelings tell me our next manager is leonardo Jardim!!!! and probaly announced tomorrow after our home game.

  18. Real Madrid has kovacic, modric, casemiro ceballoss in the middle and we have what!!

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